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What do I want to do in my life and career?

I would strive earnestly to secure a respectable position in the society, rather
than earning tonnes of money without having any respect from the society. I bel
ieve this can only be achieved through total honesty and committment to work,be
it in personal or professional life.This is exactly what I want to do in my life
, be truthful and give my 100% to my work.
It is also my desire to work as a manager with organizations at various levels w
here I am given the opportunity to learn and the responsibility to handle a team
and take crucial decisions. As a long term career goal, say 20 years down the l
ine, it is my dream to be an entrepreneur and manage a business effectively.
Describe a situation where you achived results against all odds.
This was a situation in my third year of my engineering, when I along with one o
f my classmates had to present a poster for our college technical fest, and we w
ere the only representatives from our institute who were presenting a poster for
that year.
Unfortunately, my classmate fell sick on the day before the event. I was left wi
th the situation, wherein I alone had to make the poster presentation. The odds
were stacked against me because we divided the entire presentation work among b
oth of us. However, I made sure that I did not back out from the event since our
college reputation was at stake.
I then prepared myself for the entire presentation, which I had presented succes
sfully the next day. I was satisfied that I did not back out from the competitio
n, which probably was an easy, but a bad alternative under such circumstances.

Describe a situation where you purusued an idea or a business goal to its logica
l conclusion.
During my tenure with Cognizant Technology Solutions, I took up the responsibili
ty of leading the team in the absence of my team lead for a critical year-end pr
oject.We required more no. of resources for this project, for which I had obtain
ed the approval from my manager.Since some of the resources wereatively new, I m
ade sure that proper co-ordination was taking place among all the members of the
project. The team s contribution also added to my efforts and each resource in t
he team, including me, gave his/her best. The project launch was successful and
I was nominated to the Most Valuable Performer Award for the 3rd Quarter of 2008 f
or my contribution to this project. I consider this as my most significant profe
ssional achievement because I could deliver the results even though the role was
totally new to me.
Describe a situation where you inspired people towards a goal.
During the first year of engineering,for our institute's annual event, each divi
sion had to come up with a theme and the best theme would be choosen as the them
e for the event. Each division had only 3 days of time to come up with the theme
. I felt that unless,one had more no. of resources working on designing the them
e,this could not be possibly done. However, I also thought that this was a great
opportunity to showcase our division's uniqueness. I decided to involve all my
classmates in this process. Being the representative of my class, I discussed th
e same with my classmates and made the realise the importance of this event.I al
so highlighted the fact that a good show would make our division the most visibl
e in the institute and I inspired my classmates to consider this as one of their
immediate goals. Our division came up with a wonderful theme of "Education to o
ne and all" and our theme was adjudged as the best theme, which was finalised fo
r the event.
Marketing of my candidature.

I believe that this quality of mine. diagrams to impress the prof. But anyways. 90% of d marks are allocated to steps. . Draw tables. 4. lsja-fobi-i7xl 1. so manage your time well for this one. once I ve accepted to do a particular work within a particular amount of time. practice your a**es off for this one. SWOT might come in han dy apart from your usual STP fundas.5 page for 5 marks. Marketing: BCG Matrix. just write concise and crisp answers. no matter how difficult the circumstances might later be. ME: Underline important points (pen/pencil) in the paper 2. Don't panic. Most of them can normally be fitted into al l the cases on Marketing. SAB: Quite possible that you might not arrive at solutions to 1-2 questions. Ansoff's model. has helped m e clear many hurdles in my life and making use of this quality in a reputed orga nisation like Asian Paints would further sharpen my skills. IDL: Try to fit atleast one conceptual model per question. for Fin people. 3.One of my strong points is that. Porter's model. Present answers n eatly. Fin: Am the wrong person for this. Open and close your answers with solid (non-gas) stuff. There is a good chance that the paper will be lengthy. 6. Gas jitni maarni h ai maaro. 3 for 10. No excessive cutting and cluttering in the answers. 1. should be an easy ride! For non-fins. CSR: Don't make the paper too gaseous (thoda to of course you can't avoid eve r). but do write key bullet points alongside. Play smartly with your answers. 5. I would not hold back. thus adding value to the organisation.

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