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Funding or Scholarships

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Funding Opportunities in American

Funding from your University is usually the most common. Most of
the university funding is for research based and science and
engineering programs. We can believe MBA programs have less
funding than engineering majors.

The most common forms of assistantships tuition waivers, various

types of assistantships (TA/RA/GA), also fellowships.

1) Tuition Waiver

This means that the student does not have to pay the tuition fees at
the university. However, general fees (for the use of university
facilities like the library, computers, and sports and health services)
usually have to be paid by the student. A tuition waiver is frequently
awarded in conjunction with a scholarship or teaching/research
assistantship. You may get Full tuition waiver or Partial tuition
waiver. Most of the Universities will give you 2/3 tuition waiver if
you are offered a waiver. In rare cases you will be given Full fee

2) Scholarships

Scholarships are awards given to students based on academic

excellence and/or talent. Additionally, students may receive
scholarships based on other factors, such as ethnic background, field
of study, or financial need. Scholarships vary in their amounts and
the number of years given aid. For example, they can be awarded a
one time payment or receive aid annually for a certain number of
years (Ex/ $1000 scholarship vs. $5000 per year for four years). Like
a grant, students do not need to payback the money awarded in a

Scholarships can be awarded through your school or through private

sources. Institutions offer various scholarships based on merit, talent,
and/or need. Contact your school for a list of scholarships being
offered to students. Private scholarships are offered through
organizations or companies. Some organizations make students
compete for awards through performance or essay writing, whereas
some look for students that fit specific requirements and standards.
You can search for private scholarships on the internet, through
online scholarship search engines (e.g. FastWeb), scholarship books,
or by contacting your school.

3) Fellowships

Fellowships are granted to graduate and post-grad students. They are

like scholarships and, similarly, do not require repayment.
Fellowships are awarded by private organizations, institutions, or
through the government. Fellowships vary in the amount being
awarded and can be used either towards research or education.
Students can be given a 1- to 4-year stipend with or without a tuition
waiver. The type of fellowship awarded is based on merit, need, and
the institution's/faculty's grant. Some schools allow you to directly
apply for fellowships offered through the schools. However, some
schools only award fellowships to students who have been
recommended by a faculty member.

These awards are few and very competitive.

4) Assistantship

Most students who receive assistance usually do so in the form of an

assistantship, i.e. a cash stipend sufficient for their living expenses,
and/or tuition waiver. To get this, they have to work for a maximum
of 20 hours per week. This work normally consists of teaching and
research activities. Teaching assistantships are more likely to be in
universities, which have large undergraduate classes whereas
research assistantships tend to be more common in those fields and
universities in which considerable research is in progress.
Information brochures of most universities give this information.

5) Other On campus Jobs

Apart from the above funding opportunities you can earn money
while you are in university by the on campus jobs. On campus jobs
won't have tuition waiver.

Here is the funding information collected recently. Thank you for

all who contributed for this page.

Don't Forget that funding information and profile required may

change from semester to semester. Please consider TOEFL scores
also while applying.

Please correct us if anything wrong is mentioned here. Send an email

to about any modifications for this
website or to add any New Information.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The best in the country and the best in the world. They look at
academics, your research work.

with 1500+ GRE you can apply here. But your previous research
work carries much weight. You must be a born intelligent to get
admission for this institution.

Don't even think of applying to MIT unless you are a born intelligent.

I think this university has no grading system.

Stanford University
It is located in Silicon Valley. They look at your academics and
previous research, as like MIT.

Don't expect any aid from university. But u would have wonderful
future if you are a student of Stanford. Google search engine is a
product of a course project of MIT students...:)

Profile Required: Academics >85% GRE scores of 1500+ , lots of

research papers.

University of California-Berkeley

They give admits to very few International Students. That too for
People with Job experience.

Profile Required: GRE 1500+ Academics 85+. Students of Premier

Institutions like IIT

Carnegie Mellon University

It was evolved from trade school to internationally recognized

research university.

CMU is considered by many as the Best School for Computer


Mostly no chances of getting admission for CS. But a few chances

for EE course.

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

People call it as Michigan, Ann Arbor. It's a Very Very Good

university for placements. but bad aid situation. All Graduates of this
university will be recruited through campus placements.

You would see number of students from India in EE and Industrial

Engineering departments.
Cornell University

Cornell's main campus is in Ithaca, New York, but it also has medical
campuses in New York City and in Doha, Qatar, and research, study,
and outreach stations and programs throughout the world.

Hardcore Research in going on in CS.

Profile Required: GRE 1500+ , Academics >85%, Your research adds

extra value.

University of Texas-Austin

University of Texas at Austin, the largest institution of The

University of Texas System.

Called by many as the "Most promising University" in the entire

United States.

Lots of Indians in the Univ. and a lot of Industrial Attachment as

Austin is considered as one of the Hottest Tech Cities in the world.

Good academics will be an added advantage while applying for this


Profile Required GRE score >1350 and Academics > 80%.

University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign

Apply here if u have a GRE score > 1350 and Academics > 80%.. u
must have some research work to get admit here...

Placements in all of the above universities are Excellent.

Yale University

Research Oriented univ. not suitable for masters students. Requires

previous research work. Recently it has reached into Top 10.
University of Washington-Seattle

Very difficult to get admission because of campus placements with


University of Maryland-College Park

Prefers students from reputed institutions.

Proifle required 1300+ , 80% academics

Good funding.

California Institute Technology

They give admits for very very few international students.

Don't waste the application fee for applying to this university.

Princeton University

Very Very difficult to get admit...

Only IITans can get admit here..

An Ivy League university.

Profile Required: 1500+ Excellent Academics, Under graduation in

reputed institution.

Ivy League is the name generally applied to eight universities

(Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Pennsylvania,
Princeton, and Yale) that over the years have had common interests
in scholarship as well as in athletics.

Univ of California-Los Angeles

UCLA needs excellent academics when compared to test

scores.1450+ ,>80,Excellent research work.
Lot of people from this university attended to Olympics.

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Funding Scenario at this univ is Excellent.

GRE 1300 , Acads-75% required for admit.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Excellent university.

Well funded one. Needs high Undergraduate percentage and GRE

score around 1400 for most of the majors.

Famous for Good placements

Harvard University

It has a Phd. Programs only. No MS degree programs.

this univ is very famous all over the world

Its business school is ranked as one in Top 10 in the world.

Brown University

Research Oriented university. not suitable for masters students.

Requires previous research work.

Purdue University

Don't Expect any Funding.

Very Very high fee.

Admits GREs with around 1350.

New York University

Well funded university.

Can accepts for Low GREs also. Academics are not as important as
for above univs.

Rice University

This univ prefers IITans.

Score around 1350 is ok. but needs good aggregate like >80

University of Southern California

This is an Excellent university that welcomes all even sometimes

with GRE 1100 Academics 70%

No funding for masters

It has Excellent Research programs at Phd. level.

Lot people joined here transferred to some other univs from 2nd sem
because of lack of funding.

Columbia University

Excellent placements.

with a decent GRE and Aggregate u can get admit. Generally it need
GRE >1300. acads>75

Costly univ. Rare to get funded.

Univ of California-San Diego

Research Oriented univ.

Accepts IITans only. Very very rarely others will get admit.

Univ. of Massachusetts,Amherst
GRE 1300 Acads: 75%

Good funding....Excellent CS program. It need some high GRE.

University of Chicago

Famous for its Phd programs.

Admits Phd students.

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Excellent placements. Difficult to get admit. I think it is students

with Good academics (>85)
GRE required >1400

Ohio State University

Very very high fee. Very rare masters students get funded.

Needs GRE>1300

University of California-Irvine

Its s university which ask you for High GRE rather than academics.
No funding.

Rutgers State University, New Brunswick [Main campus]

Very Very decent univ.

One of my friend got admit for this univ with GRE 1350 Academics

Excellent placements.

Duke University
Funding Situation is Good. Located in Research Triangle. Excellent
concentration of Companies.

Indians rarely apply for it. Accepting International students is rare.

Univ.of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

It has very good program for CS.

Needs good academics.

University of Rochester

This university is very selective (15.5%) Also quite small as has only
about 450 grad students including all engg departments.
However, the uni is well funded, research expenditures exceed 91
million dollars which is very high considering size of the university.
Sometimes MS people get around 40% aid with I20s. Later RA's are
available - Himanshu shekar

State University of New York, Stony Brook

GRE>1250 with >75% is ok..

Apply early to get admit. Even though u have a good profile you will
be rejected if u r late to apply.

Good placements. Very difficult to get funding.

Univ. of Arizona, Tucson

Profile Required 1300+; Academics >75; some times people with

low % and GRE sores were accepted.

It has good funding and good placements.

University of Virginia
Requires GRE>1300 Academics>75

Funding not good here as above univs.

Univ of California, Santa Barbara

Great placements

Few students will get funding. Not better to come here if you are
funded with I20. If u look for placements u can come here.

1200+GRE; 75% undergrad score required.

Indiana University, Bloomington

A good university and well funded one.

Northeastern University

Well funded univ. u can select this univ for funding. If u get admit

Sometime it is giving admits for 1200 GRE 70% academics too.

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Welcomes Indian students, with a large contingent studying at all

GRE > 1300 stands a chance of getting funded
CS, Mech and Aero are good areas to study
Placement average
Climate is a factor to be considered-one of the coldest in US -
Information given by Saikrishnan.

University of Colorado, Boulder

Want an admit? apply here!. with above average profile

But funding position is bad.

University of Utah

This university has good funding opportunities for International

Students. Mostly all departments are well funded except MS in
Mechanical, EE, departments are providing students with
assistantships. you can get admission in to UOU's ME departments
with 1050 GRE, Academics >62, and for chemical, computers,
bio,departments 1300 GRE, >75% academics. Tuition fee: $6000/ 9
credit hours.

Oregon State university

This university is excellent (EE/CS) and has Good Research

opportunities. Good Location around semiconductor companies in

University of Pittsburgh

Excellent univ located in Pittsburgh.

High profile required. Around 1350 we can say. but there are many
situation of admission with 1250.

Good placements.

University of Pennsylvania, Pittsburg

As usually this also need a score of 1300;

University of Florida, Gainesville

I have heard there there would be 40% waiver for some students. But
Overall we can say that the funding position is bad.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Great univ

Gives admits for very few

No aid.

Johns Hopkins University

Good academics required . A less GRE is ok if you have Strong

Undergrad percentage.

I know some people who got funding after joining there.

University of California, Santa Cruz

Very good funding.

Profile required GRE>1300 Academics >75.

University of Illinois, Chicago

Profile required >1200 GRE; Academics >75

Funding in first sem is difficult. But u have chances from 2nd


Syracuse University

Want an admit?. apply here...:)

Average score is sufficient for admit. No funding. High fee.

Washington University, St.Louis

Needs the Aggregate...Decent acads and GRE, AGRE scores should

get you through! Good univ. for Networks supposedly.

Michigan State University

Needs the Aggregate....1200+ GRE and 75% academics should be

more than enough along with a decent Undergrad score. Particularly
famous for Mech stream.

Pennsylvania State University

Called as Penn State.

Funding situation is ok but not too good. If u didn't get funding , still
you can go here for the placements.

City University of New York, CUNY

Funding Scene is not good. Profile required GRE>1150; even low

undergrad score is acceptable.

Dartmouth College

Very few people apply here.

Also admission chanced are very low.

Iowa State University

Good aid scene.

Boston University

Very costly university.

No aid available. You have to pay all your own.

State University of New York, Buffalo

You will see lots of Indians here.

Medium chances of aid. some students get Aid with I20, but few

Good placements.

Profile required GRE>1150,Acads: accepts low academics with our


Arizona State University

You will see lots of Indians in all department of ASU.

Funding tough for first sem. But later you have chances of funding.
You can earn by internships available.

Profile required 1200 and Undergrad 75%

Oklahoma State University, Stillwater

This university has good funding opportunities for International

Students. Mostly all departments are well funded except MS in CS.
Mechanical, Chemical, EE, MIS, IEM departments are providing
students with assistantships. you can get admission in to OSU's CS,
IEM departments with 1050 GRE, Academics >65, and for
Mechanical, MIS, EE departments 1150 GRE, 70% academics. Bio
systems and GIS are also highly funded departments. Tuition fee:
$6000/ 9 credit hours.

Oklahoma City University

Just around 700-800 GRE score is sufficient to get admission. One

with with lot of backlogs can get admission here. This is Sure admit
university. Few on campus jobs available. Tuition fee is also very
high here.

Louisiana State University

Profile Required for Admission CSE GRE>1200 Academics 65%;or

1100 academics 75%

Mech/ EE-GRE>1100 Academics>65

Chemical GRE>1250 Academics>70%

petroleum- GRE>1300 Academics> 75%

Funding (Out of State Tuition Waivers/ Assistantships) Regarding to

part time jobs- there will be lot of part time jobs so there is no need
of worrying about it.
Assistantship:-In mechanical and chemical generally everyone gets
an Assistantship in the dept (generally chemical students will get Aid
with i20 only)
Computer science and Industrial engg also have a lot of
Coming to EE there is no funding for them at all. but generally u can
get assistantships in other depts. If you have knowledge in
Generally hardly find few people who don’t have
assistantships(atleast 10hrs)
Regarding assistantship:
If we get 10hrs assistantship you out of state fee will be waived and u
will be asked to pay around $ 2500 and u will be paid around 400-
500 per month.
If we get 20hrs assistantship you out of state fee will be waived and u
will be asked to pay around $ 1200 and you will be paid $800-$1600.
Tuition fee/ Semester or Quarter $6500 / 9 credit hours (Semester
+ insurance
Regarding living expenses On campus housing will cost u $470and u
can share it with 1 or 2 other guys.
All allowances are included in that.
So it would cost u $250-$300 (total) per month

If you want sure funding, u can apply for this univ.

Texas Tech University

You can complete your masters study at low cost. On campus jobs
available. Around half of the students get funding.

University of Bridgeport

Few on campus jobs available. Most of the money you should get
from your pocket. Just a GRE>750 is sufficient for admission.
Course work is easy. Very few people are getting assistantships.
University of Dayton, Dayton (OH)

This university has got very less funding in all the Departments, But
we can get Part time jobs in campus very easily. For Electrical there
is no need of GRE but should have 70% in academics. For other
department one should have 1000 in GRE and 65% in academics

University of Missouri-Rolla

Good for ME/EE. GRE>1150 is required. Well funded one.

University of Oklahoma, Norman (OK)

All departments have good funding so all people will end up with a
good position in the first sem itself. Profile required for admission
CSE, IEM GRE>1050 Academics 65%: Mech/ EE/MIS-GRE>1200
Academics>70; Chemical GRE>1250 Academics>75%. Tuition :
$5800/ 9 credit hours (Semester system)
University of South Alabama, Mobile (AL)

Mostly no chances of funding in all departments except for one or

two people. But course work is easy. Fee is less when compared to
most number of universities. Some on campus jobs are there. But
people can earn money by some other means. One can complete
masters at cheaper investment in this university. Indians number is
high in this university.
West Virginia University

At present we are having full funding for IE, CIVIL, CHEMICAL,

CS, except EE dept. The number of EE students is very high so the
competition is tough. Also we will get waivers in our univ so the fee
is reduced to 5500$ from 7800$( this is for EE all other depts get full
waivers most of the times so no fees for others), there is also
possibility not getting waivers sometimes. So u have to prepare to
pay full amt at least for one sem here in WVU for EE. U can take as
many credit hrs for the same 9 credit hrs Fees upto 16 in WVU. For
getting admission in WVU u should get atleast 1100 in GRE and 250
TOEFL also. Getting CS admission is very difficult i suggest u not to
apply if ur from CS. High percentage is an added advantage to get
admit in WVU. One thing the above said scores are for EE, IE, Civil.
For chemical u shold get more than those. Thats all about WVU
Wayne State University

No funding for international students. Tough to earn tuition fee. You

have to get every $ from your home.
Texas A&M, Kingsville

Mechaical,Chemical,Evironmental,Agricultural, EE have some

funding opportunities. But CSE dont has any funding facilities. but
here the Funding Scene is changing from every semester to semester.
Tution fee: 1300$/3 credit hours
Univ. of North Carolina, Charlotte

While funding oppurtunity is very good in Civil and Mechanical

Dept., chances of assistantships are good in almost all the
departments expcept the ECE dept. However the ECE dept here is
well reputed for its Embedded Sys and Optics Majors.

On can find out an admit with an average of >1050 GRE and >65%
acads. Good TOEFL score around 240CBT is required too..

Overall, the univ is excellent for Mechs.

fee = $7500/sem
Univ Of Cincinnati, Cincinnati,OH

Profile required: CSE,CE,EE GRE>1350 Acads >83% . Some times

GREs with 1250 are aceptable in case of Good acads and job
Funding :Admission with fee waiver.
Bad funding scene for MS in CSE/CE/EE
Univ of missouri, kansas city
Hi,UMKC is a good university.It has standards of its own.It offers
good number of courses for CS rather than EE in will be
given funding mostly in fall based on your GRE score and academics
in Engineering .I say there is less chance for funding if you apply
late.Getting TA and RA is tough here bcoz lot of competiton ,more
Indian students.
Getting on-campus is a bit difficult here bcoz most of them are
Indian students here.But I think in fall we can get as there will be
students who graduate from university and we have few positions.
University of Tulsa

Average funding scene. Some people get assitantships. If you get

assitantship here, you will get full fee waiver.

Profile required: CS/EE/Mech Around 1050 GRE and 60%


This univ has petroleum engineering program, which s very

famous.It requires very high profile than above.
University of Houston

U can see lot of indians here.

Profile required 1100 GRE, 60% Acads. It has good funding for
Chemical dept.
Texas A&M University, Commerce

You can complete courses very fast. Its hard to live if you don't get
scholarship There are few on campus job employment by which you
can earn money. There are many indians in MIS and CS department.
Its very far from the city , dallas.

Profile required GRE 1000 and B.TECH 60%..

Aid is rare. But in good location. I have seen lot of B.pharm students
applying here, if their scores are low. I think they are aplying where
for biomedical course.


Funding is rare. Living cost is high.

Univ of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Industrial engg, poultry science, CS , MBA , Physics and Chemistry,

bio chemistry are well funded ones. Generally EE, CS department
need 1100+ and good academics. Visa sucess rate is high for this
university.Less expensive.

Univ of Missouri, Columbia

EE has good funding[TAs]. profile required 1200+.

Southern Illinois university, Corbondale

Due to high number of Indian students funding chances are pretty

low. Profile required around 950.

Univ of Texas, Elpaso

Good funding chances in most of departments. profile required

=1200+ for some departments.. Low cost of living.

1) All this information is just for rough idea about the funding in
univs. (keeping in mind of completing masters with low
investment) Some times we may not get accurate information from
the sources we used.

2)Please enquire seniors at particular university for current and

more accurate information. We are not responsible for loss or any
other damage caused by the use of this info.
This is the Current situation in the reputed universities. Please
correct us if anything wrong is mentioned here. Send an email to about any modifications needed for this
website or to add any New Information.