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Nadir P.

Umda January 26, 2009

BSN 1-C English 102

College Life

Life of the typical college student is characterized by time spent studying, attending
class, and socializing with peers. College can be really overwhelming at first. Some people have
trouble making new friends and fitting in. Some people have trouble learning how to balance
classes and a social life as well. They go out too much etc. Other people find themselves
becoming anti social because they feel like they just don't have time or energy. Because of
homesickness some people develop depression which can negatively affect a social life. You are
basically starting over, all new friends, new clubs, new sports, new classes, everything. Your
entire network of family and friends that supported you at home is far away.

Most of the college students have not enough time for sleep, rest and entertainment
instead they spent much time studying. Most of the college student’s class is stressful! College
students tend to not have the best sleep/life schedules. They tend to be very irregular, different
class schedule each day, different activities, etc. You have to balance out a bunch of different
classes with different exam/assignment schedules. Procrastination leads to more stress and there
is usually so much work to do that not procrastinating is impossible, it just happens. Social life,
financial situation, and family life can all contribute to stress.

Education as an institution plays an important yet limited role in socialization. Much of

college life is anticipatory socialization. Students spend their college years practicing being
adults. College forces students to learn how to manage themselves, their time, and their
responsibilities to a greater degree than when they were in high school. They learn about
bureaucracy as they navigate degree requirements to graduate. The goal of higher education is to
create responsible adults who can contribute to society.

In essence, life of the typical college student is mainly characterized by time spent
studying, attending class, and socializing with peers. This stage is very much challenging for
every student. Because, time is limited, work is hard and most of all day is stressful. Generally
speaking, college life is challenging. It is important to know this significant information to have
the lower-level grade an idea about the college life and to make them prepared of college life.

In summary, college life is the very challenging phase of study. You need to consume
much time in studying, attending class, and socializing with peers. It is complicated stage for
those who do not give it importance.