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February 2020 Issue 2, Volume 3

A Monthly Newsletter of the Loudonville United Methodist Church

The Church Window

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124 N Market St by Pastor Steve Sullivan
Loudonville, OH 44842
(419) 994-4939 Office
(567) 238-9116 Text Only On January 5th, I read a statement in church
(419) 994-4294 FAX regarding a proposal for the future of the United
Office Hours: Mon-Thu 9am-12pm Methodist Church. That statement is at the end of
this article. There are a few pieces of information
Rev. Dr. Steven L. Sullivan
(419) 920-9047 Parsonage that I want to add.
(740) 630-7153 Cell
First, there are at least four other plans that have been proposed: “New Denominations of United Methodism” (commonly known as the Indianapolis
loudonvilleumc continued…

February 2020 Issue 2, Volume 3


Plan), “New Expressions World-

wide,” “Next Generation UMC,”
and “US Regional Conference.”
The Indianapolis Plan was • Next Generation Plan:
proposed by a diverse group, the /legislation/
New Expressions Plan was pro-
posed by a progressive group
known as UMForward, the Next
Generation Plan was proposed by
a group of progressives and
centrists known as UMCNext,
and the Regional Conference • Regional Conference Plan: https://www.umc.
Plan was proposed by the org/-/media/umc-media/2019/12/02/21/51/usrc-petition-
Connectional Table, the closest onlinecopy.ashx?
thing the United Methodist with an FAQ at:
Church has to a governing media/umc-media/2019/12/02/21/51/usrc-faq.
agency. ashx?la=en&hash=5707528E9F3E9DEFF15
Second, most of these plans can
all be found and read online.
They are located as follows:

• Protocol Statement: https://wesleyancovenant

• Indianapolis Plan: .org/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/SIgned-Protocoal- Statement.pdf

with an FAQ at: https://www.unitedmethodist

There is a chart comparing the proposals at https://

• New Expressions Plan: /General-Conference-UMC-Plans-Chart-V6

February 2020 Issue 2, Volume 3

...continued A Statement on the Future

Third, the Protocol Statement of the United Methodist Church
was released after the deadline for Rev. Steven L. Sullivan
petitions to General Conference, Loudonville United Methodist Church
so it will not be automatically on
the agenda, but there are In the past two days, many media outlets have mis-
parliamentary ways to get it characterized a document produced by a number of
before General Conference. bishops, clergy, and laity who have taken it upon
themselves to make a proposal regarding the future
Finally, I don’t currently have of the United Methodist Church. In light of these
any plans to have church-wide inaccurate reports, I want to make a few things
discussions about these plans clear.
because I believe the potential for
false assumptions is too great. I First, nothing has changed in the United Methodist
am firmly convinced that if any Church. Changes in church policy can only be
of these plans are adopted, they enacted by General Conference, which will not meet
will be amended before they are until May of this year.
adopted, so we don’t know what
will happen at General Con- Second, no one has the authority to speak for the
ference. And whatever legislation United Methodist Church except General
is adopted will almost certainly Conference, and when it is not in session, the Book
be referred to the Judicial of Discipline. This proposal is not an official
Council, the Supreme Court of document of the United Methodist Church, no
the United Methodist Church, matter who was involved in its drafting.
which could very well rule part or
all of the legislation unconstitu- Third, the so called “Protocol of Reconciliation &
tional, and thus null and void. Grace Through Separation” is simply one of many
Given these realities, major proposals that General Conference may consider. It
discussions will be held after a is not the first and likely won’t be the last proposal
decision is made. made public.

Fourth, the “Protocol Statement” is not in language

that the General Conference can even consider. Any
proposals will have to be framed in legislative
language that proposes changes to specific
paragraphs of the Book of Discipline. This, the
writers of the statement acknowledge, has not
happened yet.

February 2020 Issue 2, Volume 3


Fifth, and most importantly, the

ministry of this church will not
stop, and it will not pause to wait
until General Conference speaks.
We will continue to be about the
business of “reach[ing] the
unbeliever for Christ, discipl[ing]
the believer in Christ, and
prepar[ing] God’s people to serve
in the name of Christ.”

If and when General Conference Thank You!

takes action, you will be
submitted by Pastor Steve
informed, and then we will allow
God to lead us into the future
Sherri and I would like to express our thanks for all
that He has planned for us. In
the cards, gifts, and well-wishes during the
the meantime, please keep the
Christmas season. We are glad to be a part of this
delegates to General Conference
church family. Your generous expressions of
in your prayers.
compassion meant so much to us.
If you desire to talk further
about this issue, or any other,
please know that I am available
to have those conversations.

Until then, let us, in the words of

Saint Paul, “press on toward the
goal to win the prize for which
God has called [us] heavenward
in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians Conference News
3:14) Amen. A Pastor Letter from Bishop Tracy S. Malone
published January 3, 2020 on Facebook

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every

situation, by prayer and petition, with thanks-
giving, present your requests to God.”
—Philippians 4:6 (NIV)

February 2020 Issue 2, Volume 3

...continued the General Conference, which meets May 5-15 in

Earlier today, a press release was Minneapolis, Minnesota.
issued on behalf of a United
Methodist mediation team, General Conference is the only body that can set
comprised of clergy and laity, official policy and speak for the denomination. The
proposing a way to address the General Conference delegates who were elected by
impasse within the denomination their respective annual conferences are given the
regarding matters of human responsibility to review and make decisions on all
sexuality. matters and petitions before the Conference.
Bishops preside over the sessions of General
I strongly encourage all clergy Conference but do not vote.
and laity to visit the Conference
website and read the release— A lot of work has been done, and is still being done,
and the links contained within it by many faithful United Methodists to prepare for
—to gain a full understanding of General Conference 2020.
what is being proposed. I ask
that you not solely rely on news I ask that you continue to pray for The United
of the release shared through Methodist Church and pray for the delegates as they
broadcast and social media. do their best work on behalf of the denomination
and for the sake of the mission of The United
The faithful group submitting Methodist Church and our witness in the world.
today’s proposal joins other
faithful groups across our beloved While we do not know the outcome of General
United Methodist Church who Conference 2020, we do know that we serve a
have already submitted petitions faithful God who leads us and guides us and
to be considered by delegates to through whom all things are possible. Therefore, be
it resolved that we remain committed to our mission
of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the
transformation of the world; and we remain faithful
to live into our East Ohio Conference vision by:
• being disciples, making disciples, and
maturing disciples of Jesus Christ;
• being God’s agents of transformation in our
communities and throughout the world, and
• being bold and courageous leaders in reaching
new people, younger people, and a more
diverse people.…/united-methodist-

February 2020 Issue 2, Volume 3

You can support the Teach • Reach • Bless
campaign and show your commitment to the
education and wellness of women today for a better
Africa tomorrow in one of these ways:

By Mail:
Make checks payable to "East Ohio Conference” and
write “Teach • Reach • Bless" on the memo line.
Mail checks to:

More Conference East Ohio Conference

News P.O. Box 76019
from Cleveland, OH44101-4755
Through Your Church:
A Statement from Bishop Make checks payable to your church and write
Malone “Teach • Reach • Bless" on the memo line. Your
We have an opportunity to assist church treasurer will send the monies collected to
in the education of female the Conference lockbox and include the church
students at Africa University, a remittance under Fund 9915.
Pan-African United Methodist
institution. Increasing enrollment If you would like to make a commitment to the
at AU and a lack of on-campus campaign payable between now and December 31,
housing means that some 2022, download and print a commitment card, fill it
students commute from remote out, and turn it into your church office.
areas and find affordable off-
campus housing, putting them at (Editor’s Note: Click the image below to see the video.)
high risk for living in and being
subjected to untenable situations.

My vision is for East Ohio to

build an on-campus women’s
dorm that will provide a safe,
secure environment and a
community of support, so that
female AU students will be able
to focus on education without
risking their very lives.

February 2020 Issue 2, Volume 3

Certified—choose one of the courses listed below:

• Spiritual Gifts Course
Each One a Minister: Using God’s Gifts for
Ministry (Carter)
• Leading Prayer Course
Shaping the Prayers of the People: The Art of
Intercession (Wells & Kocher)

District News The UMC Book of Discipline states, “ maintain

status, a report and reapplication with
2020 Three Rivers
recommendations must be submitted annually and
Lay Servant Training Courses
a refresher course approved by the conference
committee on Lay Servant Ministries must be
Basic Class:
completed once every three years.”
Friday, March 20 (7-9 pm) AND
Sat, March 21 (8a-4p)

Certified Classes:
Saturday only: March 21 (8a-4p)

DEADLINE for registration is

February 14, 2020

The training will be held at

Roscoe UMC in Coshocton. The
registration fee is $25 and
includes materials and lunch. For
more details and registration
form contact district office or
navigate to the District’s Lay
Servant website. Newest Addition to Our
Basic Coursework must be taken The rose on the altar on January 12 th was in honor
prior to any certified course and of the birth of Nora Marie Spreng, firstborn of
provides incoming Lay Servants Angela and Scott, and the first baby born at
with the tools they need to Wooster Community Hospital in 2020 on January
provide leadership for the local 2nd at 9:35am. She weighed 7-1/2 pounds and
church through leading, caring measured 20 inches long. Please welcome Sweet
and communicating. Nora to our family!

February 2020 Issue 2, Volume 3

Meals on Wheels
Thanks You!
submitted by Karen McClure

Volunteers from LUMC, coordinated by Karen

McClure, helped Meals on Wheels in January for
about 1 hour each day to deliver meals within the
Village limits and Loudon Bluff Apartments.
Thanks go to the following folks for volunteering to
serve in this important mission:
• Ron and Kelly Fetzer
• Gene and Nancy Heller
Get Fit! • Gary and Karen McClure
Members and regular attendees • Oris and Ruth Nickles
are eligible for a discounted • Tom and Karen Motz
membership to Strive Health and • Jim and Sharon Brewer
Fitness through our Community • Bob and Edna Moritz
Partnership Program. Individ- • Ken Fowler
uals pay only $30/month (instead
of $45); couples pay $60/month
(instead of $80). See Susan in the Winter Weather and
Office for an LUMC Community
Partnership Program card. Parking Info
submitted by Kevin Donley, Trustees Chair
Contact and follow Strive Health
and Fitness to stay up-to-date on During inclement weather, church services and/or
what’s happening: events may be canceled.

phone: 419-994-0888 The decision to cancel church services shall be made

facebook: @strivehealthfitness in consultation with the Lay Leader, the Chair of
instagram: @getstrivefit the Administrative Council, and the Chair of the
website: Trustees.
The decision to cancel church services is the
responsibility of the pastor. In the event the pastor
is on vacation and cannot be reached, the decision is
to be made by the Lay Leader.


February 2020 Issue 2, Volume 3

...continued If church services are canceled, all other church

If the Ashland County Sheriff ’s activities for that Sunday shall also be
Department has issued a Level 3 automatically canceled.
road emergency effective for
Sunday morning, church services Phone calls will be made to worship leaders, and the
shall be automatically canceled. OneCall system will be used to contact church
members if worship service is canceled.
If the Ashland county Sheriff ’s
Department has not issued a Note also that we are allowed to park in the funeral
Level 2 or higher road emergency home’s lot as long as there’s no snow
at the time the decision is made, accumulation in the lot.
church services will not be
canceled unless non-weather
related issues warrant closing
(e.g., power outage).

The decision to cancel church

services shall be made by 8:00am
Sunday morning.

If church service is canceled, the

following media outlets shall be
contacted to carry the
cancellation: WZLP, WMFD/
WNCO. Every effort will also be
made to place the cancellation on In the Mail
the church answering machine. January 18, 2020
Dear United Methodist Church:

On behalf of the Loudonville Church Women

(LCW), I would like to extend a warm thank you to
your church family for the many donations made,
which helped make our 2019 Day of Sharing event a

As you know, groceries were given to 142 families,

new toys to 580 children, comforters to 38 families,

February 2020 Issue 2, Volume 3

...continued It takes a village to put on this event. With the

McDonald coupons to 135 support of local churches, organizations, and
families, and bikes from Bikes for businesses, we are able to conduct this annual event
Kids were given to 25 children. and make Christmas brighter for those we love. We
Families also received winter look forward to working with you at our 2020 Day
clothing, boots, Christmas items, of Sharing event, which will take place Tuesday,
household items, etc. Approx- December 8th. God Bless.
imately 80 volunteers assisted
with this event, and it was a Sincerely,
wonderful day. Susie Henley Piskur, President LCW

Our organization so appreciates

the contributions from United Giving Report
Methodist Church parishioners. submitted by Pastor Steve on behalf of the Finance
We know that you believe in our Committee
vision and support our mission,
and we thank you for that. Each month, the Finance Committee shares the
Together we make a difference in church’s giving patterns in the newsletter. We will
our community. try to make this information reflect the reality of
our giving pattern and to help this congregation
We appreciate the $407 donated understand where we are financially.
from your Mission Committee as
well as the $500 donated from 2019 Budget
your Spaghetti Supper toward 2019 Budget Total: $159,296.00
our events. Thanks to the 2019 prorated Budget (83% of total): $132,215.68
Loudonville United Methodist
Quilters for their donation of the
homemade quilts and to your
parishioners for all the men and
boys underwear, which were
donated. We also appreciated all
the volunteers that helped make
the event go smoothly. Thanks
also to your representatives to
LCW, which include Patty
Hunter and Kathy Daniels. They
are very committed to helping
our community.
February 2020 Issue 2, Volume 3

...continued June
January Average giving over past 4 years 6.98%
Average giving over past 4 years Total needed to meet prorated budget $9,228.65
7.43% Actual Income in 2019 $12,397.00
Total needed to meet prorated Surplus $3,168.35
budget $9,823.62
Actual Income in 2019 $8,767.00 July
Shortfall $1,056.62 Average giving over past 4 years 7.83%
Total needed to meet prorated budget $10,352.49
February Actual Income in 2019 $8,782.23
Average giving over past 4 years Shortfall $1,570.26
Total needed to meet prorated August
budget $8,303.15 Average giving over past 4 years 7.22%
Actual Income in 2019 $8,036.28 Total needed to meet prorated budget $9,545.97
Shortfall $266.87 Actual Income in 2019 $9,643.00
Surplus $97.03
Average giving over past 4 years September
8.36% Average giving over past 4 years 9.16%
Total needed to meet prorated Total needed to meet prorated budget $12,110.96
budget $11,053.23 Actual Income in 2019 $10,960.00
Actual Income in 2019 $10,910.50 Shortfall $1,150.96
Shortfall $142.73
April Average giving over past 4 years 7.67%
Average giving over past 4 years Total needed to meet prorated budget $10,140.94
9.75% Actual Income in 2019 $8,326.00
Total needed to meet prorated Shortfall $1,814.94
budget $12,891.03
Actual Income in 2019 $8,746.00 November
Shortfall $4,145.03 Average giving over past 4 years 8.88%
Total needed to meet prorated budget $11,740.75
Actual Income in 2019 $14,602.24
Average giving over past 4 years
Surplus $2,861.49
7.35% continued…
Total needed to meet prorated
budget $9,717.85
Actual Income in 2019 $10,418.05
Surplus $700.20

February 2020 Issue 2, Volume 3

...continued in the “Our Church Family” column of each

December newsletter.
Average giving over past 4 years
13.10% Please report additions, changes, or updates to
Total needed to meet prorated the Office.
budget $17,320.25
Current Prayer Concerns
Actual Income in 2019 $20,208.00
Our prayer concerns voiced during the worship
Surplus $2,887.75
service on Sundays are not recorded for broadcast
over the radio. Pastor Steve uses only first names or
2019 Year-End Summary
other nonidentifying information when offering our
Total needed to meet prorated
prayer of joys or concerns so that it can be
budget $132,215.68
recorded. If you would like to offer your own prayer
Actual Income in 2019
for those mentioned during the service but were
unable to attend, please feel free to contact the
Shortfall $419.38
Office for the information shared during the
nonrecorded portion of the service.

Our Church Please keep the following folks in your prayers.

Family • Robert and Kathy Doughty—Judy Pollard’s
sister and brother-in-law
In each monthly newsletter, we’ll • Jacob Shea—Emma Whitaker’s friend’s son
share news about our church • Kenze Carson—Emma Whitaker’s great-niece
family. Sympathies for church • Richard Byrd—Linda Mehaffey’s uncle
members, active churchgoers, and • Meggin Kraft—Carol Speck’s granddaughter
family of members/active church- • Sandy Close
goers who have passed; birth • Larry Short—Robin Kaiser’s brother
announcements; engagement and • Florence Lowe
wedding announcements; award, • Phyllis Miller—Sandy Esto’s aunt
honor roll, and graduation • Cindy Dalton—Lois Pace’s sister
announcements; and current • Mary Warbel—Mike and Sally’s daughter
prayer concerns will now appear • Gail Hall
• Ricky Zellner—Carol Bordner’s grandson
• Francis Bird—Cheryl’s husband
• Grace Danals—Lucy Ullman’s sister
• Matt—Kelly Hahn’s friend
• Mike Kassinger—Pam’s husband
• Carol Baker
• Rosemary Cassill

February 2020 Issue 2, Volume 3


• Mike Nickles—Oris’ and

Ruth’s son
• Kristi Ray
• Laura Wheeler—Steve
Hughes’ niece On the Calendar
• Tim Ray Our online church calendar is undergoing some
• Ned Burgess updates. If you need to know if space in the church
• Addie Bontatibus—Judy is available to host your private event, please call
Pollard’s granddaughter the Office until the updates to our public calendar
• Lois Pace are complete. Thank you for your patience.
• Deacon Yoak—Megan’s son
• Sue Meyer—Ted Daniels’ Celebrations
sister February Anniversaries
• Kennedy Harper—Emma’s 02/26 Norman and Jodi Donley
• Steve Hughes February Birthdays
02/02 Ada Martin
Nursing Homes and Assisted 02/04 Barb Burd
Living 02/04 Jason Burd
Colonial Manor 02/06 Sandy Esto
Bev Wickham 02/07 Eric Mitchell
Vi Veach 02/09 Ava Scott
02/09 Ella Scott
McMullen Assisted Care 02/11 Nate Sponsler
Ernie Motz 02/11 Shonica Swank
02/12 Gary McClure
02/13 Kelly Samon
02/13 Scott Spreng
02/14 Erick Lamachy
02/15 Butch Pollard
02/19 Gordon Penner
02/20 John Eicher
02/21 John Baker
02/24 Curt Weimer
02/24 Gladys Mumper
02/25 Taylor Reiheld
02/26 Steve Hughes
02/28 Kathy Daniels continued…

February 2020 Issue 2, Volume 3

...continued Sound Tech

Volunteers Serving in Feb. Ted Daniels
Worship Mar. Rick Pace
Greeters Apr. Tom Motz
02/02 Oris and Ruth Nickles
Registration Pickup
02/09 Karen McClure
Feb. Ken Fowler
02/16 Nancy Statler
Mar. Linda Mehaffey
02/23 Karen Motz
Apr. Judy Pollard
February’s Meetings and Events
02/02 Louis Donley and Tim Donley
02/02 Communion Sunday
02/09 Louis Donley and Grayson
02/03 Education Committee, 6:30pm
02/04 Choir Practice, 5:45pm
02/16 Brennan Daniels and Araiya
02/05 Bible Study, 10am
02/05 Tai Chi, 5pm
02/23 John Eicher and Spencer
02/10 SPR Committee, 6:30pm
02/11 Choir Practice, 5:45pm
Radio Sponsors 02/12 Bible Study, 10am
Feb. Oris and Ruth Nickles 02/12 Tai Chi, 5pm
Mar. Donley Family 02/12 Trustees, 6:30pm
Apr. Bob and Edna Moritz 02/13 Ad Council Agendas/Reports/Newsletter
Articles Due, 11am
Liturgists 02/15 Private Event, Fellowship Hall
02/02 Linda Mehaffey 02/17 Community Meal, 5pm
02/09 Cindy Maxwell 02/17 Ad Council, 7pm
02/16 Linda Mehaffey 02/18 Choir Practice, 5:45pm
02/23 Walt Burd 02/19 Bible Study, 10am
02/19 Tai Chi, 5pm
Altar Arrangement Sponsors 02/25 Choir Practice, 5:45pm
02/02 Walt and Barb Burd 02/26 NO Bible Study (Ash Wednesday)
02/09 Clara Donley 02/26 Ash Wednesday Service at Lakeville UMC,
02/16 John and Mary Lou Gess 7pm continued…
02/23 Steve and Robin Hughes

Communion Stewards
Feb. Gail Hall
Mar. Bob and Edna Moritz
Apr. John and Mary Lou Gess
February 2020 Issue 2, Volume 3

...continued Worship Committee

2nd Tuesdays @ 6:30pm
2020 Meeting Rotations Jan/Mar/May/Jul/Sep/Nov
Ad Council
3rd Mondays @ 7pm

Audit Committee
as called

Education Committee
1st Mondays @ 6:30pm

Finance Committee
2nd Mondays @ 6:30pm

Lay Leadership Committee

as called February Daily Scripture
Memorial Committee
as called 01 Matthew 5:1-12
02 Genesis 1
Missions Committee 03 John 15:1-11
4th Tuesdays @ 6:30pm 04 Acts 27:21-26
Jan/Mar/May/Jul/Sep/Nov 05 Psalm 112:1-9
06 Isaiah 58:1-12
Outreach/Nurture Committee 07 1 Corinthians 2:1-12
as called 08 Matthew 5:13-20
09 1 Kings 19
Permanent Endowment
10 Philippians 1:19-30
3rd Mondays @ 6pm
11 1 Peter 5:1-11
12 Psalm 119:1-8
Staff-Parish Relations 13 Deuteronomy 30:15-20
as called 14 1 Corinthians 3:1-9
15 Matthew 5:21-37
Trustees 16 Isaiah 49:1-6
2nd Wednesdays @ 6:30pm 17 Psalm 98
monthly 18 Psalm 51:1-17 continued…

February 2020 Issue 2, Volume 3


19 Psalm 99
20 Exodus 24:12-18
21 2 Peter 1:16-21
22 Matthew 17:1-9
23 Joel 2:1-2, 12-17
24 2 Corinthians 5:20b-6:10 Newsletter Submissions
25 Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21
26 Psalm 32 Do you have news you’d like to share with the
27 Genesis 2:15-17, 3:1-7 church? Submit your articles to the church Office at
28 Romans 5:12-19 for the next monthly
29 Matthew 4:1-11 newsletter by the 15th of each month.