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Republika e SHQIPERISE (Republic of ALBANIA) [(République d’ALBANIE)]

Drita Cico, Head of Monitoring Center of RADIO TIRANA


Tel: +355 4 2222277
Tel/Fax : +355 4 2223650

` Email: drita.cico@yahoo.com dcico@icc.al.eu.org www.rtsh.com.al

CIRAF 28: Albania, Kosova


the last secret…

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Country information Location: West BALKAN Peninsula along the Adriatic and Ionian coast. Area: 28,748 sq km (10,822 sq miles) Relief: rough highland Population: 3,693,453 (2009 est) Capital city: Tirana (pop. over 700,000) People: Albanian 95%, Greeks 3% and others 2% (Vlachs, Roma (Gypsy), Serb, Macedonians, Bulgarian Balkans Egyptians, (1989 est, next census with ethnic information due in 2011). Languages: Albanian, Greek, Vlach, Romani, Slavic dialects. Religion: Sunni Muslim (70% converted from Christians to Muslims during 5 centuries under Ottoman Empire up to 28 Nov 1912 a.d), Albanian Orthodox (20%), Roman Catholic (10%) Currency: Lek Major political parties: Democratic Party, Socialist Party, Social Democratic Party, Republican Party, Socialist Movement for Integration, Demo-Christian Party. Government: Parliamentary Democracy Head of State: President Dr Bamir Topi (2007 – 2012), graduated for Veterinary Medicine Prime Minister from June 2005: Prof. Dr Sali Berisha (Democratic Party), graduated for Medicine, heart disease specialty, the best doctor in Albania. Foreign Minister from Sept 2010: Edmond Haxhinasto (Socialist Movement for Integration) Membership of international organisations: United Nations, NATO (since 2009) South East Europe Cooperation Process, Organisation for Co-operation and Security in Europe (OSCE), Council of Europe (COE), World Trade Organisation (WTO).

Albania, the last secret … Fragments from my draft-master thesis on Diplomacy and IT Revolution @ International University of Struga, Macedonia: The problem The problems aroused by the French Revolution of 1789 dominated Europe for more than two centuries and left a deep trace all over the world. They were of diverse character: political, social, economic, religious and cultural. Now 200 years later, and particularly in the last 20 years, the IT revolution has affected every field of human activity, including diplomacy. The commencement of public diplomacy in the 60s of the bloody twentieth century, and its relations to the public, did not remain outside of this influence. The only thing that should be determined in this issue is: - How deep was the impact of IT Revolution on diplomacy? Public diplomacy reaction in general and in particular Globalization and the decline of the time of Machiavelli`s principles of establishing the balance of power among the states and reason d’état Instead application of approximation and the balance of logic, cultures and manners. How, and since when dates the necessity of all humankind to educate themselves, men and women, little children and adults with diplomatic skills The necessity of diplomatic behavior in everyday life among people, in their families and driving forces of the society.

The importance of the problem The great ideals of the French revolution - freedom, equality, brotherhood, democracy, citizens and nations rights - are as vivid now as they used to be 200 years ago when they were initially declared. Establishing the new global order after the current global financial crisis is of great importance for every country’s diplomacy, and in particular for the Albanian diplomats. Consider the establishment of this new global order not on the basis of Machiavelli`s principles as is balance of power, but on the basis of balancing and bringing together cultures, logic, and diplomatic education of the public along with public diplomacy. This issue is of as much importance to the common people as it is to the politicians and diplomats inside the country and abroad. Concerns of this issue I think that the difficulties of this problem are not in the sense of understanding it, but in fact in the acceptance of it, and the finding of a fair solution and the implementation of it. The understanding of this problem requires from every nation, developed or not, its thinkers and activists, both women and men, who are able to rise above themselves and their personal or national interests, able to see the reality as it really is after the IT revolution. They should also note the fall of the virtual borders and the globalization that is in progress which we will talk about in this Master thesis. Later hypothesis and criticism (pages 99-101) So far, I wrote about the need for education of all people in the world with diplomatic skills, as a reaction of Diplomacy towards impact of IT revolution on Diplomacy. This is a normal diplomatic reaction, because of the objective laws of reaction and co-operation, like in physics such laws act in our human society. Related to this, there is a key question: What was the reaction of Monarchy after the bloody French Revolution of 1789 and its spread in all over the world?

- Shortly answering to this, I suppose an answer might be the produce of Karl Marx and Frederic Engels, their communist theories against Capitalism and bourgeoisie, which so much influenced in having a bloody century XX-th with communist states characterized by their Monarchic behavior. I remember soon after Enver Hoxha(*) died in April 1985, my mother-in-law saying that: Enver Hoxha lived as a King and also died as a King. Enver Hoxha (born on 16 Oct. 1908, Gjirokastra, Albania. Remember on 16 Oct. 1793 happened the execution of chère Maria Antoinette and the bloody abolishment of Monarchy made by the bourgeoisie, intellectuals, simple poor people and criminals, followed by terror and corruption in France and further. We have to consider her perception, despite the fact that my mother-in-law, born on 15 March 1921 or 1924 in Shkodra, died on 02 Nov 2010, with only primary school education in Shkodra (a city with closed ties with Vienna), was an household woman in all her life. I cite here an old Syrian or Persian quotation, which I heard on Radio Tirana 1st National Prog 99.5MHz, in Feb. 2010, saying that: "Precious stones are kept only by the rich, but a proverb, precious as the stone or even more, can be heard even from the mouth of the slave at the mill”.

In photo: Enver Hoxha, Albanian dictator from 1944-1985, fist up, the counterblow against bourgeoisie and intellectuals, and the simple poor people, makers of the bloody French Revolution of 1789, which brought them on power and the abolishment (overthrown) of the Absolute Monarchic system (the execution on guillotine of MariaAntoinette on 16 October 1793) Physics and its laws are closely related to other natural sciences, even with the laws of development of human society While the connection of physics with the natural sciences is obvious, its relation with social sciences is more abstract and complicated, because we are subjective being with conscious. So as we made physical calculation of resultant force of two or more forces with different directions, also there are different internal and external forces with social, economic and political natures operating in our society at a given time. Their resultant determines the direction of development of the society, which might be a front or back developing, or a complex developing by zig-zag.


Another law in physics is the law of interaction or reaction (Newton's third law?). This law operates even in our human society. For example, in the simplest case, if someone hits you by word or physically, then you reply depending on the intellect, your spiritual and physical power. Here should be taken carefully. Ismail Kadare has written for not exeeding of your right. So the response, the punishment should not be greater than ought to be given or the opponent merits. Fan Noli wrote that when someone makes you constantly a great evil of worries, then you should make him several little bad to make him to understand that must not make anything bad to you. Jesus Christ to alleviate this law, used to say that when someone hits you on your cheek, you just return your next cheek, that means do not retaliate, do not backlash.. Establishment of right relationships between people and nations should be based on the old Greek saying: “Your freedom ends where my freedom begins” or, “My rights end where yours begin”, or a better translation by Ullmar Qvick – Sweden: "Exceeding your own rights means a violation of the rights of others." or my translation: “Excess of your right constitutes violation of the right of the other”.

Drita Cico, Mrs.
Electronic Engineer, graduated in 1982, University of Tirana Master student 2008-2010, International University of Struga Politics, International Relations and Diplomacy Student data: Drita Cico, 52 y., born 15 (in fact 14) March 1958 in the city of Korca, Albania, 1.74cm tall, married, two sons, Occupation: Electronic Engineer, Radiotelevizioni Shqiptar (Albanian Radiotelevision) , Head of Radio Tirana Monitoring since 1981 at present & Short Wave Manager from 2005 at present, have attended intensive professional and managerial radio trainings in western countries, Italy, Germany, England, Switzerland, Washington DC, San Jose-Sunnyvale-San-FranciskoCalifornia, during 1995-1998, Birmingham-UK 2007, Zurich-Zwitzerland , Aug. 2010.

In the photo: Drita Cico in front of the Adriatic seaside (photo 2), Durres beach, Albania, during the trip with a a group of 13 Short Wave listeners of Radio Tirana, 10 Germans, 1 Austrian, 1 Danish and 1 Czech, 4 May 2010 .


The Albanian Radiotelevision is a potential National (Public since 1998) & International Broadcaster on MW, HF, FM, VHF-UHF and Satellite.
RADIO TIRANA INTERNATIONAL (Channel 3) in ALBANIAN & 7 FOREIGN LANGUAGES Winter Season B-10 31 October 2010 – 26 March 2011

Destination Language

Time - UTC


Frequency [KHz]

Wave [m] 41 206 41 215 206 49 S-01; F-04 S-01; F-01 F-05 S-01


07.30 - 09.00 Albanian Europe 09.01 - 10.00

Shijak Fllake Shijak Fllake

Tr.2 Tr.2 Tr.2 Tr.2 Tr.2 Tr.2

7390 1458 7390 1395 1458 5970

OND 338° OND 033° OND OND

15.00 - 16.30 21.30 - 23.00

Fllake Shijak

Amerike e Veriut 00.00 - 01.30


6130 7425

49 41

S-10; 310°
S-08; S-10; 300° 310°

Shijak Tr.2

Shijak Tr.1

Note: Winter Time of Albania UTC + 1 Hour Radio Tirana Channel 3 in Albanian is daily.


Radio Tirana International - Winter Season B-10 / 31 October 2010 – 26 March 2011
Nr. Language Destination Time - UTC 1945-2000 ENGLAND 2100-2130 1530-1600 1 ENGLISH 2100-2130 0130-0145 "This is Radio Tirana" " USA Transmitter Shijak Tr.1 Shijak Tr.2 Shijak Tr.2 Shijak Tr.1 Shijak Tr.1 Shijak Tr.2 Shijak Tr.2 Shijak Tr.2 Shijak Tr.2 Shijak Tr.1 Shijak Tr.1 Fllake Tr.2 Frequency [KHz] 11635 7465 7530 13640 9895 6130 6130 6100 6100 7465 7465 1458 Wave [m] 25 41 41 22 31 49 49 49 49 41 41 206 S-15; 310° S-08; 300° S-08; 300° S-15 S-15 310° 310° Antenna

S-08; 300° S-08; 300° S-08; 300° S-08; 300° S-10; 310° S-10; 310° F-05; OND


2 FRENCH "Ici Tirana" 3 GREEK GREECE FRANCE 1830-1900 2001-2030 1645-1700

"Sas milun ta Tirana" 4 GERMAN GERMANY 2031-2100 1901-1929 1800-1830 2001-2030 Ex.-Yug. Russia TURKEY 1900-1915 2115-2130 1930-2000 Shijak Tr.1 Fllake Tr.2 Shijak Tr.2 Shijak Tr.2 Shijak Tr.2 Fllake Tr.2 Fllake Tr.2 7465 1458 6000 6000 6040 1458 1458 41 206 49 49 49 206 206 S-10 310° F-04 338° S-01 OND

"Das ist Radio Tirana" 5 ITALIAN "Parla Tirana" 6 SERBIAN "Govori Tirana" 7 TURKISH ITALI

S-01 OND S-01 OND F-04; 004° F-05; OND

"Burasi Tiran Radyosu"

Note: Winter Time of Albania UTC + 1 Hour Programs in foreign languages will be prepared and broadcasted from Monday to Saturday (Sunday off). Programs in English to North America will start on Mondays at 1530-1600UTC and the last broadcast for every week will be on Sundays at 0430-0500UTC. Draft B10ALR June–October 2010 prepared by: Eng .Drita CICO – Head of Radio Tirana Monitoring in cooperation with Radio Tirana’s Listeners: Noel R. Green – UK, Wolfgang Bueschel – GER, Glenn Hauser – USA RADIO TIRANA Monitoring / Tel office: +355 4 2222277 Email: drita.cico@yahoo.com, dcico@icc.al.eu.org Test - draft – B10ALR Aug – Oct. 2010: Eng. Lulzim BERHAMI –Chief R/st. Shijak & Fllake Fax (home): +355 52 22627 Cel: 0682194770 lulzimberhami@yahoo.it Director of RTV Transmitting Stations – Tirane: Eng. Arben MEHILLI Tel office: +355 4 2362603 Mob: +355 69 20 30 199 Email: arbenmehilli@yahoo.co.uk

Radio Tirana on Satellite started on 06 Dec. 2004, around 1500 UTC. Satellite: Polarization: Frequency: Programme: 24 hours EUTELSAT W2 16° East Vertical 12656.5 MHz Symbol Rate: 4883 KSYMB/s Radio Tirana 1st Domestic Channel

TVSH – TELEVIZIONI SHQIPTAR (ALBANIAN TELEVISION) on Satellite at first around mid ’90s. Satellite: EUTELSAT W2 16° East Polarization: Vertical Frequency: 12656.5 MHz Coverage: please see at: http://www.eutelsat.com/fr/satellites/16e_popd.html Symbol Rate: 4883 KSYMB/s FEC: ½ Programme: Domestic Language: Albanian Time(UTC): 06:00UTC – End of TVSH Program (approxim. 24:00UTC) End of file B10 ALR – updated 29 November 2010 Prepared by Eng. Drita ÇIÇO ARTV- Albanian Radiotelevision Head of Radio Tirana Monitoring since 1981 & Short Wave Frequency Manager from 2005 RADIO TIRANA - B10 Season


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