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Introduction of new plan En-Nanban Super in Chennai Telephones

BSNL, Chennai Telephones is happy to introduce the new plan of EN-NANBAN Super Plan with
the following tariff. This is a promotional plan for 90 days. w.e.f 15.10.2010
En-Nanban- Super
Name of new Prepaid Plan
A value added Pack
SIM cost MRP Rs 20
Validity of SIM 7 days
Usage value on SIM NIL
Rs 46 (waival of FRC charges is being given for a period of
FRC cost MRP two weeks from 19.11.2010 to 03.12.2010 only through BSNL
customer service centres)
Usage value of FRC Rs 10
FRC validity 180 days
After the initial validity of 180 days --Minimum of usage value
of Rs.50 ( i.e. MRP 55) as top up every Month for continuing
in plan. If customer Fails to do the same the GP-1 and GP-II
conditions similar to General Prepaid will be applicable.

Validity Condition validity of Ennanban super plan (after 180 days) using
following Top up voucher:
1. Rs.55/- for one month.
2. Rs.110/- for 2 Months.
3. Rs.220/- for 4 Months.
4. Rs.550/- for one year.
5. Flexi top up are not allowed for extending validity.
No change in Talk value for the Topups.
Call charges

Local call ON net (Fixed & mobile) 1 Paise/Sec.
Local call Off net (Fixed & mobile) 1.2 Paise/Sec.
F & F - 3 BSNL Nos. (Three Numbers) Any 2 nos. of BSNL within Chennai & TN Circle for F&F
and 1 BSNL Landline/CDMA FWT only in Chennai on which

F&F Nos.2paise/sec. & 1. 20 p/min (incl. the customer can choose both local @30p/ min or both STD @ 50p/min or one local @30p/min and one STD @ 50p/min Night calling . SMS FREE SMS 200 SMS per month (Local/National) Charges beyond free limit for SMS Local 10paise/SMS Delivery Report Free National SMS 49paise/SMS Roaming SMS 80 paise/SMS.) (Fixed & mobile) --. International SMS 5. & 1.2paise/sec. On other two BSNL mobile nos. net OG beyond visited LSA / On net & Off 1paise/sec.) 11PM to 07 AM Night Calling – Local Call – other Not Applicable network ( Fixed & Mobile) STD Own n/w (Fixed & mobile) 1 Paisa/Sec.own network (Fixed & mobile) . customer should be given 3rd F&F BSNL Mobile GSM /BSNL CDMA RUIM. the customer can make unlimited free calls.14) for 7 days after 1st call . F&F Nos.Local call . STD Other n/w (Fixed & mobile) 1. STD Night calling – own/other network Not Applicable (incl.11PM to 07 AM Roaming Charges OG within visited LSA/ On net & Off 1paise/sec. net Incoming Call in Visited Network 1 paise/sec.00 Use of STVs All STVs except STV 45 are eligible.2 paise/sec. All customers will be given GPRS facility by default- Value addition GPRS Unlimited browsing with fair amount of VAS freebies will be confirmed later on usage of 200 MB (Local + Roaming) free (offer worth Rs.. In case the customer does not want to avail Free Landline/CDMA FWT.

customer can opt any LL number in Chennai to make unlimited free calls by sending SMS FFL 044******** to 53733. HIGH LIGHTS OF EN-NANBAN 1. Upon activation 200 Mb data free FOLLOWING VAS FACILITIES are given for 30 days only. ALL STVs are eligible EXCEPT STV 45 7. VAS ALL customers will be given GPRS facility by default. Night calling Local call own Network (Fixed & Mobile) 11 PM to 7 AM at 20p (including F&F) 6.550/. given a validity of 365 days. Both STD. ** LL-landline . 200 Local /National SMS per month 2. Customers can choose number matching last 5or 4 digits of his LL number (LL bill compulsory). one local and one STD) 5. e) Customer using the Topup Voucher of Rs.If the matching number is not required. 3. a) Health tips at 2 SMS per day b) Friendship Messages at 1 SMS per day c) Jokes 2 SMS per day d) After the validity of 180 days the customer has to Topup with minimum of Rs.Free unlimited calls to this LL number is Automatically binded.55 for extension of one month validity. 8. FFE for two BSNL numbers (Both Local.