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Delivering information you can trust

IBM InfoSphere Change Data Capture: Help reduce
operational costs and risk while improving
accessibility of critical business data

From data warehousing to Service
Highlights Oriented Architecture (SOA), application
consolidation and master data manage-
■ Help reduce operational costs ■ Increase visibility into lines of
ment (MDM), enterprise leaders are well
associated with data access business through the capture
aware of the power of information to
and delivery and optimize and delivery of data from
streamline processes, reduce costs and
resource utilization by leverag- diverse, heterogeneous sources
make businesses more efficient. To
ing an IBM® InfoSphere™ across the enterprise
succeed, however, these projects must
Change Data Capture solution
have steady and reliable delivery of
■ Reduce dependencies on
timely business information from across
■ Help accelerate information nightly batch windows to pro-
the enterprise, which can be both
delivery by feeding data vide data delivery to active data
expensive and resource-intensive.
changes directly to extract, warehouse and master data
transform and load (ETL) management implementations
Change data capture (CDC) technology
processes through InfoSphere
helps businesses overcome this chal-
Change Data Capture and ■ Eliminate IT redundancies and
lenge by capturing only changed opera-
IBM InfoSphere Information help cut maintenance costs
tional data and transmitting it across
Server by consolidating enterprise
the enterprise, instead of capturing and
applications and simplifying

Minimize batch windows and improve provides substantial business value tion is challenging. costs. consolida.transmitting all operational data. Streamline integration processes and CDC provides a noninvasive. CDC can supply active contained within those applications can increase business visibility and data data warehouses with continuously be a sensitive task. CDC can application development and reducing changes to an ETL solution. CDC offers even performance impact on mission-critical projects. Businesses can use CDC techniques to and speed advantages that enhance support traditional ETL systems that are traditional ETL processes. business systems. data can be migrated easily challenged by the rapid growth of from one database or platform to enterprise data volumes. base their decisions and analyses on downtime. This can reduce maintenance be shared across the enterprise. helping risk to the business. low- Reduce costs with CDC through application lower development costs with CDC impact approach for extracting changes consolidation and migration and SOA from mission-critical systems and deliv- As businesses cope with economic Reuse is a key theme for accelerating ering this stream of incremental data uncertainty by cutting costs. CDC requiring batch windows that involve costs dramatically. This multiple application instances on differ. which can IBM InfoSphere Change Data Capture another while end users are still using cause batch windows to continually provides right-time delivery of changed applications—resulting in no downtime. up-to-date information. This savings of the initiative. nologies to deploy commonly used enables businesses to continuously ent systems. This environments comprise a variety of and active data warehousing approach also delivers significant cost operating systems and databases. it could defeat the cost fresh. which have data changes through message queues a much larger volume than just the Consolidating and moving the data and enterprise service buses (ESBs) to changed data. business functions as services that can update the data warehouse without sions. CDC also supports warehouses. but CDC can enhance organizations ensure that critical busi. more visibility into the data warehouse. such as enable and accelerate application con. InfoSphere Information Server). provides a right-time flow of operational transferring entire data sets. Batch windows are the operational data from a broad range of and therefore no productivity cost or traditional approach for updating data databases and platforms. since most system visibility into lines of business with CDC while helping to reduce risk. shrink. Also. Significant cost savings can be IBM InfoSphere DataStage® (part of solidation projects. If consolidation or accessibility for consuming enterprise captured data. Business 2 . For businesses with ness information is available whenever and databases to help maximize the large volumes of daily changes that and wherever it is needed with minimal value of investments for use in future can’t afford downtime. With CDC. enabling businesses to migration projects require significant applications and services. databases and OS ver. including eliminating achieved by using CDC and SOA tech. a broad range of operating systems that approach.

knowledge base that can be used for Lower CPU utilization while increasing initiatives that support business deci. opportunities. CDC source systems.leaders can act on opportunities or purposes. such as Change Data Capture efficiently delivers business intelligence MDM or data warehousing projects. By replicat. risky and petitors. With a application performance. particularly in this uncertain delivering information from disparate time-consuming. With the CDC approach. and query requirements. When coupled with information man- tems. Providing right-time single trusted source of information. data multiple database platforms that respond to issues as soon as they remains siloed in discrete enterprise populate the IT infrastructures of most appear. ensuring that all deci. Batch-oriented ETL. Don’t put your business in a sources to a centralized system. By only querying and frame. CDC delays of manually cross-checking and CPU utilization. Without this capability. CDC lowers tive when their data is updated in a costs and risk by avoiding impact to timely manner. especially given the economy. mation. but implementation must for organizations that are consolidating tem. enabling companies to be more system (i. InfoSphere visibility with CDC and operational sions and strategic analysis. sions can be based on the same infor. development and CDC are three possi. changed operational data in real time Operational business intelligence (BI) from information sources across the systems can increase visibility into lines While batch-oriented ETL is an option enterprise. CDC can give businesses a Nearly all information management a right-time information delivery significant advantage over their com- projects face the challenge of efficiently system can be expensive. increases availability of enterprise data delivery of changes also ensures that organizations can make better deci- for operational BI without negatively users are working with the most current sions based on more consistent data. CDC techniques formance without affecting end users. 3 . impacting source systems. and up-to-date data for business increasing the speed of business and ing live production data to a secondary initiatives. in-house development of sources. Coupled with an MDM sys- of business.. operational data store or agile and react quickly to profitable enterprise data warehouse) for reporting Similarly.e. can yield substantial business benefits. available across the enterprise without single version of the truth with CDC While batch-oriented ETL can be a placing a heavy burden on existing data and MDM viable option. which may hamper has minimal impact on mission-critical verifying data inconsistencies. systems rather than consolidated into a enterprises. in-house agement initiatives. ble approaches for delivering and By making up-to-date information easily Make confident business decisions using a updating data in an MDM system. where catch-up position—be the one in the it can be leveraged for business forefront with the CDC advantage. the CDC solution is specifically enables businesses to create a single mission-critical systems for reporting architected to provide complementary version of the truth in their desired time- purposes places a heavy burden on benefits to ETL. MDM systems are most effec. Directly querying data. InfoSphere Change Data Capture be handled carefully. which ensures application per. which eliminates the costs and those systems and results in increased delivering data that has changed. Conclusion CPU utilization on mission-critical sys.

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