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³We dedicate our project efforts to our respectable teacher MR Minhaj Bhatti who taught and hold our hands on several occasions to complete such complicated and lengthy project´


All praises and thanks to almighty Allah. The Lord and creator of this universe by whose power and glory all good things are accomplished. He is also the most merciful, who best owed on me the potential, ability and opportunity to work on this project. We are grateful to my respected teacher Sir Minhaj Bhatti who guided us in each and every step of this project .indeed, without his guidance we may not be able to even start of this project. May Allah give him the reward, which he deserves. We are also grateful to all those members who are related to Askari Commercial Bank limited.


Introduction of project:
The project which is given to us is


History of Askari commercial bank limited :

Askari Bank Ltd (formerly Askari Commercial Bank) was incorporated in Pakistan on October 9, 1991, as a Public Limited Company. It started its operations during April 1, 1992. The bank principally deals with banking, as defined in the Banking Companies Ordinance, 1962. The Bank is listed on the Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad Stock Exchanges and its shares are currently the highest quoted from among the new private sector banks in Pakistan. Askari Bank has expanded into a nationwide presence of 150 branches, and an offshore banking Unit in Bahrain. A shared network of over 1,100 online ATMs covering all major cities in Pakistan supports the delivery channels for customer service. As on December 31, 2007, the bank had equity of PKR 12.27 billion and total assets of PKR 182.17 billion, with over 800,000 banking customers, serviced by 6,808 employees.

INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Profile of Askari commercial bank limited .46 1 Week -1. Stock Data: Current Price (4/2/2010): (Figures in Pakistan Rupees) Recent Stock Performance: 20.2% Askari Bank Limited Key Data: Ticker: AKBL Country: PAKISTAN Financial Commercial Banks Exchanges: KAR Major Industry: Sub Industry: .0% 40.5% 4 Weeks -10.1% 13 Weeks 52 Weeks -6.

346.380.INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD 2009 Sales 25.296.312.432.627.000 Year Ending Jan 2010 Employees: Currency: Market Cap: Fiscal Yr Ends: Shares Outstanding: Share Type: Closely Held Shares: 4.461 Pakistan Rupees 10.635 Ordinary 244.152 December 507.397 .

INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Table of contents: CHAPTER DESCRIPTION Chapter 1: The Marketing Environment of Askari commercial bank limited. . Chapter 2: Chapter 3: Chapter 4: Chapter 5: Chapter 6: The marketing system. The marketing function. The Marketing productivity. The marketing organization and interfaces with the other functions within the company. The marketing strategy.

3. Micro environment analysis Macro environment analysis SWOT analysis: Strength Weakness Opportunity Threats . y y y 1. 2. 4.INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Chapter 1: The Marketing Environment of Askari Commercial Bank Ltd.

INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Macro and micro environment analysis of Askari Commercial Bank Limited: Micro environment: In the micro environment analysis we see the internal environment and in internal environment analysis we see the strength and weakness of Askari Commercial Bank ltd. It reduces manual work and provides good costumer service. Strength of Askari Commercial Bank: Computerization: The main strength of Askari Commercial Bank is that all the branches are fully computerized and they have latest software available to keep the records of their costumer account and other important information up to date. .

Largest private Bank: Askari Commercial Bank is one of the largest private Banks with deposit base of 167.68 billion showing constant growth over the period 1999 till day and with many online branches with major cities in Pakistan.INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Well knitted branch network: Askari Commercial Bank has a well knitted branch and adequately equipped branch networking system that efficiently covers both domestic and international market. Askari Commercial Bank has a largest branch networking in Pakistan. . Competent staff: Strength of Askari Commercial Bank is that it has staff which is well qualified and capable of performing the task because of their expertise and training in the field.

Qatar.being backed by 24 hours call center out of U.A. .INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Customer feedback: Costumers are allowed to give suggestion regarding Banking services.Bahrain.E. If there is any complaint by the costumer the Bank authorities investigates the reasons for complaint. Complaint monitoring system is excellent at Askari Commercial Bank that shows Bank value more to its costumer.E. International market: Askari Commercial Bank is actively participating in international markets and has recently introduced credit card in U.A.

With the team of highly qualified professionals. Information system: Askari Commercial Bank has invested heavily in information technology resources which has not allowed Bank to develop on of the most comprehensive and advanced system available . . Askari Commercial Bank is able to use its real time system resources to provide costumer with comprehensive account of their transaction on a daily basis .INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Askari Commercial Bank ATM switches net: Information technology group of Askari Commercial Bank has been able to create the largest network for secure electronic financial transaction in Pakistan.Askari Commercial Bank is one of those few Banks who are reaping the benefits of electronic transaction.With the help of this system Askari Commercial Bank has now achieved an online status via real time facilities and features available through nation wide network.

MCB Etc they are threats for Askari Commercial Bank. manual checking of vouchers.Bank Alfalah. s: With over 186 ATM and 106 online branches Askari Commercial Bank is again an undoubtedly industry leader with a connectivity extended to above than 25 cities of Pakistan. So with passage of time individual differences start increases with undermine the goodwill of the organization.travelling costumer can access their account from a large number of internationally deployed ATM. s and point of sale unit.but mainly these are Habib Bank Limited .In external environment we analysis of the opportunity and threats of the organization. .  The Bank still has traditional ways of operation in this advance technological environment for example account opening registers. World Wide master card: The Askari Commercial Bank world wide master card has become a global service furthering the convenience to the costumer . Macro environment: In macro environment we see the external environment of the Askari Commercial Bank ltd .  Accumulated losses push the Bank to cut down its promotional activities in order to reduce expenses for last few years.INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Leadership in ATM.  Although the Bank has computerized accounting. At any time they can capture the clients of Askari Commercial Bank Limited by providing any benefit more than that. Askari Commercial Bank not only 24 hours cash convenience but also improves on the counter services and turns around time at cash counters. Threats:  As Askari Commercial Bank Limited leading domestic Commercial Banking sector in Pakistan as such as no any close competitor of Askari Commercial Bank but every Commercial Bank is the competitor for each other . Weakness:  Due to risk such as political economy and legal the Bank has suffered losses the main reason was pilling up to of large amount of irrevocable debts. but still Bankers make their entries in accounting registers manually.  No availability of sophisticated equipment in branches and lengthy credit processing and documentation procedure.  In Askari Commercial Bank in the individual differences has strong impact on the organization performance due to wrong criteria selection of employees.

 In our country the rate of inflation is increasing along with unemployment. So due to increase in price of the product.  Foreign remittances are another as present as worldwide control system over transfer of currency through illegal channels has facilitated the area for the Banks. as it is the only group which can contribute more towards increasing the asset of the it is threat for the Banking sector.  Expensive promotional campaigns run by competitors.  Growing technological advancements and adaption of modern style of management in banking sector. So they should start their Islamic Banking as well.Bieng a private Commercial Bank it should earn more than that of nationalized Banks.  Askari Commercial Bank Limited is giving higher rate of return to their various certificates like defense saving certificate etc. whenever it feels any regulation. In the future the deposits of the Bank will decrease. Bank can capture more market by introducing new products for business community.  Costumer feedback on different products and accounts have really improved the Bank performance and encouraged the atmosphere for future policies. which monitors all Commercial affairs. It strength in loaning stems from its ability to forge strong relationships not only with borrowers but also with investors. Because SBP is the role authority of government. Opportunity:  Askari Commercial Bank Limited as a largest private Bank can increase it market share by producing goods. Commercial Bank.  Increasing in number due to increasing number of foreign Banks offering highly specialized and attractive services. it imposes without consideration of Commercial Banks plans etc. which will prove to be remarkable success in the field of consumer banking. New concepts of mobile Banking have been introduced by the Bank. market oriented and costumer needs satisfying product.  Askari Commercial Bank is now looking into the new ways of providing Banking services to his costumers.  Askari Commercial Bank Limited is an actively player in the loan business. . the savings of the nation is decreasing with passage .  It is always threat for.  Growing concept of Islamic Banking in Pakistan economy can be a serous threat to Askari Commercial Bank.INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD o  Political instability is also threat for the Bank instability leads to the lower business the same situation is prevailing in Pakistan.

INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD  There is a large pool of free MBA graduates who can be hired to achieve professionalism on its organization culture.  Increasing need and potential of leasing in Pakistan provide Askari commercial bank an opportunity to utilize its skills and efficiency in leasing business as well From combining this strength weakness opportunities threats analysis of Askari Commercial Bank we make the SWOT analysis.  Increase the product range to fulfill the costumer requirement and ATM.  Due to efficient and experienced management group Askari commercial bank can also improve well and expend its foreign operation successfully. .  Now computer literacy rate is increasing and it¶s really big opportunity for Askari Commercial Bank Limited that when public will have more knowledge about computer than they will be more attractive to the innovative products of Askari Commercial Bank.  Askari commercial bank has also an opportunity to expend its new technology like telebanking and internet banking facilities in order to serve the costumer more efficiently. network Askari Commercial Bank Limited can expand its 24 hours cash facilities to other cities of the country in order to meet growing market demand.

.INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Chapter 2 Marketing Strategy of Askari Commercial Bank Ltd y The marketing objectives and strategies against the current and future market environment.

INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD The Marketing objectives and Strategies: In marketing strategies we will see the objectives and strategies of Askari Commercial Bank against the current and future market environment.  To build and sustain a high performance culture. .Askari Commercial Bank will continue striving motivated and dedicated workforce where total commitment will be towards costumer satisfaction and wealthy growth of organization.  To build an enabling environment. Objectives of Askari Commercial Bank:  To achieve sustained growth and profitability in all areas of business. where employees are motivated to contribute to their full potential  To effectively manage and mitigate all kinds of risks inherent in the Banking business.  To identify strategic initiatives and opportunities to profit.  Bank is committed to indentify its security and trust and will endure to uphold this image at all the times  It will endure to provide its costumers with as many creative financial services and products as is required . It is planning to provide all the training of its staff toward achieving a high level of professionalism .  Bank will keep standing and by and develop its human capital base.  To create and leverage strategic assets and capabilities for competitive advantages.  To develop a customer-service oriented culture with special emphasis on customer care and convenience. corporate objectives and with the business goals and objectives  To provide strategic initiatives and solutions for projects products policies and procedures  To provide strategic solutions to mitigate weak areas and to counter threats to profits. The enhancement in its capital and return will be continuous process. with a continuous improvement focus. Askari Commercial Bank has strength to be a market leader. Strategies of Askari commercial bank:  To comprehensively plan for the future to sustain growth and profitability  To facilitate alignment of the vision .  Askari Bank will endure to provide competitive return to its shareholder and will strive to maximize its share today costumer demand a package of services suited to his particular business Bank plans to develop different and new products to cater for the costumer demand.mission.

INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Levels of strategy of Askari commercial bank: Corporate level strategy: y y y y Branch expansion network Outreach in small towns Non conventional channels of banking Off site ATM. Construction b. E. Chemical d. s Competitive level of strategy: y y Small loans to SME.Recovery of NPL(non performing loans) These are the major strategies through which Askari commercial bank can achieve a maximum growth and profit in banking sector in current and future and remit its deficiencies. . Debit card /credit card e. Electronic c. s Finance in new sectors: a.

.INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Chapter 3 The marketing of Askari commercial bank Ltd and its interface with other function within the bank y Examine whether the Askari commercial bank is appropriate for the defined objectives to be attained and the chosen strategies to be carried out.

Askari commercial bank manage all kinds of risk in the banking management and its security and trust will build up its image.INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD The marketing organization and interfaces with the other functions within the company: According to our analysis Askari commercial bank achieves its objectives and sustains growth and profitability and it build a very large performing culture and continuously focus on improvement. mission. products policies and procedures.and because of this it will continuously enhance its capital . How to increase sale? And maximizing profit in future? It continuously facilitates alignment of the vision. It¶s also build an environment in which the employees works very devotedly and are motivated for contributing their full performance. It expands its branch network in different cities in Pakistan as u can see that: . it provide its costumers with as many creative financial services and products as is required . and corporate objectives and with the business goals and objectives.As today costumer demand a package of services suited to his particular business it make more plans to develop different and new products to cater for the costumer demand . It provides strategic initiatives and solutions for projects. It provides the strategic solutions to mitigate the weak areas where it has a difficulty to reach . According to further analysis & strategies of Askari commercial bank is to works on the plan how to growth in the create and leverage strategic assets and capabilities for competitive Askari commercial bank is appropriate to attain its objectives.

Its also start finance and giving loans to construction. It increases its non conventional channels of banking Askari commercial bank launches different types of debit credit card because of which it is easy for costumer to access to its cash anywhere from its booth. It also recovers the non performing loans. electronic and chemical .INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD It tries to reach and established its branches in those towns where it has no access. . So Askari commercial bank is working to accomplish its objective and follow the defined strategies which will help him to increase his future growth.

planning. .INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Chapter 4 The Marketing System of Askari Commercial Bank Limited y Marketing information. management control and product development systems and procedures of Askari commercial bank limited.

INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Marketing System: In the marketing system we see the      marketing information planning management control product of development system procedures Marketing information: Marketing policies: Marketing polices are made for the growth of the organization Marketing for a bank would mean that: 1. Giving good services and maintaining good relationships with the costumers y y These policies can be implemented by providing the right product and services to the costumer at the right place. at the right price. at the right time. The bank marketing must be consumer oriented Following are the marketing policies of Askari commercial bank y Keeping the track of latest development of latest development in the world and incorporating the latest and most modern equipment to make the banking procedure simple and easy for the costumer Development of the product for the costumer. Creation of new products and services 2. .

askari commercial bank accept deposit in both local and foreign currency. 2. Deposits Advances International banking services Agency services to costumers Deposits: One of the basic function of Askari commercial bank is to receive deposits. 4.INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Products and services which Askari commercial bank offer to costumer while marketing: These are the following product and services which Askari commercial bank offer to its customers. Services : Askari commercial bank offer the following services to its costumers 1. 3. Local currency deposits:       Current account PLS saving account Term deposit Notice deposit Askari faida account Askari special deposit account .

Non funded facilities: Non funded facilities are those in which bank substitutes its own credit for its costumer Askari commercial bank offers its costumer large number of none funded facilities. Guarantee 2. Letter of credit Irrevocable letter of credit Revocable letter of credit Sight letter of credit Usance letter of credit . Funded facility 2.INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD  Value plus saving account Advances: Advances are the major source of earning for income of Askari commercial banks. Non funded facility Funded facilities: In funded facility the bank actually advance payment against further repayment . Bank attract surplus balances from the costumer at low intrest rate and makes advances at high intrest rates to the individual of business firms Askari commercial bank offer these facilities in two forms 1.these facilities are known as cash credits. These facilities includes 1.

4. Traveler cheques 7. Ask power 8. 2. 3. Personal finance Mortgage finance Business finance Car finance 5. Ask card 6. These are the products of Askari commercial bank . 1.INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD International banking service: in international banking services Askari commercial bank has also its branch outside Pakistan and it can also do the transactions internationally for the convenience of the costumer. Value plus . Agency services to customers: Askari commercial bank also connected to several agencies which provide a valuable services to its costumers Products of Askari commercial bank.

bhurban. Rawalpindi . pc hotel in Lahore.INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Askari master card Features of Askari master card:            No joining fee Global acceptability 24 hours costumers service Low service charges Zero loss liability Supplementary card for your loved ones Cash advance facility Balance transfer facility Free travel insurance Stress free travelling Discount in avari hotel Karachi Dubai Lahore. marriot.cerena or other five star hotels Planning of Askari commercial bank: .

6. 5. 4.the bank seeks the best way for investment to more profit growth with maximum security . mission. Financial policies Procurement policies Marketing policies promotional policies lending policies personal policies Financial policies: The financial policies of Askari commercial bank are primarily conducted on two bases y y Sources of fund Use of fund Sources of fund: The bank financial policy collect fund from the following sources: y y y y Deposit of account holders Interest on advances and loans granted to borrowers Interest Income and commission from the services provided by the bank Bank opens various types of accounts for its costumer services are provided for earning. It plans to identify marketing initiatives and opportunities for profit. It facilitate alignment of the vision. Project and policies and procedures. Management control: The management of the Askari commercial bank controls all the organization under the following policies: plans to attain the marketing business goals and objectives. Use of funds: After the acquisition of fund their acquisition become necessary .investment in the stock market. 2. marketing objective and marketing philosophy . It plans to create and leverage marketing asset and capabilities for competitive advantage. To provide marketing solutions to mitigate weak areas and to encounter threat to profit.INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD The Askari commercial bank comprehensively plans to ensure sustain marketing growth and profitability. 3.It provides marketing initiatives and solutions for products.the bank has a investment portfolio In which it locate its funds for crediting to borrowers . investment in the real estate property etc for allocation of funds a bank has to follow some banking policies and the prudential regulation of SBP these are : ..

y Giving good services and maintaining good relationships with the costumers Promotional policies: Public relations and advertising has a great in the modern banking business. Procurement policies: Procurement policies are more concerned with manufacturing organizations. Marketing policies: Following are the marketing policies of Askari commercial bank y Keeping the track of latest development of latest development in the world and incorporating the latest and most modern equipment to make the banking procedure simple and easy for the costumer Development of the product for the involve attracting and holding the funds of the depositors. In bank industry that is service industry procurement means the procurement of funds from various sources such as deposits . Askari commercial establish its purpose through: y y y Direct contact with costumers Relations with business organization Community relations Lending policies: The lending policies of Askari commercial bank are as follows:       The bank only invests in those sound and viable projects which have good rate of return. The bank prefer to advance loan to their account holders Loan is given to the reliable person prepare credit line for this purpose the major thing is granting an advance is the security offered by the borrower and its actual market value . As for as promotional activities are concerned the main objective of the bank is to inform the exciting clients and other new people about its new products and change in th existing services .before granting the loan the bank analyze and observe the borrower and conduct a complete ration analysis . No political loan is sanctioned by bank The bank while taking security prefer govt securities shares It also advances working capital loans . A bank cannot invest all of its funds otherwise it will be difficult to meet urgent needs. A substantial part of is received from interest on loans or advances .INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD A bank has to maintain liquidity with central bank.

Dubai EGamma Modern Masters UK Pakistan Navy Pakistan Petroleum Limited Ministry of Interior. Government of Pakistan MWCIA. and high quality products. Department of State. AIS offers them with products that satisfy their needs. USA Government of Punjab Government of NWFP Balochistan Local Government Commission Army Welfare Trust Fauji Cement Company Limited Gharibwal Cement Limited Askari Cement Nizampur Askari Guards Pvt Limited Askari Commercial Bank Limited Islamabad Electric Supply Company Nova Synpac Private Limited . Askari commercial bank has international as well as local clients.INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Personal policies: Following are the personal policies of Askari commercial bank:      Selection of employee on merit Selection of capable employee Attractive salary package to motivate employees To train and develop the future management of the bank Effective communication at all level of the bank Product development system: The product development system of Askari commercial bank ensures that its customers get the very best from their product development. The choices and requirements of customers is their top most priority. American Embassy European Union Mashreq Bank. Their customers come first and will receive ultimate worth and value through proficiently managed facilities. A Sample of Valued Clients is                     » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » United Nations Development Program United States. With the help of the clients.

INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD  » Redtone Telecommunications Pakistan  » Contra Telecom  » Mofi Foods Pvt Ltd  » Uch Power Pvt Ltd  » Aman Consulting Procedures of Askari commercial bank ltd: Askari commercial bank ltd has following different procedures different purpose First of all it has credit management cycle. CREDIT MANAGEMENT CYCLE PROCEDURE: Credit Management is composed of six steps:       Proposal Processing Decision Documentation Disbursement Review Other Procedures: These are the main procedures of Askari commercial                  Proposal Processing of loan procedure Evaluation Purpose of borrowing Knowing the business prospect of borrower Knowing Risk inherent in lending Visiting the client business place Financial analysis Ration analysis Valuation of collateral securities Negotiation Modes of creating charges over securities Repayment of the credit Making a lending decision Consideration of lending decision Procedure of loan disbursement Account monitoring status review . Credit department deals with all the activities related to giving credit to customers.

distribution points.INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Chapter 5 The marketing productivity of Askari commercial bank Limited y Profitability of products.. segments. etc. and the efficiency of the marketing activities .

Salient Features: Product Type: Term Deposit . A financing facility up to 90% will be available for customers if required.INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Market Productivity: I market productivity we see the profitability of products. 100.for three years!´ Askari Mahana Bachat Account is a Term Deposit facility available to individual customer with the option of 1 and 3 Years tenure. 1. It has been designed keeping in view savings needs of individual investors who don¶t want to block their funds for longer terms.for one year!" ³Earn Rs. Profitability of products: These are the following profitable products and their profitability. and distribution points «etc and efficiency of marketing activities of Askari commercial bank limited.000/.000/. Askari Mahana Bachat Account (1 + 3 Years Term) ³Earn Rs. 925/. 100.000/. segments. with a competitive rate of return paid monthly on the 1st of every month.per month on investment of every Rs.per month on investment of every Rs.

50.000/Maximum up to Rs.000/Tenure(s): 1 + 3 Years Profit payment: Monthly .000.1st of every month Profit Rates: Competitive Servicing: Available at all Askari Bank branches Financing Limits: Upto 90% of the principle amount Askari Roshan Mustaqbil Deposit .INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Eligibility: Individuals Only Balance requirements: Minimum Rs. 25. 10.000/In multiples of Rs.

a saving plan specially designed for individual investors who wish to invest now for a regular return at a later stage while keeping their principal amount intact. 5. Invest now in the form of monthly deposits for five years and get paid back the same amount for the next five years while receiving your principal amount in full at the end of the tenure. 5. Salient Features: Product Type: Term Deposit Eligibility: Individuals Only Balance requirements: Minimum Rs. With Askari Roshan Mustaqbil Deposit you can double your investment in a time period of ten years.000/Tenure: 10 Years (5 + 5) Profit payment: Monthly ± on completion of first 5 years Profit Rates: Competitive Servicing: Available at all Askari Bank branches .INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Askari Bank has launched the Askari Roshan Mustaqbil Deposit.000/Maximum upto Rs. 50.000/In multiples of Rs.

100. 10. 50.000.000/- .at maturity!´ Askari Deposit Multiplier Account Aim higher with your investments with Askari Deposit Multiplier account. This account is for individual investors whose purpose is long term savings with high returns.INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Financing Limits: Upto 90% of the principle amount after completion of. Salient Features Product Type: Term Deposit Eligibility: Individuals Only Balance requirements: Minimum Rs.000/Maximum upto Rs.000/. 265. With a tenure of 10 Years and a competitive rate of return on maturity this account is ideal for investors who wish to start saving for their future today. ³Value of initial investment of Rs.will increase to Rs.000/.

Now you can open a "Value Plus Account" while enjoying the flexibility of a normal checking account. which promise greater financial freedom and security. in an un-matched way.INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Tenure: 10 Years Profit payment: On maturity Profit Rates: Competitive Servicing: Available at all Askari Bank branches Financing Limits: Upto 90% of the principle amount Askari value plus deposits The Best You Deserve Askari Bank leads the way. Types of Value plus Account  Value Plus Current Account  Value Plus Saving Account  Value Plus Time Deposits . yet again with the introduction of Askari Value Plus Rupee Deposit Accounts.

INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Why Askari Value Plus Account?  Free issuance of Debit Card  Free global accidental insurance coverage against debit card irrespective of balance in the account or age of the cardholder  Free ATM Cash Withdrawal insurance  Free online funds transfer facility  Free internet banking services  Free of cost 24 hours global accidental insurance coverage up to Rs. ASK CARD Askari Bank is committed to provide you innovative and competitive solutions to your banking needs in a more efficient and personalized manner. anytime. convenience and security. Askari Debit Card is your new shopping companion which enhances your quality of life by letting you do shopping. Askari Debit Card means freedom. pay your utility bills. 2 million  Facility of Supplementary Debit Cards  Monthly returns on saving deposits  Partial encashment facility for time deposits  Automatic roll over facility for time deposits  Our un-matched service quality. "Convenience at its best" . large network and technological advancement. Askari Bank takes pride in announcing launch of Askari Bank's Debit Card. Your Bank enjoys a strategic competitive advantage over all domestic players by virtue of its leadership. so that you can have retail transactions with complete peace of mind. dine at restaurants. comfort. In line with our tradition of innovation. transfer funds. withdraw and deposit cash through ATM anywhere.

armed hold-up or forced deprivation of money  Free issuance of Debit Card for new Value Plus Accountholders  Umrah Tickets for 2 lucky cardholders (Each year)  Home insurance of 10 lucky cardholders (Each year)  No hidden charges  Free from carrying cash or cheque books  Free Funds Transfer Facility  Free Utility Bills Payments through ATM¶s  Shopping Facility at POS terminals  Maximum daily cash withdrawal limit  Balance Inquiry.INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Why ASKCARD?  Free of Cost (24) hours Global Accidental Life Insurance upto Rs. Our financial instruments provide greater financial freedom and security in an unmatched way to our valued customers. 500. Mini Statement  Supplementary Cards  Un-matched Online Real-time Services Askari rupee traveller cheques Askari Bank Limited has always remained at forefront in introducing innovative and unique products in banking sector. "Your Best Travelling Companion" Why Askari Bank's Rupee Traveler Cheques ? . Askari Bank offers you its "Rupee Traveller Cheques" eliminating all financial risks while traveling. So avoid risk of carrying cash through Askari Bank's Rupee Traveler Cheques.for every cardholder irrespective of balance in the account  Free ATM Cash Withdrawal Insurance upto daily cash withdrawal limit of the cardholder against snatching.000/.

Minimum gross monthly income of Rs. .only. Markup Rates: Servicing: Competitive. Eligibility to Apply: Age: Income: Between 21 to 65 Years. Available at all Askari Bank Branches Balance Transfer Facility: Available.INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD  Free issuance  Free encashment  Profit will be offered at the time of encashment*  Nationwide acceptability  Facility of encashment in cash to the purchaser  Facility of encashment through clearing  No purchasing limit  Valid until enchased  Easily transferable  Account relationship not mandatory  Fastest refund procedure in case of loss / theft  Safe & secure mode of funds transfer  Available in Rs. Repayment: Monthly debt servicing on the outstanding balance. 10.000/-(Clean) Financing Limits: Maximum upto Rs. 1 Million (Secured) Tenor: One year (renewable). 25. Maximum upto Rs.000/. 500. Smart Cash Product Featuring: Borrower: Facility: Resident Pakistani Nationals Personal Line of Credit.000 Denomination at all branches of Askari Bank  Perfect substitute of your cash.

With unmatched financing features in terms of loan amount. 500. Product Featuring: Borrower: Resident Pakistani Nationals. Personal Finance One of the quickest approval processes around One can avail unlimited opportunities through Askari Bank¶s Personal Finance. No matter what your need is. 1 Million. b) Self Employed: Minimum 1 year in business. payback period and most affordable monthly installments. (Secured) Tenor: Maximum upto 5 Years Repayment: Monthly Installments Markup Rates: Servicing: Competitive Available at all Askari Bank branches Balance Transfer Facility: Available . Term Finance Maximum upto Rs. Askari Bank has more ways to serve you than ever before.000/. (Clean) Facility: Financing Limits: Maximum upto Rs. Charges/Fees: As per current schedule of charges. Askari Bank¶s Personal Finance makes sure that you get the most out of your loan.INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Employment:a) Salaried: Minimum length of confirmed service with present employer is six months with a total length of one year service. (against security).

Maximum upto Rs. Askari Mortgage Finance offers you to get Home Loan Financing with five variations: i. Charges/Fees: Askari mortgage finance PRODUCTS' SPECIFICATION Ever since the inception of life. Askari mortgage finance enables you to pursue your goal without any problems. Askari Bank has made the realization of your dream to have a house of your very own possible. 500.INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Eligibility to Apply: Age: Between 21 to 65 years. Build a Home (Tranche Loans) Buy a Home Buy a plot and Construct Renovation . iv. iii.000/. As per current schedule of charges. Owning a home for oneself still remains an exclusive dream for many. ii. Mortgage is a premium home financing product for customers aged between 23 ± 65 years belonging to the upper.only.000/. b) Self Employed: Minimum 1 year in business. residing in the urban areas of Pakistan. upper middle and middle income groups. tailor made to your requirements or buy a constructed house. 10. (Clean) Financing Limits: Employment: a) Salaried: Minimum length of confirmed service with present employer is 6 months with a total length of 1 year service. shelter has been rated among the primary needs of mankind. Income: Minimum gross monthly income of Rs. Whether you plan to build a house.

Islamabad. this type of loan is meant for the purchase of an already constructed property. Disbursal will be made only after customer has provided BOQ and an undertaking for utilization of this facility for the purpose of renovation/ improvement. Rawalpindi. . Buy a Home: As the name suggests. Renovation: This loan is offered to customers who already posses a house and require funds for renovation/ improvement. Buy a Plot and Construct: This loan type is extended for the customers who want to buy a plot and construct a property on that plot. pricing or relationship reasons. who may want to switch over to Askari Bank Limited because of service. Balance Transfer Facility Build a Home: This type of loan is extended to customers who already own a piece of land and need funds to meet cost of constructing property on that land.INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD v. Lahore. Balance transfer facility: This kind of loan is offered to existing borrowers of other institutions. The loan with the other financial institute should have been paid in accordance with bank¶s credit history and debt burden requirements. The disbursement of this loan is made in lump sum for the purchase of plot and then in four or less tranches during the construction phase depending upon the bills of quantity (BOQ) submitted by the customer and the quantity and quality of construction done. Branches Offering Housing Finance: All Branches in the following cities can be contacted for Askari Mortgage Finance: Karachi. Balance transfer facility is strictly not allowed for the properties that are still under construction. Gujranwala & Sialkot. The bifurcation of limit for purchase of plot and construction will be applicable as per prevailing SBP prudential regulations. The disbursement of this loan is made in four or less tranches during the construction phase depending upon the bills of quantity (BOQ) submitted by the customer and the quantity and quality of construction done.

In case of Buy / Build a Home cases. Equitable plus Token registered mortgage/ full registered mortgage/mortgage under section 58(f) of transfer of property act 1882. in case of Home Renovation cases in absence of PTCL Land line.  Extracts of relevant SBP regulations and Bank's policy on mortgage financing:  Regulation R-15: Banks / DFIs shall determine the housing finance limit. acbl do not require land line at current or potential residence. Aggregate debt burden will be considered. Must have a Valid Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC). ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: Age Primary Borrower¶s ageSalaried Maximum age: 60 Years at maturity SEB/P Minimum age: 23 Years Minimum age: 23 Years Maximum age: 65 Years at maturity . New cities can be added only after setting up verifications & collections infra-structure. Mobile is mandatory. Bank¶s Policy Lien Marking. in accordance with their internal credit policy. At the same time.     Bank¶s Policy The portfolio acquired through Mortgage Finance program shall include properties only in urban residential areas of major cities.INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD General Terms and Conditions: An Individual must fulfil the following requirements to be eligible for applying Home Loan: Must be a Tax Payer. Debt burden inclusive of all existing and proposed liabilities should not exceed 50% of net disposable income OR as per SBP Prudential in force. should not exceed 50% of the net disposable income of the prospective borrower. banks / DFIs shall ensure that the total monthly amortization payments of consumer loans. inclusive of housing loan. any mobile or Wireless connection at residence is acceptable. while determining the credit worthiness and repayment capacity of the prospective borrower. both in urban and rural areas. credit worthiness and loan repayment capacity of the borrowers.

or was made Director at least a year ago due to educational responsibilities/ engaged in other family related business. Eligible Financing limits under each product category: Product Category Minimum limit Maximum Limit Build a Home (Tranche Loans) Rs. The business in such case must be 3 year old at least.000. where a Director was engaged in the business prior to being elevated to Director. the same will also be considered.000 .per month Length of Employment a) Salaried Employees with a minimum service length of 2 years including present employer. a blood relative is allowed in case of joint ownership in property: Minimum age: 18 Years Maximum age: 65 years Income Rs. and the Director applying for loan must have been in the same post for minimum of 1 year. Doctors/ Dentists. b) Self Employed Professionals Architects.000 Rs. 35000/. Minimum 2 years in profession. Engineers.INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Co-borrower Only Son and Spouse are allowed as Co-borrower. Chartered Accountants and Consultants. 300. However. 30. c) Self Employed Business Individuals Minimum 3 years in same line of business In family businesses only.

000 Renovation Loan amount calculation not to exceed the 50% of the total asset value OR 60% of Assets value. which makes it grow.000 Rs. 300. through equitable/token mortgage.000. and grow!. 300. Business Finance You always wanted to put in that extra money into your business. .. and start enjoying our unique Askari Business Finance facility. Running Finance/Term Finance.000 Buy a plot + Construction Rs.INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Buy a Home Rs.000.. 30.000 Rs. 30. Product Featuring: Borrower: Facility: Resident Pakistani Nationals. whichever is lower. Available upto 60% of the assessed market value of your residential property. Now you can stop worrying about your daily cash requirements.

1. (Clean) Business Requirements: Employment: Minimum one year's business or professional experience in the present business Charge/Fees: As per current Schedule of charges Enjoy the convenience of most attractive financing with minimum loan approval turnaround time. mass middle market and mass lower market.mass affluent. Balance Transfer Facility: Available Eligibility to Apply: Age: Borrowers: 21 to 65 Years.INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Financing Limits: Maximum upto Rs. Segments: The segmentation of Askari commercial bank consist of three approaches  Slicing of bank database  Targeting costumer life stage  Event trigger approach Slicing of bank data base consist of two types of segmentation by worth to bank and segmentation by role to society.0 Million Maximum upto Rs. Maximum upto Rs.000/. Mode of Financing: Running Finance: One year line of credit (renewable). .0 Million Primary Security: Residential & commercial / Built up Properly & Land. Available at all Askari Bank Branches. Don't wait act now.50. 500. Repayment: Running Finance: Monthly debt servicing on the outstanding balance. Resident Pakistani Nationals. to enhance your financial resources. Segmentation by worth to bank include high net worth . Markup Rates: Servicing: Competitve.

married with family Wealth accumulation stage Wealth management stage Retirement in Events trigger approach: This approach shows all the events of the costumers from his life to death through this bank can analyze that at which level his costumer is to it is easy to satisfy his needs at that level in this include            Birth Admission to university Wedding New job Purchase of house Career change Business set up Loss of property Retirement Grand children Death . self employed. government employees. single Young .INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Segmentation by role to society include professionals. Targeting costumer life stage approach includes the stages of person which target this include:       Student Young. businessman and students.

Dark green circle Dark blue circle Orange circle Yellow circle Light green circle Light blue circle Red circle Islamabad / Rawalpindi region north area Lahore region east region south 1 region south 2 region west area 14 10 15 19 22 11 7 .INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Distribution point of Askari commercial bank: These are the distribution points of Askari commercial bank in Pakistan or international level where it distributes its products and services.

depository and related financial services. retail banking. marketing and customer service. Under the dynamic leadership of Vice President Mr. foreign trade. The Group's principal activities are to provide lending. Zubair Sheikh . electronic banking.INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Orange whole circle offshore banking unit in Bahrain White circle total branches Square credit card centers Star retail banking centers 1 99 6 6 Efficiency of marketing activities of Askari commercial bank ltd: Askari Bank Limited Formerly known as Askari Commercial Bank Ltd. Financial services include credit risk management. They are dedicated their work. The branch is progressing rapidly. treasury. credit cards. Tariq Mahmood and Operational Manager Mr. The Bank operates through 166 branches. corporate and merchant banking. The total strength of staff in ACBL Multan is 35.

y Product. any other functions of Askari commercial bank limited.INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Chapter 6 The marketing function of Askari Commercial Bank Limited. Sales and Distribution Policy. . Price. Advertising and Promotion.

sales and promotions. debit credit cards mahana bachat scheme card«. The marketing function of Askari commercial bank consist of its product. .also with the cost price. Product strategy: In product strategies the bank apply the strategies through which I can efficiently provide the product and services to its costumers .INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD The marketing functions.. and an offshore banking Unit in launches the new products for the betterment of costumers like Askari master card . price. distribution strategy. Promotional Strategy Promotional Strategy To promote their product ACBL use following promotional strategies.etc Pricing strategy of Askari commercial bank: Pricing Strategy Price is the only p which generate revenue for the organization Askari commercial bank use different price strategies for different product For kissan tractor finance it used the cost plus pricing strategy which means that price is equal to cost of production plus margin of profit For electronic bill payment service it used the market oriented pricing which means that setting a price based upon analysis and research compiled from target market . Advertisement . For personal finance it used the price discrimination which means charge different price for civilian costumers and army costumers Distribution Strategy Distribution Strategy Askari commercial bank use its own distribution channel to promote their product when any product is lunched by Askari commercial bank to make the product available to final user it is distributed to its all branches ACBL has one fifty branches world wide and one hundred eight in Pakistan where customer can avail p/s Askari Bank has expanded into a nationwide presence of 150 branches.

Public relation Structure of Sales Department Structure of Sales Department Sale departments are back bone for any organization it is only the department which generate the revenue for the organization Following are the sale department in ACBL Auto financing Department Agriculture Department Consumer finance Department Credit department Sale departments are performed sale operation in ACBL After the marketing of product sale department perform the sale operation applying the principle of customer relationship management Functions of Sales Department Functions of Sales Department No organization exist without sale department the success of any organization depends on success of this department The function of sale department is to sell the product and service of the organization After the procedure of the marketing these departments give the product to customers finally It appoints sale representative and canvas to increase sale such as B.D.O It provide after sale service It advise the top management about sale policies .INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Broacher .Bill board. Internet .Social marketing Publicity.

they will be more motivated and involved in decision making process at lower level process operations resulting in employee satisfaction and overall effectiveness of the organization. so that there is no stress on the employee about performing their job Permanent hiring: Permanent hiring in order to ensure job security of the employees whish result in to the lowering the turn over. Training and development: Human resource development should develop the training and development program in order to give training the existing employee so that they are gradually update their knowledge regarding the recent development in the banking sector .INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Recommendations After doing the whole effort on this project I recommend the following suggestion to the bank in order to improve efficiently and effectively .it would result in improvement in uplifting the morale of the employees . Job security: Employee serving in the bank should be insured about job security . . Compensation and allowances: Internal and external equity of pay should be maintained by the bank in order to attract and retain the efficient employees resulting into lowering employee turnover Reduction in service charges: In order to attract more number of costumers service charges offered by the bank should be lesser then the other bank as it would help bank attract more number of costumers Decentralization: The high authorities should form team based on management rather than centralized management .

O. for further queries please call: 0800-00078 Website: WWW.INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Contacts: Registered Office /Head Office AWT Plaza. P.Box 1084. The Mall. Rawalpindi. Tel : (051) 9063000 Fax: (051) 9272455 Tele Care Center The Tele Care Centre would provide a single point of contact for all of its customers.COM .ASKARIBANK.

INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD References :  Library  Internet  Bank documents .


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