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03 Agt 2008 16:25 hrs

Confirmation Booking date Sunday, 03 Agt 2008 Booking Number QU22CG Status CONFIRMED You will need to provide this confirmation number and positive I.D. at check-in to receive your boarding card. Flight Details BERANGKAT Medan (MES) to Jakarta (CGK) Economy Saturday, 09 Agt 2008 Penerbangan QZ 7497 Berangkat Medan (MES) pada waktu 13:20 dan tiba di Jakarta (CGK) pada waktu 15:40 Kontak Informasi Informasi Tetamu HENDRA MANURUNG 1. READOLOK SINABARIBA JL. K NO. 6A RT 3/RW 11 KEBON BARU-TEBET (1217091708440001) JAKARTA SELATAN OT 12830 INDONESIA 2. HOTMA NAPITUPULU Home: 62218314117 Alt: 6281321629308 Fax: 622183793473 Pembayaran Details MES - CGK (1217095610460001)

Total Fare 1,098,000IDR 1,098,000IDR Administration Fee 130,000IDR Fuel Surcharge 320,000IDR Iuran Wajib Jasa Raharja 12,000IDR Value Added Tax 154,800IDR 616,800IDR Checked Baggage Handling Fee 18,000IDR Xpress Boarding fee (Child/Senior) 50,000IDR 68,000IDR Harga Total 1,782,800IDR Confirmation Visa - CONFIRMED XXXXXX5470 1,782,800IDR Jumlah dibayar 1,782,800IDR InFlight Services MES - CGK READOLOK SINABARIBA Checked Bag 1 Xpress Boarding (Child/Senior) HOTMA NAPITUPULU Checked Bag 1 Xpress Boarding (Child/Senior) Destinations Be acquainted with AirAsia's destinations!
• Jakarta

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©2007-2010 AirAsia Berhad Total Booking Found : 1 PNR : QU22CG Total Amount : IDR 1,782,800.00 Status : CONFIRM Booking Date : 2008-08-03 16:25 Flight Details Flight QZ7497 Departure Time Arrival Time

MES CGK 2008-08-09 13:20 2008-08-09 15:40 Passengers (Infants will not be displayed here) No. Name 1 MR READOLOK SINABARIBA 2 MS HOTMA NAPITUPULU