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U.S. District Court District of New Hampshire (Concord) USA, Ex Rel et al., Plaintiffs, v. USA et al., Defendants.

_______________________________________________________________/ MOTION FOR JUDICIAL NOTICE OF ILLEGAL F.B.I. SEIZURE & CORRUPTION UNLAWFUL SEARCH & SEIZURE BY F.B.I., TAMPA, FLORIDA 1. In violation of Plaintiffs’ fundamental 1st, 4th, 14th, 5th, and 7th U.S. Constitutional Amendment rights, and without any probable cause, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Tampa, Florida, searched and seized Plaintiffs’ records and evidence of Government and judicial corruption in Florida, U.S.A. [search warrant; No. 8:10-mj-1416 (AEP)]. 2. Here in particular, the Plaintiffs were entitled to, e.g.: a. b. c. d. e. f. Litigate and prosecute corrupt Government Officials in Florida; Redress their Government grievances; Defend against Government and judicial corruption and fraud in Florida; Own their record Gulf front property, 12-44-20-01-00015.015A, Lee County, Florida; Exclude Government from their private riparian Gulf front lands and easements; Defendant against Defendants’ fraudulent forced real property sale under false pretenses. COURT CASES & PROOF OF GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION & FRAUD 3. For patently clear and publicly recorded proof of Government fraud and corruption see, e.g., Cases (Middle District of Florida): a. b. c. d. e. 2:2007cv00228; 2:2008cv00899 [removed from State Court by Defendant U.S. Judges]; 2:2009cv00041; 2:2010cv00089; 2:2009cv00341; 1:10-cv-00321-JL

f. g. h. i.

2:2008cv00364; 2:2010cv00390; 2:2009cv00791; 2:2009cv00602.

Here since 2006, the Plaintiffs had rightfully prosecuted crooked Government Officials in State and Federal, and respective Appellate Courts. Here particularly, Officials had conspired to fake an alleged money judgment for illegal purposes of, e.g., extorting money and land from the Plaintiffs. See, e.g., Case 2:2007cv00228; and Complaint in this Case. GOVERNMENT COERCION, EXTORTION, INTIMIDATION, AND F.B.I. SEIZURE 4. Here, said FBI search was for unlawful purposes of, e.g., a. b. c. d. Coercing the Plaintiffs to refrain from further litigation; Concealing Governmental and judicial corruption in Florida, U.S.A.; Destroying indisputable proof of Government corruption and fraud; Extorting Plaintiffs’ private property and land parcel 12-44-20-01-00015.015A, Lee County, Florida, U.S.A.; e. Intimidating and threatening the Plaintiffs. GOVERNMENT COVER-UP, RETALIATION & ILLEGAL SEIZURE IN FLORIDA 5. Here in retaliation and without any probable cause, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Tampa, Florida, searched and seized, e.g., Plaintiffs’ records, computers, camera, and other equipment essential for Plaintiffs’ successful litigation and proof of Governmental corruption in Florida. Here, Officials conspired to cover up Government corruption and fraud and retaliated against Plaintiff Government corruption victims. CORRUPT JUDGES/OFFICIALS COVER UP FOR CORRUPT JUDGES IN FLORIDA 6. Here, said search warrant: a. Originated in said corrupt Court/Government system (Middle District of Florida); b. Was signed by a judge presiding over Plaintiffs’ prosecution of Defendant fellow Judges for fraud in said corrupt Court (U.S. Magistrate A. E. Porcelli, Tampa); c. Was yet another fraud on the Court and deliberately deprived Plaintiffs of their fundamental Federal and Florida Constitutional rights to defend against Government, corruption, oppression, and fraud.


DELIBERATE DEPRIVATIONS IN ORDER TO DISRUPT ORDERLY PROSECUTION 7. Said retaliatory search and seizure of Plaintiffs’ documents, computers, and equipment, e.g.: a. Unlawfully deprived the Plaintiffs of their most essential means to continue their prosecution; b. Unlawfully deprived the Plaintiffs of their most fundamental rights under, e.g., the 1st, 4th, 14th, 7th, and 5th U.S. Constitutional Amendments; c. Rendered Plaintiffs physically incapable of further orderly prosecution to which they were indisputably entitled. PLAINTIFFS’ ABSOLUTE NEED FOR ADDITIONAL TIME AFTER FBI RAID 8. Here after said 2010 FBI raid, the Plaintiffs respectfully requested additional time to, e.g.: a. Recover from said facially illegal search and seizure; b. Replace the missing summons’; c. Recover from the damages caused by said unlawful seizure; d. Replace their seized computers and equipment; e. Reestablish said proof of Government fraud; f. Seek protection and shelter from said Government retaliation and intimidation. See Plaintiffs’ Motion for Extension of Time. Here, in the absence of said absolutely required summons’, the Plaintiffs cannot possibly serve the Defendant corrupt Officials and, e.g., need to replace the missing summons and other documents. WHEREFORE, the Plaintiff victims of Government corruption respectfully demand 1. An order taking judicial notice of said Government corruption and F.B.I. seizure, which incapacitated the Plaintiff corruption victims;


2. An order extending Plaintiffs’ time to serve the Defendants after said FBI raid; 3. An order compelling the Tampa F.B.I. to return Plaintiffs’ seized computers, equipment, camera, records, and summons so that they may continue to exercise their fundamental rights such as, e.g., prosecuting crooked Defendant Government Officials in Florida, U.S.A.; 4. An order restraining the Defendant Officials and Tampa FBI from any further illegal intimidation and obstruction of justice. /s/Dr. Jorg Busse, Private Attorney General; Victim of Government and judicial corruption in Florida, U.S.A. /s/Jennifer Franklin Prescott, Private Attorney General; Victim of judicial and Government corruption in Florida, U.S.A. BY CERTIFIED DELIVERY & MAIL U.S. District Court District of New Hampshire 55 Pleasant Street, Room 110 Concord, NH 03301-3941, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA T: 001.603.225.1423