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6th Grade Language Arts

Mr. Smith

A new school year has arrived and you are all taking your first steps into middle school. The first few
days and probably even weeks will be exciting, scary, and busy. Jumping from elementary school
into middle school is a huge and sometimes intimidating leap. I am here, ultimately, to help you grow
into life-long readers and writers who are confident, ready, and willing to learn and express
yourselves. However, I am also here to prepare you for the year ahead, to help you adapt to your
new environment, and to support you every step of the way. If you ever have questions, the BEST
thing to do is ask!

Course Description:
6th grade Language Arts builds upon the reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills you mastered
while in elementary school. The writing and reading done in this class will help you prepare for the 7 th
grade and—more importantly—give you the necessary skills and confidence to read and write with
purpose and effectiveness. You WILL begin to think like readers and writers!! You WILL read and
write everyday. 

Required Items (everyday):
 Pencil
 Writing folder/Reading notebook (stored in classroom)
 Outside reading book
 Enthusiasm
 Willingness

 Here at East, we are on a block schedule. This means you will miss 90 minutes of instruction,
90 opportunities to learn and grow with every absence. Come to school; it is worth your
time and effort!
 If you must miss school (we all have our days), please get all assignments prior to your day
 If you must miss school due to an illness, collect your missing assignments promptly upon your
 To find out what work you have missed:
 Plan a meeting time with Mr. Smith before/after school or during lunch
 Refer to classmates’ notes and planners for clarifications or assistance (We are all here to
help each other reach our goals.)

Students who behave appropriately will earn verbal praise and PBS rewards.
Students who behave inappropriately will earn: 1) re-teaching and verbal warning
2) communication with parent/guardian 3) detention or restorative justice 4) referral to an
administrator for appropriate action

Because we will be writing. Reflect. Grades:  Grades in this course will reflect the mastery of the Colorado Reading and Writing Standards.). and store important things. Positive. vent. reflecting. Minutes read at home are to be logged in your planner. Each quarter you will start with zero tardies. Integrity. show growth. grammar. Your fourth tardy in a quarter will result in a detention. (See grading scale on reverse side of parent letter. Homework/Reading Log: You will be required to read a minimum of 20 minutes at least four nights a week.  If you receive three tardies in one quarter you will receive a call home. Understand.)  Parent Bridge will be updated weekly with assignments and grades. your classmates. and Learn! .” I will be lenient on tardies for the first week. and lockers can tend to be a little “tricky. your folders are extremely important!  You are required to organize a folder for writing and a notebook for reading  (Don’t worry. Think of them as your places to reflect. organization can be difficult to master---I will help you!)  Your reading notebook and writing folder are very important parts of this course. Planners are checked weekly on Fridays. Determination. Writing/Reading Folders:  We will be working in our Writing/Reading notebooks daily. and your teacher  Be on time  Be prepared  Be on task In order to be Successful:  Always act with PRIDE (see top of page)  Recognize and support diversity and uniqueness  Share. working on critical thinking. and vocabulary (etc. Excellence Tardies:  You are tardy when:  You fail to get into your seat before the second bell rings  You come to class without the required materials  You continue to talk after the second bell rings  Because it is your first year of middle school. Respect.  Cumulative grades will be based on a weighted grading system. The book you read at home is required to be the same book you are reading in class during independent reading time. Classroom Norms:  RESPECT: yourself.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. I have attended the Colorado Writing Project. or concerns. I am extremely excited to start a new year. and spending time with family and friends. I will answer any and all questions. Integrity. I can’t wait to meet your student and to interact with you. Respect. whose primary aim is to improve the teaching of writing (and reading-the two are inseparable) in our schools. Mr. I attended Colorado State University in Fort Collins and received my teaching license at Mesa Smith 6th grade Language Arts Work phone: 254-5020 (until 3:10) Email: bryans@mesa. I graduated from the ESL Masters Program at Mesa State College. Excellence Parent Sign-off Form Dear Parent or Guardian. Thank you. Please read over the class outline with your student. Signature_______________________________________ Date ____________ Questions:_______________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ .us Yes.k12. please fill out the bottom of the page to be returned to me. I will do my best to communicate with you throughout the year via email. . and conferences. My name is Bryan Smith and I was born and raised here in Grand Junction. phone conversations. I read and discussed the previous document with ____________________. skiing. My main passions other than teaching are reading. If your student does not feel comfortable with answering a question. This provided me with many new teaching strategies and new ways to assess reading and writing. Positive. Determination. biking. comments. I am currently in my sixth year of teaching school here at East Middle School. Feel free to ask questions.