Harry Potter’s Book of Spells Chapter One Levitation

Hello! I am Harry Potter. I will teach you the spells from Harry Potter episodes from ‘The Sorcerer Stone’ all the way through ‘the Order of the Phoenix’. The first spell I want you to learn is the one that will make things levitate. (Please don’t believe that this will happen! This only works in movies!) now say with me ‘Wing guardiam leviosa’. (Pronounced wing-gard-ee-um-lev-ee-OH-suh.) With this spell you could make someone float in the air and bang them around. (Although your mom would defiantly make you grounded!) Or you could make you dishes wash themselves for you! Chapter Two Boggart charms If you ever happen to encounter a Boggart(and believe me, you won’t!) there is a defense against them. First of all, a Boggart turns itself into the thing you a scared of the most. For example, the thing that scares me the most is a tornado coming my way. So the boggart would transform into a miniature tornado. Then, all you have to say to mak it stop is to think of the mostfunniest thing that you would want to turn a tornado, or whatever it is that you’re afraid of the most, into. Then, while the thought is still on your mind say ‘Ridikkulus!’ and it will turn into what you thought. For example: ‘Ah, tornado!’ and then I say ‘Ridikkulus!’ and it turns into a huge carrot. If you think that this is ‘Ridikkulus’ then go on to the next chapter. Chapter Three Dementor charms If you ever encounter a dementor (and you won’t.) there is a charm that we have against it. First of all, think of the happiest memory you’ve ever lived and allow it to fill you up. Then shout the following words ‘Expecto Potronum!’. (Pronounced ex-PECT-oh puh-TROH-nuhm.) But the memory you chose will only protct you for as long as you stay focused on it.And to make a person appear in the potronus is the most difficult to produce. For example: ‘Expecto potronum!’ dog comes out of wand and heads over to another person and *trip!* *splat!* ‘Ah!’. Chapter Four How to make things explode

To make things explode (and this is so short of a lesson that I’ll also involve one more thing.) all you have to do is point your wand at the thing you want to explode and say ‘Reducto!’. For example: *sound of three bullies chasing one small kid* *kid turning towards them* ‘Reducto!’ ‘Ah!’. Another spell is how to make people freeze in their footsteps and fall to the ground. ( This is a good spell if you wish to sneak into something and someone is guarding it.) All you have to do is say ‘Petrificus Totalus!’. (Pronounced pah-trih-fih-CUHS toh-TAH-luhs.) Chapter Five How to make things go in slow motion To make things go in slow motion, just take your wand and say ‘Imobulous!’. (Pronounced i-MOH-bewe-luhs.)

Chapter Six How to make an object go out of a person’s hand To make an object go blast out of someone’s hand just point your wand at it and say ‘Expelliaramus!’. (Pronounced ex-PEHLLIH-ahmuhs.) This can also work on humans to blast them away from you.

Final Chapter Two most powerful and two unforgivable curses The two most powerful curses are the Cruciatus Curse and the Killing Curse. The Cruciatus Curse is suffering curse. It makes people feel pain all over their bodies, and if used for a certain amount of time on a person, that person will die. But to do it, just point your wand at the living animal or person and say ‘Crucio!’. (Pronounced kurh- see-OH, it sort of sounds like ‘Curse you!’) And last, but defiantly not least, the Killing Curse. This curse will release a green flash toward the person or animal you want to die. To do it, just point your wand toward the person or animal you want to die and say ‘Avada Kadavra!’ (Pronounced uh-VAH-dah kuh-DAH-vruh.) These spells are all I have to tell you. Thank you for reading ‘Harry Potter’s Book of Spells’!

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