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product inspection

By performing inspections, companies are able to identify problems early with the goal of
eliminating the causes. Utilized correctly, inspections save money by eliminating process
problems and ensuring that the end product meets customers' requirements and
expectations. First-Article Inspections Pro QC inspects first-article samples prior to
volume production. This verifies that product specifications are being met and avoids
unnecessary reengineering work later. In-Process Inspections These on-site inspections
evaluate samples of your products selected during the manufacturing process. This
confirms the quality of your product and allows any necessary changes to be addressed
early on, reducing rework time and costs. Pre-Shipment Inspections During a pre-
shipment inspection, our engineers verify that finished goods conform to your
specifications. Sample Collection Service Inspections are not always the service that you
need. If you need to ensure that samples for your evaluation, lab testing or customer
approval submission have been randomly selected, Pro QC can help. With Pro QC's
Sample Collection Service, we visit the factory, select random samples on your behalf
and then we send them to you, your test lab or to any other destination that you designate.
Since no inspection is required, we can offer rapid service at a very affordable rate.
For additional information regarding the inspection process, please visit our FAQ page.


Pro QC conducts properties, performance and lifecycle testing at our labs in Ningbo,
China and Chicago, USA. Custom fixtures and test methods are crafted in-house. For
testing that is not performed at Pro QC, we have alliances with accredited labs in many
locations worldwide to offer you virtually any type of product testing you may need.
Available testing includes:

site • Mean time to failure • Salt spray • Abrasion • Hot and cold environment performance (chamber) with humidity control • Battery performance and service life • Hi-pot • Extraction force • Rockwell hardness • Sample Collection Service We regularly add new capabilities. first article analysis • Portable CMM for both in-house and on-site bookings • X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) screening for lead. we support timely deliveries and keep you informed of any unexpected delays or concerns. ORDER CONTROL Pro QC’s production order control services contribute to improved timeliness and consistency. and we verify counts on-site. Production Order Monitoring and Expediting Pro QC measures and reports on progress to meet shipping schedule commitments. stainless steel and copper alloys both in-house and on. • Metrology. Container Loading Supervision Pro QC ensures that proper methods are employed during product loading. RoHS and material analysis of various plastics. . Working closely with you and your suppliers. please contact us for a current list of available testing.

working hours.S.S. Industry standards in this area are in their early stages and evolving swiftly. supplier's supply chain activities and more. ISO 14000.SUPPLIER AUDIT To help you ensure that your potential or existing suppliers deliver high-quality products. quality control methods. operate efficiently. ISO 13485. C-TPAT The U. compensation. renewable energy. Supplier Capability and Qualification Our engineers survey your potential or new suppliers on. Sustainability Although we have offered ISO14000 (environmental) and SA8000 (social responsibility) audits for a number of years. Pro QC's team of auditors and supplier development professionals are ready to profile your audits for conformance to the standards emerging from your clients in both industry and retail. ISO 13485. GMP standards and/or the ISO 14000 environmental standard. Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism initiative (C-TPAT) is a voluntary U. including evaluations of management.S. TS 16949 & GMP We offer factory audits using the ISO 9001. corrective action.cbp. greenhouse gas emissions. life cycle management. disciplinary practices. Our auditors conduct preliminary and/or final audits to ensure continuous improvement goals are being identified and achieved. process surveys and factory audits can be performed. materials and waste reduction. and support continuous improvement. Customs and Border Protection program designed to improve border security while also accelerating the processing of import shipments. TS16949. quality systems. forced labor. qualifications and capabilities of the supplier as a viable source. and inspection and test equipment. freedom of association and child labor laws. Visit the official U. customs web site for detailed information: . discrimination. Supplier Process Control and Quality System Pro QC’s supplier audits evaluate all manufacturing process control systems for existing or new suppliers. many retailers are now requiring audits that combine elements of both of these standards along with additional elements covering energy usage. Each audit report covers several areas. ISO 9001. management and provide detailed reports on the general operations. Social Accountability (SA8000) These evaluations focus on the following areas: Health and safety. non-conforming materials.

late delivery and expedited delivery. designed for your specific requirements and budget. CORRECTIVE ACTION Pro QC auditors conduct corrective action services utilizing the full range of quality techniques including process audits. rejections and other quality failures. Pro QC's auditors visit the supplier and review each element of the assessment with them in detail. as part of your preparation process to register in the program or general risk management. Photographs of all related documentation and the facilities are also provided. Our report will help you make a sound supplier selection by allowing you to quantify supplier performance financial risk as much as possible. The audit report scores the level of financial risk a supplier represents as Very High Risk. We provide all three comprehensive service elements required to fully resolve product manufacturing quality issues: . Financial Risk Assessment Pro QC offers a Financial Risk Assessment Audit that will help you identify the risks related to samples and new product introductions. Medium Risk or Low Risk. statistical quality analysis (SQA) and failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA). Many companies require their suppliers to comply even though they don't officially register in the program since a C-TPAT audit will provide information that is useful in managing the security of your production. High Risk. Combination and Custom Audits Pro QC offers combination and custom audits that include elements from any mix of the standard audits listed above. investigating their verbal assertions and reviewing documentary evidence of both standing policies and past examples of actual performance.Pro QC can audit your suppliers for conformance to the C-TPAT requirements. root cause analysis. sort and rework. products and tooling at the supplier factory.

Chinese. including any required graphic illustrations and/or translations. as required. Supplier switching costs can be very high and risks to quality and delivery unacceptable. • Corrective action investigation • Corrective action planning • Corrective action verification ENGINEERING Pro QC helps you ensure quality through early design involvement and support. English. and several other language notations are available. Other suppliers have many of the desired capabilities for your projects but are inconsistent in quality performance. booklets or other end-user documentation items. Some suppliers appear qualified at first but then fail to deliver the needed quality after time and money have been invested in project development. AutoCAD Drawing Preparation and Translation Recreate existing engineering drawings in a computer software control format. Product Specification Preparation and Translation Pro QC designs English language technical specifications for your sourcing or quality purposes and translates them into other languages. . Instruction Manual Development Pro QC will develop your detailed instruction manuals.

Control Plan. The Supplier Development Group capabilities include: Auditing: • ISO 9001-2000 • TS 16949 • SA 8000 • ISO 13485 & GMP (Medical) • Process Audits • In-Process Inspection • APQP • Corrective Action • PPAP . audits the supplier facility. The SDS group is staffed by team members with various credentials including mechanical and electrical engineers. and then guides the supplier through successful completion.Pro QC Supplier Development Services (SDS) help resolve these problems in a timely and cost effective manner. creates a corrective development profile together with the supplier. six sigma black belts and other quality industry accreditations. MSA • SPC .Level 3 Review and/or development Training: • Quality Management Systems • PPAP Process • APQP • PFMEA. analyses the supplier operating conditions. Our SDS team documents your problem issues and requirements for the supplier. lead auditors.Basic • Inspection Plans .

providing quality assurance. housewares. with detailed reports provided within 24 hours of completion. . and many more. Dedicated Account Managers Pro QC employs regional account managers who are available to assist clients 24/7. engineering and consulting services since 1984. Experienced. Timely Feedback Pro QC offers online reporting.ADVANTAGES OF QUALITY CONTROL Stability Pro QC is an established and reliable organization. we are able to secure local engineers or arrange travel for our engineers in order to accommodate the request. When services are required in an area where coverage is currently not available. Global Presence Pro QC offers services in over 30 countries and growing. from anywhere. medical. Our web resident database provides scheduling information and report access anytime. Our staff offers experience in a variety of industries from toys to aerospace. electrical/electronics. which often means accommodating last minute requests. including consumer retail. We schedule accordingly. Scheduling Flexibility Pro QC understands the unpredictable nature of sourcing and the importance of meeting critical deadlines. Degreed Engineers Pro QC’s professional and knowledgeable staff represents your interests on-site. textiles/fabrics. Our inspectors and supervisors are degreed engineers.

pursuing such goals has been a passion and the very essence of its existence. so that bookings are completed in the time required. for projects of all sizes. The company has recently won the Deming Application Prize for its excellence in total quality management (TQM). We routinely manage project demand fluctuations within and across countries. We are able to train and deploy engineers within days. Tata Steel emphasises on quality management Jamshedpur: It may not make sense to many in the steel industry to invest in various quality control drives during such a tough time.Scalability Pro QC maintains an advanced HR system that enables a high degree of scalability worldwide. which in earlier . The steel major. but for Tata Steel. the only steel company in the world outside Japan to bag the award.

The steel major’s commitment to the best practices can be gauged by the remarks of Tata Steel managing director B Muthuraman recently: "In every walk of life. TQM chief of Tata Steel. aided by Deming this year (2008- 09). target to save around Rs 600 crore. whether it is in running a business. would. in sports or education. if you take care of the processes. the results will take care of themselves.years had been saving around Rs 200-300 crore annually." He was speaking at the ‘JJ Irani award ." said Avneesh Gupta. it is purely internal —from improvements in the work processes the company has brought about. "This is not because of the effect of market prices or impact of raw material costs going up or down.

Tata Steel. has already put in place a revised plan for the second half of 2008-09 (Oct onwards). Various items. several daily management items which could be done better while bringing about cost reduction. Six Sigma application. The plan includes techniques/benefits learnt in Deming and the target has been set in crores. efforts from supply chain management by following inventory replenishment models (while ensuring that whatever the customer was wanting was . etc). which expects to emerge strongly from the ongoing global recession. cost- cutting contributions from its ‘Aspire’ projects (problem solving. right from the raw material side to marketing & sales.for excellence in education in Jamshedpur schools’.

"It (Deming) is a very robust and a very involving process in which you cannot escape the enlightenment at the end of it.." Gupta told FE here recently. coke rate. It is only the application of the steps involved in Deming and the consequent effects that emerged gives one the real insight into its working.readily available to him) have been listed.. including whether any delays were taking place or not." Gupta. coal rate. he added. etc. . like zinc consumption. "Each key performance indicator (KPI) is being tracked by the company.

Quality Control With stringent quality control procedures in place. The Scunthorpe site is also approved to ISO 14001 Environmental standards. Our quality systems satisfy ISO 9001:2000 and are audited consistently by Lloyds register. • Chemical compositio n • Steel cleanness • Control of segregation • Surface quality . Each of the following measures that affect the quality of wire rod are strictly monitored and controlled. Tata Steel Wire Rod is thoroughly tested and monitored throughout the steelmaking and rolling processes.