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. Pe 8 Creche -Pudhugramam Tirunelveli district Through 74 Creches, 1834 rural Children were nurtured.In all the Balwadis, malt along with hygienically prepared, highly nutritive lunch with vegetables were served during the day and in the evening vitamin-rich cereals were provided for the children. Eye camps were conducted at 3 places, in Kanyakumari and Nellai districts in which 607 were treated for their eye ailments and 79 underwent cataract operation.38 persons were given eye medicines and 33 persons were given spectacles. In our Medicare Programme, 1967 patients were examined and treated for various common ailments through 14 Rural Medical Centers in Kanyakumari,Nellai and Thoothukudi districts. 4 tailoring units are functioning well in Nellai district with the total attendance of 81. lt ¢seuys Yoga Varga has been conducted at 2 places in Aruppukottai and Kovilpatti where 26 persons attended. Vivekavani Subscriptions collected include 71 annual, three years one, life one, Yuva Bharathi one and 34 Patrons. Shivalinga Pooja was conducted at 3 places in Kanyakumari District in which 226 devotees participated. Under “Adopt a Granny scheme’, 26 destitutes and old people were provided with monthly solatiums, in the form of rice, dhal,oil,etc., for their livelihood and 110 persons were provided with rice only in five Southern districts of Tamilnadu. Durga Pooja conducted at 3 places, in Kanyakumari District 262 devotees participated. Rural block level competition at Under Amrita Surabhi Scheme, our Kendra Kulathur workers collected 1260 Kgs of rice from Southern five districts. Rural Block level competitions held in Kanyakumari and Virudhunagar districts Total No.of. competitions - 3, Schools -30, Students - 524, Parents -30, Teachers - 35. Misery is caused by sin, and by no other cause... - Swami Vivekanandar. Monthly Deepa poojas were organized in 197 village temples in five districts of Southern Tamilnadu, in which 7892 ladies participated and offered prayers for the welfare of the self, family and the society. In 156 Sanskara Vargas, 5046 students participated. The students were taught about the values of Indian Culture through games, lectures & lessons. The feelings of oneness were strengthened among the participants, through patriotic songs and games. Anna Pooja Kevilpat Anna Pooja & Geetha Jeyanthi performed at Kovilpatti, Paramakudi 225 devotees participated in the function and total rice 4800 kgs & 4700 kgs collected from Kovilpatti,Paramakudi respectively. kovil Mathru Pooja - Ma ae: Parents meeting conducted at 18 places in three districts and 235 parents participated . ~ Mathru Pooja conducted 8 places in Tirunelveli, Thoothukudi and Ramnad districts and 200 parents & studentsparticipated . Geetha chanting - Paramakudi Bagavath Gita Chanting - celebrated in southern five districts in 23 places and nearly 2369 people participated. Cultural conference held at Perai & Thoothukudi and 201 students from 18 cultural classes participated. In these conferences Vivekanandar Kendra workers, well-wishers, teachers and volunteers participated. Cultural conference at Thoothukudi & Perai — 1 a Through various branch centers, including Thoothukudi A.O. and book stalls, literature books were sold for Rs. 40,985/- Kendra Varga conducted at Thoothukudi and Aruppukottai and 13 persons participated I consider that the great national sin is the neglect of the masses and that is one of the causes of our downfall. - Swami Vivekanandar. Vacs College Girls camp conducted at Kanyakumari from 26.12.2019 to 29.12.2019, 60 students from 14 colleges 11 parents & teachers participated in this camp. Kum.Radha didi - Dakshin prant Sangatak -interact the students Lunch Deepa Pooja Games “ae Ses pe 1008 Deepa Pooja was conducted on 01.12.2019 and 29/12/2019 at Tenkasi Sri Kasi Vishwanathar temple and Thoothukudi Sri Sankara Rameshwar Temple where 1146 and 650 devotees participated from 108 villages. Beforg that in Mathar Sammelan Swamy Akilananthamaharaj, Vivekananda Kendram blessed the participants and Balwadi dramas and Bhajans performed In Tenkasi Sri. Akilananthamat e Thoothukudi “Sri Rama Jeya Rama” Mantra chanted during Deepa Pooja, Shivalinga Pooja and daily by our Balwadi school children, cultural class students and during monthly meetings with our Balwadi teachers and Social Workers. This month nearly 8,09,564 times mantras were chanted in 84 localities. This month, we have distributed the rice which was collected through Amrita Surabhi and Anna Pooja to Balwadi children, poor elder people and the institutions as mentioned below : 1. Mouzhanagurusamy madam, Thottiodu - Kanyakumari district - 100 Kgs 2. Sivan Kovil - Attoor - 25 Kgs 3. Indhu Middle School, A.Thirumalapuram - Kanyakumari district - 100 Kgs The best guide in life is strength. -Swami Vivekanandar. > Zz X Inspiring Incidents Vilvakani — Perunazhi - Ramnad district Nivethashree is studying in our Creche. One day her mother came and narrated her behavioral changes after coming to our Creche. She used to avoid respecting her parents and elders. Now she calls us respectfully and talks softly and gently. When she asked her “What is your name?” in English she felt much happy and proud. She appreciated me for the efforts taken in bringing up the kids properly. This touched my, heart Sankaravadivoo — Chekkarakudi — II — Thoothukudi district One day as it was very hot inside the Creche I took all the kids outside and seated them under a tree. All went out except a girl named Durga. She stood near the wall and jumping up stretching her hands up. When Tasted for the reason she told me that the fan was on. She tried to switch off the fan telling me that the fan ran wastely and to save electricity. She had tried to switch off. Her awareness in that young age inspired me alot. Ramalakhsmi — Chekkarakudi — I — Thoothukudi district Once I went to the Sivankovil in our village. There an old lady was reciting Sivapuranam. There came Sudalaimuthu studying in our Creche. He sat near her and joined with her. The grandma looked at him astonishingly and after finishing asked him who had taught him Sivapuranam so well.He told her about our Creche and the name of the teacher. She again asked him whether in Vivekananda Kendra Creche these are all taught. She had praised us in front of everybody and I was happy and proud to hear that. Shanthi — Vallioor — Tirunelvel trict During October 10th to 12th we were in Vadakankulam Balakrishna Matric Hr. Sec. School for Kendra Book sales. A teacher looking at the book “Siruvar Puththagamalai” told me that she had “Navarathri Golu’ in her house. She used to gift some plastic items for the visitors. “This year I will present this book as it has useful matter for young kids”. She purchased the book for Rs.500/-. This touched my heart. Subbulakshmi — K.Thangammalpuram — Thoothukudi district During Vijayadasami we admitted new kids for our Creche. Sreekutti was newly admitted. He was only one year and 7 months old. His three sisters studied in our Creche and their parents are much satisfied with their brought up. Those girls are studying well and keep on developing good habits and behaviors. That is why their parents admitted their young son here. I am much delighted on seeing the parent’s thoughts and confidence on Vivekananda Kendra Creche. I pray to God to bless me for doing such dedicated services. Nagalakshmi — Soorangudi - Thoothukudi district In our Creche during morning prayer I have practiced the kids to say Varuna Jepam 18 times. “Om Vam Varunaya Namaha” is that Mantra. One little kid asked me why we chant that Mantra daily. I explained him the meaning and benefits of chanting it. By God’s grace we had heavy rain that day. The boy enjoyed and uttered God has answered his prayers. His faith and happiness touched my heart Sakunthala - Ramnad — Ramnad di ict On behalf of Devar Guru Pooja held in Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar College Kamuthi, the college authorities had arranged for Thiruvilakku Pooja and invited us for conducting. Before going I informed our secretary Ayyappanji about it. He at once asked me to give a speech for 15 minutes. I hesitated how I could talk in a college function. The Principal of the College also asked me the samething when we entered there. I wondered the coincidence. I gave a speech for 15 minutes before starting the pooja. Vijayarani who had come with me appreciated my talk and all the staff members praised us for the perfect conduct of the pooja. I dedicated everything to Annaji Krishna moorthiji for their training given to us in Vivekananda Kendra.