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"age garron Romos Congress of the Cnited states ane mye, aman peters Boast of Kepesntatoes onan Sr Voces ae sasgrdouwnreconizcamatecuss ES Boron January 27,2020 ‘Sundar Pichi CEO Google 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway ‘Mountain View, CA 94043 Dear Me, Pichi, In my correspondence to you last October, | urged you to end Googles investments in groups that are actively blocking progress onclimae stion and that are promoting climate denial. ‘Today, I write with urgent coucems regarding & new report onthe spread of dangerous climate misinformation on YouTube,» subsidiary of Google. According to the report, which was released this ‘month? YouTube hasbeen crving millions of viewers to climate misinformation videos everyday, a shocking revelation that runs contrary’ to Google's important missions of fighting misinformation and prometing climate action. (Over the past 1S years, YouT be has grown to become the most used social platform in the Unitd States About three ou of every four American adlts watch videos on the platform. And YouTube is especially popular among young people:nine out of every 10 Americans under the age of 30 use it? Inthe past, YouTube fas beer proactive about responding tothe threats pose by harmful misinformation shared on ts platform, Jus lst year, for example, YouTube removed economic incentives for channels that promoted ant-vacenation views, arguing that such content violated YouTube's rules aginst | ‘monetizing videos with “dangerous and harafl” coment Similarly, Google has been prosetve about leading the Fight agains the climate crisis displaying an portant commitment to shifing the American econoeny ward a clesn energy future. Last September, * ep. Kathy Castor, “Cha Casto Cal On Google To Stop Funding Climate Deniers (October 16, 209) Aale 2x htos/eimatezris house gonews/pcess-leaes/ehircastor-cs google ndng-cimste-Geners * ava, "Wh is YouTube Broadeasng imate Misnfriction to Mlions” anvacy 2020) Aaiable ips secure avs ora/ampalnfen)yutube. imate msinormaterd *apaew Peri and Menca Anderson, "share of US. A8ats Using socal med chiding Faceboo, i mosty uncharged since 2018” Pew Research Center (Api 2013) Avaloble at tos /iwww pewresearch organ. {/2019/04/10/shareofusatls using socal-mece-ncuseg-faceoaok-s-mosty-unehanged-nee2018/ “caroline Donaver, YouTube lst DeronetzedAnt-Vax Channels" Suzfed Neus [February 2019 vaabe st ps war buzteccnens.convartie/caolineoconover/ youtube jst cemonetized-antvax-cannels you proudly declared that “sustainability has been one of Google's coe values from our earliest das,"* ‘8 you announced “te biggest corporate purchase of renewable energy in histor.” [As Char ofthe Solet Commitee onthe Climate Crisis 'm committed to promoting ambitious federal ‘policy that wil help us sole one ofthe biggest challenges facing our planet. Lalo recognize the need to partner with members ofthe private setc,inluding Google, 1 ake impactful action tat wil accelerate progress as we make sue the United States meets its climate goals. As we all work together to solve this crisis, we must also eliminate barre to action, including those as pervasive and harmful as climate