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Future in the past

Activity type: a presentation lesson of the future in the past- past of the verb to be +
going to e.g. I was going to go out last night but I changed my mind.

Level: High Intermediate and above

Teacher's notes:

1. Tell the students to get into pairs and to imagine that you have given them
$5,000 USD for a vacation. They should make plans with their partners answering
the questions in part one below.
2. Once they have done this, ask some of the pairs to tell the rest of the class about
their plans. Try to encourage the students to use ‘to be + going to’ e.g. ‘I’m or
we’re going to go to Mauritius.’ Check the students’ understanding of ‘going to’
i.e. ask: do you have plans? Are they certain? When for?
3. Then tell them that unfortunately they are not going to be able to go because you
have had an unexpected expense and cannot give them the money.
4. Ask one pair to say the plans again but this time remind them that they can no
longer do this. Elicit: I am not going to … but I WAS going to…..
5. Check understanding again; ask: Did you have plans? Can you do them? Will they
happen? Make sure that they understand this is used for plans which didn’t
6. Drill ‘I was going to go to Mauritius’. And generate a few more sentences from the
students examples from part one.
7. Tell the students to then complete PART TWO. The students then have to write
their answers for part one but this time using ‘was going to.’
8. Once you have checked the students’ answers, ask them to read out what they
9. At the end of this activity, ask the students to discuss with their partners what
plans they had when they were younger.


With you partner make plans for a vacation using $5,000:

What are you going to do?
What are you going to take?
Who are you going to take with you?
What are you going to eat and drink?
What are you going to see/visit?
Where are you going to go?

You have $5,000 only


Now imagine that some reason you cannot go on your vacation.

Re-write the sentences using ‘was going to’ i.e. a planned event that didn’t happen.

E.g. I was going to go to Florida.

_________________________________________________________________ _ 6. _________________________________________________________________ _ 4. _________________________________________________________________ _ . _________________________________________________________________ _ 5. _________________________________________________________________ _ 2.1. _________________________________________________________________ _ 3.