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To study about the decision making process

related to the purchase and use of LUX

beauty soap
1. Name:

2. Gender:
a. Male
b. Female

3. Occupation:

4. Family monthly income:

a. Up to 10000
b. 10000-15000
c. 15000-20000
d. 20000-35000
e. Above 50000

5. Address:
a. Area:
b. Contact:

6. Age:
a. 15-25
b. 25-35
c. 35-45
d. Above 45

7. Are you married?

a. Yes
b. No

8. Family Type:
a. Joint
b. Nuclear

9. Do you use soaps for every bath/ shower?

a. Yes
b. No

10. How many bath soaps do you buy for your household every
a. 1 to 3
b. 4 to 6
c. 7 to 9
d. 10 or above

11. Which kind of bath soaps do you like? (Tick as many you
think appropriate)
a. Foamy
b. Thick lather
c. Transparent
d. Colored
e. Glycerin
f. Medicinal
g. Neem
h. Sandal

12. What is the maximum price you spend for standard sized bath

13. Which brand do you prefer the most?

a. LUX
b. Dove
c. Palmolive
d. Capri
e. Other

14. Do you change from one brand of soap to another? (If No,
then skip Q.15)
a. Yes
b. No

15. How often did you change brands in the last 6 months?
a. 0nce
b. Twice
c. Many times

16. Have you ever used LUX soap? (If No, then move to Q.29)
a. Yes
b. No

17. If yes, please specify why?

a. Perfume
b. Color
c. Lather
d. Long lasting
e. Hygienic
f. Suits your skin
g. Value for money

18. You came to know about LUX soap from:

a. Newspaper advertisements
b. Radio
c. TV advertisements
d. Word of mouth
e. Point of sale
f. Other source…………..

19. Do you remember any of the TV advertisements of LUX soap?

(If No, then move to Q.22)
a. Yes
b. No

20. Which celebrity endorsement prompted you to purchase LUX

soap? (If None of the above, then move to Q.22)
a. Iman Ali
b. Reema
c. Meera
d. Neeli
e. Babra Shareef
f. None of the above

21. Have you tried new variants of LUX soap after viewing the
a. Yes
b. No

22. Which of the offers available influence you the most to

purchase LUX soap?
a. Discounts offer
b. Buy one get one
c. Combo pack
d. Other

23. From where do you usually purchase LUX soap?

a. Nearby Store
b. Any Retail Store
c. Whole Seller
d. Any Super Store
24. Is LUX soap easily available to you? (If Yes, then move to
a. Yes
b. No

25. What do you usually do, if LUX soap is unavailable to you?

a. Search another shop or store
b. Select any other available brand

26. Which type of LUX soap you like the most?

a. Peach Milk
b. Cream Milk
c. Pink Cream
d. Almond Milk

27. What is the size of the LUX soap you usually purchase?
a. 100g
b. 200g
c. 300g

28. How frequently you purchase LUX soap? (Please do not

answer the last question)
a. Every Week
b. Every fortnight
c. Every month
d. Occasionally

29. Why haven’t you ever used LUX soap?

a. Lack of awareness
b. Lack of availability
c. You find it expensive
d. You don’t like the product
e. Others