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Subject – Predicate Agreement

1. A number of refugees has/have been turned back at the border.
2. The number of books in the library has/have risen to over five million.
3. Drinking a glass of milk and soaking in the tub helps/help me relax after a hard day’s work.
4. Each dog and cat is/are to be fed twice a day.
5. The children has/have each drawn a picture.
6. Every house and garage has/have been searched.
7. The council has/have postponed the decision on the new road.
8. Nothern Lights is/are one of Susan’s favourite books.
9. The public need/needs to be kept informed about progress in the peace talks.
10. Musical chairs is/are a party game where everyone dashes for a seat when the music stops.
11. A report in the Sunday Times detail/details the crimes of a 14-year-old boy.
12. The cost of housing in these area has/have risen dramatically in the last year.
13. What I particularly enjoyed about the film is/are the scenes in Australia.
14. Neither of the French athletes has/have won this year.
15. None of the equipment appears/appear to be damaged.
16. None of those girls is/are going to be here tomorrow.
17. Either the station or the cinema is/are a good place to meet.
18. Either the teachers or the principal is/are to blame for the accident.
19. The majority of those questioned thinks/think that the government’s economic policies have failed.
20. The company’s earnings has/have increased for the last five years.
21. Police believes/believe that he is in Japan, although his whereabouts is/are unknown.
22. The news from the Middle East seems/seem very encouraging.
23. A lot of strange phenomena has/have happened here.
24. I agree that the criteria is/are not of equal importance.
25. Only three meters separates/separate the runners in first and second place.
26. The fifty pounds he gave me was/were soon spent.
27. Three hours seems/seem a lot of time when you are at school.
28. 40 per cent of the students has/have a part time job.
29. 30 per cent of the equipment is/are worn-out.
30. President Bush, accompanied by his advisors, was/were in Europe.
31. The director or the assistant director is/are planning to be on location.
32. Either the coach or the team members was/were responsible for the dispute.
33. Neither the team members nor the coach was/were responsible for the dispute.
34. He decided to write novels, which is/are his favourite genre.
35. She is one of those girls who believes/believe that looks is/are everything in life.
36. She is the only one of those girls who believes/believe that school is fun.
37. The teacher, along with the class, is/are angry about the changes in the regulations.
38. I’m one of those guys who likes/like spending time indoors.
39. Thirty years is/are a long time. Fifty miles is/are a long distance.
40. Some of the furniture in our room, as well as the carpet, was/were soaked.
41. The outskirts of the city where I live is/are full of expensive houses.
42. Press intrusion into people’s lives is getting beyond a joke.
43. Not only Sheila but also David has/have tried to get in touch with you.
44. I, as well as my family, am/are going on holiday.
45. Bread and butter is/are our daily food.
46. Collecting match-boxes is/are my favourite pastime.
47. None of my friends was/were there.
48. Gold, as well as platinum, has/have risen in price.
49. Ten tons is/are a heavy load.
50. The poor is/are suffering.
51. One of the most intelligent students who scores/score high marks is John.
52. The only one of these intelligent students who is/are 18 is John.
53. Three quarters of the students is/are against the tuition hike.
54. A high percentage of the people was/were voting for the new school.
55. A high percentage of the population is/are voting for the new school.