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Io t Lq s-ol
Code: ME 10$16
B.Tech, Fifth Semester Mechanical Engg. Examination Nov.'lfi
Industrial Management
Max. Marks: 80
Time: Three Hours

Part (a) of this question is compulsory. Attempt one

more part from the remaining'
t{ comment on fotlowing ethical Dilemmas and state whether tt

*i.,/Production Manager of your competitor firm wants to

join your firm and would tell
vou all competitors' plans for future'
,\-Ti"/;;;;;;;*p1*r,h" prescribed syllabusin tu class and gives notes to students to
' explain anything in the class'
i;ffi; ;ttft il examination. However, he does notwhat they deserve' so as to eanr
iii. l.warAing marks-by a teacher to students more than
\-/popularity by a teacher?
by giving
Differentiate between Social Responsibility and Social Responsiveness
one real life examPle.-*-(6)
(c) Writ* six examplit of Btftital behavior of students of NIT Raipur in context
teaching learning process. -------(6)

A Z part (a) of this question is compulsory. Attempt one more part fromthe remaining'
highly gr4ift-"q senior professor is teaching a subject to you. Identifu the factors
{y A;fi*ibl" motivation using any theory of motivation? ----*---(10)
./ ff"* tftr:obforof his
teaching-learning in a-class room can be enriched? ---'(6)
(ri Identify punishments tJ modvate students of professional institute like yours to
maintaindiscipline in the class? -'-""(6)

6f State whether True or False?

I Debit
11i/oouale entry system of accounting means a system in which two columns namely
t and Credit are created. side of
fijdl NIT [Jp* J"posited Rs. 50,000/- cash in SBI. This amount will appear on liabilitv
Balance Sheet of SBI.
{iii), Information contained in a balance sheet is the information for a financial
R*, h* Fa ir. ZOOO/- in cash for rent of his shop. This entry will be reflected in Debit
side ofcash account.
d Neipront or Ner Loss shown by Profit & Lgss A/C is transferred to capital A/c.
or trn objectives of preparing Trail Balance is to prepare Balance Sheet by
Trial and
(ry on,
v Error Method.
,/ Profit after Interest and Tores to Capital Employed.
\f Retum on Investrnent is the ratio of
Shyam has given Rs.20,000 to Ram as loan for one month. So, Rs.20,0001 is the current
asset of Shyam.
t(W 'XYZ Co. Ltd.' has to pay electicity bill of Rq. 10,000/-(as per demand note recd. _from
- electric supplying agency). This amount is the asset of the company till it is not paid.
ftrf If we double the selling price per unit, Break Even Point will be reduced to half.
{$) If fixed cost" selling price per unit and variable cost per unit.., each one of these is doubled
then there will be no change in breakeven point.
w{ Intemet Selling is an example of Indirect Channel of Marketing.
Sales Promotion is different than Advertising.
{\tyY Selling focuses on customer's need whereas Marketing focuses on seller's need.
$y.Y Cash book is a book used to record only all cash receipts by a co.
(gr{) Journal is prepared by transferring entries from Ledger.

Part (a) of this question is compulsory. Attempt one more part from the remaining.

Consider the example of Central store of a big company using MIS for their stores
&Y Management. Explain following terms in this context: --(10)
€ Transaction Processing
6rg} Management Information for Operational Planning
(1!{) Management Information for Strategic Planning
(b) ,r Differentiate between MIS and Expert System?------(6)
rV What are the subsystems of typical MIS? How these subsystems are integrated?

Part (a) of this question is compulsory. Attempt one more part from the remaining.

,(a)/ Differentiate giving only one example of each of the following to make the
\'/ difference clear. (any three)

g Objectives and Goals

o Rules and Policies
,g Mission and Vision
\g Opportunity arid Threats

v 'Flexibility leads to indiscipline'. Do you agree? Support your answer taking the
example of flexibility offered by a teacher to studehts of B:Tech.? -----"--(6)

(c) 'Effectiveness of teaching learning is improved in a flexible environment'. Do you

agree? Support your answer taking the example of flexible environment created by
a teacher in class room teaching? ------"--(6)