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Doors To Your Dreams



WE DELIVER ON TIME… Welcome to L egno Doors We are not just a manufacturer but an end-to-end solution provider right from design stage to the installation of the door frames and shutters at your site along with all the fittings. The company is situated in Bangalore operating out of wholly owned factory covering 20. Oak. meters. WITH COMMITMENT. with all infrastructure facilities like Seasoning Kiln. QUALITY PRODUCTS. NEW GENERATION DOORS .000 Sq. treating & seasoning solid wood doors of Teak. We have been in the same industry for more than 10 years and have gained a name in producing mechanized wooden products. Sal. Starting with the most simple and economic engineering doors to solid wooden doors & customised designer doors. Mearanti. One of the large scale door manufacturers in India. WITHIN BUDGET. Ash. Our factory is capable of processing. CNC wood working machines and CNC painting machines backed by a strong design and R&D team. Pine and local hard woods. With Legno as your construction partner you never have to worry about the carpenter.

Austria HOMAG – Germany Seasoning Kiln System -from Germany BIESSE – Italy CNC Painting / Polishing System SCM – Italy “A door is much more than just a functional element. wide range of products. Our wide range of products available are as follows Solid Wooden Doors Wood Veneer Doors Molded Doors Engineered Wooden Structure Doors Natural Wood Veneer Finish Doors Tailor made Doors The production factory has latest CNC wood working machines from FELDER .LENGO “Our philosophy is to build lifelong relationships with the clients with our Unrivalled quality products. wide range of products. best service & with committed on time Delivery” We provide complete wooden door solutions to various industries in the world. Eco Friendly. Durable. LEGNO is one of the leading providers of Wooden door solutions to various industries in the world. tailor made products as per clients requirements. Doors define space. Our past track record shows how best we are in the world of wooden door manufactures. In terms of quality and design combines with innovative technology and expert craftmanship. within budget. Like an exclusive item of furniture they emphasise every ambience”. NEW GENERATION DOORS .

. solid wood stabilizing bars all round.” WIDE RANGE OF SURFACES All colored varnish and stains. (PUR lacquer with light stabilizer. Natural surfaces oiled. Core consisting of solid quality layers as per requirements. It is not just the perfect in furniture finish quality. FEEL THE DIFFERENCE SURFACE QUALITY The quality is in the detail. special effect surface CUSTOM DIMENSIONS + REQUIREMENTS coatings. Optional extras down to the finest detail. Veneer selection in factory on request. VENEERS + WOODS anything is possible! Tell us your requirements! Supreme quality VENEERS. compare the quality. craftsmanship which inspire these exclusive doors and set environmentally-friendly. ADVANTAGE: Customized doors designed to match the individual look. ADVANTAGE: Of lasting value and REFINED. It is the great passion colored varnish.Any measurement. any design. outward appearance. flexibility. ADVANTAGE: Durable. DOOR CONSTRUCTION Strong. ultra-strong and warp-resistant. for detail. waxed. tubular chipboard. employees have only one goal: “. choice selection of wood..customers who are more than satisfied. Lock and hinges imbedded in solid material to prevent exposure to damage. solid chipboard. veneer finish on stem wood. Take a good look. but first and foremost the “intrinsic values” and the high-quality workmanship which account SPECIALITY: Eggshell finish with white and for the quality and longevity of a door. low-maintenance them apart in a class of their own. specialist knowledge and expert ADVANTAGE: Distinctive satin velvet finish. Our skilled and dedicated and hard-wearing. Over 100 different veneers from sustainably managed forests. careful workmanship. wood core plywood and organic fiber. uniform LOOK door after door. and see the big difference which makes a door an Multiple coats of two-component lacquer unmistakable “LEGNO” door. high gloss and patina also applied as demonstrated by samples. NEW GENERATION DOORS . ecofriendly.

Constant new developments combined with decades of expertise guarantee that the doors will function perfectly.g. 1. e. The ideal addition for fire protection components.factory-glazed Sidelites Certified air conditioning doors for Matching full sidelites are factory-glazed. as the quality to 42 dB. The quality features correspond to the quality levels. removing extreme conditions.: · Solid wood edges · High-quality paintwork BURGLAR RETARDATION · Veneer finish of stem wood And much more besides. certified to International standards.Mahogany texture Beige-colored fiberglass facing with beautiful Masonite mahogany texture 2.Oversized lock Block Lock area is reinforced to accommodate premium door hardware 3. LEGNO offers door systems for all certified to International standards requirements. SOUND PROOFING A long term warranty is given according to the Certified sound proofing doors up features and the material used. Tested safety doors. flats. hotel rooms. The customer determines the design and technical features. Ideal for entrance doors in is in the detail. apartments. technology and function for all requirements. FIRE PROTECTION QUALITY & FUNCTION Tested fire protection components. unsightly screw plugs NEW GENERATION DOORS . SMOKE PROTECTION Tested smoke protection components. Our strengths – your advantage: design.Stain-grade Matching Mahogany Stiles CLIMATE CONTROL Finished with True Square-Edge construction 4.

or alternatively true Square-edge Construction naturally oiled. natural-action large reinforced lock Block provides added strength and security for door hardware two-component polyurethane matt topcoat. high-definition Profile Panels We also supply any wood finish.LENGO Maple (Kanadian) Rio Rosewood Yew Walnut Red Alder Oak (European) Macassar Oak (American) Birch real Wood appearance UNLIMITED DIVERSITY premium variable-depth oak or ribbon-striped mahogany grain textures create the look of natural wood finishes easily and beautifully There is a large selection of finishes and types of wood over and above the popular basics. however exotic it may be. with silk or high gloss on request. creates the most authentic wood door appearance Stain-grade Matching Mahogany S tiles a premium feature on our Belleville Mahogany line NEW GENERATION DOORS . The choice of paint finishes can be adds architectural interest and elegance based on RAL-carts or other colour charts. Many other surfaces are possible apart from shown below. The standard finish is the high-quality.

LENGO FUNCTIONAL DOORS Stain-grade Matching hardwood Stiles Built with True Square-Edge construction engineered oak or mahogany Whether asked to provide sound insulation doors for hotels. In order to be fair to all sides. LEGNO can supply the right door to meet Glass frame Profiles any requirement. NEW GENERATION DOORS . construction the door can be matched in with your interior home styling and exterior surroundings by having Factory-glazed doors & Sidelites a different design (every door model possible) and finish on each side. Designed to match the panel moulding for a consistent appearance Raised Moulding Profile Aligns vertically on door surface with glass frame replicates authentic wood door All functional doors are modelled on the ULTRA-EXCLUSIV design. All closing and security Yields wider glass and narrower stiles & rails without unsightly screw plugs systems are also possible. or capped stiles burglary resistant doors for residential entrance doors. hospital rooms or working areas.

when the door is open. NEW “MAGNETIC LOCK” Authentic Wood-Grain Texture Lock with magnetic catch for convenient and easy Composite door surface replicates an authentic mahogany or oak door closing action. No more unsightly catches sticking out appearance features Masonite’s variable depth. Wood-grain texture Finishes easily and beautifully distinct raised Moulding raised moulding creates beautiful shadow lines panels are recessed below the surface at the stiles & rails adds visual depth and character Oversized lock Block Lock area is reinforced to accommodate premium door hardware STANDARD-EXPORT-HINGES Standard blade hinges. Two different versions for light and heavy doors are available. stainless steel. Advantage: Not visible to enhance the appearance. Even tested for fire and smoke protection. with ball bearing technology. entry doors and glass doors. (not adjustable) NEW GENERATION DOORS . ACCESSORIES CONCEALED HINGES Concealed hinges are not visible when the door is closed. realistic. DOOR CLOSING SYSTEMS The concealed door closing system is self-closing and can be set according to various criteria. functional doors. DOOR HANDLES Large selection. for interior doors. all makes.