India is emerging as a global automobile giant. In recent years this industry has made pioneering efforts in adopting modern technology and allowing the entry of foreign players. This is well supported by the economic conditions particularly in the financial sector and in foreign direct investment. During the last decade, conscious efforts have been made to fine-tune state policy to enable the Indian automobile industries realize its potential to the fullest. The freeing of the industry from this restrictive environment has Increasing competition as result of helped it to itself to global development.

liberalization has led to continuous modernization as well as international standards. Moreover, auto finance with aggressive marketing strategies has played a bid role in boosting the automobile demand. Commercial vehicles, widely considered being the economy’s barometer, have had a good start for the year. The first six months of the current financial year saw that sales and production of vehicles (cars and utility vehicles) have gone up. Domestic sales of passenger vehicles rose by 32 percent during first six months of this fiscal compared to the corresponding previous period.. Sales of motorcycles, the largest selling sub-segment of two-wheelers, grew by 6.7 per cent during the same period. And, cumulative sales of the commercial vehicles segment as a whole also went up by about 18 percent. The growth in the sale of commercial vehicles is closely depending on two factors like Agricultural freight movement and Industrial freight movement.


5 per cent Car exports stood at per cent with 3. Medium and heavy commercial vehicles managed a growth of 4.683 units against 3.428 units in 2004-05.5 per cent.43.224 units as against 78.19.629 units in 2004-05. 17.317 units against 62.179 units in 2004-05.6 per cent with 70.64.8 per cent at 89. Commercial vehicles segment grew at 10.10.193 units against 1.094 units against 8. According to the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers car sales was 8.187 units against 3. • • • • • • • • • • • 4 . The growth of domestic passenger car market was 7.765 units in 2004-05. The automotive industry crossed a landmark with total vehicle production of 10 million units.237 units against 1. Motorcycles had the upward march. 2005.670 units in 2004-05.Indian Auto Market Growth for the year 2005-06 • The domestic automobile industry sales grew units in 2004-05.20.417 units against 49.5 per cent against 23 per cent growth in the year ended March 31.1 per cent in domestic market touching 58.159 units against units in 2004-05.70. Scooter segment grew by 1.753 units in 2004-05.50.430 units in 2004-05. Light commercial vehicles sales growth was 19.82. Three-wheelers sales rose by 17 per cent at 3. fall at 9.56. the market grew by 13.4 per cent at 1.09. The two-wheeler segment.

TVS Apache TVS Centra TVS Fiero F2 TVS Scooty Pep+ TVS Star TVS Super XL TVS Victor Honda Motorcycles & Scooters Honda Activa Honda Dio Honda Eterno Honda Shine Honda Unicorn Royal Enfield Motors Bullet 350 Bullet 500 Bullet Electra Bullet Electra 5S Bullet Machismo Thunderbird Bike 5 .BIKES IN INDIA Bajaj Auto Ltd Bajaj Avenger Bajaj CT 100 Bajaj Platina Bajaj Discover DTSi Bajaj Pulsar DTSi Bajaj Wave Bajaj Wind 125 Imported Bikes in India Honda CBR1100XX Kawasaki ZX12R Ninja Suzuki Hayabusa Yamaha YZF R1 Hero Honda Motors Ltd. Hero Honda Achiever Hero Honda CD Dawn Hero Honda CD Deluxe Hero Honda Glamour Hero Honda Glamour-Fi Hero Honda Karizma Hero Honda Passion Plus Hero Honda Pleasure Hero Honda Super Splendor TVS Motor Company Ltd.

Kinetic Motor Company Ltd. Yamaha CruxS Yamaha G5 Yamaha Gladiator 6 . Kinetic 4S Kinetic Boss 115 Kinetic GF 125 Kinetic Luna Kinetic Kine Kinetic King 100 Kinetic GF 170 Laser Kinetic Nova 135 Kinetic Stryker Kinetic V2 Kinetic Velocity Kinetic Zing 80 Kinetic Zoom ZX Yamaha Motor India Ltd.


In a little over two decades. Hero Honda has built two world-class manufacturing facilities at Dharuhera and Gurgaon in Haryana that now churn out over 3 million bikes per year. The company has sold over 15 million motorcycles and has consistently grown at double digits since its inception and today. The two partners. including Investors. leaders in their respective domains. Vendors and Employees. Dealers. the world's largest manufacturer of bicycles and the global leader in motorcycles have created not only the world's single largest motorcycle company but also the most endearing and successful joint venture for Honda Motor Company worldwide. Progressively through the 1980s. comprising a mix of dealers. Today. The Hero Group's deep domain knowledge of the Indian market and its supplier network has meshed with Honda's mastery over four-stroke engine technology to create modern and fuel-efficient machines at affordable prices for India 's 250-300 million strong middle class. Hero Honda has set up over 2400 customer touch points. Research and Reliability as its basic building blocks.INTRODUCTION TO HERO HONDA MOTORS When Hero Cycles and Honda Motor Company of Japan inked their joint venture in India in April 1984. Hero Honda has relied on 3 R's-. a fully-equipped R&D center has consistently created best practices in 8 . every second motorcycle sold in the country is a Hero Honda. have been able to consistently draw on each other's strengths. is synergy. Using feedback from the market. In two decades.Reach. Hero Honda is an amalgam of winning networks and relationships with internal and external stakeholders. the 1990s and now in the 2000s. few could have imagined that the two would go on to create history and become the subject of a case study at business schools. These relationships have helped the company hold on to the mantle of World No. internationally.1 for years in succession. Hero Honda.In this period. What makes Hero Honda well. But that's the Hero Honda saga for you. service centres and stockists across rural and urban India.

Hero Honda started as a Hero Cycles Of India and Honda Motors Company Limited of Japan. the Chairman. over a span of two decades. Hero Honda became the first company in India to prove that it was possible to drive a vehicle without polluting the roads. 9 . came into existence in 1984 as a joint venture between Hero Cycles and Honda Motor Company of Japan.5 million members on its roster. Hero Honda Motors succinctly puts it.Forget it' campaign captured the imagination of commuters across India . but has also created a loyal community of brand ambassador It isn't surprising that the company is in no mood to take its hand off the throttle. Hero Honda Motors Ltd. "We pioneered India's motorcycle industry. Over the years. The program has not only helped Hero Honda understand its customers and deliver value at different price points. Since then.'' In 1984. A legendary 'Fill it . feedback has flowed back and forth seamlessly through a unique CRM program . and Hero Honda sold millions of bikes purely on the commitment of increased mileage. Hero Honda was also one of India 's first automotive companies to get close to the customer. Hero Honda has the unique distinction of being awarded the Bike maker of the Year award for 3 consecutive years by Overdrive magazine. The company introduced new generation motorcycles that set industry benchmarks for fuel thrift and low emission. We'll do all it takes to reach there. This emphasis has helped Hero Honda build products that are ahead of their time.designing. besides placing strong emphasis on road safety and ride quality. Hero Honda Motors Limited has over 1500 sales outlets all over India.the Hero Honda Passport Program which now has over 2. and it's our responsibility now to take the industry to the next level.Shut it . As Brijmohan Lall Munjal. Located at Dharuhera and Gurgaon in Haryana. testing and harmonization. In the 1980s. for example. Hero Honda is the clear market winner in the two-wheeler segment and boasts of more than 5 million customers.

What helped this JV achieve such great success is the optimal combination of Hero Group's deep domain knowledge of the Indian market and its supplier network with Honda's expertise over four-stroke engine technology to produce efficient bikes. The company carved a niche in the competitive Indian market for churning out motorcycles with high fuel efficiency and low maintenance. Since its inception.Hero Honda Motors Limited has metamorphosed into the world's largest motorcycle company. In line with its ambitious expansion plans. 10 . Hero Honda has built two world-class manufacturing facilities at Dharuhera and Gurgaon in Haryana that now churn out over 3 million bikes per year. The venerable Splendor motorcycle from the Hero Honda stable went on to become a cult machine for its low-maintenance costs and fuel efficiency. Hero Honda has sold over 15 million motorcycles and has maintained a phenomenal growth rate over the years.

2 CC 97.7CC Capacity 149.2CC 97.8CC 223CC 97.2 CC Hero Honda Karizma Hero Honda Passion Plus Hero Honda Sleek Hero Honda Splendor • Splender • Super Splendor 11 .2CC 97.Hero Honda Motors Bikes Models Hero Honda Achiever Hero Honda CBZ Hero Honda CD Dawn Hero Honda CD 100 Hero Honda CD Deluxe Hero Honda CD 100 SS Hero Honda Glamour • • Glamour Glamour-F1 124.2CC 124.2 CC 97.7CC 124.9CC 156 CC 97.2CC 97.

The latest from the Hero Honda factory offers both performance and looks. All these features contribute to the Splendor being one of the best selling four stroke-two-wheelers in India. It’s sale accounts for 40 % of the product profile.PRODUCT PROFILE OF HERO HONDA Hero Honda Splendor The most successful model of Hero Honda Motors ltd which has caught the fancy of Indian customers. It has good looks. thanks to the changes in the suspension at front and near as well as the new frame design. 12 . excellent handling characteristics and a smooth drive over any type of terrain. A combination of style and economy makes the Splendor is a bike worth investing in. The reason for its success is the unbeatable mileage.

It has rotary gears. A self-starter button comes as an option. spray can.Hero Honda Street 100 The Street 100 is Hero Motor's latest two-wheeler on offer in the step-through category. The Street can be purchased with a variety of seat layouts and has options like a water pump. Major plus points that justify the higher price are the centrifugal clutch and the rotary gears. However. which allow the rider to flip directly from the fourth gear to neutral once the bike has come to a halt. a must for the present ‘stop-and-go’ traffic. the liberal use of plastics negates much of the ‘feel good’ factor and has hindered sales to a large extent. larger luggage tray. etc. which is designed specially for city driving. 13 . The Hero Honda Street 100 is equipped with unique features like city-clutch. Its major competitor is the much cheaper K4 from Kinetic.

In all other respects. Though the initial market response has been good. With a 156cc engine. its top speed doesn’t match up to many of its competitors.6 seconds. Initially 14 .Hero Honda CBZ The Hero Honda CBZ (pronounced CeeBeeZee) is the latest offering from Hero Honda for the Indian market. the company claims that the bike has a top speed of 100kph within 5. It was the first attempt by the company to target youth who would love to drive a bikes whch have sleek looks and don`t mind shelling out few extra bucks for it . only time will be the final arbiter. Though the bike has the largest displacement engine. it is a bit too early to decide whether the CBZ will sell in the same numbers as the Splendor.

Hero Honda CD 100 SS CD100SS is designed for those who live life in the fast lane. resulting in some cut down in the fuel economy 15 . With larger. heavier body weight and engine guard. reinforced shock absorbers. rough and tough. It shares almost all components with the was accepted by the customers very well but due to high maintenance costs its not a hot seller for the company. except for the additional reinforcement. for those who would love to take a bike on the stumbling village roads. wider tyres. the Hero Honda CD 100 SS weights slightly more.

Was one of the first models of mobike launched by hero group aith technical tie up with Honda. 4-stroke motorcycle. it is the legendary " Fill it shut it Forget it" motorcycle. this is the bike for you. Its simple design and fuel-efficient engine is accepted in both rural as well as urban areas. Japan. It was India's first offers. Minor problems of the CD100 have been rectified in the SS model. If you wish to ride into the hinterland. It is a modified version of cd 100. 16 . CD 100 Launched in May 1985. IT was the first successful model of hero group of motorcycles and it caught the fancy of the customers by the tag line " Fill it Shut it Forget it”.

It was promoted my tagline “BORN IN STUDIO “thus highlighting the sleek looks of passion. 17 . It was a hit among the young crowd and was very well received in urban markets of India. The base engine was same as of splendor.Hero Honda passion was launched in 2000 in order to create excitemnent in the market. IT was an attempt by HHML to modify the splendor in looks.

type of gear box is 5 Speed constant Mesh.6 KW (14. rim size frount is 18 x 1. cylinder arrangement is Single Cylinder.75 x 18-42 P.It has following features as compare to the earlier CBZ.4 Ps) @ 8500 rpm.85.Hero Honda CBZ Extreme CBZ Extreme was launched in 2006. Alloy Wheels and rim size rear is 18 x 2.Capacity of engine is 149. idle speed is 1400 rpm + 100.15. Alloy Wheels. engine type is Air Cooled. rear drum is Internal expanding shoe type (130) – Non Asbestoes Type . 18 . ignition is AMI – Advanced Microprocessor Ignition. Vertical Engine.maximum power is 10. tyre size rear is 100/90 x 18 –56 P (with Tuff. 4 Stroke Single Cylinder.2 cc.up Tube) and frount is 2.

efficient supply chain and world-class products with cutting edge technology from Honda Motor Company. systems and human resources. At the same time maintain the highest standards of ethics and social responsibilities. Hero Honda Splendor. to produce products and services that meet the quality. extensive dealer network. This mission is what drives Hero Honda to new heights in excellence and helps the organization forge a unique and mutually beneficial relationship with all its stake holders. performance and price aspirations of its customers. and this goes a long way towards reinforcing its leadership status. The teamwork and commitment are manifested in the highest level of customer satisfaction. Japan. Japan. high quality products made in collaboration with Honda motorcycles.HERO HONDA'S MISSION Hero Honda’s mission is to strive for synergy between technology. 19 . The range of Hero Honda motorcycles include the Hero Honda Dawn. Hero Honda's new Ambition gives it an additional offering in the power segment. Hero Honda is currently the worlds largest motorcycle manufacturer thanks to its fuel efficient. proven management. HERO HONDA'S MANDATE Hero Honda is a world leader because of its excellent manpower. Hero Honda Passion and Hero Honda CBZ.

000.. Mr.A School in the memory of founder Managing Director.000th motorcycle produced New motorcycle model .000th motorcycle produced 1997 New motorcycle model ."Splendor" introduced 1. Ltd."CBZ" introduced Environment Management System of Dharuhera Plant certified with ISO- 20 ."Sleek" introduced New motorcycle model ."CD 100 SS" introduced 500. incorporated First motorcycle "CD 100" rolled out 100.000th motorcycle produced New motorcycle model ."Street" introduced Hero Honda's 2nd manufacturing plant at Gurgaon inaugurated 1998 1999 2.000.. Raman Kant Munjal 1994 New motorcycle model .KEY MILESTONES OF HERO HONDA Year 1983 Events Joint Collaboration Agreement with Honda Motor Co.000th motorcycle produced 1992 Raman Munjal Vidya Mandir inaugurated . Japan signed Shareholders Agreement signed 1984 1985 1987 1989 1991 Hero Honda Motors Ltd.

"Dawn" introduced 21 .largest selling single two-wheeler model Hero Honda Passport Programme" . Raman Kant Munjal 2000 4.14001 by DNV Holland Raman Munjal Memorial Hospital inaugurated .000th motorcycle produced 2002 New motorcycle model .000th motorcycle produced Environment Management System of Gurgaon Plant certified ISO-14001 by DNV Holland Splendor declared 'World No. 1' .000."Joy" introduced 5."Passion" introduced One million production in one single year New motorcycle model .A Hospital in the memory of founder Managing Director.CRM Programme launched 2001 New motorcycle model . Mr.000.


by B S Motoring Magazine Adjudged 7th Top Indian Company by Wallstreet Journal Asia (Top Indian Two Wheeler Company) 2006 One of the 8 Indian companies to enter the Forbes top 200 list of world’s most reputed companies. 1 in automobile industry by TNS Corporate Social Responsibility Award Best in its class awards for each category by TNS Total Customer Satisfaction Awards 2006: • Splendor Plus (Executive) • • CD Deluxe (Entry) Pleasure (Gearless Scooters) Splendor & Passion .CBZ Extreme • "Bike of the Year" .PROMINENT AWARDS TO THE COMPANY Year Awards & Recognitions 2007 The NDTV Profit Car India & Bike India Awards 2007 in the following category: • Overall "Bike of the Year" .Glamout PGM FI by Overdrive Magazine "Bike of the Year" .CBZ Extreme by Overdrive Magazine Ranked CBZ Extreme " Bike of the Year" .CBZ Extreme (up to 150 cc category) • "Bike Technology of the Year" . No.Top two models in two wheeler category by ET Brand Equity Survey 2006 Adjudged 7th Top Indian Company by Wallstreet Journal Asia (Top Indian 23 .Glamout PGM FI "Auto Tech of the Year" .

Glamour (up to 125 cc category) 2005 NDTV Viewers' Choice Award to Glamour in the bike category Awaaz Consumer Awards 2005 .Asia's Leading Companies Award (3rd Rank amongst the top 10 Indian companies) GVC Level 1 (Highest Rating) by CRISIL for corporate Governance 24 .Achiever Bike of the Year .Two Wheeler sector by Dun & Bradstreet . Certificate of Export Excellence for outstanding export performance during 2003-04 for two-wheeler & three.India's most preferred two-wheeler brand by CNBC in the 'Automobiles' category Bike Maker of the Year Award by Overdrive Magazine ICWAI National Award for Excellence (Second) in Cost Management 2004 in the private sector category by ICWAI 10th Motilal Oswal Wealth Creator Award for as the most consistent wealth 2004 creator for the period 1991-2005 Winner of the Review 200 .American Express Corporate Awards 2006 Hero Honda Splendor rated as India's most preferred two-wheeler brand at the Awaaz Consumer Awards 2006.Two Wheeler Company) Top Indian company in the Automobile .wheelers .Achiever (up to 150 cc category) Bike of the Year .Complete (Non SSI) by Engineering Export Promotion Council The NDTV Profit Car India & Bike India Awards 2006 in the following category: • Bike Maker of the Year • • • • Bike of the Year .

by Asiamoney Highest Wealth Creating Company of the Year Award by the Money GVC Level 1 (Highest Rating) by CRISIL for Corporate Governance 2001 Bike Maker of the Year by Overdrive Magazine Winner of the Review 200 .Asia 's Leading Companies Award (4th Rank amongst the top 10 Indian companies) Company of the Year of ET Awards for Corporate Excellence Ranked 4th in 'Overall Best Managed Company' category.Adjudged as the Best Value Creator .Large Size Companies 2003-04 by The Outlook Money Corporate Excellence Award 2004 by Indian Institute of Materials Management Adjudged as the Organization with Innovative HR Practices by HT Power Jobs for HR Excellence ICSI National Award for Excellence in Corporate Governance 2004 by The 2003 Institute of Company Secretaries of India Winner of the Review 200 . ranked 6th in 'Overall Best Investor Relations' category. ranked 3rd in 'Best Financial Management' and 'Best Operational Efficiency' category.Asia 's Leading Companies Award (9th Rank 2002 25 .Asia 's Leading Companies Award (3rd Rank amongst the top 10 Indian companies) Most Respected Company in Automobile Sector by Business World Bike Maker of the Year by Overdrive Magazine Bike Maker of the Year by Overdrive Magazine Winner of the Review 200 .

amongst the top 10 Indian Companies) Winner of Three Leaves Award for showing Corporate Environment Responsibility in the Automobile Sector by Centre for Science & 1999 1995 1995 1991 Environment National Productivity Award for the Best Productivity Award in the category of Automobile & Tractor presented by Vice President of India The Analyst Award 1995 presented to Hero Honda Motors Ltd.Presented by President of India) Economic Times-Harvard Business School Award for Corporate Performance to Hero Honda Motors Ltd. AWARE COMPANY 26 . on being ranked 9th amongst the most investor rewarding companies in India National Award for outstanding contribution to the Development of Indian Small Scale Industry (NSIC Award . KEY POLICIES OF HERO HONDA MOTORS AN ENVIRONMENTALLY AND SOCIALLY.

Comply with all applicable environmental legislation and also controlling our environmental discharges through the principles of "alara" (as low as reasonably achievable). as an intrinsic element of our corporate philosophy. A business must not grow at the expense of mankind and man's future but rather must serve mankind. "We must do something for the community from whose land we generate our wealth. electrical energy. Hero Honda has been strongly committed not only to environmental conservation programmes but also expresses the increasingly inseparable balance between the economic concerns and the environmental and social issues faced by a business. To achieve this we commit ourselves to: Integrate environmental attributes and cleaner production in all our business processes and practices with specific consideration to substitution of hazardous chemicals. Hero Honda takes a stand as a socially responsible enterprise respectful of its environment and respectful of the important issues. 27 . paints and chemicals. our goal is not only to sell you a bike.Brijmohan Lall Munjal. while promoting their involvement in ensuring sound environmental management. Besides its will to provide a highquality service to all of its customers. Environment Policy We at Hero Honda are committed to demonstrate excellence in our environmental performance on a continual basis. in particular. but also to help you every step of the way in making your world a better place to live in. in the areas of oil. Enhance environmental awareness of our employees and dealers / vendors. Continue product innovations to improve environmental compatibility." A famous quote from our Worth Chairman Mr. water. Institutionalise resource conservation. where viable and strengthen the greening of supply chain.At Hero Honda.

particularly in our products and services which will meet and exceed customer's growing aspirations through: Innovation in products. processes and services. Continuous improvement in our total quality management systems. Teamwork and responsibility 28 .Quality Policy Excellence in quality is the core value of Hero Honda's philosophy. We are committed at all levels to achieve high quality in whatever we do.


30 .SWOT OF HERO HONDA Hero Honda motors ltd is highest selling mobike company in India and is the largest two wheeler manufacturer in the world. As the case is every company has it strengths and weaknesses and Hero Honda Is no Exception: - STRENGTHS • Market Leader in terms of sales and turnover • Successful Technical Tie up with Honda and a very healthy relationship with them • A wide network of dealers across the nation • • • • A wide network of authorized service stations at different parts of the country A wide variety of product portfolio Very strong brand image of making fuel efficient and reliable bikes High product and brand recall among the customers infect hero Honda is the first choice among the majority customers.

Only one campaign was a hit “fil it shut it and forget it” • It’s a non player in scooter market which is huge even though that industry is going through a rough pace 31 .WEAKNESS Major weakness of hero Honda are • • • • • • • • Not a strong player in the rural market Tie up with Honda expiring in 2 yrs Very few models at the lineup stage R& d of hero Honda is weak Not a great player in entry level bikes which is dominated by bajaj Not a Strong Player in the Premium Market Only 2 models which are successful Splendor and passion Not a very strong marketing deptt.

32 . marketing pitch 4) 5) Aggressive Yamaha posses another threat NO tie up with any other company can lead to losses.OPPORTUNITIES 1) 2) It’s a growing market thus company has high growth potential in future Premium segment is still not fully exploited with right product HHML can do wonders 3) 4) THREATS 1) 2) 3) Entry of new players Honda entering in the bike market will pose a considerable threat Competitors becoming aggressive with new product launches and high Neighboring countries markets are not exploited fully Need to tap African and European market.

2 CC 99. Its dealer and customer network is widely spreaded in India which includes over 500 dealers and 2500 customers. International certifications like QS 9000. TVS MOTORCYCLES MODEL TVS Apache TVS Centra TVS Fiero • CAPACITY 147. It is the third largest two wheeler manufacturer in India and has reached tenth position among the world listing.Bike of the Year 2006 by Business Standard Motoring.3 CC 125 33 .8 CC • • TVS Victor GLX TVS Victor GX 109.2 CC 138.2 CC 98. TVS Apache.7 TVS Star • TVS Star City TVS Victor 124.2 CC 108.5 CC 99. Its two manufacturing plants are at Mysore and Hosur. near Bangalore.8 CC 147 CC TVS Fiero F2 • TVS Fiero FX Suzuki Max 100 Suzuki Max 100R Suzuki Samurai Suzuki Shogun Suzuki Shaolin TVS Star • 98. This company has been honored withThe Deming Prize' for Total Quality Management ( TQM ) with the hallmark of Japanese Quality.2 CC 98. ISO 9000 and TS 16949.TVS MOTOR COMPANY TVS Motor Company was established by Shri. T V Sundaram Iyergan in 1911.

TVS Centra and TVS Fiero are the popular bikes in Indian market. TVS Scooty. At present TVS Apache. It is the first company in the world to be honoured with the Deming Prize for Total Quality Management. TVS Victor. 34 .• TVS Victor Edge TVS Motor is the third largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India and ranks among the top ten globally. The company was the first in India to launch 2seater 50cc moped and 100cc Indo-Japanese motorcycles.

Quick Facts Founder Country Year of Establishment Industry Business Group Head Office August 1980 (TVS Group in 1911) Manufacturing of two-wheelers and auto components TVS Group TVS Motor Company Jayalakshmi Estates V Floor 8.571 311 Tel.: +(91)-(44)-28272233 Fax: +(91)-(44)-28257121 Factory Post Box No. Chennai .600006 Tel. Kadakola Post Mysore . Hosur .635 109 Tel. 4 Harita.: +(91)-(4344)-276780 Fax: +(91)-(4344)-276878 Factory Post Box No.1 Byathahalli Village.: +(91)-(821)-2596561 Fax: +(91)-(821)-2596550/ 2596553 T V Sundaram Iyengar India 35 . Haddows Road.

a 100 cc motorcycle which is ideal for roughe terrain 36 . Launched TVS Star in Sept. First Indian Company to introduce 100cc Indo-Japanese motorcycles in Sept. India's first fully indigenously designed and manufactured motorcycle. Launched first indigenous Scooterette (sub-100 cc variomatic scooters). 1996 Introduced first catalytic converter enabled motorcycle. a world-class 4-stroke 100 cc motorcycle with the revolutionary VT-i Engines for best-in-class mileage. 4 stroke motorcycle in April. 4-stroke 110 cc motorcycle. in August. TVS Scooty in June. in August. Launched TVS Centra in January. India's first 150 cc. the 110cc Shogun 1997 2001 Launched India's first 5-speed motorcycle. Launched TVS Fiero. 2000 2001 2004 Launched TVS Victor.Products of TVS Motor • • • • • • • TVS Apache TVS Victor TVS Scooty TVS Centra TVS Fiero TVS Star TVS XL Super Milestones of TVS Motor 1980 1984 1994 India's first 2 seater 50cc Moped TVS 50. the Shaolin in Oct. 4-stroke 110 cc motorcycle. Launched TVS Victor. launched in Aug. India's first fully indigenously designed and manufactured motorcycle.

37 .TVS MOTOR COMPANY PROFILE TVS Motor Company Limited is the flagship company of TVS Group. it commands a strong presence in the manufacturing of two-wheelers. auto components and computer peripherals. It ushered in an era of affordable personal transportation. expansion and diversification. the group has more than 30 companies and employs over 40. Currently. finance and insurance. With steady growth. Globally. They also have vibrant businesses in the distribution of heavy commercial vehicles (HCV) passenger cars.2 billion group.The Deming Prize for Total Quality Management. with an annual turnover of over USD 650 million. 1980 is the red letter year for TVS when India's first two-seater moped rolled out. the USD 2.000 people worldwide. TVS Motor Company is the first two-wheeler manufacturer to be honoured with the hallmark of Japanese Quality . The Group is the third largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India and globally among the top ten.

In 1997. In 2000. In 1980. Sundaram Iyengar. India's first two-seater moped that redefined the realm of personal transportation. V. the TVS group and Suzuki Motor Corporation parted ways from their joint venture with the former buying out the 25. 38 .97 per cent stake of the Japanese company for Rs 9 crore. the company entered into a technical collaboration with Suzuki Motor Corporation of Japan which helped the fledgling joint venture gain from the expertise of a global two-wheeler giant like Suzuki.TVS Motor Company Ltd. TVS-Suzuki became the first company to launch a 100-cc motorcycle in the Indian market. TVS Motor Company is the first two-wheeler manufacturer in the world to be honoured The Deming Prize for Total Quality Management. TVS Motor Company is the third largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India. In 1982. is the flagship company of the TVS Group established in 1911 by T. TVS produced the TVS 50.

TVS Apache TVS Apache with its shapely streamlined tank and engine design is really an eye -stopper. Its tough but light 6 spoke black alloy wheels are really supportive for better control and excellent riding of this two wheeler. Its all gear start and low friction engine with RCF technology are the key factor of better efficiency of this bike. 39 . It is further equipped with various upgraded technology like monotube inverted gas filled shocks. Its 240 mm disc brake is helpful in stopping one in any sudden situation to avoid accident. for the proper safety and security of the persons seating on the bike. Its smooth and flawless finish makes this bike desirable to the market. synchro stiff chassis etc. iE surge (intake and exhaust resonator). Its uniquely designed head lamp has become one of the best head turner in the market of two wheelers. IDI lean burn.

seamlessly.0 Ah (Self-Start) Transmission No. 105 mm Front Suspensions Monotube inverted Gas filled shox (MIG) Disc Brakes.3 Nm @ 6000 rpm Kick Start / Electric Start Telescopic Fork.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS OF TVS APACHE Dimension & Weight Wheelbase 1260 mm Kerb weight 136 kgs Fuel Tank Capacity 16 Ltr Engine Type Air-Cooled OHC Stroke (2/4) 4 . The bike has a unique. It is a splendid fusion of contemporary design and engineering.5 bhp) @ 8500 rpm 12. stocky. 9. It has superb finish with lines that flow smoothly. with everything sitting flawlessly flush.5 CC Electrical 5. Torque Start Suspensions Front Rear Brakes Front Rear Tyres Front Rear 5 Speed Constant mesh Double Cradle 9.95 kw / (13. Spoked Wheel (Self-Start) 100/80 X 18” – 90/90 X 18”(optional) TVS Apache is a performance bike from TVS. 240 mm at Front Drum Brakes. of cylinders Single Cylinder Bore x stroke 57 mm x 57. 130 mm at Rear 90 x 90 x 17 (Kick-Start) / 90 x 90 x 17".Stroke No.8 mm Displacement 147. of Gears Clutch Performance Maximum Power Max. TVS Apache is attractively styled. but 40 .0 Ah (Kick-Start) / 12 Volts.

RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 41 . TVS Apache is powered by a 147. that delivers a peak power of 13. aluminium die-cast sub-frames. RCF Technology that enables all gear start.5 bhp at 8. six-spoke.500 rpm. The large 16-litre fuel tank gives TVS Apache's front a heavy look. rectangular-section swing arm for the rear wheel and a straight. which also ensures that spark duration lasts as much as six times longer. high voltage spark plug that produces a longer flame front. matt-black finished alloy wheels. TVS Apache's arrow shaped headlamp and fairing combo along with triangular front mudguard impart it a more aerodynamic look. Apache's elongated tank design and the lower height ensure that its centre of gravity is closer to the ground. TVS Apache's special build features include a dual cradle chassis.muscular design theme. and low friction roller cams and a constant velocity (CV) carburetor that result in better fuel efficiency. The engine is loaded with innovative features such as intake and exhaust resonators for better low-end torque. low-set handle bar that offers the rider a lean-forward position while astride the bike.5cc engine.

To monitor the overall performance of the automobile industry 2. To the find out the preferences of the bike and companies among the wide range available automobile industry SCOPE OF THE STUDY Overall study of automobile industry Significance to the Industry The study will help the researcher to provide a reorientation regarding industrial development to the managers of the industry. The study will help the researcher to appraise the development of the industry to the related and unrelated industry managers and representatives. 42 .RESEARCH METHODOLOGY OBJECTIVES 1.

For the research approach the survey method is used. 43 . The major purpose of this study is the descriptions of state of affairs as it exist at present. the sample size is 50 n mode of collection of data was respondents and collection were chosen randomly.MARKET RESEARCH DESIGN The study has been descriptive in nature which includes survey and fact finding enquires of different kinds. Questionnaire is used for the research instrument and the questions were asked is close ended . Primary and secondary data are used in the study.


♦ Since the study has been done on the basis of secondary data.LIMITATIONS ♦ The cost and time is the major limitation faced by the researcher. the conclusion cannot be generalized as opinion of public at large. the researcher would have tried to do in-depth analysis or covered the entire industry in length and breadth. If ample time and budgetary support would have been provided. ♦ The area from where the sample population was selected was not covered under the study. 45 . It only represents the analytical skills and thoughts of the researcher. ♦ As there are many competitors a detailed study of all the competitors would have given more reliable and accurate results.


Q-3 How do you come to know about these Motorbike? 47 .TREME? BASIC YES NO RESPONDENTS 50 0 The objective of this question is to recognize people knowledge about particular brand.FACTS AND FINDINGS Q -1 Which vehicle do you own? BASIC HERO HONDA CBZ EXTREME BAJAJ PULSAR TVS APACHE ANY OTHER REPONDENTS 10 11 8 21 The objective of this question is to determine people opinion about the various motorbikes available in the market. Q-2 Are you aware with the new models of TVS APACHE & HERO HONDA CBZ X.

Q-5 While purchasing a bike what parameters you would consider Please Rate? BASIC MILEAGE RESPONDENTS 8 48 . Q-4 What does the word Apache signify in TVS APACHE? BASIC STYLE TECNOLOGY LUXURY PLANE FIGHTER RESPONDENTS 15 19 8 8 The objective of this question is to just want to confirm that people go for a name or not.BASIC ADVERTISEMENTS THROUGH FRIENDS/RELATIVES OWN PERCEPTION NEWSPAPER RESPONDENTS 30 9 2 9 The objective of this question is to identify advertising media.


6 12 6 5 13

The objective of this question is to know the efficiency of vehicle.

Q-6 Please rates your perception for TVS APACHE & HERO HONDA CBZ EXTREME. BASIC

25 45 27 30 10 25 35

25 5 23 20 40 25 15

The objective of this question is to know what people like most.


38 12

The objective of this question is to know what people like most to drive from both of the vehicles.

Q-8 What you feel after having a drive? 49


27 12 7 4

The objective of this question is to To know which drive appreciated by the consumer for their future use.

Q-9 Are you satisfied with these MOTORBIKES?


31 9 10

The objective of this question is to determine the customers satisfaction.

Q-10 Based on your attributes would you like to buy TVS APACHE & HERO HONDA CBZ EXTREME? BASIC

12 11 27

The objective of this question is to know that which brand satisfy the customers need more.





Most of the respondents have CBZ Extreme n pulsar as compare to TVS Apache. Q-2) Are you aware with the new models of TVS APACHE & HERO HONDA CBZ EXTREME? BASICS YES NO RESPONDENTS 50 0 PERCENTAGE 100 0 53 . the demands of the bikes are increasing day by day.It means that most of the respondents have bikes. glamour. Most of the people purchase other bikes as shown in the figure like TVS Victor.

It is clear from the figure that most of the respondents are aware of the bikes available in the various showrooms. Q-3) How do you come to know about these Motorbike? BASIC ADVERTISEMENTS THROUGH FRIENDS/RELATIVES PERCEPTION NEWSPAPER RESPONDENTS 30 9 2 9 54 .

whereas some other respondents came through friends.It states that the number of respondents come to about the bikes through advertisements. relatives n through newspaper. while less number of people came to know through their own perception. Q-4) What does the word Apache signify in TVS APACHE? BASICS STYLE TECHNOLOGY LUXURY PLANE FIGHTER RESPONDENTS 15 19 8 8 PERCENTAGE 30 38 16 16 55 .

whereas other said it good style while other said it is a luxurious bike n called as plane fighter.Most of the respondents said that the word apache means high technology. BASICS MILEAGE MAINTENANCE VALUE OF MONEY TECHNICALLY ADVANCE STYLE AND LOOKS ENGINE PERFORMANCE RESPONDENTS 8 6 12 6 5 13 PERCENTAGE 16 12 24 12 10 26 56 . Q-5) While purchasing a bike what parameters you would consider Please rate.

Respondents said that while purchasing the bike mileage is not important for them where as they can maintain the bike easily. Q-6) Please rates your perception for TVS APACHE & HERO HONDA CBZ EXTREME. money is more important. BASIC PERCENTAGE PERFORMANCE LOOKS MILEAGE TECHNOLOGY COMFORT MAINTENANCE APACHE PERCENTAGE EXTREME 25 45 27 30 10 25 50 90 54 60 20 50 25 5 23 20 40 25 50 10 46 40 80 50 57 . it doesn’t matter whether it is technically advanced or not and also said that style and looks are not important but matters a lot is engine performance.

whereas the apache has high technology than the Extreme. CBZ Extreme is more comfortable as compare to apache. Apache is safer then the CBZ Extreme. FO R RESPONDENTS 38 12 PERCENTAGE 76 24 58 . both of the bikes requires maintenance.100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 M AN C LO E O M K T E I LE S C AG N O E C LO M O G AI M Y N FO TE N RT AN SA C E FE TY APACHE PERCENTAGE X-TREME PERCENTAGE Q-7 Have you ever drive TVS APACHE & HERO HONDA CBZ EXTREME? BASICS YES NO PE R It states that the performance of TVS apache and Extreme is equal where as the looks of apache is more good as compared to Extreme. while the mileage of apache is also more than the Extreme.

Q-8 What you feel after having a drive? BASIC VERY GOOD GOOD RESPONDENTS 27 12 59 .YES NO Most of the respondents have drive both the bikes that is apache n Extreme whereas less number of people have not tried the bikes.

less number of people says they feel normal not much difference from other bikes. where as three or four people said it is average. Q-9 Are you satisfied with these MOTORBIKES? BASICS YES NO CAN NOT SAY RESPONDENTS 31 9 10 PERCENTAGE 62 18 20 60 .NORMAL AVERAGE 7 4 VER G O Y O D G O O D N R AL O M AVER E AG It is clear from the table that most of people feels very good while riding the bike. while others feels good.

Q-10) Based on your attributes would you like to buy TVS APACHE & HERO HONDA CBZ EXTREME? BASICS YES NO RESPONDENTS 12 11 PERCENTAGE 24 22 61 . where as 9 people said that they are not satisfied with bikes. while 10 people said they can’t say about the satisfaction level about the bikes.70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 YES NO CA NT S AY R E S P O N D E N TS P E R C E N TA G E Most of the respondents that is more then 50% are satisfied with both the bikes.

where as but 12 peoples said that they will buy the bike and 11 people said that they will not buy the bike. CONCLUSION 62 .CAN NOT SAY 27 54 100 80 60 40 20 0 YES NO CANT SAY PERCENTAGE RESPONDENTS It shows that most of the people said that they cant say whether they will buy the bikes.

63 .

economic growth of automobile industry .CONCLUSION By the in-depth study of the automobile industry we learn about the trends in the service n technology through which we projected the future scenario. the available automobile market. history of automobiles industry. This study has given us some pictures of the market perfection and future growth on this industry 64 . study of consumer buying behavior towards bikes.By this we concluded the fact that company prevailing in Indian automobile industry has a wide scope in future.


RECOMMENDATIONS • The company should focus on producing greater variety of bikes and more customization • Greater awareness about bikes and organization has to be created through advertisements. • Investments as an objective have yet to be established. • The performance of the HERO HONDA MOTORS in terms of bikes. 66 . Greater focus should be paid on this. plans growth rate and greater awareness should be monitored and enhanced.


Q -1 Which vehicle do you own? (a) HERO HONDA CBZ EXTREME (b) BAJAJ PULSAR (c) TVS APACHE (d) ANY OTHER ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) Q-2 Are you aware with the new models of TVS APACHE & HERO HONDA CBZ EXTREME ? (a)Yes (b)No ( ( ) ) Q-3 How do you come to know about these Bike ? (a)Advertisement (b)Through friends/Relatives (c)Own perception (d)Newspaper ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) 68 .ANNEXURES Please give some time to complete this questionnaire as completely and accurately as possible.

Important (a)Mileage (b)Maintenance (c)Value of Money (d)Technically Advanced (e)Style and Looks (f)Engine Performance CBZ EXTREME.Please Rate.Q-4 What does the word Apache signify in TVS APACHE? (a)Style (b)Technology (c)Luxury (d)Plane fighter ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) Q-5 While purchasing a bike what parameters you would consider . TVS APACHE (a)Performance (b)Looks (c)Mileage (d)Technology (e)Comfort (f)Maintenance (g)Safety ( ) ( ( ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) ) ) CBZ EXTREME ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) ( ( ( ) ) ) ( ) Doesn’t Matter ( ) ( ) ( ( ( ) ) ) ( ) ( ) ( ) Q-6 Please rates your perception for TVS APACHE & HERO HONDA 69 .

Q-7 Have you ever drive TVS APACHE & HERO HONDA CBZ EXTREME? (a)Yes (b) No ( ( ) ) Q-8 What you feels after having a drive? (a) Very Good (b) Good (c) Normal (d) Average ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) Q-9 Are you satisfied with these BIKES? (a) Yes (b) No (c) Cant say ( ( ( ) ) ) Q-10 Based on your attributes would you like to buy TVS APACHE & HERO HONDA CBZ EXTREME? (a)Yes (b)No (c) Cant say ( ( ) ) 70 .

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