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volume 44 / issue 13
Wednesday, December 1, 2010
Ryerson’s Independent Paper
Since 1967


2 The Eyeopener Wednesday, December 1, 2010
Wednesday, December 1, 2010 NEWS The Eyeopener 3

Toby goes

Toby Whitfield is off to colder
climates next year after being chosen
as the new treasurer of the Canadian
Federation of Students.
Starting next summer, Whitfield —
the current Ryerson Students’ Union
(RSU) president—will be working out
of the CFS national headquarters in
Ottawa. He won the treasurer position
in an election following the organiza-
tion’s recent Annual General Meeting.
“It’ll start in June and sort of over-
sees the finances of the federation.
I’m looking really to see how we can
bring some of the great stuff that we
do to a larger national scale,” Whitfield
Zanzibar owner Allen Cooper put up signs last week, warning the women that they may be being watched from the rooftop. PHOTO: CHELSEA POTTAGE said.
He gained experience in finan-

‘It’s not a fireable offence’, says Levy
cial management while working in a
previous position, at the RSU as Vice-
President Finance and Services.
“I took care of our budget, and our
The university will not take action against Brian Cameron for pictures of Zanzibar strippers finances and our audits,” Whitfield
said. “So that’ll give me some expe-
BY BRAD WHITEHOUSE since 2000, posted the ten pictures able offence,” he said. on break. rience to help with the federation’s
ASSOCIATE NEWS EDITOR on his personal Flickr account with Levy said the university was put Cooper said a couple of dancers budget.”
the women’s faces clearly showing. in a “difficult light”, but maintained were so upset that they quit the day He will continue taking classes at
A Ryerson librarian will keep his “The idea that such a gross vio- that the media sensationalized the after the photos were published, in- Ryerson during the winter semester,
job after the university said taking lation of women’s personal rights situation by portraying Cameron as a cluding at least one student. but is unsure as to how he will contin-
photos of Zanzibar strippers from his and freedoms took place on univer- “peeping tom.” “She was concerned that all of her ue his degree while working full-time.
office window did not amount to a sity property and that this individual Graeme Hirst, a professor at the classmates would know what she
“fireable offence.” hasn’t been fired, I think that’s infuri- University of Toronto who specializes was doing,” he said. “I don’t know if
Brian Cameron, a 44-year-old ating,” said Laura, a stripper and for- in privacy issues, said even though this photographer or the website
Ryerson digital archives librarian,
stirred controversy on Nov. 24 when
mer Ryerson student who asked that
her last name not be published.
Cameron may not have broken the
law, the photos are still ethically
appreciated the issue of outing em-
News team
the Torontoist published photos he Laura went to Ryerson between problematic. “I would think that a librarian dies tragically
had taken of scantily-clad Zanzibar 2007 and 2009, working as a stripper “It’s probably legal,” he said. “But would have better things to do than
strippers on the roof of the club, during those years. that doesn’t make it right.” take photos of my girls.” The entire Eyeopener news
smoking and talking on their cell- “I worked as a dancer for two years Hirst said even if the women on In a recent blog post, Cameron team has died after being
phones during breaks. in part to pay tuition to the very the rooftop knew they could be seen, apologized to anyone who was of- attacked by a raccoon.
But Ryerson President Sheldon university that employs this fellow... the other buildings are so far away fended. He said after he saw the pic- Early reports show Mariana
Levy doesn’t think disciplinary I think the termination of Brian that they wouldn’t expect to be seen tures posted on Torontoist, he asked Ionova, Lee Richardson and
actions should be taken. Cameron is the only thing that can in any great detail. for them to be removed. He said the Brad Whitehouse suffered from
“If you read the laws of the land it possibly happen.” “They certainly wouldn’t be think- photographs’ intent was artistic. serious wounds­— resembling
raccoon scratches — that
is very, very clear that you can take But that won’t happen said Levy. ing, ‘Oh but what if they’ve got a big When the Eyeopener met Camer-
covered their bodies. Their feet,
a photograph,” Levy said. “If people He said Cameron had a discussion telephoto lens,”’ he said. on at his office, he didn’t want to talk
though, were untouched. The
don’t like it, too bad.” with his supervisor about “taking Allen Cooper, the owner of Zanzi- about his photos.
pathologist who performed the
The photos were taken in August better care”, but no further action will bar, said he posted a sign on the door “I’m profoundly embarrassed,” he
autopsies said this inconsisten-
and September of this year through be taken because he did not break of the rooftop to remind women that said. “I didn’t know the photos were
cy is down to the fact that the
the window of his third-floor library any policies. the rooftop isn’t as private as they going to be used that way. I’ve made
three constantly wore boots.
building office. Cameron, who has “Of course, I think it was not a great once thought. He also said he would a point of not talking to the press. Colleagues said the news
been employed by the university idea what he did, but it’s not a fire- buy them robes to wear when going I just want it to end.” editors had recently received
threatening notes, which were
addressed to them and anony-

We Will Not Shut the
mously left in the tree outside
the Student Campus Centre.
The notes mentioned feelings
of defamation stemming from
a recent campus crime brief.
“I didn’t scare those kids”
Are we really in a post-feminism era?

one note said, written in mud.
The bodies will be stuffed
and positioned in the corner
We’re told that women have achieved equality, and
of the Eyeopener office, next
should stop complaining. Jessica Yee explains
to the Christmas tree.
women still have a long way to go and should not
shut the f@&% up!

Thursday, Dec. 2 12pm Up!
Student Centre, Thomas Lounge
nd @

In remembrance of
After lunch, an open organizing session on the new RSU Sexual Assault Support
Line. This support line should reflect your needs. Come out and speak up! the events of
December 6th, the
FREE Women’s Centre asks
Provided how far feminism has
For more info email
really come.
The Women’s Centre is one of five Equity Service Groups including RyePRIDE, RyeACCESS, Students Against Racism and the Community Food Room.
4 The Eyeopener EDITORIAL Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And now, a special message from
the Design Director, letting everyone

PICS WITH know that the Eyeopener Masthead
has done some pretty damn
fine work this year. In fact, it’s

SAINT NICK fucking magnificent.

Too poor for mall
photos with Santa
Claus? Stop by
Teach English
the SCC on Dec. 2 Abroad
between 12-2 p.m.
and the Eyeopener
will hook you up.
Look for the fat man
dressed in red — TESOL/TESL Teacher Training
along with free hot Certification Courses
chocolate and treats. • Intensive 60-Hour Program • Classroom Management Techniques
Ryerson librarian Brian Cameron captured candid rooftop photos of Zanzibar strippers from his office and • Detailed Lesson Planning
posted them on Flickr. PHOTO: CHELSEA POTTAGE • ESL Skills Development
• Comprehensive Teaching Materials

A slap in the face
Considering ADOPTION? • Interactive Teaching Practicum
Can we talk? • Internationally Recognized Certificate
I am a professional • Teacher Placement Service
tours. recognize her from the photos. artist/instructor/author. • Money-Back Guarantee Included
Even if Ryerson’s status is I think Cameron should have I have an adoption practitioner, • Thousands of Satisfied Students
SHANNON HIGGINS unharmed by the privacy debate known better than to take pictures home study, PRIDE training,
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF the controversy has sparked, from his office window of half ready & certified. OXFORD SEMINARS
associating the university with a naked women who thought they for my
sleazy strip joint is not mentioned were safe from prying eyes. 416-924-3240/1-800-269-6719
in Levy’s Masterplan. I think the Torontoist should
President Sheldon Levy just Understandably, Levy is distanc- have practiced more ethical
shrugged over the controversy ing himself from the situation and journalism and never should have
around librarian Brian Cameron’s downplaying Ryerson’s role. published the voyeuristic photos.
rooftop photos of Zanzibar strip-
And it seems that Cameron will
only be getting a slap on the wrist.
And I think Levy speaking so
casually about an employee’s bad
SMOKIN’ Homemade food
According to Levy, Cameron’s Now, I’m not proposing we behaviour that negatively impact- BONES has arrived in your
photos aren’t good, “but there’s no should throw Cameron into the ed women working at Zanzibar Southern Comfort Food neighbourhood!
policy that says you can’t take a fire. In fact, the Eyeopener had a and Ryerson’s public image is really
photo.” He likened the situation to rousing debate on Sunday night just a slap in the face. Ryerson students receive
the media capturing him wearing a
U of T sweater in the mall.
about the ethics of reporting on
Cameron and debated if the media 15% off purchases totaling
Levy has always been a master
manipulator of the media. And this
has blown his story out of propor-
Head over to
$6* or more every day!
pervy-privacy debacle is no doubt
Visit us at
I don’t think so — especially and let us know how you think Hours: 11am - 9pm Mon-Wed, 11am -11pm Thur- Sat
smearing Ryerson’s reputation — after hearing how one Ryerson Ryerson should react to Brian 117 Dundas St E at Dalhousie (Across from ESSO station)
just as thousands of high school student has since quit her Zanzibar Cameron’s photos. *Excludes daily specials, meal combos & taxes.
students are lining up for campus job out of fear that her peers will Cannot be combined with any other offer.

The Eyeopener 1
MO /2 P
Shannon “EYE OF THE TIGER” Higgins
Megan “BEST SISTA EVAH” Higgins
NEWS VOLUNTEERS Monday is 1/2 price Appetizer & Wings Night
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Kiera “CAN I HAVE $250?” Toffelmire Nicole “ZANZIBAR” Currie
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Kats “HAS TO PEE” Quinto
Playing the role of the
Annoying Talking Coffee Mug this
beverages, receive one complimentary Nacho
Allyssia“SANTA’S LITTLE HELPER” Alleyne week... The not annoying and plate for the table.
ONLINE MEDIA refreshingly kind man at the RAC
Chris “IS HE SINGLE?” Dale who offered to lend a stranger
ONLINE GURU (me) his iPod touch. Thanks!
The Eyeopener is Ryerson’s
504 Jarvis St. Toronto, Ontario
John “PRINCE ERIC” Shmuel largest and independent student (one block north of Wellesley)
GENERAL MANAGER newspaper. It is owned and
Liane “CEREBRAL DICTATOR” McLarty operated by Rye Eye Publishing Tel: (647) 348-6520
ADVERTISING MANAGER Inc., a non-profit corporation
Chris “THE MAN” Roberts owned by the students of
Ryerson. Our office is on the
DESIGN DIRECTOR second floor of the Student
J.D. “18 YEARS!!!” Mowat Campus Centre and you can reach
us at
Wednesday, December 1, 2010 NEWS The Eyeopener 5

The Eyeopener was able to gain access to cash tills in the Kerr Hall South Tim Horton’s, transferring thousands of dollars to a OneCard. We kept the receipt. PHOTOS: MARTA IWANEK

The night we stole $6,614.47 from Ryerson
Ryerson scrambles to boost security after the Eyeopener gains access to cash tills
BY BRAD WHITEHOUSE touch screen and the BlackBoard op- fore and, in a matter of seconds, I was Tim Horton’s kiosks but it’s mostly cause it was easy to remember,” he
ASSOCIATE NEWS EDITOR erating system came to life. It asked back in. been aimed at people going into the said. Lesser said Ryerson Food Ser-
for a login number, so I punched in I clicked the multiply button and cupboards...There hasn’t been much vices came to CCS Tuesday morning
I kicked off the holidays by stealing the most basic combination possible: ordered 5003 small coffees. No one stolen,” Juurlink said. to ask why one of their sales centres
$6,614.47 from Ryerson University. 1, 2, 3, 4. It accepted it. needs that much java, so I tapped the The break-in was brought to her had a negative balance.
And it only took me five minutes. Next, it asked me for a password. return button, entered my student attention when someone reported By about 9 a.m. my OneCard had
Shortly before 10 p.m. on Nov. 29, After a couple failed attempts, I number and refunded my OneCard the notes planted in the tills. been frozen, and the account used to
the Eyeopener broke into the Tim punched in 9, 8, 7, 6. for $6,614.47 that I never spent. Tuesday evening, Darcy Flynn, transfer the money was disabled.
Horton’s cash register in Kerr Hall Bingo! I was logged into the Ry- Cash registers can refund a maxi- manager of the OneCard office, was CCS is changing the machines so
to prove how easily a student could erson Computing and Communica- mum of $9,999.99, but with six grand working overtime in CCS’s basement that cashiers will need a keyboard
swipe thousands of dollars from right tions Services (CCS) account. in hand, it’s hard to be greedy. We office to help boost the security fea- and a more complex username and
under Ryerson’s nose. Weeks later, three Eyeopener edi- slunked away, leaving a small note in tures. password to log in.
It all started late one night as I was tors and a photographer set out to the till: “Guess Who?” “We’re just really having a bad day,” “It’s a weakness that there’s these
walking back from the library. The see just how much access one stu- The next morning, I called Imre he said. machines sitting out there and all
hallway lights were already out, but dent could get to the cash register Juurlink, Ryerson security supervisor, Brian Lesser, director of CCS, ad- you need is a four-digit number to
the cash register’s screen glowed system. to turn myself in. She said the cash mitted the password was too easy. get into,” Lesser said.
blue. Faces masked, we snuck up to the registers had never been broken into “In this case they never should “We’re basically scrambling to
I wondered how easy it would be Kerr Hall South Tim Horton’s. before. have used that password whether it make sure that, in the morning, you
to break in. I tapped the register’s I punched in the same code as be- “We’ve had a few break-ins at the was a default that was left in or be- couldn’t repeat the performance.”

Make Money
From Your Books!
Dig out your books for consignment.

(starting Dec 6th)
Mon-Fri: 8:30am-6pm

Dec 18, 2010
to Jan 3, 2011

Run by Students for Students

YOU can be
Student Centre, 55 Gould St. •
6 The Eyeopener NEWS Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Briefs & Groaners
Multiple small fires were in an elevator lobby in the 350
found on the 10th floor of Pit- Victoria St. parking garage.
man Hall. According to security, They weren’t too encouraged
lots of toilet paper had been to stop even though people
spread around and set alight, walked past and security
damaging the carpet. Those approached them. The
little Kleenex puppies must be Eyeopener news team wishes
distraught. not to comment.

A student was found lying Another two people were
between two parked cars near found engaging in the same
the architecture building. Secu- ‘sexual activity’ in a stairwell
rity responded to see if he was of the Podium building. This
dead. Turns out he was just leads The Eyeopener news
really drunk and had tried to team to think everyone in
cross the road, but had given the world is having ‘sexual
PHOTO: BRAD WHITEHOUSE up. What a quitter. activity’ except them.

Students push for real Eggy Two people were found in
the middle of ‘sexual activity’ in
a classroom in the RCC, accord-
An iPhone was stolen in the
GCM building when a student
went to talk to her friends on
Past rams had to be tranquilized before being taken to campus events ing to security. The Eyeopener the opposite side of a com-
news team is very bitter about mon area. The Eyeopener news
BY EMMA PRESTWICH at events like the Parade & Picnic, a state of trauma,” said Todd Dunbar, this, for reasons we’d rather not team’s detective skills lead us
convocation and hockey games. a second-year arts and contemporary discuss. to think that her friends are
The real Eggy the Ram has been Four of the six ram heads are stored studies student. “What if it lashed actually part of an elaborate
dead for 19 years, but in the name of in the Ryerson archives. out or something?” Another two people were distraction.
school spirit, some Ryerson students Eggy V died in 1991 and a year A 1977 issue of the Eyeopener found in similar circumstances — Lee Richardson

want to resurrect him. later, because of pressure from the quoted Louis Gonsalves, then-direc-

A group of film and radio and Humane Society, Ryerson switched tor of alumni affairs, as saying that

television students are campaign- to the current plush mascot. Eggy had to be tranquilized every
ing to bring back a live Eggy mascot Glen Weppler, director of student time he was brought to Ryerson for
for school sporting events. Yelling community life, said that while there a function.
“What’s the deal, make him real,” a was a time when live mascots were “When the tranquilizer wore off,
small cluster of students led a pro- popular, he thinks that the current he’d take the odd run at people,” he

cession around Victoria and Gould Eggy is animated and very popular said.

Streets on Thursday afternoon trying with students. In November of 1980, Eggy III

to drum up support for the idea. “I don’t think there’s a desire on spent the weekend alone in a fashion
“It would differentiate us from oth- the part of the student population to department bathroom after he was
er schools,” said Todd Edick, a third- have a real live ram,” he said. kidnapped in a suspected practical
year RTA student who calls himself Edick said the issue of replacing joke.
the face of the campaign. “[School the current mascot with a real one Edick said if the initiative suc-
spirit] is lacklustre at best.” could be decided by a student vote. ceeds, the ram will come from Puck’s
Edick said he currently has 70 stu- Past issues with the real ram in- Farm, an educational children’s farm
dent signatures on a petition. cluded controlling the animal’s be- in Schomberg, about 25 kilometres
Beginning in 1961, Ryerson owned haviour in public and preventing it from Newmarket. Past rams were
a succession of six live rams — male from being stolen. housed at a farm in the GTA and

E l e c t i o n
sheep — that made an appearance “It seems like the ram would be in trucked over to Ryerson.

i o n s O p e n
N o m i n a t
J a n 11am
13 a t
Thurs d a y ,

sident Op
• Vice-Pre nt Life &
nt re si d ent Stude
• Preside • Vic e -P
re sident Ed
• Vice-P
sident Eq
• Vice-Pre

ep Positio • Community Services
Faculty R g, Archite
cture & S
• Arts • Enginee
• Business
nication &
• Commu

on Financ
• Deputy nt Life
on Stude
rson D e p u ty Chairpers
• Chairpe tion •
on Educa
D e p u ty Chairpers

s a re a va ilable at t
n package CC311
Nominatoioffice: Student Centre
RSU mainriday, 10am to 6pm
Monday to

The Ryerson Students’ Union represents over 24,000 full time undergraduate students
and all graduate students. Each year a Board of Directors is elected by the
membership to represent and advocate for all RSU members.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010 FEATURES The Eyeopener 7

Selections of short fiction
an amazing kind of everything. her bag a week before Annual hair, which stood out as it was
Attempting to capture the imagination of This new love was spectacular.
Call it a baptism.
Holiday Day.
Alex was still grateful that
so rare in this day and age. It
said that with Annual Holiday
Ryerson's young writers, the Eyeopener gave After my exodus from the the police could figure out its Day coming up, it had just
a 400 word mission to an array of students — mall, I was walking on the
northwest corner of Yonge
identity by the fistful of grey
feathers she had managed to
needed more income, plain
and simple.
to craft an enticing short story that includes and Dundas only to be star-
tled. Not by a pigeon but by
grab before it had waddled off,
too heavy to fly.
Their growth and basic abil-
ity to communicate had come
the following four elements: the story must a trademark baritone shriek, Sure enough, she spotted from a GM splice that had
take place in or around the Eaton Centre, “JESUS SAVES!”
Yeah, in ways you’d never ex-
one of them down the street.
She tucked her chin into her
(somewhat stereotypically)
gone wrong. It had been de-
and the main character is Alex, a ginger pect. scarf and quickened her pace.
She had to get to the Eaton
veloped and implemented as
part of a plan to triple their
with a fear of pigeons. Centre because it was soon physical size in order to solve
due to close and she still had the chicken virus problem
some presents to buy. that had killed off most of the
The Transfiguration “Caw,” it squawked. There was fowl population. One of the
being an aesthetic heretic, she Pope Benedict warmed up to
By Josh Bailie was purposefully messing up condoms.
something about those beaks early test subjects — actually
that still didn’t seem right. picked up from nearby Nathan
the words to their songs and As turned on as I was, she “Oh sorry, excuse me,” it said, Phillips Square — had gotten
So there I was, Alex the athe- winking seductively at pass- was ravenous. “I fucking love
ist, standing by the fountain raising its clipboard as Alex out of a lab window after a
ersby. I loved it. I’d never felt your red hair,” she repeated walked by. “Do you have a scientist left it open to lessen
centrepiece in the Eaton’s Cen- attracted to a tranny before, as she went in and out of me.
tre, staring at the hottest nun minute?” chemical smells one day. It had
but I loved her. Him? A ques- It was like the red was flair to They had all been offered bred like, well, a pigeon.
I’ve ever seen. tion as old as Eden. her black and white world of
For a moment I think I’m the jobs as charity workers when Though they weren’t the
The group of them sang on: nunnery. Reminded me of that
world’s biggest case of perver- “Resurrection this! Resurrec- book we read in school, The
The Shopping Trip positions opened up after the most eloquent of speakers, the
sion and irony, but then I real- human activists quit to col- fact that they were just wan-
tion that!” I was hoping the Giver. Yeah, give’er! By Lee Richardson laborate in organizing a global dering around observing peo-
ize there’s something different only thing I’d see rise was the
about this nun. She’s not ac- But then something changed campaign against GM foods, ple all day anyway eventually
hem of her skirt. So I passed by within me. The relationship Alex hated the winter. The which were finally — after strengthened their vocabulary
tually one of them. It’s like she with the most unholy of inten- darks nights made it hard to
stepped right out of the Stag became more than I expected. decades — beginning to af- quite a lot.
tions. She winked. I winked. I Though we only spent min- see all the charity workers. The fect human fetuses in nega-
Shop across the street. Her inched toward her. She moved kinds who rattled buckets and
black gown stops before the utes together, it felt like infin- tive ways. This was much to
her inches toward my direc- ity. She caressed and cared in grasped Perspex clipboards. the embarrassment of the To read more great
knees and it is low-cut enough
to expose mountains fit for a
tion. ways I’ve never experienced. Alex still hadn’t gotten over scientists who had lobbied story submissions
“What’s your name?” I asked. Hands snug around my waist, the time two years prior when for their introduction to the by talented students
lot more than the landing of “Mary...Mary Magdalene.” one of the workers — who, it
Noah’s Ark. And wait! Despite making me feel whole. Her global food chain as a method authors visit:
Green light. bosom was warm and her full had turned out in court, real- of dealing with the food crisis.
the breasts, she’s not even a In minutes, we’re in an Ea- ized it could utilize its nego-
she! presence inside of me made After breaking down in court,
ton Centre bathroom doing me feel warmer. Emotionally tiating skills for its own self it had admitted that it had
There (s)he was, just totally as Mary would. Good thing interests — had run off with features
fucking with them. Aside from — and physically — she was picked Alex because of her red
8 The Eyeopener BIZ & TECH Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Looking for some last minute gift ideas for the geek
See something strange on campus?
Administration got you down? If you’re
on Twitter, use the #eyeforatweet
hashtag to share your frustration, or
in your life? We’ve got you covered. Biz and Tech just make us laugh. If we like what we
editor Matthew Braga suggests some cool and $75: RETRO CONSOLES see, we may just print it! And follow
@theeyeopener for all your Ryerson
quirky gift ideas that are sure to intrigue and impress Forget Xbox or PlayStation — if you really want to make news.
everyone on your list someone smile, give a little retro cheer this holiday season.
Older consoles are every bit as awesome as their modern-day @carlyjchalmers
counterparts, and some of the best games ever made can still My 1st reaction to hearing that Tim
$20: NERDY T-SHIRTS be found on systems like the Super Nintendo or PlayStation 2.
A Sega Dreamcast, for example, is less than $75 on eBay, with
Hortons now takes debit: the line at
the KHE near RCC location is going to
You get enough lame sweaters and extra controllers and games included. How’s that for a creative take 5720x longer. #Ryerson
pajama pants as it is over the holidays, gift on the cheap?
so we’re going to suggest something @kylemerhai
a little cooler. Or, well, nerdier. Online I love reading The Eyeopener in the
stores like Threadless and Think Geek
have a great selection of nerdy T-shirts
$20: SMARTPHONE washroom. When out of toilet paper it
for all your tech-savvy friends — from
Mario Kart-inspired designs to obscure
GLOVES comes in handy #eyeforatweet

Linux-themed jokes. As a bonus, each Smartphone users know that
shirt gives +10 to awesomeness — and Well obviously, we have a thief in
touch screens and gloves just
you don’t even have to roll for initiative! the RCC, he’s climbing in your apple
don’t mix. So-called capacitive
technology relies on the human labs, he’s snatching your iPhones up...
#OutdatedMemeJokes #Ryerson
$5: CHEAP GAMES body’s conductive abilities to
work correctly — something most
gloves just don’t have. Except
Console games aren’t cheap these days ­— this pair, that is. Available from Only at #ryerson would a homeless
which means there’s no better time to give the, these gloves woman wearing a Pikachu backpack
gift of Mac or PC gaming. Steam, the popular actually have conductive material walk into a lecture hall and start
online video game distribution service, has embedded in each finger; not even teaching your criminal law class.
some of the best deals around this time of the winter weather can stop your
year, with many great tiles going for $5 or less Angry Birds marathon now.
­— including multi-game bundles too!
Wednesday, December 1, 2010 TOP TEN The Eyeopener 9
10 The Eyeopener TOP TEN Wednesday, December 1, 2010
Wednesday, December 1, 2010 TOP TEN The Eyeopener 11
12 The Eyeopener TOP TEN Wednesday, December 1, 2010
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14 The Eyeopener TOP TEN Wednesday, December 1, 2010
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16 The Eyeopener TOP TEN Wednesday, December 1, 2010
17 The Eyeopener TOP TEN Wednesday, December 1, 2010
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010 TOP TEN The Eyeopener 19
20 The Eyeopener TOP TEN Wednesday, December 1, 2010

From varsity sports to lab reports
While many athletes are unfairly labelled as dumb jocks, sports editor Rob Moysey discovered that many Ryerson athletes
combine brain and brawn to dispel that stereotype as true student-athletes

Robby Earl sports the Ryerson Rams logo on the back of his lab coat, but only a few classmates know he’s on the team. PHOTO: ROB MOYSEY

Robby Earl is like any other science at Ryerson: all athletes must maintain ness Journal suggests otherwise. The ing a 4.26 GPA. games.
student at Ryerson: he has a boatload at least a 2.3 GPA to be eligible to play. study found people who exercise “You know you have certain blocks “Sometimes that’s what’s hard
of exams to study for and a handful of If they slip below that, they wind up three to four times a week reported of time you know that you have to about practices: when I study right
assignments due each week. on probation until they boost their higher job performance. study, whereas if you didn’t have before and I’ve got all those num-
But while his fellow students are grades. Add to that four to six weekly “Sometimes when I am studying re- that, you’d just procrastinate and not bers in my head…[it’s hard] to focus
holed up in their dorm rooms knock- practices and at least one — but up ally hard and I have to go to practice, study,” said Hill. on basketball. And sometimes when
ing back energy drinks and drowning to three — games per week, and it’s a when I come back I am way more fo- The transition to an extremely jam- you’re studying, you’re thinking about
in their notes, Earl is in the Kerr Hall heavy burden to bear. cused. I feel so much better,” Hill said. packed schedule comes easier to the game,” he said.
gym practicing his digs and volleys. It’s tough for any student-athlete, some than others. Bjorn Michaelsen, While many students escape the
The second-year contemporary sci- but particularly challenging for the a first-year forward for the men’s bas- confines of school-related stress on
ence major and captain of the men’s 16 that are in science-related pro- There are three things in ketball team and a mechanical engi- the weekends, these student-athletes
volleyball team is the poster boy of grams. life and you can only do two neering student, found that he had to often don’t get that chance.
a unique brand of athlete at Ryer- “It’s pretty demanding,” said Jor- really well: school, sports, and create a strict routine in order to bal- “Seeing friends on the weekends…
son: those that buck the stereotypes dan Hill, a rookie forward for the social life. If you try to do all ance school and sports. you don’t even have weekends!” said
of the dumb jock and the awkward women’s basketball team and a first- three, you’ll never be “We usually have practice at nine, Earl. “There are three things in life
nerd simultaneously by performing year aerospace engineering student. at the top. so I study early in the morning, go to and you can only do two really well:
at a high level both on the court and “I don’t do very much else besides — Robby Earl, class, then go to practice, and if I am school, sports, and social life. If you
in the classroom. school and basketball. You’d have to men’s volleyball captain a little bit more energetic, I will study try to do all three, you’ll never be at
The stereotypes are fixtures of our be crazy [to do more than that]. You’d after,” he said. the top. I don’t think everyone can do
culture: athletes are portrayed as have to not sleep.” The tight schedule athletes face But no matter how well they man- it and I don’t think everyone would
beer-chugging, blonde-dating Nean- Though common sense might lead forces them to manage their time age their schedule, there is always want to do it.”
derthals, while nerds are book-read- to the conclusion that these athletes much more efficiently. That’s why Earl spillover between school and sports:
ing, DDR-playing pipsqueaks. have to trade in-class excellence for can handle the extra responsibilities it’s an inevitability of bouncing back — WITH FILES FROM KATS QUINTO
But being an athlete is no easy feat on-court success, a study in IDEA Fit- of being team captain while maintain- and forth between class, practice, and AND NICOLE CURRIE

Ryerson athletics finally putting the puzzle pieces together
to build around: Maple Leaf Gardens. community on campus when 90- with little staying power. They are base of fans is set, then greater out-
BY ROB MOYSEY Due to be opened for fall 2011, some odd percent of people live off- the final pieces to the puzzle, and we reach to the student population at
SPORTS EDITOR MLG is the all-encompassing athlet- campus,” said athletics director Ivan aren’t there yet. large can occur.
ics hub the school has been yearning Joseph. “We need to build relation- If Ryerson wants to build an ath- Make no mistake: Ryerson is never
for in order to take its athletics pro- ships with people and our athletes. letics community, then the focus of going to be an NCAA-style frat house.
Like a 1000-piece puzzle, Ryerson gram to the next level. Every varsity We have not done enough to foster MLG should be on heavily promoting We simply do not have the space
athletics didn’t make much sense team and club will have a training fa- these relationships and instill them intramural and club-level sports and near campus for student housing
when the pieces were dumped out cility right in their backyard that they into [student] communities so that have varsity athletes get engaged and the funding restrictions in Ca-
of the box and scattered onto the will always have access to. they want to be a part of our com- with them. nadian Interuniversity Sport ensures
table. Athletes and students alike Like the majority of Ryerson stu- munity.” It makes little sense to focus on at- that only academics-first athletes will
could only look at the pretty picture dents, athletes almost always had to tracting the students that care little come to Ryerson.
on the front of the box and wonder commute far off-campus in order to about sports at Ryerson. But perhaps this perceived weak-
what might be. compete, and that takes a significant It’s a tough thing to build that Instead, the focus should be on ness is our strength. Rather than
But finally, the tedious process chunk of time out of their days for community on campus when drawing the support of upcoming wishing we were an athletics pow-
of searching for the right combina- studying. 90-some odd percent of peo- clubs and intramurals. After all, they erhouse, we ought to acknowledge
tion of pieces has begun to pay off. This will undoubtedly boost not ple live off-campus. are the people who are already in- that the strength of our athletics lies
And after years of mismanagement, only their performance, but also their — Ivan Joseph, vested in being part of the sports in the connection that the average
minimal funding, and an utter lack grades. athletics director community at Ryerson. Like varsity student can have with our athletes,
of direction, Ryerson athletics is now The puzzle frame is just the begin- athletes, sports club members put who are students in the full sense of
headed in the right direction. ning of the process though: the real Things like the parade and picnic, their heart and souls into promoting the word.
Puzzles are always built frame first work is filling in the middle. the athlete residence move-in, and their teams and running their com- But these things come with time:
towards the inside, and Ryerson ath- For Ryerson, that means building the canned goods drive as a good petitions. 1000-piece puzzles don’t get built
letics is no exception. After toiling a sports community and a central start. They are the key puzzle pieces that overnight. But at least the frame is in
away in the crypt-like RAC, Ryerson place for athletics in the university. But those kinds of initiatives, while connect to the frame and inch ever- place.
athletics now has that sturdy frame “It’s a tough thing to build that helpful, and only partial solutions closer towards the middle. Once that That alone is reason for optimism.
21 The Eyeopener ARTS & LIFE Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Meeting the parents
Winter break is a time cherished between family and friends.
For some, the picture also includes a special guy or gal.
But the addition of a partner to your holidays has its own
special rules. N ico le W itk owsk i shares tips on what to do
and what to avoid.

Give the Mind Keep them
heads up traditions involved
Family dinners are a private If your partner is of a dif- Whether you sing carols,
event, and there’s always a ferent cultural or religious exchange stories or take
VIP guest list. Make sure your background, explain to them pictures, make sure your boy-
parents, grandparents, aunts, how your family celebrates friend or girlfriend is part
PHOTO: LINDSAY BOECKL uncles and cousins know that the season. This includes food, of the action. If they’re ner-
you have a guest coming. That prayers and cultural traditions. vous at first, take the lead.

Caught under the mistletoe way they can set an extra plate
or place a small gift under the
tree. This will make your part-
If they can’t join in on a prayer
or eat a certain dish that’s
okay. Knowing beforehand
Start singing, relate or explain
family stories to them, and
include them in holiday
BY GIANLUCA INGLESI town square featuring giant decoration will be unveiled ner feel like part of the family. will surely avoid that awkward photos.
ARTS & LIFE EDITOR nutcrackers, snowflakes and by Degrassi stars Charlotte Ar- moment.
the world’s biggest mistletoe. nold and Raymond Ablack.
The holiday season is an “We thought it’d be a cute Reflecting the holiday spirit Too Much PDA Rapid-fire intros Don’t ditch them
undeniably romantic time of idea to hold a giant simultane- of giving Virgin Mobile will be
year. The chilly temperature, ous kiss when they unveil the donating $5 to WWF Canada Of course it’s an exciting If it’s their first time over, When your boyfriend
bright lights, and cozy fireplac- mistletoe. We’ve been looking for every kiss shared. time to spend with your part- introduce your partner to or girlfriend is over, don’t
es make cuddling with that for an excuse to hold an event As the event approaches ner, but remember to respect immediate family first. Don’t abandon them in the front
special someone ideal. like this for years,” said Kevin Bracken said he’s only noticed those around you. Making out spit out names like a tennis hall to talk to other people or
On Dec. 2 drop your text- Bracken of Newmindspace, one minor challenge. or talking dirty won’t be taken ball machine — it gets over- finish watching a show. Your
books and take your babe or an organization known for “People are worried they kindly by most grandparents. whelming. Instead, make in- job as their host is to make
beau out to Dundas Square its interactive art and cultural won’t have anyone to kiss. Try small things like holding troductions appropriately, like them feel like they belong
and join in on ‘The Big Kiss.’ interventions in Toronto and But everyone should just kiss hands or kissing on the cheek when your uncle sits at the din- with you and your family. Offer
The makeout event is being New York. someone or something that’s when welcoming them or ner table, or when your cousins a drink and a snack or suggest
held alongside Virgin Mobile’s Lips will lock when the clock important to them; a friend, a saying goodnight. are catching up after dinner. a movie to watch together.
transformation of the down- strikes 6 p.m. and the giant teddy bear, anything really.”
22 The Eyeopener FUN SPROTS Wednesday, December 1, 2010

by Ominous Octopus
Leo. Glory, fame, fortune, sex… Scorpio. Intense Scorpio is Aquarius. Zany and shit-disturb-
these are what motivates Leo and the sport of match-bow shoot- ing Aquarians are driven by abso-
soccer. Both are able to maintain
the gracefulness of athletics and
ing. Reserved in their demeanor,
Scorpio tend to have an all-or-
lute freedom. Like skydiving, Aquar-
ians possess the capacity to push WIN $50
Aries. Aiming for super the aggressiveness of the sport. nothing mentality, which is char- their limit when it comes to quench-

stardom, Aries is the game of The subtle skill of footwork is what acteristic of archery. Scorpios ing their thirst for danger.
basketball. Popularity runs in makes this sport so good to watch. rarely miss the mark because the

their blood. High profile, fast- target is their sole concern. Pisces. A bit of a social recluse,
paced action, tight buns and Virgo. Earthy virgo is the dis- Pisces natives prefer medita-
hot abs are all the rage for this ciplined but combative martial Sagittarius. Jack-of-all-trade tion over socialization. Surfing
fire sign. arts. The mental stamina and Sagittarius is the 5-event sport of is the sport where they feel one
the physical diligence required Penthalon. Pistol shooting, épée with nature. Being out in the sea
Taurus. Tactical and competi- to master this sport is naturally fencing, 200 m freestyle swim- gives them peace and a sense of
tive Taurus is the aggressive inherent in the virgo native. ming, show jumping, and a 3 km well-being.
game of hockey. This earth sign cross-country run will keep Sagit- POEMS FROM MY
is all about head butting and Libra. The Libran desire for tarians on their toes. BLEEDING VAGINA
scoring goals, even if it results physical and mental connec- by L. Richardson
in the occasional concussion. tion is satisfied by the back- Capricorn. American Football is Kieran reached into the chilled
and-forth dynamic of tennis be- a combination of brute strength, compartment
Gemini. Acrobatics is the cause they crave the interaction territory and possession, all of A tuna wrap came out
embodiment of a Gemini’s life of a sport with a single oppo- which are elements of a Capricorn In his chilled hand
philosophy. This sport is the nent. Although sociable, they personality. They have a drive to He glanced up
perfect outlet for creative ex- thrive in intimate sports. win, especially if they are working Just as Diane was finishing
pression, agility and coordina- with a team. Rolling her eyes
tion of the human body. Allyssia the Pun Editor “Salmon’s better”
“Tuna’s got dolphin in it.”
Cancer. Intuitive cancer is Kieran wished she would fuck off.
the epitome of golf. They take
Alpine skiing: it's fun for the first 20 seconds, but Send your completed sudoku to SCC207
it's all downhill from there. Ho ho ho!
their time, and have an uncan-
ny ability to estimate the right

move that would result in a
hole-in-one in the least stroke By Michael Winkler


Starting December 6

a. closed fist
b. cauliflower ear
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service offices of the Ryerson
c. dried fetus
CARD & SAVE Students' Union are reduced
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LSAT MCAT of Students the hours of operations for
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