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An Unofficial RPG

the fox Miles "Tails" Prower. Knuckles. Almost ing the treasure thief/government spy Rouge as fast as his hero Sonic. Big the Cat (who fished!?). entitled author's opinion was the height of his career. Xbox. and Sonic Heroes Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel to thwart was released for Gamecube. Just a year later. Playstation 2. He was introduced as a also about the corrupting influence of power. in Sonic has been ported to the Gameboy which Sonic worked alongside Mighty the Advance and Gamecube. you have two choices as far as setting is con- cerned: 1995 through 1997 were yet more spin-off years. and Vector the A 24 Hour RPG | Start . Bomb and Unofficial Roleplaying Game Heavy the rebel badniks. This is just a fan project! Saturn. Knuckles (released the same year) put control Robotnik/Eggman. renamed Robotnik "Eggman". and Sonic Drift. and E- and super-span across our screens in his fight 102 “Gamma” the robot. year also saw the release of SegaSonic.9:10 pm. Sonic the Hedgehog. Tails also got to star in some spin-off 01/09/2006 games. concepts. Chaos. and Robotnik. but Sonic & embodied in the character of Dr. Sonic. who had the ability to glide (previously oppression and heroic antics of all kinds. Sonic the Hedgehog. an educational game! A brief history of Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog has been around since 1999 brought Sonic back on track. was released for the This year saw the release of the spectacular Sega Genesis. duped minion of Robotnik. jumped. Sonic has been ported to non- 1993 was the year of the spin-offs in Sonic Sega consoles in the face of Sega's continuing world. into existing games with the exception of Sonic 1 (although if you attached Sonic 1 and left it The setting of Sonic the Hedgehog long enough you could unlock a secret set of When playing a game of Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 arrived Sonic Adventure 2 was released in 2001. Charmy Bee. It also inexplicably against the evil Dr. An 32X which introduced new characters including Espio the Chameleon. bonus stages). and on the scene and introduced an additional introduced several more new characters includ- character. It featured revolutionary game. Sonic failure with its own consoles (I don't know why. Sonic R. porting Knuckles the Master Emerald. 31/08/'06 | Finish . a racer for the Sega trademarks belong to Sega. achieve flight for short periods of time. Sonic & Knuckles featured innovative and pals all have power. but they use it to fight technology that allowed players to lock previ. Sonic the electric blue hedgehog ran. the cast of play with never before seen high speeds as which included Amy Rose. Sonic the Other games include Sonic Championship. He Hedgehog. most notably Knuckles Chaotix for the The original setting of Sonic (in the West) was . It is about doing the right of the spunky red echidna in the hands of the thing and dedication to ones' beliefs .Sonic players. This they've been consistently good machines).8:10 am Crocodile. It is possessed by Ray). and some have per- ous Sonic game cartridges onto the top of the sonal quests such as Knuckles' protection of Sonic & Knuckles cartridge. and Sonic Schoolhouse. More recently. an Hedgehog and all related characters. Tails achieved high the Bat. with the release of Sonic CD. Tails. Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast. Tails' Sky Patrol and Tails' Adventure. and the ever-enigmatic Shadow the speeds by spinning his two tails as he ran. RPG created and authored by Ross Wilkin. created as "dark" opposites to could also use these amazing appendages to Knuckles and Sonic respectively. and in this 1991. Robotnik. images and arcade fighter. the villains of the game. The release of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 in 1994 The themes of Sonic the Hedgehog introduced the character of Knuckles the Sonic the Hedgehog is about freedom from Echidna. when his videogame debut. Sonic Spinball.

unpleasant. or at least an alternate version of Earth. and thoroughly evil Dr.the planet Mobius. retro Sonic gaming. Only one known human lived on the planet. not least of all technologies which might be used to counter his own. spike pits. If you use this setting. where the only things Sonic and Co have to worry about are Badniks. you are including other human elements than the evil Robotnik. but in an accident involving the power of the chaos emeralds and a rotten egg. Dr. Robotnik con- tinuously tried to enslave the Mobians by turn- ing them into robots known as Badniks. Sonic was always assumed to be set on Earth. the kindly Kintobor was transformed into the corpulent. An . and the machinations of Robotnik and the occasional mercenary animal. Robotnik. Be prepared to take non-villainous human influences on board. Kintobor who had left Earth to research in peace on Mobius. the scientist Dr. a world of anthropomorphic animals including Sonic and his fellow heroes. and only Sonic and his ever-increasing band of allies stood in his way. In more recent games (from Sonic Adventure onwards) in which the heroes have moved among and interacted with a human backing cast. Kintobor helped Sonic achieve his super-speed. Use this setting for clas- sic. In Japan. possibly near- future Earth setting has become accepted inter- national canon. How to use Sonic the Hedgehog. this alternate.

armadillos. Power Attack: A character with the acter's raw power. Creating a Character should make sure a character's Species has Follow the steps below to create a character for appropriate physical features for their Attributes use in the Sonic the Hedgehog game. use Speed to make and avoid on an attack's Ring loss roll to increase attacks and beat Time Attacks! their Speed when attacking on a 1-for-1 Airtime: Airtime measures your charac. Leaping Attack: A character with the Abilities include the following. foxes. including the over your movement other than picking a hedgehog Amy Rose. direction in which to Spin Dash. jump high. polar Gliding character descends slower than bears. basis. their speed. that a superfast hedgehog will be called Sonic. One Airtime rank is equal to one Ranged Attack ability can attack a dis round. and the crocodile Vector. cats. STEP 2: Name your character. at a You have 9 Attribute ranks to split between the rate of 1 point for each 10 feet of range Attributes as you choose. Use Strength to Power Attack ability can sacrifice Speed smash obstacles. Homing Attack ability reduces the Strength penalty for their Ranged STEP 4: Pick up to four Abilities for your Attacks by 1 point. penguins. You have no control named according to the SCON. bees. free attack against any enemy in your path during the Spin Dash. can triple their Airtime if they choose. more. . GMs should use Leaping Attack ability can attack at a them as a model when creating more. and range of up to 20 feet without penalty. Spin Dash: A character with the Spin tailed fox will be called Tails. Animals previously used in the Sonic series Glide: A character with the Glide ability include hedgehogs. a dark hedgehog will be called Shadow. and usual as they fall and travel farther. and a fist-fighting Echidna will be or until you encounter an unbreakable called Knuckles. crocodiles. and a maximum of Homing Attack: A character with the 5. All destroy them. ducks. minimum of 1 rank in each. tant enemy by sacrificing Strength on a successful attack's Ring loss roll. you come to a stop and characters (including NPCs) have the following take automatic ring loss (they get to Attributes: make a Strength roll compared to your Strength). the squirrel Sally Acorn. Not all Sonic characters are obstacle/enemy. Travel will be named Charmy. Strength: Strength measures your char. squirrels. Flight: A character with the Flight ability ters and robots. ter's ability to stay airborne when they Ranged Attack: A character with the jump. can triple their Strength for the purposes of height when jumping. a super-strong Dash ability can curl up into a ball and Armadillo will be called Mighty. and beat when attacking to increase their Strength on Badniks! on the attack's Ring Loss roll on a 1-for- Speed: Speed measures your charac 1 basis. a two. If you don't STEP 3: Assign Attributes to your character. You don't have to. Other possibilities include human charac. As well as Spin/Whirl Attack: A character with the determining who can move faster than Spin Attack ability can sacrifice Strength who. but consider using the "Sonic Convention of Note that a character can combine the Glide Naming (or SCON!)": This convention states and Flight Abilities. character. ter's… well. Make a the penguin Tux. A pigs. You must have a between them and their foe. chameleons. or have some substitute technology or power that grants the character access: STEP 1: Choose your character's Species. rabbits. a chameleon will be at twice your usual Speed for 2 rounds called Espio. a friendly Bee put on a powerful burst of speed.

but the attack brings them into contact with the target and makes them vulnera- ble to responsive attacks.T89prpeed. and are blocked or otherwise thwarted by 90° angles in their patho4(cr )]TJT heir Airrrw:e. They can jump from wall to wall while doing so. Defy Gravity: A character with the Defy Gravity ability can move on vertical and upside-down surfaces. To continue this movement. right-way-up sur face on which to stand. They may not jump during this movement. they must maintain their maximum Speed. after which they will fall if they haven't reached a horizontal. Up the Walls: A character with the Up the Walls ability can move up to their Speed on walls and ceilings for the same duration as their Airtime. They may not jump .

adding his Strength score of 2 for tions of rounds can also help a GM determine a total of 9. if teamwork is possible or Airtime ranks. This will other. intelligence levels. the limita. frenzied action. the capabilities of an Ability. personality. cate they reach the ledge. Dash rolls 1d10 real-time). During character creation you will have seen numerous references to "rounds". they have only 10 Opposed Challenges seconds (real-time) in which to state it. not the Warthog are arm-wrestling. If the Teamwork Roll is a failure. they may ask a player to make a Challenge Roll. jus. If their roll is lower than the Challenge Of course. Both players (or the player and GM) make their roll: The highest wins the Challenge. When this happens they make Opposed encourage players get into the speedy spirit of Challenge Rolls. rolling a 1 could mean they are on the path of the hero. the broth". manage to grab hold of the ledge. Challenge Difficulty they succeed. "too many cooks spoil Difficulty they fail. If the GM decides a task is Strength. A draw is The Round a draw. but not entirely. A round is a For example. If their roll equals the the roll. the effort is botched in some suitably vexing man- For example: If a character is attempting to ner (normally a Challenge Roll would only be jump on to a high ledge. ter. Bruiser rolls 1d10 and gets a 5. Teamwork Challenges A Challenge Roll is a 1d10 roll to which the Multiple characters can work together to over- player adds their character's Strength. to them to succeed. If they Two characters can act in opposition to each dally too long. the game. as they say. an explanation of how they came to possess their rings. Playing the Game What follows are the rules that govern a game of Sonic the Hedgehog: The Ten-Second Rule Sonic the Hedgehog is a game of fast-paced. Many have to be the same Attribute for each charac- Challenges aren't actually particularly challeng. where applicable. it is recom- mended if not required that GMs impose the following rule: When it is a player's turn to declare their PC's action. including physical ing in which the character slips or that they only description. Each assisting character adds Challenge Difficulty set by the GM in order for half their relevant Attribute. and the character is assumed to automati. come an obstacle. and a failure tifications for their Attribute ranks and abilities. botched on a roll of 1). a success would indi. would mean the character falls. Speed. their chance is gone. Their roll has to beat a (GM's ruling). To represent this. and gets a 7. Dash the Hedgehog and Bruiser unit of time equal to 3 seconds (in-game. It's perfectly possible for a character to ing. oppose another character's Speed with their cally succeed. Mostly useful in combat. Bruiser wins the Challenge. that the character has botched the attempt in a far worse manner than simple failure. thinking fast (or at least thinking ahead). adding his Strength score of 5 for a total of 10.profile of your character. rounded down. a roll equal to the Challenge Difficulty might indicate a bad land- . and answer the question of why Optionally (GM's ruling). Challenges Every action you attempt in a game of Sonic Opposed Challenge Rolls do not necessarily the Hedgehog is known as a Challenge. notably difficult or taxing.

who then attacks the problem solvers. adding his Speed of 4 to give everyone a chance to shine. ter always loses a minimum of 1 ring from a successful attack. and gain extra experi- ing 3 Rings. adding his Strength score of 2 for a Optionally. it is now Dash's turn to attack. Stages A Sonic the Hedgehog game is divided into The time it takes all participants to act once in a sections known as Stages. and the attacker does no selves to undergo a Mission. Bruiser rolls 1d10 and gets an these Experience points might come from). all players should roll A successful attack on a character with no rings initiative for their characters. They roll. or in any Some combats start so suddenly (see the number of scenarios). regardless of their roll. focus For example. and your players are after fast-paced. if they were mid-jump. An attack cannot reduce a character's Ring Alternatively a player may take it upon them- count to below 0. ence if they manage to do so. and gets to cause Bruiser to lose some Rings! He rolls 1d10 and Missions gets a 6. if they're and insults Bruiser. a special action that doubles the charac. If characters soon be. A charac. If an attack hits. groups contain a mix of player types. love triumphing in combat. Characters can Adventures in other roleplaying games. below example for a. the next step is to determine the defending character's Ring loss. and story elements. A typical stage might be worth For example. adding his Speed of 3 for a total of including Missions. treat each Stage as a new story. for a total of 8. and results in Bruiser los. Each make any actions they would normally do in Stage is a self-contained set of challenges. This is You should also populate Stages with a number achieved by making a Strength roll compared of rings to pick up (100 is a good amount) and to the defending character's Strength. are not necessarily dead (although they may acters act during the combat. Characters undergoing a Mission have Strength score of 5. Of course. which determines the order in which char. and since this is the Sonic RPG it's a fair bet you Bruiser's attack misses. Defensive characters can may fall somewhere between these two undertake no other actions in the round. This is a Speed automatically KOs (Knocks Out) them. as well as attack actions. abysmal 1. combat. Combat At the start of combats. This is compared to Bruiser's Mission. both charac. example of this) that initiative rolls aren't necessary. or create a ter's Speed for the purposes of their opposed plot spanning multiple Stages. Example missions could include (use these as . so a good adding his Speed of 3 for a total of 6. if they revel in story elements. adding his Speed of 4 Experience. 4. Dash doesn't take his loss well on conversations and negotiations. Bruiser rolls 1d10 and gets a 3. or their enemy draw. Stages should appeal to your players: If they ters make an opposed Speed roll. a GM may structure a Stage as a total of 8. give them more opponents. A character fights.000 experience (see rolls 1d10 and gets a 5. compare their individual Speed scores. special damage for removing more rings than the defender possesses. later. When attacking another character. Stages are similar to combat is equal to a round. specific goals to achieve. Most hedgehog. power-up items. or their game rolls when attacked. give them puzzles. A GM can choose to round. well. exciting action. He between 500-1. which may or may can also opt to go on the Defensive for the not link with other Stages. Dash wins the Challenge. is smart enough to finish them off. extremes. Characters receive experience at the end of each stage. Dash Stage will generally include a bit of everything rolls 1d10 and gets a 4. Dash wins the Challenge. for a breakdown on where for a total of 9.

a character with a lightning shield deals 5 ring Each enemy is worth 5 + the number of Rings damage extra against any opponent they hit they possessed in experience. the Mission must be completed within 4 real- time hours or the Mission's Always round down. a Award 1 experience for each ring the charac.500 × next rank. they can . a character with a fire shield deals 5 ring damage Experience extra against any opponent they hit (unless the The following rules allow a character to develop GM rules they're immune to fire). divided between (unless the GM rules they're immune to elec- the amount of characters who helped fight tricity).models when creating more): individual character for the Stage by 1. In addition. Lightning Shield: Identical to Shield. anything. and gains the over time and through the experiences they ability to make a Leaping Attack if they couldn't overcome: already. Fire Shield: Identical to Shield. and help solve every puzzle. they will self-reproduce and terror. towards them (the rings take a whole round to acters who helped fight them. reach the character. A GM can use them as exam- ize the locals once more).25. Secret Location: The Stage may be completed normally. and can be intercepted by other characters). Water Shield: Identical to Shield. but they only delay him for a short from the next successful attack made against time unless they can find and destroy his secret them. emeralds are full of chaos power. and all rings within 10 feet gravitate them. There may or may not be story elements asso- ciated with success or failure (For example: If Power Ups the characters fail to eliminate all the Badniks The following Power Ups exist in the Sonic the in the area. Award 10 experience for every puzzle or chal. assist in overcoming every obstacle. Attribute Increase 2. Successfully Time Attack: The Stage may be completed completing two Missions is worth ×2. recommended/playtest time. Complete Clear: The Stage can be completed (maximum 9 ranks in Cumulative costs. Hedgehog game. There may or may not be story elements asso. Share this final value between the char. In addition. control room). Chaos Emeralds: The rare and coveted chaos lenging social situation the characters over. ples for creating more. but in order to gain extra experience each) the character must take part in the defeat of all New Ability 10. A character in come.5 if they successfully completed a Mission. divided equally their Airtime) and breathe underwater. but in order to gain extra experience Invincibility: An invincible character cannot the character must find a secret location hidden lose rings for 5 rounds. but in order to gain extra experience successful completion of 3 is worth ×2. There may or may not Speed Boots: A character with Speed Up be story elements associated with success moves at double their usual Speed for 5 or failure (For example: By completing the rounds. normally. from power machinery to access Chaos Control. whichever is less. shared between the characters who took possession of a chaos emerald can do almost part. character with a water shield can bounce (1½ × ters pick up between them. and the normally. somewhere in the Stage. between the group. Stage the characters can temporarily thwart Shield: A character with a shield loses no rings Robotnik. If certain characters gather Multiply all the experience awarded to each together all seven Chaos Emeralds.000 enemies in the stage. In addition. Experience can be spent in the following ways: ciated with success or failure (For example: Spending Experience The characters have to stop Robotnik from Use Experience Cost completing his mind control machine).

Blaze the Cat. changing into Super form should double the character's Attributes and the effectiveness of their Abilities. Super form drains Rings at a rate of 1 per round. Sol Emeralds: Introduced in Sonic Rush. can use the collected Sol Emeralds to take on Super form. and the effect should be determined by the GM. This is best left as a story device rather than an ability. the Sol emeralds are similar in function to Chaos Emeralds.transform into super forms. in which two parallel universe converge. a native of the other universe. Other St . Sonic and Shadow possess this ability. At least. In canon.

Leaping Attack. Climb . Defy Gravity. Spin Attack . Power Attack. Defy Gravity Rings: 15 Rouge the Bat Strength: 4 Speed: 3 Airtime: 2 Abilities: Glide. Climb. Defy Gravity . (Twin Tails). Homing Attack (Cheese) . and can be picked up and played immediately. Ranged Attack (Explosives). Ranged Attack (Cheese) . Defy Gravity Rings: 15 Espio the Chameleon Strength: 3 Speed: 4 Airtime: 2 Abilities: Up the Walls. Defy Gravity Rings: 15 Shadow the Hedgehog Strength: 2 Speed: 5 Airtime: 2 Abilities: Spin Dash. Spin Dash. Chaos Control Rings: 15 Amy Rose Strength: 6 (Her hammer hurts!) Speed: 3 Airtime: 2 Abilities: Power Attack. Power Attack. Defy Gravity Rings: 15 Cream the Rabbit & Cheese the Chao Strength: 2 Speed: 3 Airtime: 4 Abilities: Flight (Ears). Leaping Attack. Flight . Climb. Airtime: 3 Light Dash Rings: 15 Abilities: Power Attack. Defy Gravity Miles “Tails” Prower Rings: 15 Strength: 2 Speed: 3 Bean the Duck Airtime: 4 Strength: 2 Speed: 3 Abilities: Flight. Defy Gravity Rings: 15 . Hover. Stealth. Defy Gravity Knuckles the Echidna Rings: 15 Strength: 4 Speed: 3 Airtime: 2 Abilities: Glide. Spin Dash. Airtime: 4 Defy Gravity Rings: 15 Abilities: Power Attack. Example Characters The example characters here are reproduced using the initial character creation rules. Defy Gravity Rings: 15 Charmy Bee Strength: 1 Speed: 4 Airtime: 5 Abilities: Flight. Sonic the Hedgehog Strength: 2 Speed: 5 Bark the Polar Bear Airtime: 2 Strength: 5 Speed: 3 Abilities: Spin Dash.

The lack of these is because the map is merely a rough guide. crazy stunts. bridges. If you've played a Sonic game you'll . steep slopes. If you look at the example Stage later in this section. and many more features. springboard branches. Running a Sonic the Hedgehog Game A game of Sonic the Hedgehog is all about high speed action. and dramatic plots. A woodland Stage could easily include cliffs. exciting combats. you will notice that the Stage map appears fairly barren of features. water. loop-de-loops inside hollow trees.

especially Abilities: Hover. at least from a statistical point of Airtime: - view. but in many cases not signifi. as long as they have Example Stage for beginning characters: The some Rings of their own. egg-scented master. Again. and 17-18: erful than the foes listed above if you want Bug-shaped badniks. A foe of this nature would shakes the woods and Eggman's Sky Fortress make a good Boss Fight after a hard Level has flies overhead! No rest for the freedom fighters. sharp pincers. Strength: 5 erful than most. 14. require to keep their energy levels high. 11-13. Armour (Rings): 5 . inefficient models: Inside each is they need high Attributes to make an impact. a helpless animal. drained a deal of the PC's Rings. Just as but they can probably do significant damage they are about to doze off. 15. Note that an enemy with Abilities is more pow.before they're they have no Rings They are old. 5-6. Power Attack as the PCs enjoy access to many Abilities themselves. allies. A foe with Attributes a few ranks higher than eating hot dogs and nachos. and all the other your PCs is an appropriate challenge. Deep Woods The characters have been lounging around. Speed: 3 cantly so. or at the end it seems: Eggman's robots begin falling from of an easier level with some lower-powered the fortress to claim the woods for their fat. They must be stopped! Badniks with no Rings can be a lot more pow. they're likely to lose. them to be challenging . even good honest foodstuffs heroic anthropomorphs against a group. Ability benefits that enemies can take advantage of are largely situational. with large. Badniks 1-4. The characters need to be careful not to hurt the prisoners. a great rumbling before they're defeat.

Hover.Badniks 7-10. each with a "stinger" that fires bullets. Power Attack. Ranged Attack Armour (Rings): 0 Boss: The lead robot here is a large. and 16: Wasp-shaped badniks. Make sure to make the PC's lives difficult by making the most of the badniks' Flight and Hover abili- ties. Strength: 3 Speed: 5 Airtime: 8 Abilities: Flight. axe- wielding creation designed by Eggman to effi- ciently log the trees for lumber to use in the .