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By the grace of God, the Philippi Baptist Church shall embrace, model, and share the love of God through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Philippi Baptist Church, Philippi, WV 26416

December 2010

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107 Church Street Philippi, WV 26416 (304) 457-3206  Rev. Jon Villers, Pastor Lisa Dadisman, Secretary

From the Pastor
Dear Philippi Baptist Family, I want to wish each and every one a blessed Advent and Christmas Season. I am excited about celebrating Jesus' birth with you in this community for the first time! As we mentioned in church already, a big thank you goes out to all those who decorated the sanctuary and beyond on the Monday of Thanksgiving Break! Even though it was odd to be singing O Come, O Come Emmanuel in November and seemed a bit early to break out the orange parachuting santa tie, I am grateful to be sharing this with our new church family. I wanted to highlight a few of the many offerings that I have been made aware of during the next month. We start off this Saturday, Dec. 4th with the Men's Prayer Breakfast as we gather in the Medallion Restaurant back room at 7:30am. We seem to just about fill one side of that room every time we meet and would invite any of our men and boys to join us for this special Christmas gathering. Our Second Sunday of Advent on Dec. 5th finds us with the opportunity to attend a free Christmas Festival in the Wilcox Chapel at 7:30pm. Among the many groups that will share the sounds of Christmas will be the A-B College Hand Bell group of which Koreen, my wife, has joined and loves doing! Dec. 8th at the Gazebo on the Courthouse Lawn, there will be a memorial service sponsored by Mountain Hospice and our own Philippi Baptist Chancel Choir will be a part of the service! Dec. 11th at 6pm the Barbour County Ministerial Association is sponsoring a Christmas Memorial Service at Wilcox Chapel. They are inviting the community to come. Dec. 12th along with the third Sunday of Advent finds the Chancel Choir sharing their Christmas Concert in the 10:30am service here at Philippi Baptist. Our Church Christmas Dinner will then follow this time of worship. Dianna Wright and friends will be catering the meal. Financial donations will be accepted to defray the expenses of this most generous offering! The Fourth Sunday of Advent and our Christmas Sunday will conclude with a 6pm performance of our Youth and Children Christmas Program on December 19th. Please make special plans to come support the leaders of tomorrow as they lead us in worship that evening. Now you put those opportunities in with the many other family gatherings and events offered this year and you will have a pretty full schedule! I am thankful that we can share this time of the year with you all. Peace on Earth, Good will toward Men. I challenge you to make this your motto over the next days and months to come. We have been called to be peacemakers. We are using a new advent hymn throughout this season. May we let it prepare our hearts for the coming King!!


Israel's Hope / On Your Journey To Bethlehem Jeremy Dunn, Dan Wilt
Verse 1 Verse 3

Ancient times held a slaving people, "House of Bread," no distinguished namesake Yearning for deliverance; No great city to draw you on, Long deferred in their hope, grown weaker, Humble streets lead her pilgrims homeward, Hope is stirring in one small town Bread of Life in her arms she holds Truth and Grace, arrayed in straw Truth and Grace, arrayed in straw Israel's Hope, in a manger lay Israel's Hope, in a manger lay Lift your eyes to the star before you, Set your heart on the star above you, On your journey to Bethlehem On your journey to Bethlehem
Verse 2 Verse 4

Angels stride through the sky above you Here you stand with the host around you, Voices murmur in disbelief All believing we see the stall; Some they fall to the ground in worship "Come, Lord come" is our song united, Others blinded by cynic schemes Lord of Life, we've come to call Truth and Grace, arrayed in straw Truth and Grace, arrayed in straw Israel's Hope, in a manger lay Israel's Hope, in a manger lay Steel your gaze on the star that guides you, On your journey to Bethlehem Find your faith clothed in stars around you,

© 2010 Dunn and Wilt Music Artist: Jeremy Dunn / Dan Wilt / Album: Israel's Hope / (p)(c)2010 Dunn & Wilt Music


Women of Faith Columbus, Ohio April 29-30, 2011 All area women are invited to join a group going to Women of Faith in April. It is a non-denominational event with wonderful music and motivational speakers. If you get your tickets with us you will receive the group rate of $89.00 which includes tickets for Friday and Saturday, and lunch both days. You can come and go as you please, but the whole event is worth experiencing! Come join us for a great time at Women of Faith! For more information ask Linda Long for paperwork. Last year’s Women of Faith that was held in Columbus included singers Sandi Patty, Stephen Curtis Chapman, Mandisa and the Women of Faith Praise and Worship singers. Speakers included Andy Andrews, Patsy Clairmont, Anita Renfroe, Lisa Whelchel, Marilyn Meberg, and Nicole Johnson. Women of Faith has a web site: Columbus, Ohio will be hosting “Imagine” for 2011.

Dianna Wright and Friends will prepare the Christmas Dinner for our church family following the worship service on December 12. No covered dishes, salads or desserts are needed. Just bring yourself and your family and plan to enjoy this special Christmas gift from Dianna and Friends. Donations to help defray the cost of groceries can be made on the 12th.

The Retired Ministers and Missionaries Offering (RMMO) On Sunday, December 5, 2010, our congregation will receive the Retired Ministers and Missionaries Offering (RMMO). The RMMO is an annual ABCUSA offering that provides (1) “Thank You” checks to more than 3,000 retired American Baptist ministers and missionaries or their widowed spouses, based on 15 or more years of ABC service, and (2) emergency and other financial assistance based on need. Our 2010 goal is $ 1,200.00. Please help us remember them with love and give with gratitude.

Poinsettia Price List
6” $ 8.50 8” $ 17.50 10 ” $ 25.00 Please have orders in by December 9th or 10th .

Every Member Canvass update:
As of November 28, 2010 the Church has received 34 pledges toward the 2011 operating budget. A total of $117,630.00 in financial committments have been received toward the challenge budget, which was revised during the congregational business meeting on 11/21/2010 to $160,599.30. Thus we have received pledges of just over 73% toward the challenge budget. We will continue to accept additional financial pledges toward the 2011 operating budget through the end of the year. May the Good Lord bless the gifts and the givers in 2011! Craig Cobb, Chair, Every Member Canvass


Upcoming Events
Saturday, Dec. 4, 7:30am Men’s Prayer Breakfast Medallion Sunday, Dec. 5, 5-6pm Christmas Program Practice Saturday, Dec. 11, Special Chancel Choir Practice Sunday, Dec. 12, Christmas Chancel Choir Presentation followed with Christmas Dinner. Saturday, Dec. 18, 5-7pm Christmas Program Practice Saturday, Dec. 18, 6:30pm Fidelity Class Christmas party

Mr. Terry Wilfong has volunteered to remove any snow on the side walk in front of the church during the winter. However, volunteers are needed to shovel snow from the steps and to keep the walkway to the second front entrance to the church clear. If you can assist with this project please notify the church secretary, Lisa Dadisman or Jean Roy (457-2565)

Sunday, Dec. 19, 6pm Children & Youth Christmas Program

Join us on Dec. 19, at 6pm to watch our Children and Youth Christmas Program.


With a Song in Her Heart Anyone who knows Mary Boyer knows that music is at the heart of her life and her witness. She actually became a performing singer when she was in sixth grade, and in high school she sang in a 400member choir, becoming part of a special group called the “Sonies.” Mary is the middle child and the middle girl of seven siblings She was born in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, and went through public schools there. Her family and her husband’s all attended Highland Heights Baptist Church, so she met Rob when she was just three years old, They were, indeed, childhood sweethearts! Married in 1979 while Rob was a recruiter for the Navy and while Mary was working in the cancer treatment center at St. Luke’s Hospital, the moved to Norfolk, Virginia, when Rob returned to his earlier assignment as a “plank owner,” a member of the original crew on the aircraft carrier Nimitz. Mary worked for a while in a physician’s office and then “did everything” in a florist shop. In one of the annual shows, Mary smiles, “I played the role of a bride.” Retired from the Navy because of a heart problem, Rob had heart surgery in 1989. It was during his recuperation that the Boyers became foster parents for Nick, whom they later adopted and who died tragically in 1993. They had moved to Philippi because of the opening of federal government facilities nearby and because of the prospects of jobs there. Rob went back to school and earned an associate degree in computer technology, which resulted in work with IMTS, a partner of LockheedMartin with federal contracts. Mary landed a job directly with the federal government and has maintained that position for seventeen years. Mary is known also as an expert cake decorator. “Once when I was unemployed, we were in J.C.Penney’s, and Rob saw a decorating set. He thought I might enjoy getting into that, and I did. I took one class and really liked it, so I took another class and another up to the advanced level. That hobby has been with me for twenty-one years.” Having served on many committees and boards at Philippi Baptist Church, Mary now serves as chair of the Board of Worship. “I see us,” she says, “growing and changing, broadening our horizons, exploring new means of worship. We’re moving in a positive direction, and I strongly believe it will continue. We’re doing the right things.”


Please Remember in Prayer...
A-B College faculty, staff and students, Georgian Allen, Michael Clyburn, Albert Carman, Blaine Corder, Judi Funk Jim Friend, Otilia Franke, Carl Gant, Harmony Grogan, Ben Guido, Jeremy Hunt, The Klaus Family, Don Miller, Michele Moore, Greg , Kasey and Violet Mouser, Brenda & Gary Price, Mary Reynolds, Don Schierling, Vangie Shaffer,

Happy Birthday
Caroline Jett Martha Rose Roy Beth Longo Emily Wilkins Eric Davidson Melissa Franke Jean Ellen Irvine Glenn Sweet Jonathan Franke Eric Hebb Dean Davidson Mary Withers Jon Griffin Ken Yount Carla Springer Marsha Smith Dianna Wright Kelly Runion Danny Franke Herb Smith Chris Mulneix Koreen Villers Carolyn Davis Richard Shearer Ken Waddell

Unspoken requests for family members, unsaved, person and community concerns, those with job and home loss, financial difficulties. Our national, state, and country leaders and officials. Victims, the families and friends of crime, war and violence throughout our country. Military personnel and their families throughout the world. Relatives and friends of those serving our country: Amanda Howard, Tim Jenkins, Chris Mossburg and Taylor Smith.

Thank you to all for making the Thanks(for)giving food drive a great success! We were able to circle the entire sanctuary with food items and gave a prayer of blessings during the worship service on November 21st. Special Thanks to the Youth for boxing the food up.

William & Shirley Thorne Paul & Sharon Hebb David & Carol Kidd Olin & Marj Campbell Steve& Susan Markwood Clarence & Dianna Wright Don & Barbara Smith, Fred & Amy Funk

Philippi Baptist Church 107 Church Street Philippi, West Virginia 26416

Nonprofit Organization U.S. POSTAGE Permit NO. 36 Philippi, WV 26416

Join us as we celebrate Christmas Sunday,Decemer19 at 6pm Featuring our Children and Youth.


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