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Minutes of the F&B Daily Briefing

Held on, November 21, 2010

Held By: Mr. Ahmed Nasr

Minutes By: Marian Rafaat
Essam Ibrahim EI Hemeda Mohamed HM Vacation
Ezzat El Sokary ES Hitham Mohamed HIM Abd El Meged Galal AG
Mohamed Yossry MY Ashraf Ramadan WF
Wadie Fekry ASR

# Issues Action By
Action Date
1. All Outlets in charge must to be visible all the time in their outlets and more
All 21/11
attention to cleaning situation & grooming standard
2. Weekly schedule for all outlets should to be showed every Thursday of each
All 21/11
3. Back to basic of sequence of service is the main goals for our department
during this urgent period to envelop our performance and to give good
service and to reach the guest satisfaction All concern
(On Job training schedule asking from Mr. ABd El Meged with target points
from all outlets in charge )
4. Any shape or broken equipment not to be available for guests All 21/11
5. Updating for banquet forecast and contact list AR 21/11
6. Updating for the beverage menu " inserts, folders & items " & free shop 21/11
request MY, MR 09/11
7. Upgrade plan for al shorfa rest. Under process to improvement all elements
All 21/11
such as : Sales and service
8. Collect of all business card from all outsider guest to contact with them in
All 21/11
our special events and promotion
9. Continuing deep cleaning especially in back of the house and more attention
about equipment " Dish washer, Ice Makers and Coffee Machine "
All 14/11
Need to see cleaning schedule for equipment from all F&B Outlets as soon as
10. The need for close attention to hygiene in the restaurants and bars in 07/11
accordance with the standards of hygiene 09/11
All 14/11
Not to accept any kind of excuses that do not have strong justification ,
On Going
particularly in the back of house places and equipments
11. Full set up for Konouz corner after h.K cleaning operation and landscaping
MY 14/11
Full set up time (1.00 pm )
12. Zanzibar café location beside of the pastry fridge need more attention and MY 14/11

It is not acceptable to push guests to sell by any way using aggressive 09/11 All attitude On going 16. Purchasing order for folder of Mini bar list with special quantity 200 piece MR 14/11 14. Follow up with the expire date of mini bars item 09/11 HM On going 21. MY main company Pending 19. Explain how to exploit al the available methods in order to promote certain 09/11 product like " ARAK" which suffer from a lack of consumption All On going Some of these ideas (Promotion. Cocktails …) 18. Old equipment breakage must to be transfer from all outlet with breakage All 14/11 forms 15. More attention and guidance to the staff regarding general appearance and 07/11 All On going personal hygiene 24. Check list for all F&B Outlets must to be checked daily and send to F&B 07/11 All Pending Office to be filling And following 23. Better communication with H. Coffee Machine Maintenance requested from the coffee company to follow 09/11 ASR up the situation of machine On going 20. M Monthly guest satisfaction report to be reviewed 08/11 MR Pending 22.K Department to Facilitate the operation 07/11 All requirements . Display. Discuss the report of inventory of beverages and to clarify the negative 09/11 ASR. Lebanese festival. Draught Beer machine report describe all weak point to deliver back to the 09/11 ASR. All points in the case of a shortage or an increase Pending 17. follow up from supervisor in charge 13.

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