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Backyard Goats. No Kidding!

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Photo © Jason Houston
Backyard Goats:
Great Companions,
Productive Pets

How to Identify Healthy Goats •

Goat Physiology • Choosing the
Breed You Need • Training and
Tricks • Housing, Equipment and
Feed • Evaluating Hay • Building
the Best Fence • Milking Protocol
• Making Goat Cheese • Trim-
ming Hooves • Finding the Right
Veterinarian • Breeding Your
Goat • Shearing • Delivering Kids
• Harnessing and Packing . . .
and much more!

torey presents the first book in a series appealing to stop. They’re enthusiasts who want
introducing “Productive Pets,” to be more self-reliant but aren’t ready for a flock
aimed at the growing number of folks of sheep or a herd of goats. They’re looking for
who want to move beyond having dogs and expert information that’s targeted to their
cats to keeping goats, chickens, and pigs in the specific needs and skills.
backyard. For companionship as well as Their answers will be found in Storey’s new
homemade goat cheese, goats are it! series. The same reliable information that
As they continue to expand their gardens, professional farmers find in Storey’s Guide to Rais-
preserve their own food, and raise chickens for ing books is now made accessible to the locavore
fresh eggs, urban and suburban DIY-ers are find- raising a couple of animals in a small space.
ing the pleasures of self-sufficiency too
the definitive resource for livestock farmers

Storey’s Guide to
Raising Series

Written by experts, the best-selling Storey’s Guide to Raising series

gives novice and experienced farmers all they need to know to
successfully care for and profit from animals.

Knowledge is the key to raising happy, healthy

animals, and for decades, livestock owners every-
where have been turning to the Storey’s Guide
to Raising Series for essential animal husbandry
information. The newest revised editions bring
these trusted titles into the 21st century with
expanded information on grass-based systems,
humane handling, heritage breeds, organic certi-
fication, effective marketing, and so much more.
This new information ensures that the series
will remain an indispensable resource for a new
generation of farmers.
Storey’s Guide to Raising Starter Kit Prepack
8-copy shelf display: $159.60 US/ $199.60 CAN
ISBN 978-1-60342-957-3; No. 62957

No. 62582 No. 62580 No. 62454 No. 62473 No. 62469 No. 62550 No. 62459 No. 67328 No. 62481

“The Storey's Guide to Raising Series is an

excellent resource. We find these books to
be comprehensive and easy to understand.”
— Megan Hirt, Mother Earth News
No. 62692 No. 62456 No. 67263 No. 67261 No. 62471
Illustrations © Elayne Sears

Get Your Goat!

Sue Weaver is the
author of Storey’s Guide to
Raising Miniature Livestock
and The Donkey Companion.
She is a contributing editor
for Hobby Farms magazine
and lives in the southern Ozark Mountains
near Mammoth Spring, Arkansas.

Publicity Contact:
Adam Carmichael: (413) 346-2139 or
• Series launch coverage to library and trade
markets as well as animal publications
• Pitch to sustainability blogs

The Backyard Goat

Photographs and illustrations throughout; 16-page
full-color insert; 224 pages; 7 x 9
Paper: $16.95 US / $21.50 CAN
ISBN: 978-1-60342-790-6
No. 62790

March 2011

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