U.S. District Court District of New Hampshire (Concord) USA, Ex Rel et al., Plaintiffs, v. USA et al., Defendants.

_______________________________________________________________/ NOTICE OF CHANGE OF MAILING ADDRESS & FEAR OF RETALIATION PLAINTIFFS’ FEAR OF FURHTER GOVERNMENT RETALIATION & OPPRESSION 1. Following the F.B.I. raid, the Plaintiff Government corruption victims further fear for their lives because of Defendant corrupt Officials’ publicly recorded acts and racketeering. CONCEALED WEAPON USE BY DEFENDANT CROOKED OFFICIAL PETERSON 2. Here pursuant to Tampa F.B.I. Agent Nelson, e.g., Defendant corrupt Official Jack Neil Peterson is wearing a concealed weapon. DEFENDANT CROOKED CLERK OF COURT, FORT MYERS, FL, DIVISION 3. Here, the Defendant crooked Clerk of Court, Middle District of Florida, Fort Myers Division, knew and concealed that, e.g., Lee County and judicial Defendants conspired to extort money and Gulf-front lands and easements, Lee County Parcel # 12-44-20-01-00015.015A. 4. Here in particular, said Clerk knew and concealed that Government Defendants conspired to, e.g.: a. Fake a non-existent “judgment”; b. Fake a “claim” of a non-existent land parcel: “12-44-20-01-00000.00A0”; c. Fake “justification” of an illegal forced sale of Plaintiffs’ said Gulf-front lands. 1:10-cv-00321-JL

5. Here, Government threats of, e.g., “criminal prosecution” and “forced land sale” and the seizure of Plaintiffs’ evidence and records further increased Plaintiffs’ fear. Because the Plaintiff Government corruption victims fear for their lives in the United States, they hereby respectfully give notice of the change of the mailing address: Jennifer Franklin Prescott Dr. Jorg Busse P.O. Box 1140 Naples, FL 34106-1140 United States of America /s/Dr. Jorg Busse, Private Attorney General; Victim of Government and judicial corruption in Florida, U.S.A. /s/Jennifer Franklin Prescott, Private Attorney General; Victim of judicial and Government corruption in Florida, U.S.A. BY CERTIFIED DELIVERY & MAIL U.S. District Court District of New Hampshire 55 Pleasant Street, Room 110 Concord, NH 03301-3941, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA T: 001.603.225.1423


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