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Gargoule ste, E = Masthead managing eitorsi-hiet ‘content editorin-chief ‘fia champion production manager Tes huntsman mere treasurer rin holliday carts & culture ‘maya morgan & emma kelly opinions Tocas hansen merkar avant-garg Isobel carnegie & iam p: bryant polities sofia champion race kovacs| distributor feida cera stall ania alex heyman bre augustine Joshua benstock Ioleglante subhi Kit keaton Aaniela miahmoudt ‘maya morriswala vwina pers tyler riches ‘ale sandblom They stark ie stockwaod charlie wagner-chazalon staff emeritus ‘penelope evans fvneet sharma Sront cover ‘maya morgan back cover maya morgan & harmeet real contributors Tol ng jiman bund thas anit al Aieg rojas ‘lv Prediction bi-wee vuegargoyle About us The Gargoyles University College's greases student newspaper and publishes every two weeks ‘Weare paper that believes that sometimes you shouldbe angry, and that sometimes you should bbe loud andi yu have not haa voice before, you deserve a wrce. We do not give print space to bigots and we donot feign neutrality onfsues of cca justice, At this moment everyting in our office i accounted for maiLcom/submissions@uegargoyleea ‘wostegargovleca| Editor's Address Greetings (Gargoyle Greetings), Welcome tothe Accountability issue. This theme is change-ap, but tele from us taking to hear important ‘eoncerns raised by our ealleages and elassmates regarding, the originally intended Westen theme. We decided to take this. ‘opportunity to further relet on what acoountability means, both seriously ad satiiealy and how ican be enacted by newspaper such as the Garg The leter dre on the next page contains our collective thoughts and apology on the Inatter of themeing, and steps we want to take Co fester & culture of equity ‘As Editrs-in-Chie, we would also like to state what ‘countably means to us- We do ot intend it asa buzzword hereto save face or punish ourselves after making a mistake, ‘bu seeit as the keystone of an ongoing process to engage with ‘our readers and recognize their lived experiences. This paper Isnt some separate space wher those realities suddenly away and where we ean do or say anything ust because we want, We heed to be aware of our blind sets, prsileges, and platform, and continue to encourage and accept the expertise, thoughts and fesings that our constituents Dring to the able ‘Webave the responsibility of running this thing and is part of ‘our job to be open to rites, as ony by implementing ‘itques can we truly claim to represent the community and cellege to which we belong. We implore anyone who ever has ‘questions or concerns to contact us by email on our socials or even just acost usin the ICR, Further, it's worth re-emphasing that ovr production nights area space for anyone in our community. Whle our mandate isto publish only undergrad work, no one will be turned. away from the chance to make something creative ‘with us and enjoy a hot meal. We ey on new interested people turing up and elaiming the Gargoyle as their creative home. I's how we go hee an is how new peopl outside of ‘our immedite citele ean stake a claim in chaning the paper forthe beter. As readers, contributors, staffmembers, editors and BI, itis part of collective accountability to step upto the plate, take in ‘fering perspectives and act ogee othe best of our ability. By taking accountability, we acknowledge that we ean finda better, mare equitable way forward, but this also, involves fully recognizing how we have hurt people and how \wehave messed up along the way ‘The goal is always excellence, never perfection. Sofia Champion & An Li Tsang, LUC Junior Common Root A Statement of Collective Accountability, (on our previous theme for issue 8 ~ this issue ~ we decided to change it. We want to take responsibility and apologize frst and foremost for inappropriately proposing the Western issue. Asa theme and aesthetie that inherently involves anticIndigenous violence and histories of colonialism, white supremacy and genocide, Westerns must be treated withthe gravity it deserves rather than being accessorized by our publication. twas our intention to attempt to approach the topic with a decolonial and equitable lens, but as our masthead is made up of settlers, we realize it is absolutely not enough to slap the label of subversion or decolonization on something without really considering what that means or hhow itreinforces the colonial violence still experienced by Indigenous people here and now: ‘We knew the connotations and associations that Westerns and cowboys have, and we decided fon the theme thinking that we were an exception We realize itis not our place to decide that, and it was in effect an erasure ofthe racist reality we were a part of. We would rather show our commitment to equity, decolonization and reconciliation through our actions, not just our words. So, along with changing the theme, going forward we are doing research and seeking out guidance where possible to better Implement collective accountability, equitable and decotonial structures in the Gargoyle. This entails following the models of other eampus publications by having the editorial team undergo equity training and instituting equity style guides. It was a failing on our part to not ‘question the lack of equity guidelines when we inherited our positions as editors, Until recently, the Gargoyle was staffed by alot of cishet, white men whose satire punched down as ‘much as it punched up. We assumed that our queer, anti-diserimination stance was enough. It isnot. We will update our constitution in order to preserve and coneretize this accountability, work. It will be a core part of the Gargoyle inthe future, even after the current Masthead has. moved Furthermore, we will reach out to student cultural associations to recruit writers of colour. ‘The current Masthead is predominantly white, and our position as members of the LGBT ‘community does not mean we understand the violence of racism, colonialism, and genocide ~ especially as none of us are Indigenous. While we ean speak against those forms of oppression, itis as allies, not as authorities. Through this outreach we endeavour to bring these new contributors onto next year’s editorial team. We recognize the colonial history and inherent violence of the university a an institution, as well as the history of our paper embedded in those structures of power. It would be irresponsible to leave that tnacknowledged, nor would it be acceptable to ignore crucial feedback from our constituents. The Gargosle can only exist in its current form because ofits establishment in this history, but it ean only get better and become more just because students care enough to speak truth to power. We appreciate the labour our community ‘members have already done in calling usin and helping us to reetify our privileged and inconsiderate actions. It is our duty to know better and educate ourselves moving forward. We can do better, we must do better, we will do better, Albvays ~ Garg Masthead My personal reflections on accountability. ein in a position of leadership at The Gargoyle Ihave to take parila responsi foroureditoril decisions The reason or this tesa’ sudden sit in topes that among ‘other members of the msthcad aed to ‘ecognne that the preiousl-cosen theme Continged the aesthetication of what way or ‘eramaion of ep the besngthe os paint pesod oftheir istry. We ave diy efi tis ba t servee to render the ‘human Suffering eased by clonal ave one major base o asus s the bet ‘Sache sata ttude on the prt aon naval: ope wl poet tha sou have tale hems rigour ably ne orth oer aft ended be ta thy might expe aces you ttn take the ake experi fr nls at Aeppene eee cna ne Sih tat scoumbly Grama sang sour lignes tthe on tha gut wold ythig be yt convene dodge rel acount Forme, scout ndestndig hate wie peso acy eral pute free act tha sh adnate ofthis clny ought my ancestor wee beter peopl have xt Wet ha isdlgesus peor yas fori Canada and nen Gls repo on he ois ny rr wines na at pce sronyionr th pve Te te Sls of he word mon i ane at ols, bt had tobe dpeved of what He ey r= pmaly pve tie sel pope icc actor hate ‘Racism is older and bigger than even those ancestors of mine, whoever authorized them to ome here, ofthe people who stole the land in the it place. I pre-exists the British imperial project itself the racial categories that defined ‘ur society were poached from Spenish colonial | law-Allot us ame into being eth colonial, © the reat that created race as we know firmly established in the work. The lope of white Socialization is by nature, grounded in the logic ofthe clonal world. na colonial system, for ‘white people to have genuine empathy and ‘espet for racialized peopl is abeed, in a perverse way, dysfunetional to the system, Therefore, iis discouraged ‘Racism and colonialism perpetuate themselves ether oF not anybody like me harbours any hate in their heart You don’ need tobe a ‘uniquely ev or tefl white person tobe racist ‘you are so deeply immerse init that tsa Invisible to you as the border between space and Earth's atmosphere. You need to pay deliberate and carfil attention to render it een, and resist ae es {have personaly ben confronted with this fact many times and il contin to be, There ae ‘oof things Ihave sid and done, ous in ty stant pst but in recent enero which | tm deeply comfortable wet Sometimes t se rt gore kn we Uther people wold perce my actions. Other times knew beter thousbt {was enouah fa ool white" to tet boundaries hat was wel ‘seareof and [was proven rong oly eer iad alienated someone, and wae probably not the fist tne forther) ones ‘There wer tines where the sie wasn’ hat tacked the ight das or knowledge but hat | ‘ad absorbed and perpetuated harmfl ones When Iwas uch ounger rund 12-11 as an active partcpant in cham elrea fact’ ‘which peas fo ef The people drown al culture were attracted tscracy and lek espe froshers~and that was expressed a Sirulent racism ad misogmy {vas well aware of that justified it to myself by pretending most oft was rani but T could see that it wasnt for many people. Now the word “irony poisoning” has entered popular discourse, Weknow the distinction didnt realy mater. ‘When I think of things Isai or did that Tm ashamed of, don’ belive i ight to say "What ‘wast the real me. Aecotabii is ellowing yourself tobe judged for who you actualy are, "ther than who you want tobe Lam the same pers n who participated in that shit year "made conscious decision not to do that hare 1 think fot about how many ofthe people who have een me say ordo something wri ere ‘rangers or people who have otherwise long passed out of my life Toften find myself waking. could be personally accountable ts they | somehow, but Iean' Thave to live with that. ‘Those people might never know that the eect. I aetions had upon them ever mattered tore, © or that Teven neice, Inany cas, also ow thatthe reason why 1 vant that personal accountability sto le "rusel/=I dont know what would do for fem. Some people make bis displays of ital se Auglton at how ica th een Ti another way of avoiding accountable demand for attention fem those wa pou, on § account of your actions have an dist What people call "whit uit” i in part product of eathy human empathy © who would ot fel guy, knowing that they Rave nt only en spared wat lions more have had to juffr, but that they profited rom that suferng because an odious and inhuman syste was designed to favor them? Tat gilt dat ream yo, wees Jou tanto tine smc nt of ening ion Whe have eared lt Reson sve ening cts aoe im ung nthe wrong eto if i sepesing esto walk me treh rcssing a a Tran teat my cae nes Siting heist seo read toabasve eof my She What Isc as meaningfl accountability doesnot always provide me lose orstisfection twill fot ees erate my history or redeem me in the eyes of anyone Ive wronged. Theft that ines beyond addressing the problem on an Interpersonal level, though, ets strength Lip tobe acounable by ejecting and esti ‘the mindset that brought me to do the wrong : thin the ft place and he cumstances willow cha mint arene Wen ropresenatheofourgmeranen maleson tnolooranaiemp i cncation poe ive em acer seu that int ed sccountabiy eese th Know he indent on ofthis gg to hme They won eperene ay eg f Shane This sil someting to tepn mind ona | persone Aout pans hanging Icy peop expres me nthe it acc) Hot ling cans oe | SG havent sea shld my ‘ronan 1 did't have health; long lasting friendships before Iwas wing to sefreflet. Evading ccountablity seems eay inthe short term, but inthelongterm it burs bridges Iwill love off by encouraging anyone reading this not to ‘immediately seit as an attack when someone raises an issu with your actions. Open yourself "up to ther perspective. You have the 7 opportunity to lear something Take it we oo Sov a Lt The Logic of TERF: In mid-December, British transgender Jasna rafal feminist CTERF?) Maya rater soa ist ome esplaner. which she brought when it declined to erp he contract onthe basi of her esa to fer to trans women as women, Les-and-st Beloved. but stil bal famous, author 1. Rowling tweeted in support of Forstater ~ which can tight be apropos for those of us across he pont toinoclate ours against TERE ogy theme god ol fashioned pubic ticcourv onthe sabe. ‘Some discoursers, such as SchrSidnge’s anced YouTuber ContraPoins, have claimed, that TERFsm is nothing more than transphobia (ress up in superficially feminist rhetoric. 1 “am skeptieal ofthis analysis, forthe reason that transphobiae never just’ transphobi no one {Ebom digusted by trans people (or gay peopl, te) Theres always an experience or rationale freind it even fit relies on Heas alien to social [Hheralsm, What follows is atleast «hypothesis ‘onthe pial elements ofa TERFs rationale: 4. Gender is (Purely) a Social Construct By this, Pmean the belie that there are no biologie sex diferencesin people's minds; all sex differences in personality, preferences. ct. lve acquired though secallzation. Beyond this Soeaization, there are only the brute ‘observable physia fats of biological sex, and nothing more of-gender™ “This belief emerged in feminism asa rejection of, the ideology that men and women naturally have personalities suited to their patriarchal gender Foie, It has served feminism well in the past, nde mostly coerect~ with the notable exception of preferences for one's own sex ‘characteristics, as the nature of at leat some A trans people's gender dysphoria scems 0 demonstrate ‘Suppose that you hold fatto this gender- ‘onstructualnm, though You arent going to buy the common narrative that, fr instance, trans women are womens minds who start out in 4 ale bodies. After all,you think, thete's nothing tohavinga "woman's mind” beyond being Socialized as a woman ~ which tans women G haven't been, at least before they socially transition, (Indeed, TERFs see trans women as having been socialized as men, no differently fom an cis man. Some tans women contend that thei gender dysphoria prevented them from sharing els men's experience of | socialization, but TERES lack the concept of fnboem mental gender required to make sense of, ‘Some feminists have nt rejected the traditional idea that biological ex single, on-or-off tat ‘hat fe bh ute an clr of traits that usually, bat not always, line up in one of two patterns). Besides causing trouble for Intersex people, this idea leaves TERE ‘unimpressed by medical methods of changing primary and secondary sex characters. Males ean tue into Females using hormones and surgery says the TERR, “ey an only ‘tia themselves ‘TERPS value their simplistic conception of sex as ‘means of understanding the patriarchal ‘oppression of women. They lke pointing out forms of sexism against women, such as period- shar, that are id closely to female sex ‘characteristics While the havea point about the oppression of women collectively however, ‘they ms the fact that sexism i usualy targeted at each individual person on the basis oftheir, perecived sex, man doesn't need to see the Bleeding vagina ofa woman (ora person who looks lea woman) to mock her forbeing “hormonal” Such social perceptions of sex are influenced strona by superficial traits, cing patel conventional sex sgn Ii clothing and hairstyle ~ tothe extent that some ‘males can pass as females, and vice vers, ‘without any medica intervention. These perceptions also tend to ignore the possibilty that someone i intersex, trying instead to sort ‘everyone into "male" and “female” boxes. Thus, {which people count as mae o female so some extent socially constructed, just ike gender roles “and TERF ideology ignores this. (Besides, ‘whenever trans women fal o ass as women ‘thers eyes, they- Hke other non- passing trans people ~ become vlnerable to their own forms [roppression asa res oftheir sex ‘characteristic I's bass for solidarity betwee them and the cis women who understand this) 3: Womanhood is Oppression ‘So you think trans people cat be the sexes they right want tobe, and aren't the genders they ‘igh claim tobe pre-transition. How mach farm would there be playing along wth them, though? If they allowed to live as their : preferred gender for lng enough, you might think, they could even experience the ‘calzation necessary to become genuine members ofthe lob. This view of what it means tobe transit even incompatible with ll rans people's wel-understandings: some of them fgres that gender is social construct and see themeches a manipulating how l applies to ‘them through transition Ifyou accept this third ide, though, there might bea lot of harm in “playing along with trans people In some fein view, gender in our Soc is just a means fr males to benefit a females’ expense Being seen as aman is 00d, land being seen asa wornan isbad, and ts upto feminism to make things faze by abolishing fender (cles). this Wiew, the actions of trans fen are atleast easily understandable ~ surely they're after that sweet, sweet male privilege ‘bat theyre stil turncoat, traitors tothe feminist ‘ate. Trans women, though? Being a woman Sucks, Noone would wat to live as a woman if the hid the option to just stay a man. Not tunes they ad something deeply wrong wth them, ke an icky sexual perversion, or such 8 ‘strong nerd o monitor and control women that they'd invade women-only spaces by any means hecessay This think is part of why TERPS fave so many bees in their bonnets about trans ‘women in particular. ‘And non-binary people? “Ob, ight, they exist. Uh, they just don't understand that gender ist real and so everyone's 'non-binary” and theyre rot special” Wstruethat ou society's female gender role, ven in Carrent Year, can't be understood in. {Solan from the patriarchal oppression that tha shaped it throughout its history ~ and in this fegard, TERFs havea point. However, that ‘oesnt mean everthing about being seen as ‘woman s bad ts more acceptable for women to ‘apres vulnerable emotions and to develop ‘heir filial and socal bonds for instance. t's plausible that, fora Teast afew people these [Rivantages align with their personal preferences ‘wel enctagh thatthe female gender oes the tore comfortable ane for them ~ especially ven the pst successes of feminism at making that role mor fexble though not at completely eliminating). emeimes the problem eet {what you te expected todo, but what youre expected to do (onthe basis of your sex, whether ‘rot you want to). 4:1 Know Fm Right Sientie hehe, ite a ove Inrange fost nominteres pol) porate te Son cenum ihe press eaten hte iste wes th singin Hone ines hve changed tanks opettotriand ees ronan bar to Iaisream pelo that ener spo rons ep. shouldbe weeded hans scence nsec’ prvened gmt hence fe mina Eto tse equ bane Ch ofan inked een dekopslong snore tho gate cms oe Sec vah eal nenton ‘TERE, almost by definition, are unwiling to update their belesin light ofthis new evidence. While they themselves might be unpersuadable, © discussing and debunking ter ideas is Smsporant or showing ope sympateticto ‘ul emit roe that pte ppresnon on be undertog foup, and ‘tly Sct ra People, and mas trans peopl inal rather ‘than enemies, = = a To Be Made Accountable ‘aniket kali ‘Thore are just ten years left for us to avoid climate catastrophe. Past that, thre’ litle hope well stay under a degree fad half of warming, It's a goal wee nowhere near on track to reaching ‘To say there are just ten years lef is, perhaps, litle bit hetorial. Human beings will not die inten years. Rather, we wil ‘ee, as aurely some sw upon the dropping of the atom bomb seventy five years ago, the end of organized human existence on our horizon. “The hueicanes will et stronger, the heat waves wil kil aster, the droughts wil ruin more Ivelihoods, and the fires wil rage incandescent. Life wl gt harder, and life wil get worse Frankly, it is miracle that we've not yet dropped thd tom bomb. We wll ot beso lucky with elimate change - we cannot There sno cop out this tine, no dissenting Sovet fcr, no one to refuse to press the red button, “The fight for climate ation isthe fight to remake every inttution in which we live. There can be no more limitless consumption, no more limitless expansion. No longer can power remain concentrated in so few hands without ireparably damaging the rest of ur existence. One is occasionally, between the protests, teachins, Aisruptions, and other such actions, caught by the realization ofthe near insurmountabiity ofthe problem. 1s as though being tasked toclim Mount Everest having never climbed more than hil as a child, or being sent to cross the Paitie ean ona wooden raft Chomsky pts this dilemma wel, saying that "we have two choices: to abandon hope and help ensure that the wort will happen; ‘orto make wse ofthe opportunites that exist and perhaps contribute toa better world” Ashe says, "It isnot avery dificalt choice” Nonetheless, existing opportunities ean seem very hard to ‘come by. Let us then start with you and I, dear reader. (a LERP\or- Today, the University ‘of Toronto, ater its refusal to divest four years ago, remains Invested. inthe fos ful industry Today, you and I, as ‘wition paying students of this university, have had our Jhands made dirty with climate | _ tte repo oie Sit sping. We hve Seen made rapier ips Woh ten nate — fave tapenel an thane tocome, hal beet — kat nes ‘hs pm em, we peoples, the Glob Sth, ygqy gan aa rm, we in ‘women, and the poor. Freedom of "Information ‘ee tough te econ acer Sf Prey te rea te heey eo yale eet ‘ithe ter eased caches olor a fool oan heres Somatic wa of nd oo ‘The university never asked us; the instittions, the sovernment, the corporations ~ they have never seriously asked fr either our opinions ‘orour consent The university refases evento reveal extly hhow much money it pts into fossil ues, Their esponse was non-responsive. Patil information was presented as whole in the hopes that we, the students, woul not know any better, Some other information was denied on illegitimate rounds [twas amusing, and so very sad, to see the university pretend that we as students are not relly pat of its investor constituency Thatits own aset management compan acting under its disretion, could not be prodded for detailed information or to act differently And, that it could say nothing of what its constituent colleges were doing with their money, nor even pass the request forward as is required by the FIPPA, wi the meanwhile, have submited an appeal letter ‘The university’s response isa simple refusal to be held accountable forts ations. Iti a refsal to make the world a more jst place. It fs to the rest of ws, then, to be accountable Accountability i exactly what we do at Leap. tis what i