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TABLE of CONTENTS Introduction History Types of Cohiba Cigars Cohiba Esplendido Cohiba Robusto Cohiba Corona Especial Cohiba Lancero Cohiba Piramides Cohiba Siglo I Cohiba Siglo II Cohiba Siglo III Cohiba Siglo IV Cohiba Siglo V Cohiba Siglo VI Cohiba Genios Cohiba Magico Top 10 Cigar Facts! Conclusion

the amazing work that is put in assembling it and the beautiful feelings it inspires in the consumer. I hope that this will be an informative and an entertaining publication for you! Sincerely. power. it is no secret that Cohiba is definitely the “KING” of cigars. The Cohiba represents wealth. success and bottom line. the ’good life’. From it’s rich history. Trevor Wallace Manager & Cigar Aficionado Vancouver Cigar Company .Introduction: Cohiba is the Ferrari of Cuban Cigars. A cigar that was once only available to royal dignitaries is now available to you.

Japan or China . he visited the island of Cuba (Known as Colba to the locals).Lands he set out to find originally. I guess you can we should all thank Christopher Columbus for fine Cuban Cigars too! When Columbus went back to Spain to tell the king about his discoveries. who put a bunch of dried leaves that in a pipe called ‘Tobacco’ and smoked it. . . It was soon after that they realized that ‘Tobacco’ and ‘Cuban Tobacco’ is actually worth more than any amount of gold and silver that they could have discovered . during Columbus' first voyage to the "new world". His sailors were introduced to "Cohiba" by the island it still pays heavy dividends to this day! .History of Cohiba: In 1492. He told the King that the land he discovered is ‘New’ and not India. he was a little disappointed.

Types of Cohiba Cigars: Now over the years. the Cohiba brand has introduced various cigar models. All exclusive and an absolute delight to smoke. Cohiba Esplendido Cohiba Robusto Cohiba Corona Especial Cohiba Lancero Cohiba Piramides Cohiba Siglo I Cohiba Siglo II Cohiba Siglo III Cohiba Siglo IV Cohiba Siglo V Cohiba Siglo VI Cohiba Genios Cohiba Magico Cohiba Secretos .

peppery and even a touch of chocolatiness.65 mm) Julieta. you will feel the Esplendidos' instant vigor. take your senses for a ride they won't forget. All these flavors working together to heighten your senses. Size: 7" x 47 (178 x 18.Cohiba Esplendido: A perfect fit for the more experienced palate. a true delight if you are accustomed to smoking Cuban cigars. Go ahead. a Churchill Strength: Full Bodied Rating: * * * * * . From the first draw. Light up your senses with the wonderful harmony of strong aromas that will present themselves as woody. The Esplendido is your perfect partner when you just don't want that special night to end.

65 mm) Julieta. Size: 7" x 47 (178 x 18. This Cigar goes perfect with your favorite wine when you are out relaxing on the patio. Dark chocolate and espresso flavors are the most prevalent. Consider that just a teaser for what is actually in store for you .Cohiba Robustos HR: One thing you will always be impressed by when you try a Cohiba Robusto is the overall construction. . The aromas are strong and delightfully rich in flavor. but in the depths of the smoke you can taste cedar ever so slightly. . a Churchill Strength: Full Bodied Rating: * * * * * . One of our favorites and highly recommended by the Vancouver Cigar company. This cigar is one of those ever so rare treats that beginners and cigar aficionados can enjoy at the same sitting.

less intense smoke compared to the larger Cohibas. woody. 2. The Corona Especiale is an earthy. gentler Cohiba that we have seen become lighter over the years. .Cohiba Corona Especial: This is a medium to heavy cigar compared to your average Cuban Cigar. Size: 6" x 38 (152 x 15. you get less pull from it which makes it a lighter. a panetela Strength: Medium Bodied Rating: * * * * . Since it is a thinner cigar.08 mm) Laguito No.

This especiale sized Cohiba burns slow making it a perfect sit-back-and-relax Cuban cigar. Very consistent feedback from experienced and novice cigar smokers cites this Cohiba as a balanced flavored cigar.Cohiba Lanceros: The Cohiba Lancero is Castro's personal favorite. Size: 7 1/2 x 38 Strength: Full . A consistent and slightly lighter flavored Cohiba cigar.Bodied Rating: * * * * * . Very earthy flavors resonate throughout this long yet small ring gauge Cohiba. . The flavors of wood and spice are still present as in cigars like the Cohiba Robusto but they're more muted and smooth than some of the other cigars produced under the Cohiba name. and was made exclusively for him before being released to the general market in 1982.

or Siglo series. at 4 inches long and with a 40 ring gauge. takes about 30 minutes to enjoy. The Cohiba Siglo I. With the Cohibs Siglo I specifically you will notice a milder chocolate flavor.Cohiba Siglo I: This is the smallest of the Linea 1492 Cohiba cigars. and the undertones included flavors of cinnamon and nutmeg. Size: 4 x 40 Strength: Medium . The Linea 1492. more like milk than dark. is characterized by a slightly milder blend of tobacco than other Cohibas.Bodied Rating: * * * * .

Bodied Rating: * * * * . The Cohibe Siglo II is a world class smoke and considered a favorite stogie by most cigar aficionados.Cohiba Siglo II: Cohiba Siglo II cigar is medium bodied overall and very well known for its creamy Cohiba taste. Size: 5 x 42 Strength: Medium . Cohiba Siglo II is lighter in flavor when compared to the rest of the Cohiba cigars.

Perfect medium bodied smoke if you have the time to enjoy it. Size: 6 1/4 x 42 Strength: Medium .Bodied Rating: * * * * .Cohiba Siglo III: Cohiba Siglo III is one of the larger Siglos.

A very smooth tasting Siglo that has a phenomenal aroma. Size: 5 5/8 x 46 Strength: Full .Bodied Rating: * * * * * .Cohiba Siglo IV: Cohiba Siglo IV cigar represents the Cohiba brand to the fullest and is considered a classic in the Siglo cigar lineup.

Cohiba Siglo V are meant for all good occasions and pure enjoyment. Milder than the rest of the Cohibas. Size: 6 3/4 x 43 Strength: Full .Cohiba Siglo V: Cohiba Siglo V cigars have excellent construction and the infamous Cohiba taste.Bodied Rating: * * * * .

The smoke is generally characterized by a full. At 5 7/8" X 52 this cigar takes some commitment. The finish reminds me of peaty Isla scotch's like Talisker. Size: 5 7/8 X 52 Strength: Full . a real treat if you love allencompassing flavor.Bodied Rating: * * * * * . not quite dark-chocolate taste. As with cigars of this girth.Upmann Magnum 50. the Siglo VI intensifies as you smoke it down to it's strong end.Cohiba Siglo VI: Originally released in 2002 as part of the 10th Anniversary of the Linea 1942 or Siglo line. thicker cigars which we now see in the Trinidad Robusto Extra and the H. the Siglo VI was the first Cohiba to feature the new Gold embossed lettering on the Cohiba label. The Siglo VI paved the way for a demand in larger.

As you draw upon this toasted sweet vanilla flavored smoke. Experience one of the best well rounded Cohibas ever made. this beauty will more than satisfy.Bodied Rating: * * * * * . A phenomenal experience awaits. Size: 5 1/2 X 52 Strength: Full .Cohiba Genios: An exquisite. you'll notice it's complimented with a burst of dark cocoa beans. The Cohiba Genios is exactly why Cuban cigars are in a league of their own. If you prefer a larger ring gauge. fluid and lush cigar that just might become your new favorite.

The aging and fermentation of each leaf within the Magicos is truly reflected in the taste.Cohiba Magico: An absolute delight for your palate. you will be in for a pleasant surprise. Experience fabulous depth in your smoke. Even if you are an experienced Cigar connoisseur. Size: 4 1/2 X 52 Strength: Full .Bodied Rating: * * * * * . It is a very well constructed cigar. experience the magic. as dark chocolate and crushed pepper scented aromas begin to envelope you. the 'magic' will be unleashed. Upon your first draw.

8. you may smoke!". he would happily go to the other place". what a legend! 7. Mark Twain actually started smoking since the age of 8.Top 10 Cigar Facts 10. Except for the fact that the men on the island of Colba (Or Cuba as its called today) perfumed themselves with certain 'herbs' and inhaled smoke from burning of Cohiba leaves. was caught saying "If cigar smoking were not permitted in heave. he wrote that the land they have discovered is not India. The famous comedian W. whole heartedly credited his success to a daily dose of cigars and whiskey that started in his childhood. Since he wrote practically everything down in his journal.C Fields. China or Japan and in this land their was no treasure to be found. and that was tobacco. King Edward VII was happy as anyone could be when he succeeded his antismoking mother Victoria as a monarch of the British Empire. 9. Samuel Langhorne Clemens or better known to the world as the famous author 'Mark Twain'. . Tia Carrera and Demi Moore were the first Hollywood ladies to make cigar smoking popular between the female actresses in the 1990s. The image of young hot ladies smoking cigars created the 'Femme Fatale' image and soon every girl was doing it. It was Christopher Columbus who first discovered the famous Cohiba cigar (You know the guy who discovered America in 1492). 6. He actually greeted all the tobacco-starved courtiers of Buckingham Palace with the famous phrase "Gentleman. Soon it turned out that what they discovered was worth more than any treasure they ever hoped to find.

Marx being the 'wise guy' that he is responded "I like a cigar too but every once in a while I take it out of my mouth!". Milton Berle lit his and George's cigar. by lighting up a Romeo Y Julieta despite Hilary's no smoking rules. Milton started at age 12! 3. Groucho Marx's image was all about the cigar in the mouth at all times. As we all know that Cuban Cigars are not sold within the USA. This story gets worst because right before the ban. in the thousands so he can have his very own stash in the White House. You know who was responsible for that? Mr. . comedians who started smoking cigars as kids. he ordered his own press secretary Pierre Salinger to get his brand of Cuban Cigars the 'Upmanns'. 4. Talk about passion! 2. Again. Edward the 'Duke of Windsor' personally inspected the Cuban factory that made his favorite cigars. John F Kennedy. 1. Once a woman told him that she has nine kids with her husband because she likes him. Now I don’t think that was fair but you be the judge. Take about quality control. On the 80th birthday of George Burns in 1977. Bill Clinton celebrated the rescue of the American pilot who was shot down in Bosnia.5.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and remember . Enjoy your Cuban cigars! Sincerely. Trevor Wallace Manager & Cigar Aficionado Vancouver Cigar Company . . As always. . I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions.Conclusion: It is my sincere hope that you found the ‘Cohiba 101’ as an informative guide.

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