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It should be called a mantatea diffuser.

There are other fun ❧ It helps with concentration

animal diffusers to buy.
❧ Common colds are minimized because it contains zinc,
There is a fancy wire strainer diffuser. This diffuser unclips, vitamin C, and magnesium
so the loose tea fits in, and then it is clasped back up. It can
be slightly tricky to clean out. If you open it up, dump the Matcha is just like any other tea, where it calms the body.
tea in the compost, the diffuser can be swirled in soapy water, Pair it with yoga and meditation, and you’ll be a relaxed and
rinsed, and it is good to go! peaceful person.




By: Alissa A A pel

Not all Teas are Equal Everyone has a preference for how they like their coffee. There are compostable tea bags. They are similar to a coffee Tea Should Be Part of Your Everyday
With tea, it should be the same way. filter. When you are done, you can pitch the filter, and loose
It would be great if all teas were equal, but they are not. If you love tea, choose wisely, and make it part of your daily
Matcha and loose leaf tea are far superior to bagged tea. leaf tea in the compost to break down.
There’s something great about making your own of anything. routine. They have many varieties to choose from. If brewed
Bagged teas are heavily mass produced. They are typically With tea there’s no exception. Measuring out loose leaf tea There is also a no filter method. Use a tall glass. Heat the longer, your tea will get stronger, for your morning kick off.
made from broken leaves; that have been around for a long isn’t a lot of work. It is pretty equal to the task of getting out water up, put the desired tea in, and drink it. For some, they If you need to wind down at the end of the day, there are tea
extended amount of time. Occasionally there’s dust in the a tea bag. If you want to mix a few varieties, than go for it! It can not get over the pulp. For others, the pulp doesn’t bother options for that too.
bottom of a tea box. The lowest grade of teas are called “dust” should be a rewarding ritual. them. It sinks to the bottom of the glass. Very little tea pulp
or “fannings”. Farmer’s rake up the dropped leaves, and that is actually consumed. ❧ Need an energy boost try Yerba Mate
is what goes into your bagged tea. Drinking dropped, or Is Loose Leaf Tea Really Expensive??
damaged leaves doesn’t seem appealing. ❧ When you are sick or allergic try Ginger Tea
Loose leaf tea is more expensive than bagged tea. If you are Much Love for Matcha
a tea drinker, it is time to splurge! Think of the money that ❧ After a morning workout try Matcha
Think of it like this, if you have a box of crackers you eat coffee drinkers spend on their preferred drink. Loose leaf tea If you’ve ever had matcha tea, it’s ground up loose leaf tea.
them with enjoyment. You gobble them up to the point doesn’t even compare to the price of a cup of joe. It is meant to drink whole. The pulp in loose leaf tea, and
where there’s a bunch of crumbs that are on the bottom of powder in matcha are really healthy for you. ❧ To boost your metabolism try Green Tea
the bag. At times there are crumbs beyond the bag that
have made into the box. Those crumbs are similar to the
Brewing Methods ❧ To reduce bad cholesterol try Black Tea
Perks of Matcha
“fannings” or “dust” in tea bags. There are many tea diffusers
you can buy. You have to ❧ It is packed with powerful antioxidants Best of all, enjoy all the
Loose leaf tea are the crackers, not the crumbs. Freshly find the right one that variety of flavors when it
picked, unbroken leaves, and leaf buds are used in loose leaf interests you. ❧ It lowers blood sugar is tea time!
tea. It’s not made from the broken leaves on the ground.
They make a ❧ It lowers bad cholesterol
whimsical, medical
It’ is all in the Flavor grade, silicone tea ❧ It helps prevent some diseases
Bagged tea does have a consistent flavor. It’s measured out, diffusers. It is a fun
the instructions are clear on the box. It’s convenient to travel conversation topic ❧ It boots your metabolism
with something that is packaged and contained. when ever someone is
spotted using a mantatee. ❧ It detoxifies your system
With loose leaf tea there are no rules. If you want your
tea strong, you add more in, and let it steep for longer.