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Downstream processing
Getting your ingredient out of the process

Ingredients that are produced in hydrolysation, fermentation or reaction
processes usually need downstream processing (DSP) before they can be
formulated, packaged and delivered to customers. NIZO can assist you with
transformation, separation, purification and formulation of your high value
ingredients based on our more than 60 years experience in this area. In addition,
DSP techniques can be applied to recover high value components from waste
streams and used as ingredients for feed, food or cosmetic industry.

What we offer Track record: Valorisation of waste streams
Development of cost effective DSP - Proteins (lactoferrin) There is more value in waste than often
routes including process and product - Peptides (lactoferricine) realized. NIZO can identify, recover and
requirements. - Amino acids (tryptophan) purify valuable components from your
- Valorisation of all process streams: - Polysaccharides (inulin) waste streams. A good example is whey,
minimising waste - Oligosaccharides formerly a waste material during cheese
- From laboratory to production scale - Polyphenols manufacturing. Whey contains various
speeding up new ingredient - Isoflavones high value components that after trans-
development. - Enzymes (phytase) formation and/or purification have nutri-
- Shorter time to market: process - Vitamines tional, health, texture or other benefits.
­development in parallel with the
­production of food grade test material Feed
for testing. Ingredient recovery &
- All without interfering with production purification Filtration Solids Waste

regimes at your company. NIZO has developed and implemented

- Experts from NIZO ensure a smooth various processes to recover and purify adjustment
6.5 – 7.0

implementation and trouble shooting enzymes and flavour components from Enzymatic Enzymes

at your production site. fermentation broths. ~ 2kD
A typical processing route includes: Buffer
Tank 55°C
Cooling to

- desludging with centrifuge or micro
­filtration to remove insoluble particles Ice water
Cooling to
Ice water

- Chromatography

- Ultra filtration for concentration and filtration

formulation Retentate Permeate

- Evaporation and spray drying
14% dm


evaluation and ­process economics and product - Spray driers ­production. T: +31 318 659 513 . Chromatography The large scale UF and MF installations Increasing demand for speciality in the food grade Processing Centre are ­ingredients and decreasing processing often used as production unit for costs make chromatography an accepted ­customer projects. UF. The Netherlands T +31 (0)318 65 95 11 F +31 (0)318 65 04 00 E info@nizo. NIZO has experi. developed by NIZO. Offers from equipment requirements. Jos van Bommel technologies for innovations in the areas of flavour. In addition to conventional packed bed chromatography NIZO has access to filter NIZO food research is an independent and one of the most advanced research centres in please contact: Europe. tive models. - Decanters and Centrifuges common unit operations at NIZO. texture. food safety and E: jos.bommel@nizo. health. 6710 BA Ede. We provide industry with solutions they require by developing and applying Drs. ­manufacturers are evaluated based on This can be assisted by the use of predic. our experience. The Netherlands P. radial flow chroma­tography and expanded bed chromatography. RO) Dead end filtration. 6718 ZB Ede. NF. Kernhemseweg 2.van. ultra process optimisation. technology in DSP of ingredient process- 9 Texture Research Processing centre Flavour Application Processing centre centre Food Safety Health Process & product design Technologies Filtration Building new production lines or over. ence in developing process flow sheets - Ultra High Temperature (UHT) Membranes from various brands are and evaluating alternatives based on - Evaporators available for testing. Filtration (MF. The NIZO application Dr.nizo. cross flow filtration are new process options. Box 20.NIZO food research B.V. The food-grade industrial pilot plant is used for development and T: +31 318 659 566 testing at industrial level and is available for test productions. hauling existing ones generate a lot of - Chromatography dia W www. About NIZO food research For more information. Martijn Fox centre provides industry with facilities for product development & product oriented E: martijn.