Treas ures o f t he W or ld' s C ul tur es: The B ri tish M use um af ter 2 50 Y ears

As we look back at the course of the development of human race over the millennia, we cannot help but sense and admire the great artistic and cultural achievements of our ancestors. Only by maintaining an attitude of pondering, tracing, and cherishing the vast cultural heritage of humanity, combined with a sense of adventure for exploration, can we experience the subtleties and grandeur of the wisdom of great cultures around the world, as well as the stimulating inspiration and creativity in the process of cultural interaction. By shuttling through the corridors of history and retracing the steps of civilizations, we can further appreciate the brilliance of the cultural legacy of humanity. Art and artifacts from different regions and periods allow us to understand more fully the multi-faceted and diverse cultures of the world, which lies at the heart of the goal the National Palace Museum attempts to achieve in hosting this special exhibition. Founded in 1753, the British Museum is renowned throughout the world for its extensive collection of more than seven million objects that covers the legacy of humanity from almost every region and every period over two million years of history. Marking the first collaboration between the National Palace Museum and the British Museum, the exhibition Treasures of the World's Cultures: The British Museum after 250 Years has been two years in the making, and it is intended to offer the audiences in Taiwan a rare opportunity to appreciate cultural treasures from around the world without embarking on journeys abroad. This exhibition is divided into the following thirteen sections:
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Glimpses of Morning Glory: Dawning of Human Civilizations Fusion and Transformation: the Diverse Cultures of Mesopotamia In Pursuit of Immortality: the Artistic Spirit of Ancient Egyptian Culture Land of the Gods: Ancient Greek Civilization and Art Reaching the Four Corners: Facets of Art in the Roman Empire Regional Charms: Artistic Styles in Early Europe The Realm of Christianity: Europe in the Middle Ages Revisiting the Classical Age: the Renaissance and Modern Europe Tranquil and Profound: Cultural Aspects of South and East Asia Brilliance and Magnificence: the Islamic World

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Mystery and Inspiration: the Allure of African Cultures Pearls of the Pacific: the Island Cultures of Oceania Expansive and Diverse: Unraveling the Cultures of the Americas

The selection of 271 works on view provides glimpses at the cultural legacy of humanity from the Paleolithic Age up to the 20th century that stretches from Europe, Middle East, and Asia to Oceania, the Americas, and Africa. The exhibition includes works of sculpture and painting, as well as historical and cultural artifacts in a wide range of materials, such as precious objects, glass, gold, silver, bronze, stone, wood, and ceramic. Such a diverse and pluralistic display not only offers audiences in Taiwan a cultural and artistic feast for the eyes, it also provides a first-hand understanding of the developments in world cultures as well as the glorious achievements of humanity over the ages. Being able to examine in Taipei this group of artistic and cultural treasures from the British Museum represents a door opened by the National Palace Museum onto the cultures of the world that is unavailable in any textbook of history. It is hoped that this door will inspire audiences in Taiwan a new perspective of the great cultures of humanity.

世界文明瑰寶:大 英博物館 250 年收藏展
當人類俯視世界文明的發展進程,總會對祖先創造的偉大文化藝術抱持著緬懷 與追憶。 透過對世界文化遺產的緬想、 追溯、 好奇與探索,我們體會到文明創造者 思智的纖細與豪邁,文化交流融會的啟發與創意。穿梭於歷史迴廊、追溯文明軌 跡、 欣賞人類遺產的光澤,透過不同時代與地域的文物,了解古往今來世界文明 的多元面相,是本院籌辦這次展覽的目的。 大英博物館的收藏舉世聞名,目前館藏已突破 700 萬件,幾乎網羅世界各地重 要文化遺產。 臺北國立故宮博物院經過將近兩年的努力,首次與大英博物館攜手 合作,舉辦「世界文明瑰寶:大英博物館 250 年收藏展」,使國人無須遠渡重洋, 便能欣賞來自世界各處的文化寶藏。 展覽共分十三單元,包括:
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晨曦乍現:人類文明的曙光 交融轉化:美索不達米亞的多元文化 追求永恆:古埃及文化的藝術精神 眾神國度:古希臘的藝術與文明

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廣被四鄰:羅馬帝國的藝術成就 地域風韻:早期歐洲的藝術風格 基督世界:中世紀的歐洲 古典再生:文藝復興與近世歐洲 寧靜深邃:南亞與東亞文化 光彩瑰麗:伊斯蘭世界 神祕靈感:非洲文明的啟示 藍色文明:大洋洲諸島的文化鏈 遼闊多元:解讀美洲文明

選展作品共二百七十一件,時間上從舊石器時期迄於二十世紀,地區遍及歐洲、 亞洲、 大洋洲、 美洲和非洲等五大洲,展品囊括雕塑、 繪畫、 珠寶、 玻璃、 金器、 銀器、 銅器、 石器、 木器和陶瓷器等所有藝術作品與歷史文物。 這樣的一個多元文化展覽, 不僅提供國人視覺上的饗宴,也認識到世界文明演變中各種不同的面向,以及 人類在藝術文化上積累的輝煌成果。 立足臺北故宮,仔細觀賞這批來自大英博物館的世界文明瑰寶,是本院為歷史 教科書之外開啟的一扇門,希望透過這扇門啟發國人對人類文明的新體認。