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The Swedish University for Entrepreneurship and

Technology (SET), Sialkot, Pakistan

Background, Context, and Major Building Blocs
As globalisation affects the business sector in its entirety and all levels of society, prosperity
and the sustainable development of any region or country depends increasingly on the
innovation ecosystem. Key is the extent to which people are able to unleash their
entrepreneurial potential to renew the business sector and revitalise the public sector, while
addressing economic, societal and environmental challenges in a constructive fashion.
Within the knowledge society, the availability of people who have been able to access
appropriate education and to develop skills and a mindset that can allow them to constantly
relearn and evolve productively throughout life, is key to economic achievement and social
prosperity. The global transformation opens new opportunities for universities and the
time is ripe for novel initiatives and approaches.

The Swedish University for Entrepreneurship and Technology Sialkot (SET) is being
established through a pioneering
organisational model, involving public-
private partnership and a unique form of
collaboration between Pakistan and
Sweden, which also opens up for full-
fledged participation by partner
institutions in third countries around the
world. SET has as its prime goal to
complete an internationally pioneering
and locally relevant institution for
higher education and research, placed
in Sialkot (Punjab), Pakistan, based on
an entrepreneurial mindset and
international outlook combined with
innovative use of technology.

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In evolution since pre-historic times. H. Punjab is the most industrialized province of Pakistan with 68. and a smart. some of them gone since long. entailing a blend of influences from various peoples. and the second largest in terms of area. surgical instruments. Shabaz Sharif. The location also marks the divide . Punjab is the largest province of Pakistan in terms of population (85 Million). agriculture machinery. processed food. skilled. thriving competitive companies. the region has seen the ancient Indus civilization.E Mr. internationally connected and healthy society. In relentless pursuit of moderni- zation and innovation. wisdoms of the past also form the motherhood and fatherhood for prosperous societies of the future.between Central Asia and South Asia. Stemming from the Persian words punj – „five‟ . holds out the Vision of a fully literate. well as the bridging link . Key elements include an excellent educational system along with vocational training. world class infra-structure. including textiles.and ab . small and highly efficient government. and Gujrat. bicycles. vehicles and auto parts. and parts of the world. Unique to Pakistani Punjab are the imprints of temporary conquests by various central Asian. Its rich cultural heritage includes historical cities such as Lahore. tolerant. sports goods & machinery. Gujranwala. having left a unique legacy in terms of culture. Bahawalpur Today. paired with global outlook and connectedness. Sialkot. Baradari. Such historical movements over the centuries brought the inhabitants in this region a character of their own. literature.000 manufacturing units. the Gandhara Civilization. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) form the backbone of Pakistan‟s economy. the Persian. with some 60 per cent located in the “Golden Triangle” of Sialkot. language. the Islamic Period. food. dress. Bahawalpur. the Sikh Period. and the Greek empires. furniture and folklore. the British Period and Post independence. Page 2 of 10 . etc.Local context and soul. it is the ancient land of „five rivers‟. and Multan. ICT. by 2020. Chief Minister of Punjab.„water‟.

Page 3 of 10 . including presidents. incubator and lab facilities that aim to further enhance its developmental impact and the university is also planned to become an important vehicle in creating and accelerating opportunities for international trade. IUET engages a consortium of university institutions fully tailored to addressing the ambitious task at hand. greater Bahawalpur and greater Lahore. The International University of Entrepreneurship and Technology Foundation (IUET) brings together primarily Swedish. Strong partnerships will also be developed with organisations such as TEVTA. such as science parks. for the development and delivery of high-quality and innovative educational programmes at SET. In addition. a number of valuable contacts have been established with Pakistani universities whose integration will further increase the potential. holding companies and experimental labs providing the frameworks required for supporting entrepreneurial initiatives among the students of SET and novel forms of collaboration with the local business community. relevant chambers of commerce and TDAP. 500 acres of prime land have been set aside for SET in Sialkot. and when it comes to strengthening international trade and business skills among local companies. the Trade Development Authority Pakistan. with a view to mastering the opportunities of technical progress and growing creative and entrepreneurial people. but also other specially invited leading foreign universities. teachers and researchers on a broad basis. in charge of vocational training broadly in Punjab. It has also been agreed that complementary „state of the art‟ vocational training centres be established by the Swedish consortium in Lahore and Bahawalpur. International investors are invited to undertake long-term investment directly in the university or in specific activities associated within. In such ways there will be an effective linking between the hosting region. so as to assist them to climb along global value-chains. The substantive specialisation of SET will draw on global networks and partnerships. while adapted to match the development opportunities of greater Sialkot. Activities will be crafted from the outset so as to cater for an active interface with surrounding industry and society. upgrading engineering skills of the local population and of students applying from elsewhere. and operate in tandem with a science park. where the Chamber of Commerce has pledged support. the national and the international context. attracting talented students. the Technical education vocational training association of Punjab. will act as a key partner in developing these centres in Lahore and Bahawalpur respectively. TEVTA. Mission Statement and Content SET is poised to offer an attractive and well specialised educational platform. The university is to be complemented with. vice-presidents and deans of Swedish university institutions. This applies both when it comes to accessing and applying the newest technologies. Founded by pioneers and entrepreneurs in the Swedish University system. post graduate and research education. to be connected with SET for the pursuit of undergraduate. their zeal also manifested in the unique private initiative to construct a modern neighbouring airport.In tune with such strategy.

enabling cooperating companies to raise competitiveness. education. Wood and Green technology industries in Lahore. Bahawalpur and Lahore Chambers of Commerce and Punjab Government. training. The basis for the university will be eminent as well as locally and internationally relevant educational and research programmes in engineering. to provide business acceleration and technology development. etc. The mission for SET is both to become a prime engine for sustainable growth and innovation in the region and a pioneering example for international universities searching for more entrepreneurial approaches and innovative use of new technologies. Telecommunications. and new technical and business applications to meet with societal needs across relevant sectors. as well as multiple strong links to international entrepreneurship eco-system and leading entrepreneurship-oriented universities. such as health.  Leveraging the great potential in the Media. while building dynamic arenas/meeting-places for innovation. tourism. ICT and international business.  Contribute to bringing the present textile and farming dominated economy of Bahawalpur into its next phase.  High international quality standards in both education and research within the core areas of specialisation for the institution.  A sharp focus on entrepreneurship and growth by fostering entrepreneurs through effective mentorship and throughout the different academic disciplines and programmes.  A simultaneous global and local portfolio of activities and skills will be cherished through strong partnerships with the Sialkot. governmental organizations to introduce entrepreneurial perspectives in public activities. international business development and international trade. the Clock Tower Page 4 of 10 . enabling applications in a range of industries.SET will be built on the following cornerstones:  Leveraging the unique profile of the Sialkot region with many export-oriented SMEs with a great potential to move up the international value-chain by bringing in a critical mass of engineering and international business know-how. linked to new methods for skills upgrading. Sialkot.  Educational activities and research performed in close collaboration with business sector and relevant public organizations. and international business development activities.

e-learning. SET is planning to initially provide the following educational programmes:  Three foundational BSc programmes.  An international PhD programme (Engineering. integrating business and ICT skills into engineering education. etc. innovation in education broadly. SET will. (2) International Business. e-learning. International Business and Trade. provide tailor-made training opportunities for working professionals. and (3) ICT and SME development.  MSc programmes and courses in Engineering. Meanwhile. In the initial phase. and vice versa. management. will form inherent building blocs of the initiative. ICT. for the purpose of spearheading interaction and collaboration with private sector and partnering programmes. health. In years to come. ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and international business and trade. Education and research at SET will be marked by effective cross-disciplinary and cross-departmental commun- ication and interaction. in close collaboration with Sialkot. the focus will be on engineering. including access to foreign markets with increasingly sophisticated products. important development projects for SET include addressing health care needs. both senior managers. incubators and business labs. (1) Engineering and SME development. Bahawalpur and Lahore Chambers of Commerce and the Punjab Government. with strong connections to supporting business services and applications in a range of industries. and based on students working with real business development challenges. and draw upon close collaboration with the ambitious TEVTA initiative in Punjab. and so forth. trade and investment. Engineering and ICT graduates will acquire business skills and business graduates will understand ICT and engineering. All students will gain first hand experiences from technology-based entrepreneurship and international business development. managers and specialists. ICT and International Business) both serving the need of faculty members with a PhD degree. Core areas span business. Trade and Entrepreneurship. eng- ineering. Their agenda is to pioneer new approaches to Page 5 of 10 . Entrepreneurship and ICT. The development of frontline science parks. SET will further draw upon a pool of international faculty provided by a consortium of entrepreneurship-focused and technologically leading universities. an entrepreneurial mind-set and an international outlook at Pakistani universities.  One MBA programme focusing on the needs for Punjab SMEs to strengthen international business and trade activities.

has been crafted to match and fortify the unique specialisation of SET. with the possibility of attaining double degrees. or sudden changes in the sentiment of individual university board members. The Academic Consortium Based on experience and the current political situation in Pakistan. Swedish and international. a number of strong academic personalities are willing to commit to a long-term engagement on a personal basis. SET will be organised so as to be able to draw on the engagement by individual investors and driving entrepreneurs. or modules building up the educational content. Specialised curriculum knowledge will be provided by the consortium of universities. The consortium of backing universities brought together by IUET. courses. the risks of basing the entrepreneurial university project on the discretion and stamina of an individual foreign university institution have been taken into consideration. The consortium will be actively involved in the continuous process of guaranteeing that academic quality assurance can be met in the academic operations of SET.combining strengths in research with the highest ambitions in perfecting excellence and inspiration in education. Universities are by nature putting great emphasis on the reliability of conditions for long-term investment. Multiple universities are supportive and can be energized to commit to strong long-term contributions to build and run a specialised. as well as through SET itself. drawing on the unique competencies and strengths of each. while avoiding continuous delay and risk of failure due to the departure of leading support persons from engaged university institutions. and are inherently risk-averse. In order to capitalise on the opportunities at hand. Degrees will be offered to the students at SET through the individual foreign universities. along with the financial engagement of their institutions in cases where that is possible. drawing on tailor-made commitments by each institution to be responsible for entire programs. Members of the consortium will in their various ways engage in a fast-track capacity building process where talented prospective faculty for SET is recruited both to PhD- programmes and post-doc programmes and provided with strong pedagogic and research training. Page 6 of 10 . Likewise. as well as are prepared for the specific operations of SET with its entrepreneurial focus and approaches. The foreign investment and ownership stakes will thus be based on their engagement. dynamic university devoted to entrepreneurship and technology. enabling flexibility and growth.

Local commitment and long-term ownership will be secured through appropriate arrangements. This company will serve the requirements of effectively channelling supply from Swedish and additional European and international universities. and also other European and American universities as contributors. The CCET will also support close collaboration between the Page 7 of 10 . examination. the Royal Institute of Technology. Jönköping International Business School (as initial consortium leader). Other university institutions may be joining in.Initially.set up to govern the academic core activities. faculty recruitment. Mälardalen University. the consortium draws on contributions from seven Swedish universities. which is the supporting Corporate Consortium for Entrepreneurship and Technology (CCET). curriculum. including admission. Whereas some of the universities are young. incorporated in Pakistan. In order to ensure a financially viable and sustainable model for SET. they share a dedication to internationalisation. and use of technology for the purposes of humanity. while enabling a setup that is capable of managing the financial and institutional risks involved. however. The partaking universities are marked by varying profiles. The limited company structure will support the formation of a sustainable business-model for the university. Sustained academic quality in education and research activities will be ensured and developed through the supplying partner universities. Halmstad University. European and US partner universities. which will operate and collaborate through the supporting foundation IUET . the limited company will be complemented by a consortium specially tailored to channelling long-term investment. Public-Private Partnership (PPP) SET will be organized as a limited company . Equity in the company will initially be held by the initial investors. In various combinations. based on the last ten years of experience from international university projects and extensive consultations with Swedish. Borås University and Blekinge Technical University. they are all internationally recognized and display excellence in their respective areas of specialisation. entrepreneurship. faculty promotion etc. The CCET is envisaged to be chaired by a private sector representative of local industry.

in turn. It is further proposed that the Punjab Government and Punjab export industry (and other local key stakeholders) will be offered the conditions required for securing ownership of SET for the long-term. The costs of preparing SET have so far been borne by the key stakeholders themselves. Punjab and the local community. will appoint the board members of SET. and the initial private investors. The representatives of the partner universities. HEC. thereby allowing the project to move forward and to enable the realisation of the complete funding package from all key stakeholders and investors. once the university operations have been firmly established. Page 8 of 10 . a commitment has to be secured on the part of the local stakeholders to provide bridging seed funding. This will be done upon the immediate registration of SET in Pakistan. The financial means originally provided to support the engagement of international universities had been exhausted by the time the present generation of actors became engaged. In order to secure an effective and successful start of the project in the present stage. The board will. appoint the President of SET. including the costs for the coordinators of the foreign universities. Investments made in an earlier stage allowed for the securing of the land and needed infrastructure in support of the campus establishment. brought together through development side of SET and the private sector in the region. The value generated by the activities at that time has nevertheless indirectly supported the project agenda as it has made the project known and important groundwork is undertaken to collect and structure relevant information. the Punjab Government and Punjab Chambers of Commerce. and those of the drivers behind the project within Pakistan.

On the Pakistani side. 2010  MoU turned into contract end November. April 26. opening 2014 Page 9 of 10 . starting fall 2011  Executive Education training. The financial plans for the Bahawalpur campus and the premises in Lahore are still under development. 2010  Business and Feasibility Plan completed for all three campuses.The agreed core funding for the Sialkot campus amounts to 122 MEuro (in addition to the land) so as to secure the development phase. Contributions by Swedish and other international investors will be matched by the local ones. the Higher Education Commission. and private sector contribution of 50 MEuro finalised. and revenues through student fees. the Punjab Government. specified commitments for University Consortium. To the stipulated core funding will subsequently be added further public and private sector engagement in specific university. 2011  Active partnering with TEVTA and engagement in vocational training programmes. will be contributing. early fall. Next Steps and Principle Time Line for SET  MoU developed and signed with the Punjab Government. As reflected in the signing of the underlying MoU between representatives of the university consortium and the Punjab government on April 26. the construction of the campus and the implementation of the first 10 years of the project. Lahore  Educational and research activities move to new Sialkot campus. starting early-2012  Full-time educational programmes starting 2013 in an intermediary facility. Pakistani government. an agreement has been reached to meet with these requirements through a specially crafted public-private partnership arrangement. and TEVTA. 2010. Science Park and programme arrangements.

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