Long ago in the kingdom of Mahilaropya, there lived a king who was ruling very ideally.

He had three sons, who were not intelligent. The king was worried about the heir to the throne, as he knew that his sons were incapable of governing. He was desperate to find a good and knowledgeable teacher for his sons who would teach them the scriptures and make them knowledgeable in a short time. His minister then pointed towards a skilled pundit, VishnuSharman. Vishnusharman was old and the king was worried as to how the teacher could accomplish the teaching to his sons as he told that even an intelligent man takes more than twelve years to grasp all the elements of scriptures. Then VishnuSharman convinced the king that he would teach the princes about kingly conduct through a series of stories, which would be more effective than the scriptures. Thus Vishnusharman compiled the collection in five volumes termed as PanchaTantra meant to serve as the guide for the princes to learn about kingly behaviour.

Panchatantra tales are renowned for its efficiency and effectiveness of practicing Management. Each story gives you a practical guide to face the world as it is. Tantra means Strategy or method to be applied in a given situation.There are 5 Tantras or 5 Strategies in all what you need to master. That is why it is called PANCHATANTRA. To become successful you can not afford to miss analyzing these stories.
N ti can be roughly translated as "the wise conduct of life" and a stra is a technical or scientific treatise; thus it is considered a treatise on political science and human conduct

Mitra-bheda : y a friendship arises between the lion Pi galaka, the king of the forest, and Sañj vaka, a bull. y Karataka ('Horribly Howling') and Damanaka ('Victor') are two jackals that are retainers to the lion king.

He later summons his group of crows to set fire on all entrances to the cave where the Owls live and suffocate them to death. he wanted to make friends with him.´ The monkey gave a lot of Jamuns to the crocodile to eat. decides to befriend the rat despite the latter's initial objections. Since he had no friends. Mitra-sampr pti: y the crow who upon seeing the favour the rat performed to free the dove and her companions. there lived a monkey named Raktamukha. The crocodile ate them to his fill. The storyline evolves as this friendship grows to include the turtle and the fawn.y Damanaka. saw the crocodile taking rest under the tree. out of jealousy. Long ago. and later they work together to save the turtle. One of the crows pretends to be an outcast from his own group to gain entry into the rival owl group. who was sitting high on a branch. Once. Addressing the crocodile. you¶re my guest and it¶s my duty to offer you food. K kol k yam: a war between crows and owls. and by doing so gains access to their secrets and learns of their vulnerabilities. against Karataka's advice. who herself. The monkey became very eager to talk to the crocodile. breaks the friendship between the lion and the bull. Raktamukha. on a Jamun (Black-berry) tree by the side of a river. . Raktamukha said. a crocodile named Karalamukha came out of the waters and took rest under the tree on which the monkey lived. ³As you¶re taking rest under the tree. falls in the trap. He thanked the monkey for his generosity and went home. They collaborate to save the fawn when he is trapped.

Soon they became good friends.´ Don¶t worry. Iµll take you to my house. ³I am taking you to my . The crocodile gullibly said to the monkey. Why don't you bring the heart of this monkey for my meals?´ The crocodile was stunned to hear such words from his wife. Come and sit on my back. He devised a plan and rushed to the monkey. The crocodile entered in the deep waters with an intention to kill the monkey.´ Sweetheart.´ The monkey happily sat on the back of the crocodile and they started their journey. as it was impossible for him to escape from the middle of the river. The Monkey happily gave the fruits to the crocodile. He replied. then the monkey who eats these fruits must be ten times tastier. The crocodile was unwilling to deceive his friend. He stated that his wife is anxious to meet such a nice friend. but to bring monkey¶s heart for his wife. the crocodile asked the monkey for some Jamuns to take for his wife.´ I accept your invitation. "My wife and I invite you to our home for a dinner. One day. The monkey got scared to see water all around and asked the crocodile to move slowly. the monkey is my friend. He was afraid that how could he ask for such thing from his friend. if these fruits are so tasty. The crocodile thought that now he could reveal his real intentions to the monkey.Karalamukha started coming ashore everyday and enjoy the fruits offered by the monkey. Reaching ashore. Raktamukha was waiting for his dear friend for the daily meeting. The Crocodile was left with no other option. Karalamukha asked the monkey in a sad tone. but how will I go with you? I don¶t know how to swim?´ The crocodile replied. The crocodile¶s wife was shrewd and pleaded with her husband to bring monkey¶s heart for her. Both of them started spending time with each other discussing the world. My wife is very angry with me for not having invited you earlier". the crocodile's wife was overjoyed and said to her husband. After eating the fruits. "Dear. The crocodile took the fruits cheerfully to his wife and also narrated the whole story to her. but then she insisted on not eating anything till he brought her monkey¶s heart. It would not be fair to take his heart´. He asked the crocodile. Poor monkey didn¶t know about the plan and believed the story of crocodile.

He kept cool and said wittingly.´ By the time. I have to go back to get my heart. In order to serve my heart to your wife. Impatiently he asked. It was all a trick to save my life and teach a lesson to an unfaithful friend like you." The monkey was taken aback to hear these words. I usually keep my heart safely in the burrow of the tree. Now go away and don¶t ever come back. He had never expected this type of a request from a friend. The crocodile was in a hurry and realized that the monkey was taking too long in getting his heart. "My dear foolish friend.´ The foolish crocodile swiftly then swam back to the tree where the monkey lived. the monkey had realized that this was a rebirth for him. You've deceived me as a friend. The monkey laughed and answered. My wife will be very happy. your heart must be ten times tastier than those fruits. "Oh dear! Why didn¶t you tell me earlier? It would be my privilege to offer my heart to your charming wife. She wants to eat your heart. . ³What is the delay? Get you heart. On reaching the bank the monkey quickly jumped off the crocodile¶s back and climbed up his home tree. Can any one take out his heart and keep that in a burrow." The crocodile was ashamed for his act and went home with his head bent down. She says that since you eat tasty fruits day and night.home to please my wife. Think ancient and act modern in order to survive and thrive in rapidly changing world.