Continuous Development Program
Acumen & Knowledge Essentials of Investment Wealth Accumulation Retirement Planning Group Insurance Financial Services Planner 1& 2 FChFP 1 & 4 Worksite Marketing Basic Concepts In Business Ins. CMFAS Mod 8 Legal Aspects of Life Insurance Sales Process Science & Art of Fact Finding Mind Tools CRM A Practitioner’s Approach to selling GSP Presentation Skills Business Insurance Applications Life Planning with E-MAS Financial Services Planner 3 Module 1 Agency Management


Leadership Program FAME
Module 1 Module 3 Performance Enhancement & Dev. Module 4 Performance Management Module 5 Agency Business Plan

Strategic Visioning & Planning Module 2 Recruitment & Selection Strategies for fast growth

Module 2 Agency Business Plan Module 3 Introduction of Company Support to AM T&C Obligations for Leaders




Enhanced Performance College
FOUNDATION STAGE 2 * Meeting Clients’ Needs * Life Planning Series (Savings) Electives At least ONE from Product Knowledge & TWO from Sales Process FOUNDATION STAGE 3 Electives At least ONE from Product Knowledge & TWO from Sales Process GRADUATION (Completed all core modules and be an Effective Manpower)


ALPS Program
Leadership DISC profiling Recruitment Module LAMP

Pre-Contract Licensing (Life & A&H Products) M5 (Regulatory FW) M9 (SCI Exam) Health Ins. (SCI Exam)

FOUNDATION STAGE 1 * Leap 1 * Basic EMAS * Leap 2 * My Life Plan * Life Planning Series (Protection)

Acumen & Knowledge Fundamentals of Financial Planning Investment CFP, ChFC, CLU

Professionalism Business etiquette Effective Business Writing Skills EQ Path to Sales Performance Time Management Financial Life Coaching Presentation skills / MS PowerPoint

Selling Skills Roadshows Selling to different races Prospecting Closing Techniques Selling to Wealth Solution Selling Strategies Customer Centric Approach Strategies & Skills for sales success RIPE

Pre-Contract Licensing (General Products) Basic Insurance Certificate & Principles Certificate in Personal General Insurance Commercial Gen. Ins.

Product Knowledge Electives GSP for New Planners Healthcare Products Training Peak Performance & Continuous Excellence (PACE)

Sales Process Electives Effective Prospecting Techniques Effective Sales Closing Techniques Effective Sales Strategies Image & Grooming Workshop

QUALIFYING CRITERIA For “Super-Charge Your Sales” Incentive Camp FYC $4000 (Cumulative) Agency Leaders to provide mentorship and guidance to New Planners