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cc· L cc· L cc· L cc· L c· o . c· o . c· o . c· o . ÷·oO ÷·oO ÷·oO ÷·oO s:o . oc:n· s s:o . oc:n· s s:o . oc:n· s s:o . oc:n· s!
c OC c OC c OC c OC co o: co o: co o: co o: æ:òc' æ:òc' æ:òc' æ:òc' cc' cc' cc' cc'

á^¦ á^¦ á^¦ á^¦ (o ^: o ^: o ^: o ^:) - Ls s Ls s Ls s Ls s ^¸c so ^¸c so ^¸c so ^¸c so os¡ os¡ os¡ os¡ c·^:c° c·^:c° c·^:c° c·^:c° co o: co o: co o: co o:
co<s: co<s: co<s: co<s: c Lo:oc' c Lo:oc' c Lo:oc' c Lo:oc' J JJ Je:Loe e:Loe e:Loe e:Loe cªn`·:c(o cªn`·:c(o cªn`·:c(o cªn`·:c(o c c- c c- c c- c c- so`o so`o so`o so`o ^o(o ^o(o ^o(o ^o(o
n:ooD n:ooD n:ooD n:ooD c OC c OC c OC c OC c'° c'° c'° c'° c L(Lc-·c c L(Lc-·c c L(Lc-·c c L(Lc-·c c·:o· c·:o· c·:o· c·:o· c¸Dsoc c¸Dsoc c¸Dsoc c¸Dsoc
c<:c·cs:c: . c:oc¡c s c:oc¡c s c:oc¡c s c:oc¡c so c:c· L o c:c· L o c:c· L o c:c· L
.,<o:±·os:c: . c ± <áò co¡c c ± <áò co¡c c ± <áò co¡c c ± <áò co¡c

Jesus and Muhammad (peace be upon them) in the
Bible and Qur'an: Biblical evidence of Jesus being a
servant of God and having no share in divinity -

By Dr.M.T.Al-Hilali,Ph.D in the appendix in the book
"Interpretation of the Meaning of The Noble Quraan"
By Dr. Muhammad Taqiuddeen al-Hilaalee, Ph.D. and
Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan

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e``c· oo e``c· oo e``c· oo e``c· oo
c°· Dc·c :<ocs:, n°oL co·(ccs:,
^c·¡oc:cs:, s o . Oc cs: on:(c < c Ls s ^o:c's
^o·:c s·o s ^sc . ÷o^c: ± oc:c·o. co< .o .¬o c <
c¢c·c°· s0n e<· Ls s:c:, co<s: ^oc·<o c c:,
co< JLo s ^oc·<o s·c:. co<s: ^o ^c·<:c Lo¬
c oa. co- ^o:c's ÷s cooac <, Ls s c L(÷s .
‘c°· os·c co·c<cs: co o s0n <, Ls s:c <
co<- s Lco co·cocc° c'c ^¬ co o:
cooc c·o·c<, Ls s co·c:(c < cc· L s: cªn`·:c:c<:
æo± oco, ^¸c c·c<: co·coceo ¯cc < co(oo lo
`·.c:c os¡ ÷·÷:oc <, coosoc <, coocc °
c:c.o c·c·c n:ooD . æc<: c c.o ^¬ ’ c·<c·0s Ls s
c Lo:., c·o co¸sc·:°· Lcoceª°s , co< o<
^oc ÷ooac<:, . Ls c<: .o`·c:.
cc· L os¡ cocoa . Ls c . , ^oc ÷ooac .
c:æ(on· coOc ^oc ÷ooac < c:oc¡c ^c c· oo
cc c L^c o . co o: . vo c <o Los: co<<:
c·o¡son· c<:^o o± c·o . cc· L os¡ ÷·oO co o:
c c <c: sc:n: n·s . cD'!!

c OC c OC c OC c OC c' c' c' c' á^¦ á^¦ á^¦ á^¦ cc c ^.c·o cc c ^.c·o cc c ^.c·o cc c ^.c·o co o: co o: co o: co o: - c·<: - c·<: - c·<: - c·<:
c OC os¡ s` o °coc<cc' coe cc· o n`- .C c'°
-·c:nL cc·(ooc'° coL co o: LcL Lc<oc' ‘á^¦ -
coc·°· o..oc:s` c ° es Dc o:c < c Lc·^:c° (an
obedient mortal), =os· c Lc coc oæc·° co o:
. c:L°’ LcL Lc<oc'° á^¦ c'c<cc' ^.c on· e<·c .
". c:c < ° c L,° °L, ÷'co.Lcc° co os ±`e
c· occ o:<·c° c·°c` ± ..<:".
e cc·(ooc' c·^ c·°s - c·<: c ^.o·( <:
es±`e <:oc co`s ±` e:s: ¯^:s:oe¬ ``o·c° c<o
cc:L,c·o. - c·<: c L,c ° Jc· ¯^:s: ``ncc:? ^sc
. ÷o^cs: coa c < cc· L cc<·oac:. ce:Loe
c.°occ: blasphemy co< co c·.,cs s¬c· ± oc L,!
c.-c: - c·<: co<<: o< c:oc: `·`· on .cc°
co o: o<<: co·cocc° cæ· .oD<c . =os· `· .oDs
c'ncªn·(c<: . `·c `· <° c÷ c¬. <c . Jon· c¬.oD<c .
- c·<: c L,c c` °o¸oon· cc· .0s `·o^o Jc·
± oncc:? J.-c c - c·<: á^¦ <: o< cæ c<:
c<:^oocc° cc ¬oD-·c , =c· (.¬o:noc·cc' ) c· occ
e<·c° - c·<:s: á^¦ æc·O`· oa:". c:c < ° c L,°s
¯ s¡ co<<: c·o c: - Do.Lc <:". Matthew 4:10

c L,° c L,° c L,° c L,° Oc Oc Oc Oc
Son of God c L,° Oc n· á^¦ o<<: c·<: L-·c¬
. c:c:s`c c: s·° c°c( s:c·oa°n· (Mark 2:10) co<
o<s: c·<: . c:c:s:° e-··c:. c OC c` c 0. <e: n·,
JLo -· cc· . 0D-· co< c·ooc c c: Joc:soe cc·oe
. c:.,<: s Lco o< s` ^c . c (soc:s`c c:.
`·o, s` o °coc<cc'° c OC .c·c .o cªc . s·oo
c L,c cocs: c: nc . O es¡ .,c(.,oacac: ‘Son of
God’ c L,° Oc n· . cLcc:<:.
Matthew 5:9 c' c<o =c· cc:L,c·o: "^c·c·<
.oc:c·oa c<:(c:; c·oa c L,° s:c·oac<:cc:c:oa"
co o 5:44c' - "Doa .oc'scoc:<· D ooc s
s:c·oac o:oc:<e: "
. c:c . c:c . c:c . c:c ooc ooc ooc ooc
Matthew 5:48 c'–"D .oc's., ooc .o .¬oa c: n<:s
Doa<: .o .¬oa c:n· eoc coa"
Matthew 6:1 c'– "c °o cc .oc'scoc:<· D ooc
oc Doa .cc: ``ocoa".
Matthew 7:21 c' – ". c:c·, . c:c·, c° <<:· . c:c:
. Oc·c:<: .oc's o·æ(oc' . c ¬o.c:n·° .oc'scoc:<·
-· ooc Do . s·oc: ± o:c·c . c ¬oc:<:".

nc°s – =s¡c c·ccc < ‘Lord . c:c·’ c- .co coO
cªcc'° c OC c' ‘o±’ c° c<:Lcoccc <c . cc· ± oeo
c·:o· . æc<: ‘á^¦ o c L,c:!’ c ..ocLc:.<:. s·°
Dn 0< c Lc-·°· .¬o n· cc D<e oc , c^c < c L,c s
c ^o·( – á^¦ Dc oon·, cc:s:Ln· o< =c.<:
^co.oc:s:-··c- Dcoo . c Lc<o `·¢(D^: <·c°
nc°`· oa. s·L,< cs¡c eocLc- < ^o < c<:c·co :
“-·c` ‘L oæc·°, L oæc·°’ c° .0s <
. Oc·o¬ ^:o `·c· æ(oc' . c ¬ocoa. s·° ^:o oc' e<· -·
ooc =±·.<:`·oo áDoDc·o ^:o oc' . c ¬`· oa.”
c OC c'° . Lc-·°· ccLeo c·:o· ‘Father -
ooc ’ c- .co c- s ±`e c^c < c L,c s` ^o c·ccc <c .
c .co s Lco á^¦ s`^c . c(son· c·cccc c:.
Matthew 11:25 c' – "c ^coc:< o ^:
± ..<c c<n· - ooc , cs·÷c:<s:<: c¬Ds ° . c:c·,
°L, æ· <:cs:<: Dc s:cs:<: e ^onoac<: coan: ± -
.- cªc:os: coc: .oD-·L° °<:· ^: Ooc:c:-··<:"

á^¦ á^¦ á^¦ á^¦ cc c ^.c·o cc c ^.c·o cc c ^.c·o cc c ^.c·o– Ls Ls Ls Ls c c·o·cs:c: c c·o·cs:c: c c·o·cs:c: c c·o·cs:c:, c Lcs: c: c Lcs: c: c Lcs: c: c Lcs: c:
Matthew 14:23 c' – "co< c æ<^c¬oc:c<:
.o. c - , `· o < ± o:es: Ls·ooon· s`oc o s ¡ ``o, ...".
esc v á^¦ o n<:s c L,c c c s c L,c c'°
cªnc c co< Joc:s: `· o `· c:? c·^ c·°s `· o < c- c
^co.oc:s:<· c·o c ., <:oc , cL^o·c:<· c·o c .,
<:oc co o: cc· L os¡ co·c·» c·(c. cc·o.c <
c·o c ., <:oc eoe:oc . æ:òc' c' cc· L . se ^: -··c::
“L c·<L,c·o·! cc· L cs¡o ncc·oa Do . c·^ c·°s
cc· L ^:oo ^c¸c: c:, ^o:`` c· cs: coa c:” (V. 35:15)

“Joc:soe c¬c·(s·÷·cc' <:<· c·ooco¬ s Lco c<oo
soac·co:° c·^:c:n· c·o c oæoa s·<:-··oa” (V.
c Oc:c'° c Oc:c'° c Oc:c'° c Oc:c'° es es es es L¸c· o L¸c· o L¸c· o L¸c· ooo oo oo oo.
Matthew 15: 22 – 28 – "=c n` c `· ooc:c <:oc
s-·<: - osc LD. - . c:c·, c·Dc: s:c·oac·, <<:·
soaco.,c:; -· s:c·o co(c: .e , coo
cªc.c:c:<·c° s sc: c - <:! coc:s·o< cc c` es¡
c·e o <<: ± ..c c:. c.-c·o< ¬ca(c: LD. - ec
c< cocc LD. s sc: c o:c:<·c n<:s ec <: .o.
c o:c° c- <:. co<<: c c:s`<n·! co< - =÷· o c:
=oe c·o <¬oD< n`e c oc s n·° co JLo oc s:<:
- <: .o.cc c c- <:! co<<: cc LD. co<s: ¯ s¡
- . c:c·, -·s: ^ooc: ± o:c° cc n <:! coc:s·o<
- . c c o`e O- s`° s:s¡ . c cs: c o:e o:s c: s·c°
± ..n·! cc - °æc . c:c·, s:s¡. c c: s¬c oc
oæc·<:c cc Dc <:oc .c: c:s¡c: O<:<: nc· c°
± ..<:! coc:s: o ^: - cc·¡, ° D÷·:^c: n`..c ; °L,
s`o <e °s: cL,<:n·s c° cc c` ± ..<:. c nc oc'-
cc s:c·o ^:^ o -oc <:."
s-·' s: ± oc < es - s: ±oc < e L¸c· oooc'
nc°oc cn < s`°· c:æ( ^¬c<c: e-··o:
=s¡c . Ls á^¦ (e`·) cc c ^.c·o .
co·c·» c·(c: co o: . c·Oc·-·c: c °c·oan· =s¡c
cªoco c occ <c , °oc ¯.cc <c . (esc v c L¸c· ooo
sos: n· c· occ e<·e oc )
1. co< o< c n- e<·oc < c·o o c ., O^:s:``o¬,
=ooac<: D<·c:D. s:cDc¢c c¬. <e: c c:.cc <c .
2. co< =oo c nc<: s:s¡c° . 0D c:oOc·<o
c¬. ^¬ , c·o . o< c n c·o s co·.°· =D.<e:
. o`¡<cc <c .
3. =s¡c cæ· <oc' c:°n e<· cooc c·ocs:o·c < es -
co<c` c·c:c·c , n 0D<c c° c 0oæ occ <c .
á^¦ á^¦ á^¦ á^¦: cc· L cc· L cc· L cc· L os¡ os¡ os¡ os¡ es es es es . Ls . Ls . Ls . Ls
Matthew 19:16 – 17 "=c n` esc: co< oc s:
LD. - c'cs:c·, °o(áLc: ``oc:es: - <: L coD
s·o(c: ± oLc <° co<<: cc n <:! coc:s·o< -
coD s·o(c:<: n¬o. <-·oc:s: cc:n:c:-··L,?
coDc·c s¡c . °L, áLc:c' . c ¬o.n`o < o cc cæ c<:
n s`<:c° ± ..<:". . Lc<oc' cc· L c .,<s: co<
os¡ Dc oc· .¬o:sc < ^co.c s<cc:oa<·c .
Matthew 21:45 – 46 ". c·< o·æs:c:<:
.o ^o:(c:<: co< ± ..< e.c·<c:c<: D°,
oc:¡<: n¬o.o ± ..<° ncoD ! co<<: .e: s`<
^coc: c¬c:c:oc o n·° æ<:cocoa co<<:
. Ls o° ooDo n<:s c·o s co.c o ".
á^¦ <: co< áDos·coc' D÷:-oD< ^ocoac:,
c·o ° c L,c° c s c L,c s:c·oac° c s e °e c' c 0. <
Dcon· c:n: o c' eso° <c¡c c° =s¡c: cæL,
cL,oa<·c ; s·° c·oa co<<: s Lco es . Ls n· c·o c
D÷:-o±·o° c c:^: <·c .. JLo c á^¦ s: c Lc·:°·
c`·c ^: -··o` , c·o s L(Oo son· °o¬. oc < es ccc <
cc·oo. s¸o°÷.ooc`, Do ec c` nc°- - c·oa c °°
ncocncoa .
á^¦ á^¦ á^¦ á^¦ : cc· L cc· L cc· L cc· L os¡ os¡ os¡ os¡ es es es es c·^:c: c·^:c: c·^:c: c·^:c:.
Matthew 23:8 – ‘But be not ye called Rabbi: for
one is your master, even Jesus, and all ye are brethren.’
"Do c c'cs:c° . c:LccLc: , es¡c D c'cs:c:,
Doocoa ^ccoac:". ("Even Jesus" os¡ c<:c·co
c c:n: c OC c' c c:)
á^¦ =s¡c cc· L os¡ c·^:c°. =os·, cs¡c
es es oæc·° eoeªc° co- cc· L c° cæL,
cL,oa<·c . coO cªcc'° c OC c' á^¦ <: oæc·°
c- co o L±.ee: n· c<:Lco±·oa. s·° =on ca c<:c·co
c' cc· ± os ``Leo Lc< c·^ L cªc·°s s`o±o ± oaLc'
e<·c .
Matthew 23:9 – "co o: c¬DDc JL°s <<: ooc c°
. oa . e Lc: ; es¡c D ooc ; co< .oc's coc:-··c:".
. o¸o:o co o: .,o o:o c- c c c·°s co o:
co< c·^:cs: cc( e<· ^ococc° c ° c·:o· Doa
nc°ocncoa: =c `·c·oc .con· c·ccc <c n·° á^¦
s`^o . c(s occcc c:.
Matthew 24:36 – "coc c c <c:<: n¬o .o: c
nc o<: n¬o.o: ooc c·o c (o oan:<:) n·°, o
c<:c(c <<: .oc'scoc0 c¬oc <<: s:c·oac <<:
coOc :c o n:ooD s Lco es¡ cc· L s: c·o c
c c:^:<<eª°s =c es æD.oc < cæL,. s·ce á^¦
os¡ æ· <o =oo c·<L,c Lc c^o.¬o c <c . s Lco
cc· L c·o c c°· Jo n < ^o:æ c:.
Matthew 26:39 – "s`oo c¬oc: c 0¸ `·n c.c - -·
ooc , `·c(c c e n -· -· oc <:oc c`cn ``°c:¡,
co<<: -· oc . s·oc: s·c: ° Do . s·oc s·°c¡°
`· o o± <:".
=s¡c cc· L os¡ =`· o`· cs: ^co.oc:s`Leo
n:oo± s·s co< cc· L os¡ c·^:c: c- c·^ Lo
n:ooD s¬c· . `· Doccc <c . s Lco cc· L c·o c
c °- -· c·o.ncc:.
c OC c OC c OC c OC ^osc<o ^osc<o ^osc<o ^osc<o
Matthew 27:7 – 8 – "s·ce c·oa cc'c< ± - c·e °D.,
.oc ec<: `·O. e: es: s:c¡o c·° ``cc: s`°o !
coc:Lc< - e Los: c ``cc: os ., ``cc<cc:c:<·c ".
c OC (s`o °coc<c:) á^¦ s·coc' c· occc c°,
c ^o:e<c: æo n < ±·c· s·co oo·:o . æc æ· .s·cc'
<:oc c 0s O- De ° c· oeo æo n <c° e Lc-·c c·:o·
^.c cL,oa<·c .
Matthew 27:46 – “And about in the ninth hour
Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, ‘Eli, Eli, Iama
sabachthani? (My God, My god, why hast Thou forsaken

"=oc:Doc: c¬c: noec.-c: o ^: - L0 L0 L0 L0, L0 L0 L0 L0, c·c· c·c· c·c· c·c·
^cs· ° ^cs· ° ^cs· ° ^cs· ° c° On on· s sc - <:. c c·es: -· -· -· -· c c· c c· c c· c c·, -· -· -· -· c c· c c· c c· c c·,
<-·oc:s: <-·oc:s: <-·oc:s: <-·oc:s: ± o( ± o( ± o( ± o( Dc DOL° Dc DOL° Dc DOL° Dc DOL° co c:. (c c:n: c OC ISBN
81-221-3755-5 c' c¬c: noec- e<·c .)
o<<: ¬c:L Dc . e Dc: c: s`e <.-c: á^¦ .
c·s·(c: On on· .c:s:o¬ Lc.-·c° s ^ L,c cO`· oo.
=c á^¦ . ¯.cc < es loc < c.c·c:. e .c·c<:
nc°oD<e oc , cc·oe D s Lco cD÷·:^:c <:oc c·o c
c c:LcncL° c c:^: oc . =os·, cc·oe .c·c: cc· L
os¡ . Ls <:oc c c:Lc -·o<eo es cDc·÷.o(so
c <c . Joc:soe cc· L J.-c¬ o< c·c<<: cono
± oc: co o: co< . Ls c: co< c·c-·cono n:ooD
co<s: L-·c¬ . o·(c: ± ooa.
á^¦ á^¦ á^¦ á^¦: Lsc Lo: Lsc Lo: Lsc Lo: Lsc Lo:(c`c c c`c c c`c c c`c c) c'cs:c: c'cs:c: c'cs:c: c'cs:c:
John 17:3 c'– "cc:Oo ^o(c L,cc < °<:·<:,
°L, .o. < o ^: s ^: <: Joan:eo °o(áLc:".
Mark 12:28 – 30 "÷·^: cc' esc: LD., c·oa
oo¡oc:e D°, co< c·o s cªn:n· eo oD±.<° ncoD -
cæ c°·e c' . c·<c <c c° co< <c n <:! coc:s: o ^:
- . c·<c <c Lc<n· - L =÷· o c¬, D<:c:; c< c L,c <
. c:L, cc:Oo . c:L,! °L, ° .¬o o¸coc:c`<:, °
.¬o· o¡c`<:, ° .¬o Dc sc:c`<:, ° .¬o ccc:c`<:, °
c L,c < . c:L,<: . Do.Lc <<:<c . c·<c < cæ ".
Mark 12:32 – "c ÷·- - c'cs:c·, cªn:n· ± . .OD;
co< cc:Oo:c°o:, co< o.. c o`sc: c c°o:
°L, ± ..< c·e ^o(c ".
Mark 12:34 – "... °L, c L,° o·æ(c:<s: c¬oc:n
c L° co°c` ± . .<:".
. Lc-·cc', á^¦ cc c ^.c·o ^:oon· `·¢(o
=c· e<·c – cc· L es es co·c:(c:, co< o..
=os L:o¬ co·c:(c: c oa, cc· L os¡ Ls sc·:°·
D÷:-oD< c·oa co< os¡ `·c· æ·(°s cn oc' eoeªoa.
s·L,<, cc· L s: cªn`·:c:c<: s0.oD< c·oa c c·
e °e c' <c¡so eoD<c·oa co< os¡ `·c· æ·(°s
cooc¬oon· eoeªoa, co o: c·oa cc· L s: ÷oa L,c:n·
.o nco.ccc·oa.
Matthew 24:36 – "coc c c <c:<: n¬o .o: c
nc o<: n¬o.o: ooc c·o c (o oan:<:) n·°, o
c<:ca(c <<: .oc'scoc0 c¬oc <<: s:c·oac <<:
‘coOc coOc coOc coOc :c o :c o :c o :c o J JJ J.- .- .- .-c: c: c: c: L^: oc L^: oc L^: oc L^: oc es¡ es¡ es¡ es¡ cc· L cc· L cc· L cc· L s: s: s: s: o.. o.. o.. o..
=os L:o s =os L:o s =os L:o s =os L:o s c 0oc: c 0oc: c 0oc: c 0oc:’ c- æ:òc' c'° . se< c·oe c
cc· o c OC c' s¬c· e<·c . =os· cc· L s: á^¦
Dc oc·.¬o:son· ^co.oc:s:-··c° co o: c Lo:oc'
co<s: Jc·oe cªn`·:c(o c c- c·^ c·°· c¸Dso ^: oc :
co< c L,c cLc·oc- Dcoo s Lco s-·' . æc
s0.oo c·o c .
John 20:16 – 18 "o ^: cc <: c¬D - co o· c°
. 0± <:. cc co< c ., Oo n co<<: c O cªcc`
oc¬¸° c° . 0± <:. c c·es: c'cs:c° co c:! o ^:
cc c` - <: =os<: ooc oc s: Js¡``c c: n<:s <<:·
c:e: s`<Lc: ; coc -· ^ccoac oc s: c 0¸ - -·
ooc o: D ooc o:, -· c L,c:<: D c L,c:- < c·°
oc s: Js¡``L,c:-··<° c·o c` ± .- c- <:! cn c -
co o LD. - - <: . c:L,<: c¬DO°, co< -·c` e
c·ec: ± ..<° ¬ca(cs: c 0oæ - <:".
. Lc-·cc' á^¦ ±·c· ^.c on· ‘cc· L o o<
c Lc° co o: Dn 0< c·o c Lc°, cc· L os¡
co·c<c' o<s: co o: c·o s Je:Loe c co c c°’
c¸Dsoo± <:. á^¦ s¬c· c L,c c- c·oa o..s cc· L .
lo c.°oc ¯. <c·oL,c·oa co o: á^¦ <:, cc· L
os¡ . Ls coco °, cc· L os¡ ^oc ÷ooacoco °
¯^o ± - < c·oL,c·oa.
. Ls . Ls . Ls . Ls c:oc¡c c:oc¡c c:oc¡c c:oc¡c ^c c· oo ^c c· oo ^c c· oo ^c c· oo cc c cc c cc c cc c L^c o L^c o L^c o L^c o os¡ os¡ os¡ os¡ cnc<o cnc<o cnc<o cnc<o
n:ooD< n:ooD< n:ooD< n:ooD< c OC c OC c OC c OC c'° c'° c'° c'° cDc(c·:s·(c: cDc(c·:s·(c: cDc(c·:s·(c: cDc(c·:s·(c:
John 14:15 – 16 – “Doa <<:· . DoD< o cc -·
cæ c<: n s`oc:oa! - <: ooc ° c c:s`oc:<:, D oc
Jc .-c: <:oc:es < co< c o`s ccocso <: c<n·
^o(^:o¬. on: co¡<: Ds<:ncoc:<: .”
c:- o co¡c o c: =c· c 0`·oa - “co`s ccoc so ”
coe cc· L os¡ ^oc ÷ooac:, c:oc¡c ^c c· oo
cc c L^c o; co o: “Jc .-c¬ eoc c ” coe . Ls
c:oc¡c ^c c· oo cc c L^c o os¡ co·¡c ÷·c:
co o: co<. cLooo.æ - < æ:òc'.
John 15:26 – 27 – "ooc oc <:oc D oc s:
- <: .o.c'L, ccocso c<n· ooc oc <:oc
coc:c oa ^o(^:o¬. o < co¡ LD.<.-c: co< <<:·
n¬o. `·¢(Dc:.<:! Doa ¯ce<:oc -· oc e<·c·oa
n<:s Doa<: `·¢(Doa oa"
John 16:5 – 8 – "=.-c: <<:· .o. <c·° oc s:
c v:¸c:-··<: - °L, Js¡c s c v:¸c:-··L° Dc' JLc:<:
<<·c:n:ec c: n·°, - <: e ^onoac: Dc` ± ..<oc:<
D o¸coc: c::æc:c` °oc o:<·c . coc - <: Dc`
^o(c: ± .-c:-··<:, - <: c 0¸``L,e Lc< Ds:
. oæ<soc:, - <: c v¸°o cc ccocso D oc s:
.o.,c:<:. co< LD., `·.c:<: n¬o.o: °O°
n¬o.o: Ooa.<: n¬o.o: c'sc:<: e.-s`<æ o:<:"
John 16:12 – 14 – "- <: Dc` ± ..Lc- <D =os<:
c- s ^onoac: scL,, n·° o.-c: Doa c·e °
^co.c oa! coc co<, c<n· ^o(^:o¬. o < co¡
LD.<.-c: Dc:¡<: ^o:^o(c:c'°s <c .oc:<:;
co< o<ooe c·- o Do: c'co.s, c e ° D<:- c·e °
c'coD ^ocDo.c'L, ^onoac<: Ds: c 0oæ o:<:!
co< -· c·e c'°D O- s`° Ds: c 0oæ o:<: n<:s
<<:· cc c.oc:<:."
John 16:16 – "s`o± c: s·cc < ooac·o Do s
<<:· c¬coa; co s`o± c: s·cc:<s: <<:· c¬± co°
± ..<:. Joc:soe - <: ooc cn os: c v:¸c:-··<:".
c:- o co¡c o c =c· c¸Dso ^: -·oa - . < c 0. <
c OC Lc-·cc' á^¦ oo·:o L±. . Ls n:ooD< DLocc:
s Lco cc· L os¡ coOc . Ls co< c:oc¡c
^c c· oo cc c L^c o c`- Ls cD^: -··o. o< oo·:o
L±. co° . oa<: á^¦ ‘Parqaleeta’ c° . 0± <:. e
.c·°· oo·:O c OC c·(æ·(<so c:, c<:c·cso c:
c`cnoDc - , s con· c·°° ‘Spirit of Truth’ ^o(c < co¡
c°, co s`°· ±`e , ‘Comforter’ ccocso c° co o:
co s`°· ±`e ‘Holy Spirit’ c c·(o¡ c° c·o.c - -·oa. c °
c^c: .co n s: cªcc' e<·c . c·° c^c: co o ‘one whom
people praise exceedingly - . æc± c.o Doon· . ÷o-oc
cc c·c:’. =c .co coO cªcc'° ‘Muhammad coe
. ÷o- o.cc c·c: . ÷o- o.cc c·c: . ÷o- o.cc c·c: . ÷o- o.cc c·c:’ c- .c·°s ^o n· ^o ``oa<·c .
¬c:L ¬c:L ¬c:L ¬c:L n·c n·c n·c n·c . . . . s0.occc < s0.occc < s0.occc < s0.occc < c·c<c c·c<c c·c<c c·c<c . . . . DLo DLo DLo DLo c·e c·e c·e c·e
1) á^¦ os¡ c:æc: o¬c:cs: c c:^:<° c OC
`·¢(D^: <·c ; æ oa^coc'° ``c'c·' ccooc' co<
c·o s c'c o± c·oa. e.c ÷·c: ± - c·oa. s·ce , cc· o c OC
c 0. <e: , c:.. coc -·c·cs: es o¬c:c ° cªc:ns:
s:c:oa.s` Leo c<L^oc < Dcoo s·c·?
2) 12 coc ^ocoacc' esc < æc·¦ =`·¡o oc Judas
Iscariot c- coc ° á^¦ <: c¬.eª°s cªc:ns:
s:c:oa.s:-··oa. c oo·:o á^¦ <: ¬»oceo c¬- , coc:
±·c· - n: .c , c·o c .° o<<: c·<: c oa ± ^:s:°,
co¡oo( ± ^:s:-··c:. =coc· 24noec c'., æo n
``o<c . =oc:c'° L(c·(^c:c: ±·c· ^.c on·
cc o ocL,oa-··o.
3) o¬c:c: á^¦ s: coc¬¢ DcoD, c<:cO s`^o
. c·oa Pontius Pilate c- nLo·oa Lc c<:cO ``oceª°s
. oO·oD< ^.c c < s oc ^o:e< es¡e ±·c:, á^¦
os¡ ¬c:L L¸c· oooc'° c^c·(c<: coe s c·neª°s .
Matthew 27:11 – 14 – "o ^: cc .O o c:e
°0± <:; c.-c: cc .O - o¬c:c o·æL, °c -·? c°
co< <c:nn· o ^: co° c¬D - °L<·e c- <:! . c·<
o·æs:c:<: . c c:<: co<Dc - oc: ¯. <.-c:
co< . oa(o oc Do: =o(c c:! s·ce . c·oa - °Dc
Do °· - oc:c: ¯.,c:-··o` °L, D<c c·? c° co<<:
cc n <:! coc co< es c·es <<: co°s
eo oDo(c c: n<:s cc .O Ds¡0 c÷.o(.c <:".

. L¸c· oc·°s s ^ L,c: =±. DLoc – ^c^
c·<c·0 Dc:s s`^o, D¯c< s`^o, ¯¢o s`^o co o:
c·<c·0 os¡ `·. . »·vc s`^o, =os· c·e °
¢Do.æ oeª°s á^¦ ¬c:L . s s¡ coco±·c°
s`oas:-··c:. esc v cc °æc c , á^¦ Joc:s° coco
<:oc o<<: o. .occ° cc n -·c:? ¬c:L Dc <:oc (c·o
cO`· oo . s·oo) co< Joc:s: =c· Lc.-·c:: “L c c·,
<-·oc:s: Dc D . e -·L,?” ^c·(°· c» . ^: <·.-c:,
^c·c: ± ^: <·.-c: co< Joc:s: c°<o Lco±·c:?
co< co¡c<: . o . o± Dcon· o¬c: .oc oac<: ^c·c:
± ^¬ , e.-·(`·c: =L:coc' . æ·(O n·oD-·c:. eoc'
e<· L L(s co-· c °° Jc· <c¡ncc:? esc v ¬c:L
L¸c· ooc ^o(c <c n· cæL, s·s``c , c·° cc·oo . -·
e<· ¯o o s ^ L., .,-·c:c sc 0``c·o.
o¬c:c± á^¦ ¬c:L. co.ccc c: c- c c:- oc
D÷·:^o. =c Dco·°· æ:òc' c' cc· L cLooo.æ - <
.Do Lc-·c: ±·c· ^.c on· c 0oæ ^: -··o: “co o:
c·oa: ‘°÷.oon· c c: cc· L os¡ ^oc ÷ooac:,
co(o s:c·oac < e`· c- L (o ^: s ^: ) <: co`·c:’
c° c<·oc:s:. co o: c·oa co°° co.<¬ c c: co o:
¬c:L . Js¡oc<¬ c c:. s·° c·oa c cs: n:o ± occ· oa
(co° c·oe co`s L(s ° ¬c:L . s Js¡o±·oa). °÷.oon·,
e Dco·°· n:ooD cO`· oc co e<·c·oa c °° n:ooD
^o÷on^: c e-··oa. e Dcoo n:ooD c·o s °¬.o æ· <o
c c:. c·oa s Lco e.c- c<:^o ^: -··oa. °÷.oon· c·oa
co°° co.c c:. c·^ c·°s cc· L co°° (e`·<:) o<
c .,<s: Joa s:-··c:. co o: cc· L ^o:÷s ^o.<:·c:,
co Dc sLooac:.” V. 4:157, 158
¯o o s ^ L,cc` `·e: o¬c:c: s¬c· ^:oon·
á^¦ ¬c:L . coco±·c- D÷:-o±·oa. c·o cO`· o·cs:
Doac on·, =`· Do . se<c'° ^c·(°· c OC c·:o·
°o¬.oceª°s cc· o s`o °coc<c (26 co o: 27 L
cc·(oo) <:oc s oc . ÷·c: oo·oa ± occ -·o:
1) JLo c á^¦ <: .e: s:-··o` (c·o cO`· oo . s·oo),
c·oa á^¦ <: L(s noon· Joan:c:o·? c c· c·oa á^¦ <:
cc· o cc· o cc· o cc· o c Oc: c Oc: c Oc: c Oc:: c·oa á^¦ <: Joanoa.

2) á^¦ <: .e: s:<·c .ne c vc'-· c s o·O c vc'-·?
cc· o cc· o cc· o cc· o c Oc: c Oc: c Oc: c Oc:: cc o·O c v.

3) á^¦ cn o s c·o c¬. <c JLoa?
cc· o cc· o cc· o cc· o c Oc: c Oc: c Oc: c Oc:: 12 coc ^ocoacc' esc < æc·¦
=`·¡o oc Judas Iscariot c·o c¬`·c:.

4) coc: c·o ° eDoon· c·o c¬`·c· c s c·oa c÷ c¬. <
°¬.o c¬cc<o s`^o c·o c¬`·c·?
cc· o cc· o cc· o cc· o c Oc: c Oc: c Oc: c Oc:: 30 coc -·c·c coocO s`^o coc: c·o

5) c o·O á^¦ .o - O Jc· eoc <c ?
cc· o cc· o cc· o cc· o c Oc: c Oc: c Oc: c Oc:: á^¦ co.c:o¬ e-··c: co o: =c·
`· o ^¬ `·`· on .c e-··c:: “L c c·, e s.-<: -· <:oc
c·e ``°L:co °s: `·c(c coc c °° c·e ``°L,:.”
=e:Loe c·ec: es °æc < c LD÷·:- <:oc c c:Lceo
c- c <c¡÷s(o s·° co(oo Dc¬ oc < Dcoo. c L . Ls
Dcoo . s¡< . e , es c·c¬c: c LD÷·:- c'° D÷·:^c
nc°oD <e oc , c Ls s c c·°s c°·oe Dc· ÷s
`·co· .c:-··o° c·oa . n·con· <c:¡c·oa, D÷:- `· oa.

6) á^¦ os¡ Dn 0< 11 coc ^ocoac .o - O LDe ?
cc· o cc· o cc· o cc· o c Oc: c Oc: c Oc: c Oc:: coo Lc< (c·o cO`· oo . s·oo) c·o
c'cs:c c` `·e: c·o . s °c cLooD<c .

7) c·o .o - Oc` á^¦ ``o·c -·c·?
cc· o cc· o cc· o cc· o c Oc: c Oc: c Oc: c Oc: (verses 40 – 46): co< o¸. ±occ c:.
co< c·o cn o s LD. =c· .c:s:o¬, c·o ° c . -·c::
“c¬coc co o: `· o ococ , Doa . c'cª°s n:o s·s:oc·
eoceª°s ; co¡ °÷.oon· ^c¡O^: <·c s·° c·o^.,
soc ccc <on· e<·c .” c.-c: co< coc LD.
c¬cn·, c·oa °c c' eoeªoa. co o: c·o ° co< coc
°c c . , . c·s·(c- Oo n .c:s:c·c:. =c·oe ccc <o
^o < eo cc < ¬ca(cc'- s·s:oc· cO c·c¬c: c Lcs
nc c'cs:c c·c¬c: ¬ca(cc' s¬c· s<ccc:, co c
ccc <o s Lco co(o s:c·oac < á^¦ ¬ca(cc' Jc·

8) c c:ca c: á^¦ <: coc oD<.-c:, c·oa co<s:
^oo.c -·o·?
cc· o cc· o cc· o cc· o c Oc: c Oc: c Oc: c Oc:: c·oa co<<: Dc D. e `·o ``o-·oa.

9) c o·O á^¦ s: o< ^oc:oac. <c¡so eoc <c·?
cc· o cc· o cc· o cc· o c Oc: c Oc: c Oc: c Oc:: c·ooco¬ o<<: Dc D `·o ``c·o° á^¦
c·o s c 0oæ - <:. c oo·:o á^¦ c·o c` =c· c- <::
°÷.oon· e o·O s`c s¬os: c:oc:, Doa <<:· Lc 0
`·o ``c·oa – =c· c¬c: `·oa c<n·, c·o c' <:oc . eò c-
^ocoac: – - <: c°``c·<: n·° Dc D `·o ``<: c°
.0s <:. cc·n Dn 0< ^ocoacoco¬ .0s o . co o: cc·
æo n <c .

10) c c:c - °s:c: á^¦ <: Jc· .e: s:-··oa?
cc· o cc· o cc· o cc· o c Oc: c Oc: c Oc: c Oc:: es o¬c:c: c·o c¬. ^: ocn·, c·oa
co< cn os: soa cc` co o: so cc` LD., 57L Lc<oc'
c 0. <e: n· c·oa co<<: .e: s:-··oa: “co o: c·oa
co<<: ne n· .e: s:-··oa, Caiaphas - o·.¦ c- c·o
os¡ con:oaL, Lc s: O^:s:° ``o·oa, cs¡c c·o
. c coco¬ ^c·c ÷c e-··oa.”
cs¡c c·oa co<s: coc¬¢ Dco±·oa. c
c:c - °s:c: cs¡c <:oc co<<: O^:s:° ``o·oa.
co< c:æo . ec¡÷·oa co o: oc ± oacc` co<<:
¯c·oa, c oo·:o co< c:^: c<: Do. c ÷·oa. c oo·:o
-oc¬o Lo ., c:^: cc` c:e c ÷·oa, c . c:v¸c` °oc e<·
s o eª°· co< oc. eoD, co<<: . c ^¬ , Jnc·0 ± ^¬
.e: s:``o·oa. c·oa co<c` =c· .0s·oa, ‘° c·c·
. s·oo °L, =`· oªc:s: o·æD.’ c·oa co<<: OL on·

11) DLo n· co<s: coc¬¢ Dco±·c° JLoa
°o oo±·oa?
cc· o cc· o cc· o cc· o c Oc: c Oc: c Oc: c Oc:: c-·e .c- ' c ÷., nLo·o < . c·oa
Pontius Pilate.

12) c c:c - °s:c: co<<:, nLo·oa c:oc:s: O^:s:
LD., o¬c:c n:oaL, c·o co¡÷·^ c < c` o·L . s·oo
co<s: ¬c:L . s Js¡oD, co`·c- coc¬¢<:
Dco±·c° c 0oæ on·, c nLo·oa D±·oocs:oc·- ,
.o ÷'cocs:oc·- c·o ° <D¡-·c·?
cc· o cc· o cc· o cc· o c Oc: c Oc: c Oc: c Oc:: c nLo·oa c·o ° <c¡c c:, s·° co<<:
. ¬·o±·c:: “c·oa Lc c ± ..-·o`, cc °æc -·?” co<
°÷¸c on· eoc ``o <:. . ÷· coc coc cc:n cc <c
co o: co< cc·n °÷¸c on· eoc <:. ^o(o s`^o co<
°÷¸c on· eoc <:.; esc v co< . Ls s·s``o-· ^o ,
^c·(°· ^.c o ± oeo co o: o¬c:c c.°occ<:
°o·sooceo o..°^o . nLo·oa cªo(, nLo·oa Lc s: c 0¸
co<c` =c· .0s <c : “Doa c coD L(s ° LD
± os:oc· Lccc o·? co< s·ocon· -·s: e o`æ< scc'
c- s ^o:e<c: æo n <D.”
o¬c:c<: Oo^¡o ^¬ co o: c c.o ^¬ noec
oocc á^¦ c- s e.-·(`·c: =±.c·c°, c ° Lc< c·oa
á^¦ <: °oc ± c·o° c OC . se ^: <·c . co c o` æ<
co< °÷¸c on· Joc:s: eoc ``o·c:? co<<:
c·e c·e s . ¬·oceoc' c nLo·oa os¡ ec ÷o ^o(o
c ., °ccc·c° coeocLc:.<:.

13) c·o eoc . s·oo á^¦ Jc· ¬c:L . s Js¡occc ,
oo( ± occ -·c:?
cc· o cc· o cc· o cc· o c Oc: c Oc: c Oc: c Oc:: c·oa á^¦ <: =c oa conc cc( ¬c:L
. s Js¡o±·oa, c conc: á^¦ <: c¬c ^¬ =c· .0s -·oa,
“°c n<:s ^o(Looac c c , =.-c: °<:· °c o»oc:s` .”

14) =c es co e.c Lo. á^¦ (c·o cO`· oo . s·oo)
¬c:L . eocn· Lc° .0s <:?
cc· o cc· o cc· o cc· o c Oc: c Oc: c Oc: c Oc: (27:46): á^¦ Lc:^¬ , On on· =c·
.0s -·c: “Eli, Eli, Iama sabachthani? co o – -· . c¬,
-· . c¬, <<:· Joc:s: Dc D . e c - -·L,?”

c°· co·¡c `· c·c s °oc·c<: c<:^ooD =c
es .D. cD÷·:^., . se<. cLooo.æ occ < co·¡c<:
c<:^ooD, JLo -· =e:Loe c·s·(c<: es . Ls . ± ..
<e oc , c·oa cD÷·:^:c: cL,c·oa.
^o:c's ÷s cooac < cc· L æ:òc' c' o¬c:c<:
co o: s ^ L,c<: – á^¦ cc· L os¡ cLc·oc- ,
cc· L os¡ s:c·oac- , .¬o n· á^¦ - Oo^¡oo± ee:
Loe c·o c.°occ n:ooD c c.o ^¬ , c·oa á^¦ <:
s Lco cc· L os¡ ^oc ÷ooac n·- D÷:-occ°
c L(æ:òc' (V. 4:159) c' cæ· . ^: -··c:: “co o: noc
. æcc' . O es¡o¬ oc coco ^ocDocs c:oc
co<<: (á^¦ <: cc· L os¡ ^oc ÷ooac: co o:
es c·<L,c°) o..s D÷:-ocLc <:. co o: .,<oac· <
c -·< co< (e`·) c·o . `·¢(Dc:.<:”

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