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This report presents the results of a summative evolution of the internship
program. I conduct my internship at Nation Bank of Pakistan. One of the best which I
consider the peculiarity of the host organization is to provide a friendly atmosphere. .
This report contains the theoretical & practical experience of mine as I spent two
months of practical training at NBP. It contains the definition of Bank. Banker &
customer, also history of banking in Pakistan and vision & mission of NBP.
Second there is Swot Analysis which is a tool for auditing the organization and its
environment. Different schemes services & products of NBP are listed in it.
At the end report includes my personal experience of practical training in the
organization, new knowledge that I required there & important of this internship on my

There were 631 scheduled Banks in Pakistan of which 487 were located in West Pakistan alone. In 1947. banking too s a patent and purposeful monitory based media that nurses and nourishes the socio-economics growth of a developing country. However commercial banking facilities were provided fairly well there. at the time of independence. 2 Bank: Bank is an institution transacting the business of accepting. repayable on demand or otherwise. But by December 31. Banking in Pakistan: History: At the twice of independence. Introduction: Like any other sphere of modern socio industrial activities. and with draw able by cheque. Banking plays role in present day commerce. the areas which now constitute Pakistan were producing only food grains and agriculture raw material for indo-Pakistan sub-continent. order or otherwise and includes a post office saving bank also. who carry on the business of banking.  National Bank of Pakistan  Habib Bank Limited  Habib Bank Limited (Overseas) . There were practically no industries and whatever material was produced was being exported from Pakistan. for the purpose of lending or investment of deposit money from the public. Banking is an integral organ of overall development where we talk about banking mobilizes idle saving of people and plus there in economic development. irrespective of whether his connection is of short or long standing. 1973 there were following four scheduled banks with 3042 branches all over the country. Customer: Customer is a person whose money has been accepted by he bank on the footing that they undertake to honor Cheques up to the amount standing to his credit. Banker: Banker includes a body of person whether incorporated or not. there were 38 scheduled banks with 195 offices in Pakistan. Draft. trade and industry.

Transferred them to India in order to being a collapse of the new state. Moreover. it is the major business partner for the Government of Pakistan with special emphasis on for staring Pakistan's economic growth through aggressive and balanced lending policies. National Bank of Pakistan: At National Bank of Pakistan change happens everyday. the number of scheduled banks declined from 487 to only 81. Following the announcement of independence plane in June 1947. By 30th June 1948. the non marline residing in the territories now comprising Pakistan standard transfixing their assets to India. the banks including those having their registered offices in Pakistan. NBP maintains its position as Pakistan's premier bank determined to set higher standards of achievements. economy and society. exchange to settled between Pakistan and India. the committee recorded that the reserve Bank of India would contains to function in Pakistan till 30th September 1948. it was very difficult for Pakistan to run its own Banking system immediately. technologically oriented products and service . its business continually evolves to keep up with the demands of changing market place. It was also decided that India currency would continue to be legal tender in Pakistan till 30th September 1948. Therefore in accordance with the provision of India independence act of 1947. Everyday its employees are challenged to meet that change and to ensure that NBP remains the leader in financial services. so that the problems of time and liability. coinage. 3  United Bank Limited  Muslim Commercial Bank  Australia Bank  Bank of Bahawalpur  Premier Bank  Pak Bank  Standard Bank  Sarhad Bank  Lahore Commercial Bank  Punjab Provincial cooperative bank. an expert committee was appointed to study the issue. currencies. As a new country with out resources.

16 Overseas Branches 189 Branches 143 Online 4 Representative Offices Branches 4 Subsidiaries 1 Subsidiary 1 Loint Venture . Mission Statement: The Mission of NBP is to be the most competent profitable and innovative financial and services organization. 4 offered through its large network of branches. Our behaviour and services always be compatible with the highest standard of integrity and our obligation to our customer. Vision: To be the organization of choice. National Bank of Pakistan Domestic Overseas Branches Branches 29 Regional Offices 1. our staff and the general public. locally internationally and representative offices. Nation Bank if Pakistan wishes to effectively utilize the financial assistance being extended by the government of Pakistan for banking sector reforms aimed at reducing operating costs and improving profitability. providing exceptional service quality and delivering consistently superior financial performance. dedicated to our customers and employees.

• Technologically oriented services and products. • New product may be included • Faster market growth Threats: • Online Service by other banks • Changing Government Policies • More squeeze infrastructure . • online banking • Proven Management • Committed and Dedicated Staff. 5 Swot Analysis Strengths: • Best Premier Bank of Pakistan • Infrastructure all over the world. • Aggressive and balanced lending policies. • Market Leader • Adequate Financial Services • Overseas Branches for Overseas Pakistan Weaknesses: • Lack of Personal Relationship • No service available after 5PM • Small denomination • Market Penetration Opportunities: • Care about relationships • Respond to changes needs of environment • Making the trust of stockholders.

6 • offering good rates in saving • Accounts by competitors. Marketing Strategy: Marketing has been involved in the business world in some way or other. advertising their products/services and finding out what they want and to educate them. The only solution of these needs is to market their product efficiently. NBP as a bank is giving various service to its customers. Customer Services: • Demand Drafts • Swift System • Letters of Credit • Traveler's Cheques • Pay Orders • Mail Transfers • Foreign Remittances • Short term investment • National income daily Account (NIDA) • Equity Investments • Commercial Finance • Trade Finance. other business loans Operations: • Internal transfer Demand Draft & Manager Cheque • Depreciation of funds & equipments • service Charges • Cheque Book • Account Maintenance • Zakat Deduction . The staff of NBP is living in marketing era and need to survive in business world. expending business. to modify or influence their behaviour. meeting new demands and identifying problems before they become problems. Marketing is identifying a group or groups to focus on.

which is placed under the Risk Management group. trade treasury and other key business areas. NBP as the major business partner for the Government of Pakistan giving its customer the best services and launching different products for the benefits of its customers. The role of the financial institution wing is. Also NBP is the premier banks in its international banking International banking NBP is at the forefront of International Banking in Pakistan which is proven by the fact that NBP has its branches in all of the major financial capitals of the world. 7 Cash Management These deals in • Deposit & withdraws of cash • Remittances • Clearance • Collection Competitive Strategy: There is large numbers of banks in Pakistan & hence there is a great competition between banks. NBP Offers: • The Lowest rates on export and other International banking products. • Manage the monitory aspects of NBP's relationship with the correspondence to the supports. • Generation of incremental trade finance business and revenues. Additionally NBP recently set up the financial institution wing. thereby contribution to the banks profitability. • To effectively manage NBP's exposure to foreign and domestic correspondence. Scheme and Product of National Bank of Pakistan Schemes: • NBP Premier Saver Scheme • NBP Karobar under President Rozgar Scheme. • NBP Premium Aamdani Scheme • President's Relief fund for earthquake Victims 2005 . • Access to different local commercial banks in International Banking.

We shall work to • Meet expectation through market based solution and products • Reward entrepreneurial efforts • Create Value for all Stockholders. We aim to be people who • Care about relationships • Lead Through the strength of our commitment and willingness to excel • Practice integrity. honest and hard work. creative. dynamic institution responding to the changing needs of the internal and external environment Learning as a student Internee: . We Have confidence that tomorrow we will be • Leaders in our industry • An organization making the trust of stockholder • An innovative. • Prudence to guide our business conduct • A national presence with a history of contribution to our communities. We believe that there are measures of true success. 8 • NBP students loan scheme Product: • NBP Saibaan • NBP Advanced Salary • NBP Cash Card • NBP Investor Advantage • NBP cash and Gold • NBP Kisan Dost • NBP Online (Aasan Banking) NBP's AIMS We aim to be an organization that id founded on • Growth through creation of sub-stainable relationships with out customers.

They do not blindly adopt a profession rather their practical experience during internship program has made them expert in their respective fields. . I will not face any difficulty in working anywhere. banking customer relationship. New Knowledge acquired: I officially worked for two months in National Bank of Pakistan. As I have spent two months in the bank. and hence completed all the job requirements. increase the number of customer and enhance their business in market. During this period I had an exposure towards general banking. institutes and have a close link with them so they may not face any problem in their future. How Experience impact your career: Internship program provides the opportunity to the students to decide about their future. I learnt there how the banks can upgrade their banking. colleges. I learnt about banking policies. My personal experience in National Bank has made my mind to choose banking as a career. the role of banks in national and international market. The will learnt to cooperate in different fields of life to achieve their aims. In all the institutes there must be an arrangement to provide chances to the students to join the different organizations. During this internship program I really learnt a lot. Clowk Tower Branch. Internship program provides the best practical training to the students and helps in choosing their profession. It was an excellent experience of practical training about banking. 9 Practical experience is most important in the educational process and the internship program holds the same importance for the students.