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CRISIL is acronym for Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited.

CRISIL is India's leading Ratings, Financial News, Risk and Policy Advisory
company. Since 1987 when CRISIL was incorporated, CRISIL has played
an integral role in India's development milestones.

CRISIL's majority shareholder is Standard & Poor's, the world's foremost
provider of independent credit ratings, indices, risk evaluation, investment
research and data. CRISIL's association with Standard & Poor's, a division
of The McGraw-Hill Companies, dates back to 1996 when both companies
started working together on rating methodologies and joint projects.

CRISIL Ratings is the only ratings agency in India to operate on the basis
of sectoral specialisation. CRISIL Ratings plays a leading role in the
development of the debt markets in India. CRISIL has also spearheaded
the formation of the CariCRIS, the world's first regional credit rating agency.

The main functions of CRISIL can be classified into following subheads

1. Ratings

CRISIL Ratings: It is the only ratings agency in India with sectoral
specialization It has played a critical role in the development of the debt
markets in India. The agency has developed new ratings methodologies for
debt instruments and innovative structures across sectors. CRISIL Ratings
provides technical know-how to clients all over the world and has helped
set up ratings agencies in Malaysia (RAM), Israel (MAALOT) and in the

2. Research

CRISIL Research: It provides research, analysis and forecasts on the
Indian economy, industries and companies to over 500 Indian and
international clients across financial, corporate, consulting and public

regulatory and transaction level advice to governments and leading organisations across sectors. Investment and Risk Management Services: CRISIL Risk Solutions offers integrated risk management solutions and advice to Banks and Corporates by leveraging the experience and skills of CRISIL in the areas of credit and market risk . 3. The Centre for Economic Research: It applies economic principles to live business applications and provide benchmarks and analyses for India's policy and business decision makers. a leading global equity research and analytics company. by acquiring Irevna.CRISIL FundServices: It provides fund evaluation services and risk solutions to the mutual fund industry. Investment Research Outsourcing: CRISIL added equity research to its wide bouquet of services. Advisory CRISIL Infrastructure Advisory: It provides policy. Irevna offers investment research services to the world's leading investment banks and financial institutions.