CKV report about the movie: Eat Pray Love.

For this first report I have to make for the subject ckv, I went to the cinema Arcaplex in Spijkenisse with a friend, to watch the movie: Eat pray love with Julia Roberts. I thought it was a very good movie with a very good, entertaining and a strong storyline. I liked the movie very much, it had all very different emotions and conflicts. When you were watching, you wouldn·t look away. The movie eat pray love, is directed by a man who is called Ryan Murphy. He is a very good director and he did direct a lot other great movies. The actrice who is the most important or better said , the protagonist, is the actrice named Julia Roberts, in the movie she plays a woman called Elizabeth (Liz) Gilbert. There are more important actors in the movie, for instance, a Medicine man from Bali which is named Ketut Liyer. Another famous personage is Stephen Gilbert, he is a man which has also an important role in the movie. Stephen Gilbert is played by the actor Billy Crudup. To watch this movie I went to the cinema Arcaplex which is in the neighbourhood Spijkenisse. The date that is shave been to this movie is the 15th of October 2010. It is not very easy to name all the locations of the movie, because there are a lot of places where Elizabeth Gilbert is spending her time. Elizabeth Gilbert is born and lives in New York her whole life, but later on in the movie gets enough of New York and she decides trying to let her past behind her and find her true self, she decides to go on a journey. On the journey that she is going to make, she first goes to Italy. She stayed for approximately 4 months in Rome, were she learned Italian and where she met great people. Her main reason to go to Italy was just to eat. After that period Elizabeth stayed in Rome, she went to India. She came to India to pray for the Guru and herself and she tried to live as a real citizen of India. When she was done with doing her thing in India, she went to Indonesia to visit an old friend, Ketut the medicine man. During her stay in Bali, she was searching for someone to love again. Elizabeth was always dressed very well. In every country or city she stayed, she dressed herself very appropriate, just like all other people. You could never see that she was from another country, only if you looked at the color of her skin . Where ever she was, Elizabeth dressed herself in the correct way. All the other peo ple were also dressed very appropriate. In which city they were was not a problem, they were all dressed in the good way. The fashion stylists did a very good job with the clothing of the actors to make it look real. Elizabeth always had some make up on her face, but

that v ry r al a v . ll ther a tor were al o overed w th a l ttle b t of a eup. he a eup artists did their ob also very well. absolutely think that the locations and the clothing have certainly something to do with the right atmosphere. Because at every location, the actors wear all other clothes, they all were wearing the right clothes. can mention an example: hen Elizabeth was staying in ndia, she had to pray every morning at half past . She put on her special n dian clothes, and she went to the mosque to pray. he clothes perfectly fitted with the location, because her clothes emitted the right feelings and atmosphere. he whole picture was correct, the right location, the right clothing and together it formed the right atmosphere. he music in this movie did no t always had a special role. ost of the time the music was ust mentioned for the background. t was not very special music, but the music was there also to entertain the people who were watching the movie, otherwise it would be too boring very quickly to watch . here are two times where the music was important. he first song was approximately in the middle of the movie. Elizabeth ilbert felt very lonely and depressed and she did not knew what to do anymore. t that point of the movie there was a very sad song, which was about someone who felt alone and sad. t was the perfect song to use at that moment. t made the feelings of Elizabeth very strong. hey played the second song at the last par t of the movie. hat was the moment that Elizabeth finally found her new love and when she finally felt happiness. t was a the right time to play that happy song, ust to amplify the happy moment. n the movie were not often very special sound effects. ost of the time you ust heard the other music playing, ust the songs they used in the movie. do not know for sure but maybe at some moments in the movie there were special sound effects, but not a lot. Probably when something exciting was going to happ en, there was a thrilling sound, ust to make that part of the movie more exiting to look, and to pay more attention. do know that in approximately in the middle of the movie, Elizabeth makes the choice to go on her ourney. nd when she told her friends , you heard a loud crack. t that moment it was quiet for a short period of time. he story that the director wanted or tried to tell us, was build up very well, the movie had a very clear storyline. ll ( important) moments in the movie were all in a very chronological way. t every part or moment in the movie you could know what it was about or what was happening. ou could even think of what would happen next, because the storyline was so well done, that you always knew what or were it was going to be about. t some moments there was a flashback or a memory that came back in her mind. 
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One of the scenes which I can remember the most and which I thought was the most fun, was the scene where Elizabeth Gilbert went to a party. First she did not wanted to go to that party, but when she saw the woman who she met that afternoon, she got more and more excited. When the lady from the afternoon told Elizabeth that she had found the perfect man for her, Elizabeth started talking to him and later on they had much fun and they started dancing. When she was having fun, she started to drink more and more alcohol. Before she knew she got drunk. I thought the scene was very well filmed. The way how they filmed the scene was very interesting. The scene was most of the time filmed from the front, not from above. Only some moments the camera position was from above. What I noticed was that all the scenes were in order. The genre of this movie is the genre drama, because in this movie happen a lot of things. Some moment in the movie cause a drama, that is why I think that is the perfect genre for this movie. I will mention an example. At the beginning of the movie, you saw Elizabeth in Bali sitting with the medicine man Ketut. They talked about her future. When Elizabeth went back to New York, she married and lived a happy life. Well, that is what she thought it was. She divorced and after a while she found herself a new lover. When they broke up, Elizabeth went on a journey to Italy, India and Indonesia. The movie is about the woman Elizabeth Gilbert, who had in her past been to Bali to a medicine man name Ketut, to ask him how her future was going to be. He told her everything about her future and he also said to her that she would ever come back to Bali again. When she was back home in New York, she married a guy named Stephen Gilbert, after a couple years, they divorced. Later on Elizabeth met a new man, and they got together as boyfriend and girlfriend. Suddenly after some years together, Elizabeth knew that it wasn·t her destiny to be with him forever, she wanted and needed something else. That is why she left her boyfriend and went to go on a trip, to find what she really wanted. She was looking for what she was living for. She first went to Italy for 4 months, there she met some great people and she ate a lot. Then she went to India to pray for the Guru as a real citizen of India. At least she went to Indonesia, to Bali, just like the medicine man Ketut told her. In India she found some new love.

here are a lot of different conflicts in this movie. ll that conflicts make the storyline of the movie more fun and more interesting to watch. will mention a couple of examples which show that there are a lot different conflicts in this movie. he first example is approximately in the beginning of the movie, when Elizabeth ilbert wants to divorce from her current husband Stephen ilbert. ater on in the movie, they show that they had to go to court to discuss with their lawyers. hey discussed about who gets to keep all the things they shared. Elizabeth was driving crazy of him so she said that Stephen could keep everything. fter her divorce, she met someone else, and when they broke up, they both had to cry, it was very tragic. he last conflict name was approximately in the end of the movie, when Elizabeth didn·t knew what she had to do with her new love elipe that she found in ndonesia. elipe asked Elizabeth if she wanted to come with him on a boat to a deserted island. Elizabeth did not knew exactly what she wanted, so she got angry. But later in the movie Elizabeth apologized to him and they still went to that island together.
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he most important person in the movie is Elizabeth ilbert, her role is played by the actrice ulia oberts. Elizabeth is a women who has no clue what to do with her life, she is a little insecure, she doesn·t know how she has to live her life. t is a very insecure, soft, trustable, sweet, sensitive lady. noticed all her characteristics in all different scenes. n every scene you can tell something about her character. She is a very open person and she let other people come in her life very quickly. nother important person from the movie is a man named elipe, his role is played by the actor avier Bardem. elipe is a very insecure man, he has a soft and sweet character. He is very careful opposed to other people. ou can notice that especially in the last scene, when he was very nice to his new girlfriend Elizabeth. he last important person in the movie am going to name is Ketut iyer, his role is played by the actor Hadi Subiyanto. He is a very wise man he is namely a medicine man. hen Elizabeth asked him for his help, he helped her very kindly. He is a calm, restful and careful man. 
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he first relationship am going to tell you about is the relationship between Elizabeth ilbert and Stephen ilbert, is that they were married. ears ago they met each other, and finally after a lot of years spending together, they decided to get married. t was not a very long relation ship, because after a couple of years, Elizabeth and Stephen divorced. Stephen did not wanted t o divorce, but Elizabeth did, so they still divorced. he second relationship am going to explain about is the relationship between Elizabeth and elipe, is that later on in the movie they had a relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend. Elizabeth met elipe in the last country she was, that was namely ndonesia. hen Elizabeth was on her bike, a car hit her and she fell. he man who ran into her was elipe, he felt very sorry for what he did to her . t a party elipe was there as well, they started talking and finally it ends to a relationship between the two.
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The last relationship I am going to describe is between Elizabeth and Ketut the medicine man. Elizabeth met Ketut years ago when she was in Bali. The man told her everything he knew about her future, he also told her she would ever come back to Bali. A couple of years later, she came back to Bali, just as Ketut told her. He hel ped her to find her true self. For a couple of moths she came at his place, and then he told her more and more, he was always right and everything he said was true. The people in the movie present just normal people. Actually they act how it could be in real life, in a normal life. It is not a battle between who is good, or who is the bad guy. I think that the director want to tell us that life is something beautiful, and that it does not always goes how you want it goes, but finally everything will be alright. That will be the message by this movie from the director. With the person I commiserate the most was of course Elizabeth. I know it is just a movie, but all the decisions she makes, are all very good. I respect her doing the way she wants to do all things in life. Everything she does, come always to the right end . Maybe she sometimes makes hard or wrong decisions, she will always end up very well. She did not always had a easy or a happy life, but she did always survived everything and that is very good. I think that the director of this movie, did not made it to teach us something. The only reason why it could be teaching, is because of the wise life lessons that are used in this movie. I think that the director Ryan Murphy filmed this movie for 2 reasons. I will explain why I think that. The first function of this movie will be to amuse the people who watch, because it is a very funny, good and interesting movie. The main reason of this movie will be an opinion, a crossing a message. Ryan Murphy wants to tell us that life does not always goes the way that you want how it has to be. In the movie he will let us see how Elizabeth Gilbert deals with that problems, in her life she has some ups and downs. Ryan Murphy wants to tell that you would never give up, when something does not goes the way you want it to go. The things that the director Ryan Murphy uses to keep the attention of the people who watch, are a lot of recourses. He keeps them watching by funny parts, but also when there is a sad moment in the movie, he goes further in the meanings. I think that he keeps the people watch by amplifying the different emotions Ryan Murphy uses with his actors. The people want to stay looking at it, to see what is going to happen next, and how all actors will respond at each other. They get curious of what will going to happen next.

When bought my tickets to this movie, did not had a very big prediction. t only seemed a nice, good movie to me. When is saw some pictures of the movie and when read the summary where the movie was about, thought it was a story about a woman who was making a trip to some countries. hat was the only things where was right. ll the other things that happened in the movie would never expected. ll the trouble and the problems were very surprising, because thought it was a movie were someone was going on a vacation trip, never thought it would be about a woman who lost herself and tried to look for her true self again.
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y impression of this movie was very good, thought it was a great movie. he storyline was perfect and loved it to watch. thought it was that good, because the storyline was very catchy, liked it to watch how the actors deal with all the problems. he part of the movie when Elizabeth was strong enough for the divorce, was a great moment. his movie is based on a true story.
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eview: ne bad point, it is in Dutch, could not find one a good in English







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he part that had the most impression at me, was when Elizabeth woke up in the middle of the night, and when she went praying . She went back to bed, when she suddenly said to her husband Stephen ilbert that she did not want to be married. He was shocked and he cried. When she still was busy with the divorce, Elizabeth met a new boyfriend. lso to him she said, have to make a trip to find myself again. So Elizabeth left him also. He was heartbroken for a very long time.

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