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Paul’s University Chapel
Topic: Love and Courtship


During the Talks for Couples preparing
for Marriage in 2010


Eng.Martin and Mrs Marie Nzomo,
PO Box 12125-00400, Nairobi
Cell: 0722516125; 0722521040
The Family Life Committee

9th September 2010


1 Marriage
2 Pre Wedding Period
3 The Wedding Itself
4 Post Wedding


1 Background 1.3 Reasons For Getting Married 1.4 Meaning and Function of Marriage 1.0 Marriage 1.1.2 Authority 1.5 Characteristics of a Happy Marriage 3 .

1. we are that between dealing with life parent and child • Marriage • Marriage is so consists of bound with life blending lives of that it is second two individuals only to that between man and the Creator 4 .1 Background • Marriage is part • Marriage is the of normal life most ultimate of • Life fully lived all human includes relations marriage • It takes • In dealing with precedence over marriage.

1.2 Authority • Marriage was • ordained in the Garden of Eden • Woman was made from man • Jesus’ first miracle was at the marriage at Cana • The Holy Bible is the Supreme Authority in Marriage 5 .

1.3 Reasons For Getting Married • Ask yourself. 6 . • Procreation why marry • etc anyway? • Security - emotional & financial needs for you & children. • Companionship in journey of life. • cultural growth • overall produce happiness.

4 Meaning and Function of Marriage • It is a life long • Spiritual and relationship cultural growth between a man • generate and and a woman distribute those who have ideals of accepted each personal other as responsibility. Husband and fidelity- Wife before God civilization and Society • Last but not • It is meant to least. bring happiness perpetuation of to them the human race • Financial and • All these lead to emotional happiness Security 7 .1.

1. agreeing in most areas 8 . friendship Bride & groom.little heed simple control principles. • Birth: no control Husband & Wife • Death:. • Marriage:- considerable – disciplines control – Attitudes – loyalties • Living in – insights harmony. namely:.5 Characteristics of a Happy Marriage • Success in • Blending of two Marriage personalities to depends on live in harmony whether with a bond of sweethearts.

1 Love 2.3 Ourselves 2.5 Dowry 9 .2 Courtship 2.4 Our Families 2.0 Pre Wedding Period 2.2.

– Total & unconditionally permanent • Is given freely – Forgiving & non critical • it binds Christian – Warm. Jesus’ handout 10 Love .1 Love • Marriage is a • Without conditions subject of love • share with each other more openly • In marriage we • Selfishness has no are called to love room in a marriage our spouse as • Qualities of marital Jesus’ love they are. tender & marriages gentle • we must – Open & intimate communicate – Life giving more with each – Dependent – Faithfulness other – Compassion & • Is Love a thing? understanding • Characteristics of – See other true love.2.

tell yourselves your man or • a period of woman who you knowing each really are. other • Study your • should talk about partner well: yourselves.2. not personal just tea. coffee.2 Courtship • During this • Be open to one period its better another. films. health. age. character. education. church allegiance. shade to talk about the mask. movies and habits. interests. Virtues for accountability to children etc 11 . popcorn.

jobs. discuss the responsibilities family we intend (family). relatives. . etc as well as its • Please note that relation to marriage is till society death do us part 12 . extended family sharing.Courtship • Important issues • There is need to include children. relationship to religion. your to raise expectations of • Same with marriage in nuclear family matters of and its money.

. jobs . bank accounts etc. •Financial responsibilities - fees 13 .g.Courtship •Other issues are • - religion and number of children & family planning. Money-its use. . goals. •Also discuss each others ideals and objectives e. relatives.

14 . Our couples to families. Our brainstorm on work. 2. the meaning • Be realistic.3 Ourselves • It is important • Ourselves .e. i. Who for courting we are. of marriage to shed the mask them and spent much time together. etc Break their marriage the bond.

how far do they go in our marriage • The two of US & OURS . • We should love value & cherish each other. This should be first - need 15 . 2.we are the most important people in the marriage.4 Our Families • Relatives & friends .

5 Dowry • Discuss dowry • Discuss last custom and see minute demand its effect on our usually common marriage on the wedding day 16 . 2.

and Mrs.0 The Wedding Proper 3.5 Mr.3.1 Types of Wedding 3.3 Wedding Committees 3. 17 .2 The Wedding Day 3.4 The Function 3.

1 Types of Weddings • Traditional or • customary • Civil • Church-for Christians.3. the Law and society 18 . being a sacramental couple before the eyes of God.

19 . • Arrange to keep time convenient etc.3.2 The Wedding Day • Fix the date and • - time for the wedding which should be not conflict with the church or chapel calendar of events.

20 . • Duties should be delegated • The couple should avoid taking on many duties.3 Wedding Committees • Need for these • - especially if you expect the function to have more than 5 guests. 3.

measurements – The maid of honour and – best man 21 . according to our – two of you. 3.4 The Function • Minimum • Avoid joining the number required band wagon but is 5. cut our cloth – the priest.

For Life • From now on • the success or you are husband failure of the and wife marriage depend on the two of you 22 .5 Mr. and Mrs.3.

4.4 Future Growth 23 .0 Post Wedding 4.2 Home Setting 4.3 Parent Hood 4.1 Honey Moon 4.

arranging their • During honey wedding moon. 4.1 Honey Moon • What is • They explore Honeymoon? each other. the • Is honeymoon couple takes this really time to be necessary? absolutely • Where should it themselves. rest • This is the and relax. be? 24 . period between • It’s a Holiday of courtship and sorts to recover establishing a from the rigors of home.

…. others have it in their houses 25 .Honeymoon • Some couples • What about the go away from cost? again don't familiar faces join the band and wagon environment. some even abroad.

be our contempt real selves • There is need to accommodate each other’s differences and short comings 26 . 4.2 Home Setting • This is the • one tends to see marriage proper and magnify • with time these familiarity sets in • There is need to and as they say be open to one familiarity breads another.

27 . society and family life.3 Parenthood • Parenthood . the law • Plan to mould children religiously • . 4. • Religious faith - responsibility to religion is part of God.

4 Future Growth • Need for • Read relevant continuous books on growth growth in our of marriages marriages • There are marriage support agencies such as the marriage encounter and family life committee etc 28 . 4.