Critiques of the Reproductive Health Bill 5043

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Population Bogey: a scapegoat
By Sonny Coloma in Business World, 3 October 2008. Sonny Coloma was Head of Presidential Management Staff (PMS) under Corazon Aquino and Deputy Executive Secretary in the Office of the President (OP); Undersecretary, Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC); and Undersecretary, Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR). He also served in the administration of President J. Estrada as DOTC Undersecretary. He writes a weekly column, ³Vector´, for Business World, the Philippines¶ leading business daily newspaper. In the fifties and up to the time martial rule was imposed by a dictatorial President, the communist bogey was the favorite justification for witch-hunting against advocates of progressive thought who were accused of "destabilizing" the government and "threatening our democratic way of life." Today, the communist bogey has been replaced by a new scapegoat: the population bogey. House Bill 5043, otherwise known as the Population and Reproductive Health Bill, is now being debated. Even if the bill has not been passed it has been reported that about P 2 billion has been appropriated to fund the purchase and provision of contraceptives that will be distributed in health centers nationwide. I first became aware of the population bogey when, as a freshman in UP, I read the winning piece for the Philippine Collegian editorship written by Antonio Tagamolila. (Government soldiers in the coutnryside killed Tony Tagamolila in the early seventies, not long after his stint as Collegian editor.) His lead sentence was quite memorable: ³The ghost of the Parson Malthus once more stalks the land.´ Thomas Malthus was a Protestant minister who warned about the potentially catastrophic consequences of ³geometric´ (or ³exponential´) population growth far outstripping ³arithmetic´ growth in food production. This view found resonance in the Club of Rome¶s exposition on the Limits to Growth in the mid-seventies. But such gloom-and-doom scenarios have not materialized. Advances in technology have greatly enhanced human productivity. The market economy has created such an abundance of wealth that, even if not equitably distributed, has forestalled the dire predictions on the supposed detrimental effects of the law of diminishing marginal returns. Poverty cannot be totally blamed on the poor themselves: it is more clearly the outcome of human greed and bad governance. In the Real Wealth of Nations, Riane Eisler points out that it is dominator economic systems that ³artificially create and perpetuate scarcity ± and with this, pain and fear.´ Such systems have spawned ³heavy investment in armaments, lack of investment in meeting human needs, ruthless exploitation of nature, and waste of natural and human resources from wars and other forms of violence.´


In our country, the Catholic Church has often been blamed by politicians for the continuing high population growth rate. I recall that during the Ramos regime, Cardinal Sin mobilized a huge rally in Luneta to counteract the high-profile birth control program of the Department of Health that was then headed by flamboyant Secretary (later Senator) Juan Flavier. During my two stints in government, I have realized why every secretary of health is bound to support the use of contraceptives in population control programs. Almost the entire DOH budget (up to 80%) is allocated for personnel salaries and administrative expenses. Only official development assistance from such sources as the US Agency for International Development (USAID) makes it possible for the DOH to pursue meaningful pubic health programs. I am opposed to HB 5043 even if I favor planned parenthood through natural methods. My opposition stems from the fact that, historically, the open tolerance of the use of contraceptives has produced more harmful effects than the good that its advocates have vowed to promote. A culture of contraception is, essentially, an anti-life ±not a pro-choice²culture. It is also anti-family. Contrary to expectations, the percentage of out-of wedlock births has increased dramatically since oral contraceptives, or birth control pills, were approved for sale in 1960. In the US, out-of-wedlock births have increased from 6% to about 35%. In Europe, about half of the children in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway are born to unmarried mothers. These figures give rise to the query: since birth control pills prevent pregnancy, shouldn¶t the out-of-wedlock pregnancy rates have gone down? Not so, because of the operation of the law of unintended consequences. Since contraception has become legitimate, then childbearing can take place outside marriage. Hence, there has been a big increase in the out-ofwedlock pregnancies ± and births ± and of abortions as well. With few exceptions, abortions always happen outside of marriage. Another consequence of the onset of the culture of contraception is the spiral in the incidence of divorce and a corresponding decline of marriage as an institution. Let the authors of the House Bill explain and justify to the people the rationale in terms of the foregoing challenges: the likely increase in unwanted pregnancies and criminal abortions, out-of-wedlock births, and the decline of marriage. Let them file a divorce law to complete their menu for the new Filipino lifestyle. But let the silent majority of those who are opposed to abortion and the decline of the family as an institution also speak up. («) Not surprisingly, none of the presidential wannabees for 2010 has spoken in favor of HB 5043, which still needs a Senate counterpart measure that is yet to be reported out and debated on the floor.


Atty. Business World. gender equality and human rights. congressmen. The bill for all its good intentions made sweeping assumptions in an effort to push for what is referred to as ³responsible parenthood. licensing. and political leaders to declare where they stand on this issue. I guess the current debate on House Bill 5043. The "conscience" theme has never left local advertisements. corporate and intellectual property practice for more than fifteen (15) years and a columnist of a leading national newspaper. responsible parenthood. He has been engaged in active general litigation. the bill apparently highlights the view that curbing the population is its main thrust. Empirically such a hodgepodge bill will undoubtedly lead to more explanations and oversight confusion in the future. Unhealthy reproductive bill By Atty. the better´ should be the rule. attempting somehow though probably failing at times to momentarily set aside tenets that have been taught to me as a Roman Catholic. ³The simpler. the bill mentions ³the limited resources of the country´ affected by a ³burgeoning multitude´ that results in grossly inadequate and meaningless allocations.³ involves at the very least an exercise of conscience as well. The conscience advises the woman what product is good for her family and what will be beneficial to her in the long run.Catholics should come out in the open and ask their senators. He is a holder of a Bachelor of Arts Degree. women¶s rights.´ Section 5 of the bill makes the Commission on Population (Popcom) the central planning and implementing body for the reproductive health policy. family planning and abortion. The story line in many television ads about a woman talking to her inner voice or conscience in deciding what better soap or product to buy for her family never fails to amuse us for decades. it perceives population in the country a ³problem´ that must be solved as it depletes its resources. The bill is nothing but ambitious as it seeks to envelop at the same time in such a short single initiative a handful of differing and complicated subjects revolving around population. or the ³Reproductive Health Bill. it miserably failed to include in its declaration of policy and guiding principles any reference to our ³Almighty God. For a bill that unavoidably deals on moral issues. It teaches her to distinguish right from wrong. Bundang is a Partner and Head of the Litigation Departmen of SapaloVelez Bundang and Bulilan Law Offices. health promotion. more specifically gender equality. With Popcom at the helm. Business World. Her conscience guides her and warns her to act only in accordance with her own standards of right and wrong. major in Economics and Bachelor of Laws Degree from the Ateneo de Manila University. Augusto R. But isn¶t manpower the most 4 . In its guiding principles (Section 3 (e)).´ which point is clearly so emphasized in the preamble of our Constitution. 11 October and 17 October 2008. In effect. I tried to read through its provisions. Augusto Bundang. Well my conscience did not stop pricking me as I look at its contents.

Under Section 12 of the bill mandatory reproductive health education shall begin from Grade 3 up fourth year high school or for six continuous years from the time child is 11 years old up to the time he or she reaches 17 years of age. The priest who was giving a discourse on the subject kept exhorting on how the bill would violate the laws of men and of God. What will that make of them? Sex specialists or adventurists perhaps? Section 17 on the mandatory inclusions of free delivery by employers of a reasonable quantity of reproductive health care services. The problem. though. is a disease that requires medicines. obsolete. Section 10 of the bill treats contraception as ³essential medicines. the key to enhancing and maximizing resources. and comes as an automatic command whether to the young or to the old. the clergyman did not point out the specific provisions of the bill that he found objectionable. supplies and devices to all their workers under the collective bargaining agreement. notwithstanding the long arguments raised by the bill¶s proponents. is another awkward scheme to allow government to irregularly and unduly interfere in the relationship between employers and their employees and to violate the employer¶s free exercise of religion. the bill¶s provision to which they adhere do not get entangled with their moral judgment. misleading. they all would have to contend with their own conscience and examine themselves if indeed. Increasingly. which contraceptives seek to present. For conscience. he may have succeeded in convincing the devout churchgoers to disagree with the bill.´ Categorizing contraceptives as such would imply that conception. 5 . the educated or the uneducated. is in a way above reason and discussion. It operates without the influence of any teaching ideology. or tradition. is. like some who would condemn the bill outright. to refuse to perform voluntary ligation and vasectomy and other legal and medically safe reproductive health care services. I¶m not even talking of religion here.important resource a country can ever have? Isn¶t labor. more so an intelligent and productive one. and very far from reality. but he definitely failed to make them informed and critical faithful followers who can ably defend their position when confronted by those who support the bill. This type of reasoning has been shown to be false. Freedom to exercise one¶s religion is also infringed under Section 21 which considers as criminals the act of any health care service provider. In the end. It warns and it judges. whether public or private. should work on other arguments and cease harping on the population growth. thus making resources bountiful and limitless rather than limited? Have our representatives failed to see the obvious by ignoring the continuing calls of developed countries for millions of migrants to work in their businesses and efforts to replace their graying population? The bill¶s proponents if they truly believe in its importance. Part II Last Sunday was another day of sermon criticizing House Bill 5043 or the Reproductive Health Bill. By coming up with sweeping statements and conclusions without laying the predicate. so to speak.

. Under Section 17. The President may have compromised her principles on many issues.00. Violators are also civilly liable to the so-called ³offended party´ upon the discretion of the court. political or otherwise. Stupid is as stupid does. personal circumstances. they cannot refuse to provide such services to a DSWD-certified abused minor or abused pregnant minor on whose case no parental consent is necessary. Madam President. religion.always. He too is ---.00 to P50.Through this and last week¶s columns. We. public and private health care service providers cannot knowingly withhold or impede the dissemination of information regarding programs and services on reproductive health. gender or sexual orientation. True. But then. Penalties imposed by the bill range from one month to six months imprisonment or a fine of P10. They also can neither fail to provide reproductive health care services nor refuse to extend the same on account of the patient¶s civil status. the taxpayers. Worse. but this is one situation I hope where she will neither back down nor surrender her values for the sake of her own redemption. Our definite way of ending this long and costly argument on Bill 5043 is for President Arroyo to finally and resolutely make a pronouncement that she will not support it and will veto it if and when it reaches Malacañang. also mentions ³that all conscientious objections of health care service providers based on religious grounds shall be respected´. regardless of their moral and ethical convictions. It criminalizes acts that are morally right and fosters state initiatives that would infringe the Bill of Rights. and nature of work. we call it. Remember.000. That¶s how Section 17 or the penal provision of the bill really is. 6 . age. If this is not dumb. logical or philosophical underpinnings? Will they be disregarded? One thing that well need to be reminded about this bill is the inevitable fact that all money to be utilized to provide those reproductive health and family planning services (many of which we cannot stomach) as well as to ³urgently´ promote them (Section 19 so says) will come from our very own pockets. we hope to assist those who wish to know more about the bill and some of its damaging provisions. why is the said proviso inserted only in one of Section 17¶s subparagraph s and not crafted separately so as to apply to all paragraphs of the section? And yes. will foot the ³bill´ even if we find the bill repulsive and even if we know that our money would be put to better use with the building of well equipped hospitals and health centers. why is it that conscientious objections based on religious grounds are the only ones respected? What if the objections emanate from moral. It may be likened to the state-sponsored persecution by the Romans of the Christians for simply exercising their rights religious belief. Taxpayers money.000. I don¶t know what is. including the right to informed choice and access to a full range of medically-safe and effective family planning methods. Section 17. we are not the only ones watching you.

Section 12). http://opinion. THE PRINCIPAL AUTHOR OF THE proposed Reproductive Health and Population Development Act of 2008 asserts." (Records of the Constitutional Commission. Prolife? To value human life is to respect and protect life in all its seasons.Reckless and irresponsible By Jo Imbong." ( REP. the State has a duty to protect the citizens against dangerous substances (Constitution. hence. 761. the zygote not yet in the mother's womb is not protected. Lagman said in a House hearing that the bill would protect human life "from implantation. a lawyer. Sept. 18. It attests to health! The bill targets "the poor. needs appropriate legal protection before as well as after birth (UN Convention on the Rights of the Child). And yet. IV. Article II. Life-threatening ectopic pregnancies occur in mothers long after undergoing tubal ligation. tuberculosis. education. EDCEL LAGMAN.9). Not life-threatening? Records are rife of perforation of the uterus and serious pelvic infections in women with IUDs that public midwives have refused to extract. 7 . Contraceptives as essential medicines? Contraceptives do not treat any medical condition. 801) hence. XIII. The Mayo Foundation found that oral contraceptives are associated with an increase risk of breast cancer. Oral contraceptives containing cyproterone increase risk of deep venous blood clots. nutrition. and protect women in their maternal function (Art. Sec. skills. Pills and the IUD hinder implantation of the embryo in the uterus. infections and childhood diseases. 1986. needy and marginalized. XVI. "Human life begins at fertilization.15). among others. II. every citizen has the right to health (Art. That is abortion. Sec. thereby precipitating the embryo's destruction.. Fertility is not a disease. Art. Remember. "the State shall equally protect the life of the mother and the life of the unborn from conception.inquirer." By that token. particularly those sterilized before age 30.Sec. 14). DepoProvera increases a woman's risk for chlamydia and gonorrhea. is the executive secretary of the Legal office of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines and consultant to the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Family and Life. pp.." This is most unkind to them whose real needs are jobs. that contraceptives are not life-threatening and that the bill does not impose a two-child policy. Vol. and essential medicines for anemia. "every child . Jo Imbong. lucrative opportunities. Levonorgestrel is banned in this country as the Bureau of Food and Drugs found it to be abortifacient. that the bill is neither antilife nor antifamily.

4 million from the United Nations Population Fund for population and development and reproductive health for 2008. for Popcom -. you will have changed the culture. 12. 510. Today's average family has three children compared with seven in the '70s. And yet. This is child abuse of the highest order. U." (Child and Youth Welfare Code) The . care and nurtur[ance] of the child reside first in the parents (Article II.2 million for 2009. Spouses have a basic. 718 F. it will be perceived as moral. plus $2. The path of irresponsible legislation is a dreadful path: If an act is made legal. For the Department of Health it is P3. Add $2. Has it? The General Appropriations Act of 2008 earmarks an enormous amount for "family planning and reproductive health services. quite apart from funds for other agencies of government and local government units for the same programs.S. 1354. whose primary function and freedom include preparation for obligations the state can neither supply nor hinder. it will become a norm. It can set the stage for a stronger application of the recommendation through legislative amendments. Sec. 8 . If it is observed by all as a norm. By then." (Pierce vs. original. Salus populi est suprema lex.1358-59) The State did not create the family. The bill mocks parents with fine and imprisonment in refusing to expose their children to mandatory "age-appropriate" reproductive health education starting Grade 5 outside the loving confines of home and eliminate poverty. "every child has the right to be brought up in an atmosphere of morality and rectitude for the enrichment and strengthening of his character.5 million. and "the child is not a creature of the State. But the billions of pesos spent have not reduced poverty or benefited the poor. XV." In other words -. 2d.19 billion. 268. services and facilities" for six years. (Brantley v. That is not simply reckless. and no human institution has authority to amend it. Society of Sisters.) That is the law of nature. Surles. it wagers the future of the country. Citizens have a right to resist misplaced and irresponsible exercise of authority because the good of the people is the supreme law." Population control started in 1976 "to increase the share of each Filipino in the fruits of economic progress. This includes their right to progeny. intrinsic and inviolable right "to found a family in accordance with their religious convictions and the demands of responsible parenthood" (Art. 535. our children will be taught "adolescent reproductive health" and "the full range of information on family planning methods. Vulnerable and malleable. Sec. 3 [1]). If Congress passes this bill.Family friendly? The "encouragement" to have two children is manipulation both brazen and subtle. Constitution). If an act is perceived as moral. Quality of life? The bill wants to "uplift the quality of life of the people. It is the ultimate breach of public trust." including contraceptives. then it is too late..P386.

02. which is not a disease. yet their GDP per capita is also much higher. 23 from tuberculosis. 16 from lower chronic respiratory diseases. This means a Filipino has more productive years ahead of him than his counterpart in the rich countries where the graying and dying population is no longer being replaced because of negative birth rates. It is neither. Fifty other countries have a much lower density. Tatad. It should be rejected. Why are our lawmakers not demanding free medicines and services for all those afflicted? 9 .04 percent. But as we are not a welfare state. The CIA World Factbook has lower figures -. total fertility rate (TFR) is 3. and our social and cultural values. Are the few then always richer. because of a vibrant and dynamic population. Cincinnati. oppressive of religious belief and destructive of public morals and family values. 51 from cancer. 2. Ohio and the World Youth Alliance. it is unnecessary.5 years (Monaco).No place for the RH bill in our law By Francisco S. It is a free market. 45 from pneumonia. NY.400. 3. Unnecessary Women who say they should be free to contracept (regardless of what the moral law or science says) are not being prevented from doing so. taxpayers have no duty to provide the contraceptives to try and cure pregnancy. It is not what its authors say it is. the many always poorer? Not at all. GDP per capita (PPP) is $3. At least 80 women die every day from heart diseases. Thirty-six countries are more densely populated. THE REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH bill in the House of Representatives is being presented as a health bill and an antipoverty bill at the same time. The State's duty is to protect women from real diseases. 22 from diabetes.00. yet their per capita is also much lower. 1. 63 from vascular diseases. The bill rests on a flawed premise. as witness the 50-percent contraceptive prevalence rate. Our long-term future is bright. 1. it is everything they say it is not. the family. New York. It is an ideological attack on human life.728 percent. unconstitutional. Tatad represents the Asia-Pacific on the Governing Boards of the International Right to Life Federation. Its enactment into law will only deepen the already frightening ignorance about the real issues. Our population density is 277 per square km. Flawed premise Our population growth rate (National Statistics Office) is 2. Former Sen. In 139 other countries it is as high as 45.growth rate. Francisco S. TFR. Our median age is 23 years.

when the State binds itself to "equally protect the life of the mother and the life of the unborn from conception. Is there a worse despotism? Would the same people do the same thing to the followers of Islam or some politically active religious pressure group? The pro-RH lobby claims surveys have shown that most Catholic women want to use contraception. Why do our lawmakers insist on stuffing our women with contraceptives and abortifacients instead? In 2005. A state-funded contraceptive program is an abomination. Oppressive of religious belief The bill seeks to tell the Catholic majority not to listen to the Church and to listen to antiCatholic politicians instead. liver and cervical cancer. No amount of surveys can change that. the Church has banned it because it is wrong. maternal death could be brought down to zero just by providing adequate basic and emergency obstetrics-care facilities and skilled medical services to women." it necessarily binds itself not to do anything to prevent even one married woman from conceiving. but also an express constitutional mandate. It seeks to establish a program which Catholic taxpayers will fund in order to attack a doctrine of their faith. the cancer research arm of the World Health Organization concluded that oral contraceptives cause breast. 4. The local officials of Gattaran. The truth is never the result of surveys. Yet the bill seems to assume we are a centrally planned economy or a totalitarian State.Indeed. Unconstitutional a. Just as the State may not tell a politician or a journalist how or when to think. there are certain activities of man as man where the individual is completely autonomous from the State. It is a desperate attempt to show that right or wrong can now be reduced to what you like or dislike. write or speak. Section 12 of the Constitution says: "The State recognizes the sanctity of family life and shall protect and strengthen the family as a basic autonomous social institution.) Article II. regardless of what the Church says about it. b. Now. Cagayan and Sorsogon City have shown this. It shall equally protect the life of the mother and the life of the unborn from conception. The natural and primary right and duty of parents in the rearing of the youth for civic efficiency and the development of moral character shall receive the support of the Government. Shouldn't our lawmakers demand that contraceptives be banned or at least labeled as "cancer-causing. which controls the private lives of its citizens. Truth is." or "dangerous to women's health"? Why do they want them classified as "essential medicines" instead? 3." The use of "sanctity" makes State obedience to God's laws not only a solemn teaching of the Church. Contraception is wrong not because the Church has banned it.) The Philippines is a democratic and republican State. it may not enter the bedroom and tell married couples how or when to practice marital love. 10 .

Minyong Ordoñez is a retired chairman of the Paris-based Publicis Communications Group. Comments to It's Satan's Semen.control plan? How can development happen when the scheme is premised on the predestined failure of a future member of the population and therefore exterminated at fetal stage? This is technocracy of absolute skepticism. 11 . But "no country has reduced its population growth without resorting to abortion. human and divine: the dignity of women and the sanctity of life.blogspot. It seeks to eliminate the poor and the "socially unfit. and where it's all coming from. He is a free-lance journalist and member of the Manila Overseas Press Club. Not only is it hedonistic.5. The title of the Birth Control Bill is an oxymoron: "Reproductive Health and Population Development Act of 2008. it is above all eugenicist." While it neither mandates a two-child family nor legalizes abortion." said that document. it prepares the ground for both. Now you know what's next. Stupid By Minyong Ordoñez. In Humanae Vitae God is in the details. In 1974. Destructive of public morals The bill seeks to impose a hedonistic sex-oriented lifestyle that aims to reduce the conjugal act to a mere exchange of physical sensations between two individuals and marriage to a purely contraceptive partnership." launched the twochild family as a global population policy to be achieved by 2000. titled "Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for US Security and Overseas Interests. The oxymoron: How the hell can health result when killing is an integral part of the birth. That's why Catholic men and women who follow the teachings of the Magisterium of the Church are up in arms against the Birth Control Bill." KILL BILL The bill is unequivocal about its true intent: the extermination of a living fetus in the womb of a mother through aborticide using abortifacients in order to reduce birthrate. the US National Security Study Memorandum 200. In essence the bill puts on the chopping block two fundamental rights. In the Birth Control Bill the devil is in the details.

happygo-lucky fornicators. ligation. To verify. Isn't it satanic? The real villain here is Satan's semen ejaculated by heartless rapists. the fetus will say. It makes more sense for the government to go after ejaculators of Satan's semen than to warp a woman's good conscience. intellectual. slippery lotharios. jilting boyfriends. "You can't kill me. Her spiritual. sex abstinence and celibacy. Since a huge inventory of condoms (the modern version of onanism). Safer for the killer. there goes the honorable congressman. Fatal to the fetus. inclusive of easy access to invasive birth-control technologies such as intrauterine device. has a poor chance. WOMAN AS VICTIM Central to birth-control managers is their clever idea labeled as: The Woman with "Unwanted Pregnancy. physiological and physical make-up contravenes the rejection of a baby (or fetus) in her womb. let congressmen ask their grandmothers. Unwanted pregnancy is usually self-corrective through the innate capacity of a woman to feel compunction. Or the God who is in the hearts of men. When I grow up I want to be the first incorruptible congressman in the Philippines. My ambition is to be the most succulent melt-in-the-mouth lechon de leche available in La Loma." And the piglet will say. The piglet has none. predatory DOMs and other closet perverts. because it violates the right to live. Unwanted pregnancy does not belong to our mainstream life. a fetus and a piglet can express their true sentiments on their imminent deaths. a rotting fetus cadaver in a garbage 12 . Let's say if tobe-butchered creatures. It's an oversimplification and overexaggeration. sisters and daughters if their natural instinct is to commit aborticide because pregnancy is hazardous. medieval and a big killjoy. brutish abusers. If the answer is yes. etc. Abortifacients are safer and more effective. money is short and raising their children sucks.The Bill is surreptitiously anti-democracy. "Great! It's OK to kill me on my fifth month. WOMAN AS LOVE The concept of unwanted pregnancy is a slur on authentic feminism. to learn from her mistake. sterilization. because to most birth-control managers those methods are prone to failure. mothers. two-timing husbands. Consider the Filipina. surely the educational campaign directed to the "woman with unwanted pregnancy" will be slanted in favor of aborticide using abortifacients. It must be the devil disguised as a do-gooder. Or the Mother Teresa type of nun. abortifacients." Who decides whether the pregnancy is unwanted or not? Herself? Birth-control managers? Dark-alley abortionists? Critics of Humanae Vitae? Indifferentist demographers and social engineers at IMF World Bank who incentivize their loans to poor nations by tacking on birth-control funding? It can't be the Francis of Assisi type of priest." The fetus has rights. The much ridiculed but Church-approved rhythm method. are well funded.

Even by the law of physiology a mother's womb is an authentic and truthful organ for nurturing life. POPE SWIMS AGAINST THE CURRENT With confidence and courage. This lofty woman positioning has roots going back to Sacred Scripture when God chose a humble woman. The miracle and mystery of life creation whereby a mother in a unitive act with her husband and God as author of life. The basic cell that is formative for children is family. bliss. Virgin Mary of Nazareth. He used his ex cathedra power. Consider her miraculous milk. Body and soul. Hitler. to sing a lullaby. Our regard for womanhood is holistic. to hug. She is worth all the blessings and commitments only the sacrament of matrimony can give on the day when she's the most beautiful bride in the world: "to have and to hold. Peter and his successors. Procreation. Consider maternal instincts: to breastfeed. Today the widespread social malaise encouraged by state-crafted immoral law vindicates Pope Paul VI's promulgation of Humanae Vitae. and spiritual values as heirs of God's kingdom. admiration. Motherhood. Even the greatest painters of the Renaissance marvel at this unselfish kind of love. Michelangelo and Raphael painted awe-inspiring mother and child Madonnas. Mortality on earth. honor and love for the Filipina. to bathe. For Catholics." MOTHERHOOD AS AGAPE Motherhood is her crowning glory. If no. Stalin and Pol Pot did. In spite of contrarian opinions inside and outside the Vatican circles. care. Mystery and reality. to cradle. not a vehicle for death. Primordial! Family. Pope Paul VI in 1968 promulgated Humanae Vitae. Fidelity to the Church is fidelity to Christ. sacrifice. Our woman culture cannot regard the Filipina as a utilitarian object. Mind and heart. Immortality in the after-life. Genetic! ANTI-CHRISTIANITY The Birth Control Bill attacks our Christian culture. He chose the biblical and truth-based route. The good Pope swam against the current of practical materialism.pile. A logical reason why Filipino parents instinctively call their children gifts from God. a machine for retooling social engineering as Herod. to be the mother of Jesus Christ. For centuries Catholicism nurtured a culture of respect. peace and joy directed to others specially children. condemning aborticide for birth control. The Magnificat is God's ultimate honor accorded to feminism. the encyclical on the transmission of life. to change diapers. in sickness and in pain till death do us part. This is the earthly spirit of Agape. "the bind and loose power" given by Christ to St. Botticelli. A difficult thing to do for those who disagree with the supreme 13 . The task of fatherhood is for all men to safeguard and nurture motherhood. To acquire virtues and values for excellent constituent of his country. for richer for poorer. Da Vinci. there goes a congressman going great guns and aspiring to be the next Speaker of the House. the bottom line is obedience to the teachings of the Magisterium. It means high truths of love.

loveless children. Only God the author/creator of life can define the purpose and integrity of death. Catholics. We simply cannot play God. On the controversial points of birth control the following books will be helpful in combining faith with reason in evaluating the Birth Control Bill. Accepting God's will in the spirit of Agape. frequent confession and communion. Without humility. the Catholic historian who wrote books on the major role of Christianity in building Western civilization. Published by Ignatius Press. city morgue forensic files. To be humble a Catholic should always strive to be in a state of grace. unwed mothers. Empirical data abound in the files of city police blotters. Consequently the taking of life is not for man to decide. obedience is impossible. vice-squad arrests. "God draws straight with crooked lines." Hilaire Belloc. James B. sexually transmitted diseases and drug addiction among others." THE PILL AS MOTHER EVIL The Pill entered the scene in the sixties and it became the icon of the much touted Sexual Revolution. Our late and beloved Pope John Paul II called the Pill's domino effect a "culture of death. "Without authority. there is no life. The miracle and mystery of faith is involved. post-trauma rehab centers. which raises issues on the Sanctity of Life and Dignity of Women.K. whether congressmen or constituents. says. teen suicides. San Francisco The God Who Loves You by PETER KREEFT Published by Ignatius Press. child abuse. Fr. issues that will affect our future as a Christian and democratic society: Brave New Family by G. My old and witty golfer friend laughs at the term Sexual Revolution. broken homes. psychiatric couches and of course the cemetery." ENLIGHTENED SELF-CONFIDENCE To bring life of a human being into this world is not a pure science technocracy. nor political governance. are duty bound to continuously enrich and deepen their understanding of the fundamentals of faith so that they can be competent in judging morality issues that crop up as civilization marches on. Reuter's favorite advice is. CHESTERTON Edited by Alvaro de Silva. therefore life creation is supernatural and God-caused. psychiatric asylums. Multiplier effects such as the increase in numbers of divorced couples. He calls it irresponsible fucking! Hahahaha! The Pill turned out to be a "mother evil" whose multiplier effects disabled the moral compass of glitzy lifestyle in modernistic centers of the world. San Francisco The Essential Pope Benedict XVI edited by JOHN THORNTON and SUSAN VARENE 14 . by means of daily prayers. The Church is the duly appointed (Tu es petrus) interpreter/teacher of the word of God.pontiff and vicar of Christ on earth.

The HB will classify contraceptives as "essential medicines". Schools. 5. The HB will promote sex education for children and adolescents empowering them with informed choice and sexual rights encouraging them to be promiscuous. bad governance. The HB promotes universal access to modern contraceptives even for children (age 0-12) without parental consent. 000 fine and/or imprisonment of 1 year or both. and self discipline. Orphanages. Comment: Are we giving foreign countries power to change our laws? 2. Comment: The poor need real medicines not deadly contraceptives. Comment: Children should be taught the values of abstinence. 4. b. 6. chastity. 3. Hospitals. to supply contraceptives to their employees. 5043? Take this Simple Test to Find Out This can be accessed here: http://www.Harper San Francisco The Vindication of Humanae Vitae by MARY EBERSTADT Copyright © First Things (August/September 2008) NO! To The Reproductive Health and Population Development Act of 2008 Written by Advocacy Center 1. and NGOs. The HB binds all including Businesses.htm 15 . The HB relies on the International Standard of Human Rights rather than the Constitution. There is no parental control of children. The HB blames underdevelopment on overpopulation.cfcffl. Comment: This destroys parent's rights over their children. and uneven distribution of wealth not overpopulation. CFC-FFL Ad: Should You Support Reprodutive Health Bill No. There is no freedom of conscience. Comment: The real causes of poverty and underdevelopment are graft and corruption. Violation of this law incurs punishment of Comment: a.

religion or age? (Read Section 21 on Prohibited Acts. supplies and devices to all workers more particularly women workers. Do you agree that you should be subjected to imprisonment and/or pay a fine. 2008 on HB 5043 1. supplies. reclassifying contraceptives as essential medicines (Section 10) and appropriating limited government funds to reproductive services instead of basic services (Section 23). 16 . regardless of the patient's civil status. As health care service providers. 5043 CFCFFL AD of September 23. Section 21. then you are not for Reproductive Health Bill No. a. As a spouse. if such expression of opinion is interpreted as constituting "malicious disinformation"? (See Section 21 on Prohibited Acts.3). Paragraph c and Section 22 on Penalties) 2. devices and surgical procedures (including vasectomy and ligation) to your employees. if you fail to provide reproductive health care services such as giving information on family planning methods and providing services like ligation and vasectomy. As parents. for expressing an opinion against any provision of this law. Read the bill. do you agree that you should be subjected to imprisonment and/or a fine. gender.CFC FI AND ALL ITS MINISTRIES STAND ALONGSIDE THE PHILIPPINE CATHOLIC CHURCH IN OPPOSING THE CURRENT PHILIPPINE CONGRESSIONAL HOUSEBILL NO.c and d) 5. Paragraph f and Section 22 on Penalties) If you answered No to any of the questions above. Paragraph 1 to 5 and Section 22 on Penalties) 3. do you agree that children from age 10 to 17 should be taught their sexual rights and the means to have a satisfying and "safe" sex life as part of their school curriculum? Reproductive Health Education will be mandatory from Grade 5 to the end of High School (See Section 12 on Reproductive Health Education and Section 4 Definition of Family Planning and Productive Health. (read the Definition of Reproductive Health and Rights Section 4. You will find more objectionable provisions such as losing our parental authority over a minor child who was raped and found pregnant (Section 21. Letter a. for every time that you fail to comply? Section 17 states that employers shall provide for free delivery of reproductive health care services. Letter a. do you agree to be compelled to provide free reproductive health care services. no. do you agree that your husband or wife can undergo a litigation or vasectomy without your consent or knowledge? (Read Section 21 on Prohibited Acts. As employers. Paragraph b. 5043. paragraph g. Paragraph 2) 4. and be subjected to both imprisonment and/or a fine.

while Population Development is a euphemism for Population Control. In blocking the bill. In pushing for the bill they even attack the Catholic Church for blocking it by using religion to dictate national policy and for depriving the faithful of their free will. October 31. this a right choice offered by the bill to women who most need the information for family planning. it is not the lawmakers sponsoring the bill but an NGO called the Philippine Legislative Committee on Population and Development (PLCPD) that is responsible for drafting it. it is the bill itself that prevents the exercise of the free will by employing coercive methods in limiting the family size. Protect our children. PLCPD is a foundation housed in Congress that lobbies and acts on behalf of. "fertility regulation". the Church is just trying to point out what is wrong with it.Protect our families. From 1998. 2008 House Bill 5043 or The Reproductive Health. "right to health". According to the proponents and their mass media supporters. Its proponents and supporters have even redefined the word "conception" or the start 17 . It does not give man the right to choose and commit something wrong. For more information on how you can oppose the Reproductive Health Bill. Over the years because of objections. the versions have changed so that various provisions have been disguised under seemingly good intentions but ultimately have dire consequences on individuals. "reproductive education". Dump Reproductive Health Bill No. "family planning" "satisfying and safe sex" so that people may eventually accept these terms to mean something good. Crucial questions on the RH bill A LAW EACH DAY (Keeps Trouble Away) By Jose C. The power to choose freely however must be exercised for the common good. Responsible Parenthood and Population Development Act of 2008 (RH bill) is being propagated in mass media as promoting programs that will benefit women's reproductive health by offering to millions of poor women the right to choose between natural and artificial birth control methods and by providing access to artificial contraceptives. Actually. Its very title "Reproductive Health" is a misnomer because in the UN language the term is taken to mean universal access to abortion. go to http://www. reproductive rights". the family and society. The bill uses such terms as "women's rights". 5043. this kind of bills has been introduced in both Houses of Congress and lately has penetrated our legislative system down to the local level. Sison Philippine Star Friday. and enormously funded by foreign interest groups and foreign governments out to promote through coercion and deception a population control program that is anti-life and anti-family.cfcffl. It imposes imprisonment and or fine or both on those who would violate or refuse to carry out its program on providing access to the artificial methods of birth control.

more than 50% of marriages where couples use contraceptives end up in divorce. In Portland. IUD causes leukemia. The RH bill does not even spare our children. This contention is thus erroneous. greater risks of thyroid disorders. It is contended that such kind of education is a legitimate interest of the State that should be balanced with the primary right and duty of parents in the rearing of the children. Depoprovera is already banned in the US because they cause bone cancer and congenital malformation of babies. leading to child abuse and wife battery. Maine. recent news came out reporting that the State School Board voted to provide birth control to their school children because several middle school girls (ages 11-13) have been found to be sexually active. abortions increased because women still get pregnant unexpectedly. In the name of reproductive health. The best example here is USA where 54% of women who had an abortion were using contraceptives when they became pregnant and where one in three women has had at least one abortion in their lifetime. pelvic infection and ectopic pregnancy. uterine perforation and ectopic pregnancy. Dr Carl Djerassi himself who developed the contraceptive pill in 1960 found its "adverse effect on virtually every organ system of the human body. Women's status is lowered and couples split up due to women's feeling of being used as sex objects to satisfy their husbands' sex drives. the plain truth is that in every country where contraceptives became widely available. 18 . nervousness and excessive irritability. in reliance on the availability of abortion in the event that contraception should fail" (Planned Paren Contraceptives made available at the expense of the government and for the benefit of pharmaceutical companies are also the causes of many diseases and infirmities rather than reproductive health. hepatic adenoma that could cause death through abdominal bleeding.of life in order to prove that some artificial contraceptives to be offered by the government are not abortifacients. For two decades of economic and social development. Due to pill use excessive irritability results. interfering as it does with the normal functioning of the woman's vitally important reproductive system". But as shown again by experiences in other countries sex education in schools has only promoted promiscuity resulting in unwanted teenage pregnancies. USA where schools have adopted sex education in their curriculum. But whether abortifacients or not. pelvic infection. sex education is required to be given to children from Grade 5 to fourth year high school to insure "safe and satisfying sex". It also results in lower bodily resistance to infection. When they acquire the mentality that a new birth is unwanted. diabetes an The social consequences are direr. they turn to abortion as a back up for contraceptive failure. Tubal ligation causes severe bleeding. In the US. This unfortunate US situation is best described by its Supreme Court which said that: "In some critical respects abortion is of the same character as the decision to use contraception. Hence there is also a soaring incidence of STDs among the youth as found the World Health Organization. Vasectomy results in hemorrhage and infections. people have organized intimate relationships and made choices that define their views of themselves and their places in society.

the TFR at 3. the reproductive health bill does not provide any answers. at least one million Filipinos leave the country for foreign jobs every year. The National Statistics Office puts the growth rate at 2. But population is not itself the problem. 1. The population has many problems. the CIA World Factbook (2008). Macau has 18. The Central African Republic has a population density of 6.02. energy and resources to its real and more pressing problems. Fact: the few are not always richer. for one. I hope the following will help put this bill to rest and allow the nation to devote its time. should therefore ask in connection with this bill. There is no ³population explosion´ and the country is not overpopulated.04 %. some lawmakers have embarked on a high-profile campaign to ram through a population control-driven bill that threatens the sanctity of human life.407 per square km. THE BILL IS BASED ON A FLAWED PREMISE. at least 36 countries have a much higher population density than that of the Philippines. without regard to their honored place in our Constitution and our Christian culture. are: Shall we allow our people to suffer all those physically. with a per capita income of $30. Monaco has 16. yet their GDP per capita is also much higher.428 people per square km and a GDP per capita of $28. Whatever the real numbers are.754 people per square km. morally and socially harmful experiences of people in those countries that use artificial contraceptives? Is it ok to expose the life of helpless unborn to danger simply because men have redefined the meaning of the start of life? Is it ok to have a safe and satisfying sex life even outside of marriage for as long as we use artificial contraceptives to prevent the natural consequences of the act? Is it ok to disobey our parents provided we are within the bounds of human legislation? WHAT¶S WRONG WITH THE REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH BILL? By Francisco S.728%.The questions that every Filipino. the TFR at 3. The country has a population density of 277 Filipinos per square km. particularly the 14 Ateneo Professors. Hong Kong has 6.3400.400.00. At least 50 countries have a much lower population density than that of the Philippines. with a GDP per capita (purchasing power parity) of $. Catholic or non-Catholic. There are at least 12 million Filipinos now living and working abroad. puts the growth rate at 1.000. and a per capita 19 .5 and a GDP per capita (PPP) of $700. Tatad Amid the domestic fallout of skyrocketing food and oil prices world-wide and a tottering international financial system. On the other hand. The population growth rate and the total fertility rate (TFR) have declined. family life and marriage. Assuming there are problems associated with population growth. However. yet their GDP per capita is also much lower.

23 from tuberculosis. lower. infant and child health and nutrition) can be done easily without legislation. Spain (40.000.4). it is a free market. Worldwide. and a per capita income of $49.3). Russia (38. France (39. In the Philippines. even without a legal mandate.income of $42.9). Switzerland (40. it is 33. without adequate replacement because of negative birth rates. Consumers however must pay for their own. THE BILL IS TOTALLY UNNECESSARY Except for the purported objective of treating fertility and preventing abortion. In at least 139 countries it is higher than 23.7).7). it should spend it to save women from killer-diseases. United Kingdom (39.489 per square km. Germany (43. Certain things that are lawful and necessary (like promotion of breast-feeding. Some truly repugnant things (like mandatory sex education for young children. The most critical statistic has to do with the age structure of the population. free medicine and medical services. 51 from cancer.3). the median age is 27. The Philippines is not a welfare state. Officially-sponsored contraception and sterilization are ongoing with foreign and local funding.700. the things the bill wants to do are already being done. All the developed countries are on the high side.2). Those who understand this well will tend to be more confident of the future. You don¶t need the government for it. Sweden (41.. Singapore (38. This means a Filipino has more years to be productive than his counterpart in the developed world. followed by Japan (43.8). which (if government is serious) may be immediately addressed by secondary health policy. not on trying to cure pregnancy. 2.7). If the government has the money. United States (36. 45 from pneumonia. 63 from vascular diseases. and making a family planning compliance certificate from the civil registrar a requirement for marriage) should not be legislated at all. as they pay for everything else. which is not a disease. Monaco has the highest (45. and Singapore has 6. 20 . Holland (40). In China. it is 23 years.4).6.4). 22 from diabetes. This is where the State should provide. Italy (42. No law bars anyone from using contraceptives of their choice. the world¶s fastest growing economy. whether legally or not. in 73 others. inclusion of contraceptives and abortifacients in the National Drug Formulary as essential medicines.9). where the population is graying and dying.5 years). There is free access to information on contraception. nobody gets a free lunch. Fact: the many are not always poorer.4 years. 16 from lower chronic respiratory diseases. South Korea (36. Punishable abortions go unpunished. they will see the need to invest more extensively in the development of this resource. At least 80 women are said to die from heart diseases everyday. if it could.

IT SEEKS TO CONFER UPON THE STATE A RIGHT AND AUTHORITY IT DOES NOT. it was concluded that oral contraceptives are carcinogenic to humans ---they cause breast. and completely autonomous from the State. but also an express constitutional mandate. the International Agency for Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that after a thorough review of the published scientific literature. 2005. But the State may not enter the family bedroom and tell married couples how to practice marital love. In light of that. therefore. the sovereign Filipino People.´ or ³dangerous to women¶s health. It shall equally protect the life of the mother and the life of the unborn from conception. Allow the State to invade our innermost private lives. to expropriate private property for public use. For while it is a citizen who casts his vote. the very first words of the Constitution proclaim it: ³We. some 107 women are said to die from complications during childbirth. and it will just be a matter of time before we are told we can no longer breathe unless the State allows it. out of every 100. Not contraceptives. 4. some of them doctors too. is not only a solemn teaching of the Church. THE BILL IS PATENTLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL. There are certain areas. pays his taxes and fights for his flag. No one questions the right of the State to levy taxes. On July 29. imploring the aid of Almighty God«´ Obedience to God¶s laws. The natural and primary right and duty of parents in the rearing of the youth for civic efficiency and the development of moral character shall receive the support of the Government. Cagayan and Sorsogon City have shown that maternal death during childbirth could be brought down to zero simply by providing women with adequate basic and emergency obstetric care facilities and skilled medical services. This is 107 too many. the government should probably ban the carcinogens or at least label them as ³cancer-causing. POSSESS.000 live births. to conscript able-bodied young men for its defense. Why? 3. The government cannot be party to a program that seeks to prevent one married woman from conceiving. liver and cervical cancer. it is a man who embraces his wife and fathers her child. AND CAN NEVER.´ But some legislators. certain activities of man as man where every individual is accountable only to God. These are sacred and inviolate areas where the State may not intrude. THE BILL ASSUMES THAT THE STATE IS OMNIPOTENT. without making a mockery of that mandate. Section 12 of the Constitution provides: ³The State recognizes the sanctity of family life and shall protect and strengthen the family as a basic autonomous social institution. That is the necessary implication of 21 . a) Article II. But the local executives of Gattaran. still want to distribute them as ³essential medicines´ to our women. God is not outside our lives.´ ³Sanctity´---the state of being holy---is an attribute of God.Now.

along with India. Its declared objective of population reduction conforms to the global population policy launched by U. Brazil. National Security Study Memorandum (NSSM) 200 in 1974. instead of a mutually fulfilling conjugal life. the State recognizes as ³the foundation of the nation. THE BILL IS DESTRUCTIVE OF PUBLIC MORALS AND FAMILY VALUES. or responsible parenthood. 22 . Not only is it hedonistic. it should be interesting to find out whether any legislator will dare propose any legislation that is doctrinally and morally offensive to Islam or to any politically active local religious group. Indonesia. but to listen to the politicians and the population controllers instead. Turkey. in favor of the most destructive counter-values that are wreaking havoc on the morals of many consumerist societies. WHO CONSTITUTE THE MAJORITY. Mexico. THE BILL IS NOT WHAT ITS AUTHORS SAY IT IS. Thailand. While it neither mandates a two-child family nor legalizes abortion. Article XV recognizes ³marriage as an inviolable social institution. It targeted the Philippines. it prepares the ground for both. IT IS EVERYTHING THEY SAY IT IS NOT. this does not allow the State to tell members of any faith ---in this case the Catholic faith---not to listen to what their Church teaches on faith and morals. marriage. The same objection would hold even if the affected party were a religious minority. it is above all eugenicist. Pakistan.´ Which. Nigeria.S. THE BILL IS PARTICULARLY UNJUST TO CATHOLIC TAXPAYERS. It seeks to legislate a hedonistic sex-oriented lifestyle whose aim is to assure couples and everybody else of ³a safe and satisfying sex life´ (the other term for contraceptive sex). AND WHO WILL BE MADE TO BEAR THE COST OF THE PROGRAM THAT WILL ULTIMATELY ATTACK A CONSTANTLY HELD DOCTRINE OF THEIR FAITH. But this is precisely what the bill seeks to do. 6.´ Clearly. family life. Bangladesh.´ Section 3 (1) of the same Article binds the State to defend ³the right of spouses to found a family in accordance with their religious convictions and the demands of responsible parenthood. under the title IMPLICATIONS OF WORLDWIDE POPULATION GROWTH FOR U. 5.´ and ³the foundation of the family. In fact.´ b). Egypt.the State¶s duty to ³equally protect the life of the mother and the life of the unborn from conception. Ethiopia and Columbia. in turn. and ultimately change time-honored Filipino values about human life. It seeks to eliminate the poor and the ³socially unfit´ while paying lip service to their cause. 7.S. SECURITY AND OVERSEAS INTERESTS.

This is an unfortunate conclusion from an incomplete premise. New York. and World Youth Alliance. Paul VI¶s 1968 encyclical on the regulation of birth. or even only venially sinful. As the theologian Russell Shaw points out.) 23 . the truth is never the result of opinion surveys. Church teaching on contraception did not begin with Paul VI. The Billings Method. ENACTMENT OF THE BILL WILL ONLY DEEPEN THE IGNORANCE ABOUT THE ISSUES INVOLVED. which takes advantage of the fertility rhythm of the human body. has been attested by the WHO to be 99% effective. The annual rate has doubled since. using universal contraception and abortion. NY. Pius XI and Pius XII pronounced on it before Humanae Vitae. It meets the criteria set forth by Vatican II for an infallible exercise of the ordinary magisterium of the bishops throughout the world. Sad. called for a two-child family worldwide by the year 2000. she has never taught that it is good. Cincinnati. 8. its teaching has been held definitively by all Catholic bishops.NSSM 200. Not everything an individual wants is good or right. NO LAW IS NEEDED FOR THE STATE TO SUPPORT IT.´ the Report said. appealing to Scripture. the Church has always taught contraception to be gravely sinful. AND IS NOT CONTRACEPTION AT ALL. then nine out of ten ³Catholic´ women need to be instructed more deeply on the doctrines of their faith and on the harmful effects of contraceptives and abortifacients. The authors of the bill suggest that Catholics need not follow what the bishops are saying because Humanae Vitae. Onan¶s case (Gen 38:8-10) is absolute proof. Tatad represents Asia-Pacific on the Governing Boards of International Right to Life Federation. IT IS IN FULL ACCORD WITH THE DEMANDS OF RESPONSIBLE PARENTHOOD. (Former Senator Francisco S. NSSM 200 estimated thirty million abortions worldwide. Ohio. No amount of surveys can change that. regardless of what the Church teaches about it. Contraception is wrong not because the Church has banned it. and to tradition. Some defenders of the bill claim that nine out of ten women (who must be Catholic) want to contracept. THE NATURAL REGULATION OF CONCEPTIONS DOES NOT OFFEND THE CONSTITUTION OR THE RELIGIOUS BELIEF OF ANY COUPLE. While Humanae Vitae was not infallibly proposed. also known as The Kissinger Report. ³No country has reduced its population growth without resorting to abortion. But as there is no money in it. the Church has banned it because it is wrong. to the Fathers of the Church. In 1974. permissible. no industry has promoted it like the various contraceptives and abortifacients. 9. State support for it could spell the difference. is not an infallible document. but if the claim is correct.

the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) announced last July 29.. published several books exposing estrogen¶s detrimental effect on the health of women.. M. That claim could not be farther from the truth. these harmful consequences of contraceptives are hidden by the promoters of birth control. Even worse. a respected journalist from Columbia University. Angelita Miguel-Aguirre.mb." and "The Greatest Experiment Ever Performed on Women. September 26. such as birth control pills.D. which is used when there is sufficient evidence of carcinogenicity in humans). What does an expert like a women¶s advocacy group in Washington D. Barbara Seaman.Contraceptives harmful to women¶s health By Bernardo M. intrauterine device (IUD). after years of research. the ill effects of contraceptives on women¶s health are very well documented. barrier methods (condoms/diaphragms) and ligation can have harmful effects to millions of women all over the world.html Those who are advocating the passing of the Reproductive Health Bill in the Philippine Congress are guilty of gross misrepresentation. especially from unsuspecting poor women who have no access to the information that experts like Dr. 2008 http://www. on top of numerous studies showing the carcinogenic properties of birth control pills since the development of the synthetic estrogens in 1938 by Sir Edward Charles Dodds. Miguel-Aguirre say about birth control pills? According to her. Exploding the Estrogen Myth. There are abundant scientific and medical evidences that the so-called "modern methods" of family planning. In a most enlightening paper by Dr. Fellow and Diplomate of the Philippine College of Physicians and Chairperson of the Committee on Ethics of the Makati Medical Society. They maintain that the bill is intended to promote the health of women. Prior to this announcement. Notable among these books are the "The Doctor¶s Case Against the Pill. it has concluded that combined estrogen-progestogen oral contraceptives (and combined estrogen-progestogen menopausal therapy) are carcinogenic to humans (Group 1 category. Unfortunately. there are advertising and marketing campaigns funded by the anti-life people (such as those appearing in some local TV channels) that present contraceptives as "essential medicines. 2005 that "after a thorough review of the published scientific literature." peddling outright lies that pills and contraceptives can cure cervical cancer and other female diseases.C." Barbara Seaman is a co-founder of the National Women¶s Health Network. Miguel-Aguirre provide to the public. that refused money from the drug industry as part of 24 .

in order to qualify for "informed choice. "the IUD acts primarily by preventing the embryo from implanting ± not by preventing conception. 2) diseases of the vascular system." by Tortora and Grabowski provides a succinct description of the IUD: "IUDs cause changes in the uterine lining that prevent implantation of the fertilized ovum. As categorically stated by Dr. breast cancer is the most common cause of malignancy in our country and only 5 to 10 percent of those women with breast cancer have a genetic predisposition. Although some women may notice improvement in their complexion." A textbook entitled "The Reproductive System. premature hypertension and coronary artery disease leading to heart attacks and strokes. the side effects most frequently communicated to potential users. prospective users have to sign a seven-page document before the device is inserted in the US Because an abortion actually takes place here." are simple headaches. the late expert on Fundamental Genetics of the University of Paris. others may develop acne by using the pill. an abortifacient. therefore. increased weight or increased appetite or other minor ailments. Jerome Lejeune. It is claimed to reduce the risk for ovarian cancer. nausea. It must be pointed out that next to lung cancer. But evidently this is outweighed by its numerous risks for more common forms of cancer. It is. cervical cancer. liver cancer. Another contraceptive being promoted by the population control advocates is the intrauterine device or the IUD. not a contraceptive. leg cramps. They are breast cancer. thromboembolism/pulmonary embolism. Other negative side effects are decreased libido. The top three causes of mortality in the Philippines are 1) diseases of the heart. and bloatedness." The effect is known to both the promoters and manufacturers of IUDs. The IUD is not a contraceptive. infertility. Because of the high incidence of litigations resulting from the adverse effects suffered by women in the US. and 3) malignant neoplasm. Unfortunately. many of the casualties of these diseases will be women who will be suffering from the adverse effects of synthetic estrogen as is already happening in developed countries. There are studies in Indonesia (Bustan Contraception 1993) which show that the risk of breast cancer among Indonesian women is 210 percent for those who started taking the pill at age 22 and below. there is also the psychological trauma that can cause long-term depression symptoms among women who have 25 . There are numerous adverse effects of the pill on women that have been equally well documented. With the aggressive promotion of the contraceptive pill.its charter. Principle of Anatomy and Physiology. 70 percent risk for women age 22 to 26 and 60 percent risk for women age 27 and up. gallstone formation.

They are hemorrhage and bleeding. which is the major cause of cervical cancer. Oversimplification of economists By Bernardo Villegas. Because condoms encourage promiscuity. The bill. HPV causes warts anywhere on the skin and mucous membranes. 26 . September 15.mb. should focus on how to make available to all poor women the basic obstetric care and emergency obstetric care that can significantly cut down the number of women dying in childbirth. It would be wiser for the Government to invest instead in basic obstetric care and emergency obstetric care equipment and services and provide skilled medical staff to the childbirth centers. depending on the age group surveyed. and post-tubal ligation These devices also contribute to increased incidence of sexually transmitted disease/infection (STD/STI) if it is at all to be considered for final legislation. including hysterectomy. adverse anesthesia effects.undergone abortion. increased future gynecological rate of surgery. increased risk of heavy menses in the long term. The widespread use of condoms in Thailand ironically has led to an explosion in the number of women infected with HIV. The focus should be on maternal health. 2008 http://www. they also indirectly contribute to the spread of the Human Papiloma virus (HPV). varying from 4 to 30 percent. There are those who equate the growth of GDP with total human development. not on preventing maternity. Barrier methods are ineffective since shedding occurs from widespread areas of the perineum. These are the causes of most of the so-called unwanted pregnancies which generally end up with abortion. For comments. the increasing popularity of the Human Development Index has opened the eyes of many--both economists and non-economists--that a rapid growth of GDP may lead to more human misery if it is not accompanied with a more equitable distribution of income and wealth and increasing access to education and health among the masses. The adverse effect of tubal ligation are also well known. This tendency to oversimplification among my colleagues in the economics profession has reared its ugly head once again as some leading economists (and business executives) have given their unqualified support to the Consolidated Reproductive Health Bill (CHRB) in the House of Representatives. my e-mail address is bvillegas@uap.html Economists have been notorious for There are so many health risks that accompany the use of artificial contraceptives or abortifacient devices that they far outweigh the dangers of pregnancy and childbirth to a woman¶s health. Fortunately. The barrier methods ± condoms and diaphragms ± have the highest rate of failures among birth control methods.

has come out with a position paper prepared by the Southern Cross Bioethics Institute that scrutinized all the provisions of the CHRB. thus bordering dangerously on eugenics. The Bill declares as essential medicines "hormonal contraceptives. It also promotes reproductive technology. i." Not only is the last phrase open to the widest interpretation. even though it appears to uphold the current illegal (and unconstitutional) status of abortion. informed choice. The Bill proposes a heavy handed approach to dissenters. A British NGO. To construe them as medicines is simply dishonest. in its promotion of its secular population control ideals. the Bill makes it an offence punishable by 6 months imprisonment and/or a fine of P50. state run sex education with the potential of undermining parental influence. but the idea that contraceptives are essential medicines is fundamentally flawed. By coopting these terms they act subversively to gradually soften resistance to their concepts and slowly work towards their goal of legalizing abortion. these economists supporting the entire CRHB are unwittingly or intentionally overlooking the other dangerous features of the Bill. The position paper points out that the CHRB is overtly about state intervention into people¶s private lives by strongly promoting contraception and its enforced provision. Contraceptives (some with abortifacient effects) do not treat any medical condition. It is wise for all thinking Filipinos to seriously consider the warnings contained in the position paper entitled Commentary on the Philippine Consolidated Reproductive Health Bill. and elements of the Bill appear to be totalitarian. selective purification of a population based on social classes. will be using the financial resources of the primarily religious community whose faith teaches clear opposition to those ideals. the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. eventually find themselves cornered into acquiescence on abortion. it would not be difficult for its proponents to seek prosecution for an alleged act of disinformation. 27 . Even prescinding from the very debatable contention that slowing down population growth will lead to higher per capita income.000 to "maliciously engage in disinformation about the intent or provisions of this Act. it is fundamentally unjust that the State. A critical subtext of the bill is that it has the strong potential to lay the ground for state sanctioned abortion. sexual health and planned parenthood. intrauterine devices. It is pretty naive for the economists supporting the bill to ignore the well-known fact that the language of "reproductive rights" is becoming pervasive at national and international levels. Other subtexts of the CHRB include targeting the poor for population control. which are usually coupled to incremental legislative changes." Intent is very difficult to prove. injectables and other allied reproductive health products and supplies.I am not sure if these economists have read completely the Bill which goes much beyond correlating poverty with the size of the Filipino family. Communities who unwittingly accept such concepts. which involves the routine destruction of human embryos. Rather pro-abortion people talk about reproductive rights. Finally.e. The restrictions of free speech that would result from this very vague provision are more reminiscent of totalitarian States. Proponents of widespread access to abortion on demand seldom talk about abortion per se because it is confrontational and likely to receive a negative response from anyone with a well-formed conscience. For example. and denying conscientious objection. and if some were to argue that certain intent was apparent within the Bill.

Cecilio Magsino Philippine Daily Inquirer. I also hope that members of the Senate are able to see the big picture and prevent another constitutional crisis from happening. will reject the Bill in the Plenary. that¶s P11. Multiply 28 .760 billion every month. Such fundamental human rights as the right to free speech and the right to privacy will be under serious attack if the Bill is passed. assume that one-third or 33 percent are in their child-bearing years. public and private. Multiply 14 million by P840. Assume that half of that are women. to provide reproductive health care services. only one category permits conscientious objection. so you get 43 million women. In the list of prohibited activities. this means she and her family will have to shell out P840 every month for the pills. I wish that the economists and business executives endorsing the Bill would reflect more profoundly on the implications of such a law on the workings of a truly democratic society. I already foresee leading constitutional lawyers questioning the constitutionality of the Bill if and when it is passed. That¶s just for one woman.The Bill forces all health care providers. therefore. The advertisements for birth control pills say the woman has to take the pills once a day without fail for 28 days. Such a restriction of the freedom of conscience is contradictory to internationally agreed human rights. So you have 14 million women who need pills 28 days every month. The way that matters of conscience are dealt with in this Bill would be more at home in a totalitarian State. If the woman fails to do this. Not only are certain constitutional provisions being threatened. Of these women. It is. 10/28/2008 http://opinion. These are only a few of the dangerous features of the CHRB which are hidden in the Trojan Horse of population control in the name of addressing mass poverty. either by direct participation in acts they deem immoral. the pills will not be effective. Since a woman has to take 28 pills a The proponents of the Reproductive Health Bill want the national government to buy birth control pills and make them available to the public for free or for a nominal price. Our legislators have more important things to do than to pass a Bill that is patently a threat to our democratic beliefs. I hope the members of the House of the Representatives. to which are attached significant penalties.inquirer. who can see the common good of the Philippines more holistically than some narrow-minded economists. Spending billions for birth control? By Fr. The Philippines has a population of 86 million. possible that some health care professionals could be forced to act contrary to their consciences. I wonder if anyone has done the numbers. The cheapest pills sell at roughly P30 a tablet. I¶ve researched on the Internet to find out how much these pills cost. contrary to agreed ethical principles and contrary to any decent and fair treatment of health care professionals in a democratic society. or by indirect participation in referral to those who will carry out the acts.

the new Congress reconvened. she might find it wiser to sell the pack to another woman for P500 to buy food for her starving children. Pro-life groups are holding vigils outside of the House of Representatives in order to closely monitor the proceedings of the bill. assistant chaplain.120 billion that the government has to spend every year to provide these women with birth control pills. Muntinlupa City Philippines Threatened By a 2-Child Policy Population Control Bill Enters Plenary Debate By Genevieve Pollock WASHINGTON.. the debates were temporarily suspended. consolidated them into the current proposal. Ayala Alabang Village. SEPT. 29 . Can we not think of a better way to use the P141 billion? What about spending it to create more livelihood and jobs so that there will be fewer poor people? I can just imagine a poor mother coming out of the health center with a pack of pills she got for free. CECILIO L. MAGSINO. At the close of the week.that by 12 months in a year and that would amount to P141.4 trillion.C. The Philippine Legislator Committee on Population and Development (PLCPD) has worked with International Planned Parenthood and the U." was put on the floor of Congress last week to begin plenary debates. D. 2008 (Zenit. fund has appropriated $26 million to the Philippines for this purpose. Responsible Parenthood and Population Development.N. but are due to resume soon. and put the new bill through the Committee on Population without due process in May of 2008. renamed "An Act Providing for a National Policy on Reproductive Health. and for Other Purposes.N. introduced three new bills. Woodrose School. After the original reproductive health bill's failure to pass in 2005..Filipino-Americans are joining with Catholics from their native country to fight proposed legislation that would promote contraception and limit family size. The national budget is P1. reported the Washington-based Filipino Family Fund. Knowing that it sells for P840. Population Fund in the creation of this legislation that aims to depopulate the country through all possible means and decrease HIV/AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases. 21. The U. The newly consolidated Reproductive Health Bill of 2005. So we are thinking of spending 10 percent of our national budget on pills. while punishing conscientious objectors.

population officers in every province. The Filipino Family Fund is urging people to sign the petition on their Web site. Otherwise you are not what you profess. the Philippines will be losing moral ground. "We have to defend the Church now or the rest of Asia will be at stake." Filipino bishops are sponsoring an advocacy movement against the passage of the bill. In return for the foreign funding promised by Planned Parenthood and the United Nations. Silencing parents Eileen Macapanas Cosby. president of the Filipino Family Fund. told ZENIT that "freedom of speech is at stake. It foresees stiff penalties that include up to six months imprisonment and heavy fines for those who do not comply with the proposed reproductive health care agenda. Health care workers will be forced to refer against their conscience. "Precisely because the country is Catholic." said Cosby. and a national curriculum that will teach secular sex education to fifth graders. secretariat of the Pro-life Office of the bishops' conference reported that he had collected 100. she added. Parents will not be able to object. these penalties could even apply to any person "who maliciously engages in disinformation about the intent or provisions of this act. Cosby told ZENIT. "It is not hard to see that the title of the bill alone says many words yet its open-ended phrase µfor other purposes' suggests its hardly realized humungous price tag and grave moral costs. Father Melvin Castro. Employers will have to provide family planning services.000 signatures of constituents by last week. who stated "If you are Catholic." setting the stage for a proposed Two-Child Policy." Provisions of the bill call for a network of doctors. you should behave like a Catholic. 30 . Our stance is to remain vigilant now." "International Planned Parenthood has sold false presuppositions that access to contraception will alleviate poverty.This bill would mandate an "ideal family size. [Planned Parenthood] has targeted the Philippines." Cosby noted the affirmation of Archbishop Pacino Aniceto. Archbishop Oscar Cruz of Lingayen-Dagupan affirmed on his blog." explained Cosby. as the debates are set to resume soon." Rest of Asia Filipino Catholics plan to gather 1 million signatures against the reproductive health bill to present to Congress. chairman of the episcopal commission on family and life. and decrease the number of abortions. Many who do not have an understanding of Catholic social teachings have bought this. They note that a contraception bill with necessarily include abortion. According to the bill.

5. 2008 Influenza and Hypertension as the highest ranking causes of death among women." 12 Reasons Why We Oppose HB5043 By Alliance for the Family Foundation. that the bill will lead to the implementation of an immoral policy . including medical care for the sick and the dying. This is the standing lesson of history. There is a distortion of human values if we prioritize the prevention of procreation over saving lives. 3. no human hence. UN states it at 1. ( Note: Research shows that ovulation still occurs during pill use in 6 out of 210 menstrual cycles. If we spend out scare resources towards birth control. Irrespective of the race.) 31 ."The truth of the matter is. 2. The WHO has also concluded that HORMONAL CONTRACEPTIVES CAUSE CANCER. not indifferent in a secular society. fertilization can still occur. This is plain and simple abortion. RP¶s Total Fertility Rate is not 3. They do not prevent ovulation 100%of the time and thus. "After all.8%. The correct PGR is lower. October 31. no executive function. leading to race extinction. When the fertilized ovum is prevented from implanting in the uterus because of the effect of the pill. Top 10 causes of Morbidity/Death in the Philippines lists Pneumonia. "Morality is neither irrelevant in politics. no judicial work is over and above morality.php/2008/10/12-reasons-why-we-oppose-hb5043/ 1. color and creed of those concerned. Diarrhea.a proposed synthetic artificial contraceptives eventually designed to ruin health as it slants the idea of responsible parenthood to issues of depopulation." Archbishop Cruz wrote on his blog. These HORMONAL CONTRACEPTIVES ACT AS ABORTIFACIENTS. It is 2. fertility rate will be at replacement level of 2. In a few decades. whilst the NCSO reports 1.HB 5043 places an overwhelming emphasis on contraception at the expense of all other values. as experienced in many developed countries. there remains a grave risk of the abortion of undetected pregnancies that may still be occurring. the moment individuals fool around with private morals. which proponents claim will result to progress among underdeveloped countries like ours. then the families and country are in big trouble respectively.1. we would be promoting the undesirable outcome of depopulation. Bronchitis. according to the International Alliance for Research in Cancer.2 ( based on NSO).HB 5043 promotes abortion. no legislative bill.6 ( based on UN) or 3. this ovum is expelled. Warning Level1.HB 5043 is based on a flawed data on population growth rates and fertility levels. It ignores the negative impact on the economy and society of an ageing population. RP¶s Population Growth Rate has declined since the Year 2000 Census of 2. the moment the government disregards public morals. and may even continue its downward slope.94% for its 20052010 projection.

As written. including private doctors. This is not to be mandated nor encouraged by the State. 10.It is not true that widespread use of contraceptives will reduce illegal abortions.HB5043 forces every employer to provide abortifacient contraceptives ( Section 13).HB 5043 provides that any person who publicly or even privately disagrees with its premises. .a. Sections 12 & 13. teenage pregnancies and cases of STDs continues to climb yearly despite sex education in classrooms.) will receive contraception education ( Section 3.g.. conclusion or implementation is subject to fine or imprisonment ( Section 16. HB 5043 violates the Constitutional safeguards for life and family ( Article II.d) and a full range of contraceptive drugs and devices ( Section 3. will result in social stigma and discrimination against large families. i.4. to make referrals for the provision of abortifacient drugs and devices ( Section 16. with its 2-child ideal ( Section 12) and ³free ligation´ ( Section 6.4. 5.HB 5043 legislates ³reproductive health and sexuality education´ or mandatory sex education of the youth ( Section 12). This bill.HB 5043. abortions increased because of the contraceptive mindset being promoted in society. 12. is a mixed message with serious consequences 7.HB 5043 has as one of its Guiding Principles that unmarried couples. clinics and hospitals. discussion birth control as an acceptable option.). Article XV. in the case of children. In every single country where contraceptives became widely available.).e. 6. 32 . Numerous economic studies have shown that there is no correlation between population and poverty. NO exception is made for ethical or religious reasons. It infringes on the individual¶s freedom of conscience and religion. This is a violation of a person¶s freedom of conscience. Similarly.Poverty is not caused nor aggravated by overpopulation. raped victim) may also avail of some of these contraceptives. Teaching youth about abstinence and. this also applies to parents instructing their children.) It allows anyone to avail of RH services like vasectomy or ligation without the consent of the spouse.g). 8. promotes abortion. In the US.j. even if this will result in the deaths of Filipino children not yet born. poor governance and systemic corruption. No provision is made for parental consent. Sections 1 & 13. in effect. but by the wrong economic policies. an abused minor( e.j.d.). nurses. including children of reproductive age ( Sections 3. at the same time. ³morning-after-Pill´ without the consent of parents.1. Refusal will be punished by fine and/or imprisonment. and Section 3. There is no evidence of success in responsible sexual behavior as a result of sex education in classrooms.HB 5043 forces all health care service providers. 11. 9. The ideal family size is what parents responsibly decide. thereby creating artificial conflicts between spouses. This would include any future campaign to repeal it. or even notification.

Artificial Birth Control is Fascist By The Varsitarian. the corruption.´ Paradoxically. shortsightedness and incompetence of our leaders. was the message of Jaro Archbishop Angel Lagdameo. the proposed legislations reinforce what the Church and pro-lifers have been saying all along ± that the causes of poverty are poor public policy planning and WHO¶S afraid of God? In a world barnacled by crass materialism. anti-progress.varsitarian. Edcel Lagman and Iloilo Rep. 33 . This in effect. Let there be no mistaking the bills of Albay Rep. ³Human life is God-given and God-gifted. Therefore.´ Lagdameo said. Lagman¶s and Garin¶s bills are antihumanist. They are essentially motivated by the greatest hoax of the 20th century: that the world is overpopulated and that high population is anti-growth. In short. individualism. Official Student Publication of the University of Santo Tomas http://www. the better to stem poverty. they are also anti-poor. they are not pro-women or even mildly ³pro-choice. Although the prayer rally was to protest Congress¶s efforts to pass a slew of bills that would again legitimize population control. as well as the several local ordinances seeking to implement family planning. Janette Garin. abortifacients like the IUD. president of the Catholic Bishops¶ Conference of the Philippines. it cannot be the cabal of Filipino legislators who are again mounting a calculated overthrow of the natural law governing mankind by forcing on the people a contraceptive-prone family planning program ostensibly to control overpopulation. and ligation. and hedonism. the bills are not only anti-life since they seek to stop women from pregnancy and giving births through a host of questionable means ² birth-control pills. Humanae Vitae. The less the poor breed. Trying to escape the blame. to some 15. ³Each and every child born is a gift from God given to his parents and to the whole family. Despite their sugarcoated names. our leaders crucify the poor for their poverty.´ They are actually population-control measures seeking to control fertility. In short. they basically blame the poor for the poverty of the world. The pro-active attitude toward children must not be seen in the light of them being a hinder to economy or a burden to one¶s family but in the hope that they are the future¶s hope of the nation toward development. the gathering was also held to mark the 40th anniversary of the late Pope Paul VI¶s famous encyclical. 000 pro-life advocates during a Mass at the UST grandstand.

has there been an instance when the program is liberally interpreted and applied? Look at the experience of the one-child policy in China. their meddling with couples on determining the size of their families. whose clan used to be part of the conjugal dictatorship. The poor as always wouldn¶t have the choice on how to use funds. former health secretary Alfredo Romualdez is calling for ³zero´ population growth! How did he arrive at such a calculation? His science is as voodoo as the claim of pro-choice and pro-abortion people that there are nearly 500.´ Since their bills seek to make family planning a state program. On both statistical and moral bases.´ 34 . In the history of population control. We had population control during the long period of military dictatorship but the country¶s economy collapsed because of the depredations of the conjugal dictatorship. But Lagman et al say their proposed laws are ³pro-choice´ in that they leave it to couples to decide whether or not to control their births and by what means. Look at our own experience during martial law when population control was enshrined in the 1973 Constitution.000 abortions a year in the Philippines so it would be better to legalize abortion. In essence. Ergo. of an insufficient sense of social justice. necessarily state funds would have to be used for fertility control. and finally of a culpable failure to undertake those initiatives and responsibilities which would raise the standard of living of peoples and their children. Come to think of it. thus contributing to population explosion. of a selfish accumulation of material goods.What is also insidious about the bills is their violation of the privacy of couples. Look at the experience of India where women were ligated without their consent. without being grossly unfair. Now. it is well to reflect on what Paul VI declares in Humana Vitae: ³No one can. the claim is egregious! But you have to give it to them for sheer gumption. the letter and spirit of the bills in Congress are but cheap shots to incriminate the poor as glaring specimens of human frailty and recklessness who have failed to restrain their animal lust. What they don¶t say is that their proposed measures are ³statist´ and even ³fascist. Their claim is as brazen as that of Romualdez. our martial law experience should belie Lagman et al¶s thesis that curbing the population would boost economic growth. make Divine Providence responsible for what clearly seems to be the result of misguided governmental policies. poverty is not caused by ³overpopulation´ but by corruption and mismanagement. And the Church allegedly abets such poor behavior by opposing population control! Considering all the distortion engineered by population extremists and our twisted leaders.

com/articles/view/the_filipino_front_in_the_culture_wars/ The heavyweights of the global reproductive health agenda are making an all-out bid to displace the church as the conscience of the Philippines. http://www. solely rests on the innate human faculty of self-discipline. the greatest form of human restraint mandated by God and whose faithful observance ³confers upon parents a deeper and more effective influence in the education of their children´ for inculcating in them the right sense of values toward achieving a ³serene and harmonious use of their mental and physical powers. as some legislators mistakenly equate with reproductive health permutations. coercion. the cabal of modern-day Herods. which has been in place since the 1970s. So what is the purpose of House Bill 5043. the latter with 97 member groups. has an infrastructure of workers all the way down to the grassroots. Sex education is also an integral part of the high school curriculum. The Filipino front in the culture wars By Rosa Linda Valenzona. The private sector is equally active. If so. what makes it so objectionable to the church and those legislators and members of the public who are pushing from the other side? The answer is. Department of Social Welfare and Development. Responsible Parenthood and Population Development´? Raul del Mar. which is entitled ³An Act Providing for a National Policy on Reproductive Health. It obliges the government to provide free 35 .´ Perhaps. An outsider who tuned into the debate that is raging in the Philippines over what¶s politely known as reproductive health could be forgiven for thinking that contraception is banned this largely Catholic nation and that the legions of light are engaged in a fight against the forces of religious repression for the freedom to take a pill or use a condom. The contraceptive-driven fertility decline program of HB 5043 may be the most coercive ever designed outside China. Access to contraceptives is already unrestricted in the Philippines. should reorient themselves on the moral turpitude and secular pride that sent Lucifer tumbling down the cesspool of perpetual damnation. and PNGOC (Philippine NGO Council). She is also a consultant to Pontifical Council on the Family. This is so far from the truth it is laughable. She is a former lecturer in economics at the University of the Philippines and a former Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs.mercatornet. The government family planning service. Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives. Rosa Linda Valenzona is currently General Manager of the Ayala Multi-purpose Cooperative in Manila. as Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales suggested. has described it as pushing an open door. the International Planned Parenthood Federation supports two federations of NGOs providing various types of family planning services: Family Planning Organizations of the Philippines.Responsible parenting.

If before. in contravention of the Constitution. the committee chairman announced they would now consider ³the substitute bill´ (replacing all four bills) and. since any person who dares to talk against the program will also be subject to jail sentence and fines. But the high-handed tactics of its promoters indicate its true character. and likewise between parents and children. this time around this bill could easily penalize with fines and jail sentences workers who will be unable to meet their quota. Humanae Vitae. has been sold to legislators and the public as something demanded by international human rights codes and a long overdue step for the betterment of families and the nation.contraceptive services and products. It will surely drive a wedge between couples since a health worker must provide sterilization services even in the absence of spousal permission -. which has a history stretching back more than a decade. however. quota-driven programs have led to gross human rights violations. Railroading and foreign influence Naturally this legislation. This program turns the Philippines into a veritable police state with the government using police powers to interfere in the personal affairs of its citizens. In the House. in the blink of an eye. it establishes an ³ideal´ family size. the six years of value-free sex education the bill mandates for school children will surely create sexually active adolescents. it imposes a national sex education curriculum at fifth grade level.or incur a penalty. There were actually four reproductive health bills referred to two House committees. Congressman del Mar revealed departures from the established procedure in the handling of HB 5043. Couples would be denied a civil marriage license unless they present a ³certificate of compliance´ from a family planning office certifying that they have been adequately instructed in family planning and ³responsible parenthood´. In response. Worse. setting the stage for a proposed two-child policy. since the latter can have access to reproductive health services without parental consent. This railroading of the bill¶s approval at the comittee level was meant to fast track the submission of the committee report needed so that the bill could be put on the calendar for plenary debate. it curtails freedom of speech. The debate which is raging both in and out of Congress was sparked when two House Committees ² Health and Population. and Family Relations ² denied church and profamily groups a chance to submit their position papers during the committee hearings. In a generation or two. A first hearing on three bills took place on April 29 this year. By the second hearing on May 21. Employers who refuse to provide reproductive health care services to their employees will likewise be subject to penalties. the 36 . and launched an educational campaign to encourage civil opposition to the bill. church groups organized a big rally celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Catholic ³charter´ on human life.

Edsel Lagman. Olongapo City. making the situation very fluid. it appears that HB 5043 and these local ordinances are using one single template and in some parts are word for word the same. by the way. Tatad.. sources HB 5043 to the Philippine Legislative Committee on Population and Development (PLCPD) ² an NGO with offices in the same building as the House of Representatives.committees approved it. PLCPD¶s website shows the many programs it has implemented over the years in the name of alleviating poverty ± sweet deals awarded to legislators who are PLCPD members? The world over is dotted with similar NGOs initiated by UNFPA to pursue its agenda to legalize abortion. Sorsogon. A popular columnist. seven members of cabinet and heads of other government agencies have expressed their full support for this bill. con and neutral positions. When church leaders conferred with her on the bill she airily responded that the matter is now up to the debate in Congress.. At last count the 238 congressmen appeared evenly spread between the pro. No less than three billion pesos (US$62. The 22 congressmen who have signalled their desire to intervene during the debate cut across partisan groupings. victory is by no means guaranteed when Congress reconvenes on November 10. del Mar. IPPF and UNFPA the latter two both well known for their global agenda to legalize abortion. However. a UN program that considers lower population growth as an important development goal. It leaves one without any doubt that the long arm of PLCPD reaches throughout the country. 37 .2 million) has been appropriated for reproductive health programs in the government¶s 2009 Budget. All over the Philippines local governments are passing their own versions of the Reproductive Health Bill: Quezon City. The question is. where did the substitute bill come from? Former Senator Francisco S. PLCPD is essentially a foreign body. However. Victory is not assured Co-sponsored by 113 of the 238 members of the House of Representatives. an incisive commentator. Aurora Province. Many who are in the know resent the role of PLCPD and are angry over this violation of their national sovereignty. Usually a technical working group is convened to painstakingly put together the substitute bill. Jose Sison. The latest impeachment proceedings filed against President Arroyo will very likely cause further delay. Antipolo City. and perhaps further dilution of support. Although purporting to be an NGO counting many Philippine lawmakers among its membership. the bill was only eight votes shy of making it past its second reading when urgent Budget hearings forced that debate to be postponed. President Arroyo. To no-one¶s surprise. belongs to the same party as the bill¶s principal author. Last month she addressed the UN General Assembly meeting on the Millenium Development Goals. the first of them. has affirmed support for natural family planning methods. reports that PLCPD¶s 2008 lobbying fund of two billion pesos comes from the David and Lucille Packard Foundation.

This freedom is also evident in the fact that around half of married women use some form of birth control. Today. The natural and primary right and duty of parents in the rearing of the youth for civic efficiency and the development of moral character shall receive the support of the Government. with 35 per cent using ³modern methods´ (the pill.8 children per woman. sterilisation. These promises were made forty years ago to a host of countries ² India. in particular. In spite of the fact that population growth is now down to 1.. recent history has shown us how this brand of ³gender equality´ has played a key role in the secularization of many societies in the West. It shall equally protect the life of the mother and the life of the unborn from conception. In fact. the Philippines included. Can there be any doubt that there is a culture war waged against the church and that the Philippines is one of the battlefields? 38 . condom. Section 12 of the 1986 Philippine Constitution states: ³The State recognizes the sanctity of family life and shall protect and strengthen the family as a basic autonomous social institution. Behind this lofty proclamation is actually the imposition of the feminist ideology that surfaced during the UN Population Conference in Cairo and later in the International Women¶s Conference in Beijing a sexual ³freedom´ that places women on the same footing as men in sexual matters. However. the educated middle class strongly supports the bill on the false premise that Philippine population growth needs to slow further in order to solve the poverty problem. House Bill 5043 also proclaims that it is championing the cause of women a claim that is discordant for many grassroots women who have been victimized by the bad side effects of modern contraceptives.A culture war. in Asia Article II.. and in spite of 80 per cent of the population being Catholic. a pluralism of family plannning practice has prevailed. Bangladesh. it has never coerced anyone into obeying these moral norms nor has it called for the closure of family planning clinics or the banning of modern contraceptives.) and 14 per cent natural family planning and other ³traditional´ methods.81 per cent and fertility is down to 2. IUD.´ Under this article. even the much-touted economic miracle in many Asian countries is unable to hide the fact that poverty remains a huge problem. everyone feels entitled to criticize the church for its alleged antedeluvian views on contraception. Congressman del Mar concludes that the real agenda of the Reproductive Health Bill is to push the contraceptive program as a direct attack against a predominantly Catholic nation and. Although the church continuously condemns artificial contraception and sterilization as evil. the Catholic Church¶s absolute rejection of abortion. Pakistan. The church is well aware that in UN language the term ³reproductive health´ includes abortion and lays the ground for its legalization.

one Thomist writer jokes) as he cried out to God to grant him the "gift of constant virginity. but decided to shift to the Dominican order.bworldonline.. lest he shame their middle-class pride by begging in the streets like the Dominicans did..C.sent to corrupt him with wanton words and touches.The smoldering poker By Amelia H. He bequeathed to us all the timeless Summa Theologica and some 80 other treatises on God and the moral life of Man. and third." Thomas attacked her with a smoldering poker (a real one. augmented ultimately by Faith. as a language. 2008 http://www. 39 .com/BW102708/content. as most theologians and philosophers. who thought the mendicant Dominicans below the more prestigious contemplative Benedictines. a God who created everything as Good according to Eternal Law and set all to motion according to Natural Law. Thomas banished all carnal desires forever in his life. Thomas¶s brothers were the ones who sent the prostitute to tempt him.. He espoused the concept of a Prime Mover. His immersion in the pious life was interrupted only by baccalaureate education at the University of Naples. Tom s of the little town of Aquino. much like one enjoys the beauty of nature or the arts. from the fireplace. regardless of religion. in their effort to dissuade him totally from the religious life. But thanks to that smoldering poker at hand. Aquinas knew much about human sexuality. In the light of Natural Law. or medium ² for the manifestation of the bond of human love. as the road map to that Eternity which is the end goal of Man¶s existence. second. Thomas¶s parents sent him to a Benedictine monastery as their "offering" of one of their (seven) sons to the religious life. as was expected of middle-income families in Italy in the early 13th century. Business World. so how was he to know about sex and its pleasures? He was once tempted by a woman "so lovely but shameless. "What is the purpose of sex ² what is its essence?" he asks. October 27. he went back to the monastery. After the university. where he excelled in philosophy and law. adding but not subtracting empirical refinements to Natural Law in the instinctive struggle to keep the patterns necessary for the perpetuation of Good. has become among three or four of the most influential thinkers in the history not merely of Christianity but of Western thought in general.a very viper in human form. which he in turn proffers to us: first. In the exercise of free will (even before the fall of Adam and Eve) Man devised for himself Moral Laws. acknowledge." When he was barely five. for procreation ² to perpetuate the pattern of life in the universe. body. for pleasure ² for pleasure is a legitimate enjoyment of the goods of Creation. Ylagan.. Thomas Aquinas believed in Reason and its manifestations in Natural Law. Reason gives three answers to Aquinas.php?id=141 Thomas Aquinas never had sex. in Napoli. and dedicated his mind. and soul totally to the pursuit of knowledge for the greater glory of God. much to the disappointment of his family.

Humanae Vitae. In the Philippines. The Catholic religious hierarchy. Moral and religious arguments have raged back and forth. by prolife groups. with signatures being solicited."The exceeding pleasure experienced in the sexual act. However. he was sensitive to the role of women as "helpmate" and not "helper" in procreation. But will allowing artificial birth control really give more freedom to women? Though St. Contraception and abortion are being legitimized by many governments. It promises so many hedonistic "rewards" in exchange for a costly loss of the deep human essence of Life. and population development. At the 14th Congress of the House of Representatives. or abortion in extreme cases. Thomas warns of the caveat that all three motivations for sex must be present in the mind. does not destroy the balance of 40 . like those in the rest of the world. speaking to the 72% Catholics in the country. House Bill 5043 was presented. in keeping with the very clear message of Vatican II and Pope Paul VI¶s encyclical. utilizing modern contraceptive aids. Thomas was not exactly a women¶s rights advocate (he had practically zero dealings with women in his 40 years in the monastery). almost half of 91 million Filipinos are hungry or near-hungry. HB 5043 squarely puts the decision and the responsibility of possibly damaging her own body to provide ready satisfaction for herself and her mate. among other related reproductive and population issues. providing for a national policy on reproductive health. responsible parenthood. against artificial birth control." St. where Man would deposit his seed and Woman would nurture new life in the natural maintenance of order in the universe. The pro-choice faction of Filipinos. must faith in the natural order be tested and a man-made solution superimposed on the pattern set by the Prime Mover? Will artificial birth control put things right in the Philippines? HB 5043 is like the forbidden apple in the Garden of Eden. Thomas says in the Summa Theologica. This may sound pretty liberating for some prudish religious purists. anytime. hearts. Contrary to what pro-choice advocates would like to think. legalized artificial birth control would only falsely reinforce the chauvinistic thinking that women can be "used" for pleasure. in this day when a crowded world seems to think we do not need more babies to feed through the uncertain years In the face of man-made problems of a growing population and mounting poverty. mostly against HB 5043. so long as it is in harmony with reason. and bodies of consenting adults for the act to be truly in synch with Natural and Divine Laws. ahcylagan@bworld. St. claiming the urgent need to allocate rapidly depleting natural and other resources more equitably to address the inconvenient truth of a dying world. are for women¶s rights to "choose their own destinies" as to bearing children or not. And so must smoldering pokers be doused by the harsh realities of living a true Christian life. flatly said no to HB 5043. Does it somehow cross the mind that population control might be a secondary issue to the libertine "pleasure-for-pleasure¶s sake" culture of these times? It is extremely unfair and unjust for the governance of a dominantly Catholic country to throw its people into individual moral dilemma at a time when economic problems may dull judgment toward a deeper understanding of what a moral cop out at this time might mean. without the fear of unwanted pregnancy.

a phenomenon that we're destined to learn much more about²depopulation²has already begun in a number of countries. faster than ever. Fertility rates have dropped by half since 1972. Global population will soar to 11. * Underpopulation. and other experts have been informing the public of these trends. Indeed. in Manila Bulletin.Misconceptions and Clarifications on Issues Related to Humanae Vitae and the Reproductive "Health" Bill in Philippine Congress. please visit www. the Journal of San Carlos Seminary Graduate School of Theology.] Not overpopulation. "Birth Dearth. Fr. Overpopulation is a scientific fact. 2001. Not Overpopulation. emphasis in bold letters added) "Yet this is not the full story. May 4. several demographers. in Washington Post. assigned since January 2008 at the Holy Apostles Senior Seminary. March 18. Makati City. from the absolute size and power of nations to global economic growth to the quality of our lives. Gaston. It will change everything about our world. September 27. To the contrary. STD (This primer was written for Avenues. For consults and resources on related topics. 41 . Welcome to the New Demography. 2001. Philippines.) MISCONCEPTIONS CLARIFICATIONS (underlined texts come from the Reproductive Bill currently [August 2008] filed in Congress. Dec.9. Since the 1970's. 2. p. Across the globe. economists. * Asian Economies Desperate for Babies. 2003." [Michael Meyer. it will go sharply into decline. a priest of the Archdiocese of Manila. in fact. The world is overpopulated. The world's population will continue to grow²from today's 6. 2004. And demographers say they're still falling. Vatican. Copyright © 2008 by the author. 2000. in Daily News Express. Low Fertility Blamed. for five years.4 billion to around 9 billion in 2050. as seen in these sample article titles: * European Pension Systems Set to Collapse. But after that. from six children per woman to 2.9 billion by 2050. Feb. in Friday Fax. people are having fewer and fewer children. Rev." in Newsweek. * Have Three Babies to Sustain the Population. but population ageing and underpopulation. and was previously an Official of the Pontifical Council for the Family. Aug 30. * Developed Nations Warned on Aging Crisis Time Bomb. Gregory D. in Daily 12. the Real Global Problem.

in Familia et Vita. Fr. The call to 'go forth and multiply' comes from work and pensions spokesman David Willetts. 'Let us remember that in just a couple of decades the number of Estonians seeing the New Year will be onefifth less than today. Estonia's president has urged the country's 1.] SEC.04% is extremely high.' President Arnold Ruutel said in a speech broadcast live on national television Wednesday. The CIA gives a much lower estimate of 1. only two. World Population Collapse: Lessons for the Philippines. Shortly after 2020. STD. Say the Tories. who wants couples to send birth rates soaring. As of now the Philippines' total fertility rate. in New York Times. Whereas in the early 1970's the average Filipina had six children. vol. 16. Ideal Family Size. Having two children should be the ideal family size. paragraph no. Zero Population Growth Rate will make the Filipino race at first extremely old. 2003: "Women should have more babies to stave off the looming crisis of an ageing population. we will have no money to do so. XII (2007) no. 2. Henceforth referred to as WPC and paragraph number. the Philippine TFR will sink below its replacement level of around 2. and like them. available on the internet). * Have More Babies. today she has around three. After that we will experience the population ageing and collapse taking place today in rich countries.2004. 2003: "Worried about a declining population. President Calls on Citizens to Make More Babies. Filipino families have too many children. or children per woman." * In address to Estonians. 84-113. January 2.4 million residents to make more babies." Our population growth rate of 2. 22.728% (World Factbook Country Listing of 2008." [Rev. "The UN Population Division figures indicate that it is not an exaggeration to say that as early as now the Philippine Total Fertility Rate [children per woman] is already dangerously low. or just fifteen years from now. in Daily Mail. and finally extinct. We should aim for a Zero Population Growth Rate. parents and individuals to achieve their desired family size within the context of responsible parenthood for sustainable development and encourage them to have two children as the ideal family size. and in another 20 years. Gaston.29. 42 .29 children per woman) by 2025. is projected to go below replacement (2. pp. the Tories will say today. and then rare. we will also wish to pay parents to have more children--but unlike them. Gregory D. ± The State shall assist couples. September 22.

) Intensified population control programs will slow down population growth. improve the economy soon. and will have to tell the people to raise more children. hope for rapid economic development. "The effect desired by population controllers. like them today. that is. instruct. following God's 43 . for others. the government and the Catholic Church should form and guide the people to reflect on their actual circumstances. or encourage spouses to raise a specified number of children. and then. and the average population age will be extremely high. either through massive propaganda. fifteen or even more. since women without children would have to be included in the computation of "children per woman.Pushing for only two children per family will make all this occur even earlier. Graphically speaking. or through deceptive and coercive policies. population control programs. They depend on immigration to maintain their population growth. will not immediately take place. Their efforts to encourage their citizens to produce more children have not yielded acceptable results after a decade. It will simply be too late by then. will just create more economic difficulties in the long run." or total fertility rate. In other words. encounter extreme difficulty in solving their economic problems today. due to population momentum. this means having one child or two. the Catholic Church teaches that the people should beget as many children as they can. decreased mortality and longer lifespan. generously and responsibly decide whether to In ruling out population control as a solution to poverty. we cannot afford to have in the future a population pyramid like theirs now. as what population control programs definitely try to do. the slowing of population growth. Countries that were already rich 30 to 40 years ago when their TFR's started to decline. and to freely. five. ten. (Note that two children per family would give a total fertility rate of much lower than two. We simply cannot afford to fall into the trap rich countries have fallen into 30-40 years ago. Parents should instead be guided and supported to attain the number of children they can generously and responsibly raise and educate. which is entirely different from telling them to have all the children they can possibly produce. the solution proposed to solve poverty. By the time population growth will have slowed down. wish to regain the population pyramid we have now." [WPC 26] "'Ruling out population control' simply means not encouraging people to have few children. Neither the government nor the Catholic Church may compel. Rather. and are now ageing. How will it support its ageing population? Will it also invite workers from other countries to replace its dwindling workforce? How will it attract immigrants if it has no jobs to offer to its people in the first place? Even if it becomes rich by then. The Philippines is not a rich country today. and from which they desperately try to escape today. twelve. Nor may one say that we should limit population growth now. and thus solve poverty. the Total Fertility Rate will be way below the replacement level. For some spouses. and finally try to solve whatever problem might come up in the future. and may or may not be rich within 50 years. it will have to face the same problems rich countries face now.

but social justice. but food production has kept well ahead. without owning that fear. In this area." it immediately adds that. "This can be done by means of objective and respectful information. Hence the solution should not be to reduce the number of consumers." [WPC 27] In recognizing that it is legitimate for the state "to intervene to orient the demography of the population. nontheless. It is. no. it is not authorized to employ means contrary to the moral law" (Catechism of the Catholic Church. The state may not legitimately usurp the initiative of spouses. frequently disregarded (Pontifical Council for the Family. This is one aspect of responsible parenthood. "very significant in almost all parts of the world." have another child now. This has occurred in spite of the fact that Western farmers are paid millions of dollars a year to keep land out of production. Humanae Vitae (no. which the Catholic Church has always taught..command. Today.. it merely expresses the fear of many. United Nations figures show there has been a rise of over 30% in the period 1951-92 in food production per capita. is irrefutable and evident from the facts published by specialized organizations. which. we can see for a fact that while population has grown. The Catholic Church has always recognized the existence of a "population problem. but certainly not by authoritarian." and the government's intervention in the decisionmaking of spouses as to the number of children they beget. who have the primary responsibility for the procreation and education of their children. with the consequence that many families and developing countries would be faced with greater hardships. coercive measures. March 25. and which takes into account both the real capacities of individual spouses and the national demographic situation. to "go forth and multiply. forty years later. 1994). "In the first place there is the rapid increase in population which has made many fear that world population is going to grow faster than available resources. published on the Internet in 1994 by the National Association of Catholic Families in the UK). that is to say the amount of food which would be available to each person in the world if it were divided equally. The problem then is not food production but proper distribution. The Ethical and Pastoral Dimensions of Population Trends. 2372). "Since 1965 to 1994 the population of the world has nearly doubled. 2) describes some changes taking place in 1968. 44 . food production has grown even more. Church documents have focused greatly on the fall of fertility. that world population is going to grow faster than available resources. food prices would collapse as a result of the glut (Population Facts and Myths. If these European and American farmers were to produce to their capacity. In recent years." Note that while Humanae Vitae in this point observes that there is the rapid increase in world population. or not to have another child for the time being or indefinitely.

but as part of consumers' rights.Such fall in fertility is the real "population problem" today. and bad governance. Pondo ng Pinoy. family empowerment. Whenever the Church talks against graft and corruption. which is the long-term solution to poverty. presence in slum areas and garbage. so that taxpayers' money will go to the poor (especially in terms of education. Hence." etc. Possible warnings could state: "CONDOMS DO NOT GUARANTEE PROTECTION FROM AIDS AND OTHER STD'S". 3rd Ed. it is the right of the citizens to be forewarned of these. see also John Wilks. A Consumer's Guide to the Pill and Other Drugs. IUD's are abortifacient and may cause intrauterine trauma. helping the government: education. Condoms have high failure rate even against pregnancy and thus do not guarantee protection against AIDS and other STD's. Tubal ligation and vasectomy (especially targeting the poor) leave couples without the chance to have more children (for example. microlending. or death of their present children) and little or no support in their old age. environmental ecology concerns. (For the medical data on these dangerous drugs and devices.' its real and root causes are conveniently tolerated or covered up: graft and corruption in the public and private sectors. but as dangerous drugs and devices. and livelihood programs) and not to those rich who steal from the poor. National 45 . even in the form of government warnings. social action projects. heart disease. Contraceptives should be listed as essential drugs. 2008). Pills have been shown to cause abortion of a 5-day old baby. in case of improved economic situation. and infant milk formulae ("mother's milk is best for babies under two years old")²not out of religious concerns. calamities. The Catholic Church is not concerned with the plight of the poor in the country." and. "IUD'S MAY CAUSE TRAUMA OF THE UTERUS AND ABORTION OF 5-DAY OLD BABIES. premature hypertension. Caritas. burden of foreign debt servicing. The Catholic Church dedicates a huge part of its efforts at the service of the poor. Poverty will be very quickly eradicated if graft and corruption are eradicated. feeding programs.. "PILLS HAVE BEEN SHOWN TO CAUSE CANCER AND ABORTION OF 5-DAY OLD BABIES. etc. They should not be listed as essential drugs. as in the case of cigarette smoking ("is dangerous for your health"). opposition to destructive mining and destructive logging. cancer. alcohol ("drink moderately"). she does so also out of concern for the poor. human ecology. pelvic infections and ectopic pregnancy. orphanages. resulting in failed development programs" (A Manifesto of Filipino Families on July 25. "Each time poverty is blamed on the 'population problem.

December 46 . with 135 cases. in the year 2003. The agency also encourages manufacturers to test samples of their products for breakage by using an air burst test in accordance with specifications of the International Standards Organization. no. 4. December 1.] "If four leaking condoms are allowed in every batch of 1. Pope John Paul II. considering that the Philippines' population is around 30% greater than Thailand's! Relatively low rates of condom use by the people in general.' [Mike Kubic. while the Philippines had more. there could be hundreds of thousands or even millions of leaking condoms circulating all over the world. available at http://www. Does the public know this? Does the public know that the risks increase the more often and the more promiscuously one is exposed. A Reflection by His Eminence. are well-known facts in the Philippines. in denouncing sustematic antichildbearing campaigns. New Ways to Prevent and Treat AIDS.000. 2003. where the 100% Condom Use Program had relatively great success. Note that the first paragraph above came from the US Food and Drug Administration website. there are around 750. Alfonso Cardinal López Trujillo (then President of the Pontifical Council for the Family)." [from Cardinal Alfonso López Trujillo (then President of the Pontifical Council for the Family. either sold or distributed for free. If the test detects a defect rate of more than 4 per 1. On the other hand. 1974. in FDA Consumer. the entire lot is discarded. "'Condom manufacturers in the United States electronically test all condoms for holes and weak spots. Family Values Versus Safe Sex. there are only 1.000 cases in Thailand. Manila 2000. Centessimus They provide truly safe sex.. 39). In addition.fda. Today. as explained earlier?" [from Family Values Versus Safe Sex. and most probably contributing to the spread of HIV/AIDS and STD's. by 1987. "In Thailand and in the Philippines. Jan-Feb 1997 (revised May 1997 and Jan 1998. described posoning the lives of defenseless human beings as similar to a form of "chemical warfare" (Paul VI. Thailand had 112 cases.Bookstore. Vatican). the first HIV/AIDS cases were reported in 1984. and staunch opposition from the Church and a good number of government leaders against the condom program and sexual promiscuity. as advertised.000.935 cases in the Philippines and this.] Condoms are effective in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS in a country. considering the cumulative risk factor. Address to the participants of the World Food Conference. Nov.) Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul II. FDA requires manufacturers to use a water test to examine samples from each batch of condoms for leakage. Inc. Condoms have no holes.

and their modern repackagings. Condoms do not directly cause abortion because they prevent conception²if there is no conception. and such action of pills and IUD's is called "abortifacient. The modern natural methods (e. This has to be called "abortion. should not be taught (including by the DOH) because of their high failure rates. and values that are not necessary in the use of contraceptives. hence. and Jaime L. It is sad that many doctors (including Ob-Gyn's) are not even familiar with many of the facts regarding benefits of the natural methods and the medical ills of contraceptives.] The Catholic Church teaches that contraceptives. is considered abortion. Rather. love. The Catholic Church teaches that in each No. and formation in the values are necessary for the natural methods to work²values that are not exclusively religious. July 9.. Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines. if they are learned and practiced as a way of life and not as "natural contraceptives. Pastoral Letter on Subtle Attacks against Family and Life. communication. 47 . not simply of pregnancy. 1993. January 23. she decides to kill the baby in her womb. Pills and IUD's make the womb's lining unhabitable for the new baby.1. whether before. and has extremely high failure rates. in case they fail in their contraceptive actions." for the five-day old baby dies in the process. the Catholic Church teaches no action. and implants onto the mother's womb when the tiny baby is around five days old. but very human and natural as well.g. The quoted text cites the following references: Rene Josef Bullecer (Director of AIDS-Free Philippines). cause abortion. Billings. should close the possibility of new life or kill the new life that arises. including condoms. Sympto-Thermal. Telling the Truth: AIDS Rates for Thailand and the Philippines." Hence. and before it is born. But they can lead to abortion if. . Killing the new life at any moment after this." Natural methods are not effective. Life begins at conception when the sperm and the egg meet. Cardinal Sin. respect. The new life develops as it goes down the fallopian tube. Basal Body Temperature) can be more effective than contraceptives. there is nothing to kill in the first place. 2003. because of high condom failure a woman gets pregnant. Withdrawal is not a natural method. 2001. The obsolete calendar and the rhythm methods. Pastoral Letter on AIDS: In the Compassion of Jesus. Abortion is the termination (killing) of life. the five-day old baby will be unable to attach to his or her mother's womb. during or after the sexual act. self-discipline.

SEC. h. 4. social and cultural dimensions of related sensitive issues such as contraception and abortion" paves the way to abortion because it will present abortion as a hypothetical (hypothetical as of now in the Philippines. Some candidly say that if legislators and teachers insist on asking their student to discuss the pros and cons of abortion. May dalawang uri ng batas na nagkakaroon ng impluwensiya sa gawaing ito. since it even states that abortion remains illegal in the Philippines. interpersonal relationships. This reflects the mentality presented in some sex education modules. The bill does not legalize surgical abortion. and critically evaluate and discuss the moral. new life. but not for the baby. and DOES LEGALIZE abortion of 5-day old babies. then parents should also 48 . To "critically evaluate and discuss the moral. and forming attitudes and beliefs about sex. while practical in other countries) solution to an unplanned pregnancy. sexual identity. or if one of the spouses is sterile. Ang pangalawa ay nagbibigay ng karapatan sa kababaihan sa pagpaplano ng pamilya. in the woman's infertile periods. illegal abortion is considered wrong because it is bad for the woman's health. Hence.. The child being killed is insignificant. though abortion is always traumatic for her).. which could very well go this way: "Ang pagkontrol sa kakayahang mag-anak ay isang karapatang makabago para sa kababaihan. its functions and processes and human sexuality.sexual act. The Reproductive Health bill does not promote or pave the way to abortion. religious. intimacy and gender roles. but it does PROMOTE all types of abortion. religious. Ang una ay may kinalaman sa paggamit ng kontraseptibo. Ang ilegal na paglalaglag ng sanggol ay ipinagbabawal ng batas sapagkat hindi makabubuti sa kalusugan ng ina. Definition of Terms. affection. the couple may still perform the sexual act since they do not do anything to prevent the possibility of. Reproductive Health Education ± is the process of acquiring complete." Note than in such a formulation. The next step will be to push for safe and legal abortion. social and cultural dimensions of related sensitive issues such as contraception and abortion. the couple should aim for a new child. kusang-loob na pag-papa-opera upang hindi magkaanak at paglalaglag ng sanggol. accurate and relevant information on all matters relating to the reproductive system. The solution insinuated is to legalize abortion so that it could become "safe"--safe for the mother (they claim. or kill. It also includes developing the necessary skills to be able to distinguish between facts and myths on sex and sexuality.

and to attain the highest standard of sexual and reproductive health. etc. that they have the capability to reproduce and the freedom to decide if. Parents who object to this "right" act against the law. to have the information and means to carry out their decisions. Definition of Terms d. if they are inefficient. Respect for. when and how often to do so. to make other decisions concerning reproduction free of discrimination. priests. and hence they can be considered as "coercing" the children to stay away from sex. SEC. L. Reproductive Health Rights ± the rights of individuals and couples to decide freely and responsibly the number.). Reproductive Health ± the state of physical. 4. In the Bill." and "to decide freely and responsibly the number. mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. This implies that people are able to have a satisfying and safe sex life. The Reproductive Health bill will strengthen parental rights in forming and educating their children. which "unfortunately" (as they will be made to feel). coercion and violence. etc. and to decide if. SEC.. in all matters relating to the reproductive system and to its functions and processes. provided that these are not against the law. children and adolescents have the right to have a "satisfying and safe sex life. school clinics are prohibited from informing parents if 49 . involved in graft and corruption. is still illegal. Guiding Principles. this is indicative of their real intentions. Earlier bills have even proposed fines and/or imprisonment for similar acts. and to learn all possible options in case they get pregnant--including abortion. protection and fulfillment of reproductive health rights seek to promote not only the rights and welfare of adult individuals and couples but those of adolescents' and children's as well. a law which of course goes against the parents' inherent right to educate their children. SEC. public authorities. 3. spacing and timing of their children." In such a case parents (and teachers. In some countries. The law will guarantee children and teenagers (since they are "people") the right to have a satisfying and safe sex life with anyone.) who do not want children to have sex with classmates will be going against the children's rights. Definition of Terms c.. 4. Hence children have the right to have information and access to contraceptives. The Reproductive Health bill does not promote sexual promiscuity. spacing and timing of their children. when and how often to reproduce.insist on discussing the pros and cons of killing legislators and teachers (for example.

their child seeks or has undergone abortion, whereas they are required to do so for treatment of a minor wound. Reproductive health rights will therefore weaken parental authority and rights over the upbringing of their children. Children are brainwashed into this promiscuous, anti- parent, and anti-authority mentality through Value-free sex education modules. The Reproductive Health bill is an original idea of Filipino Congressmen. Reproductive Health bills are pushed by the PLCPD (Philippine Legislators' Committee for Population and Development), a foreign funded NGO with offices questionably located in Congress, precisely where our laws are made. This is in complete violation of our national sovereignty and our pro-family and pro-life Constitution. PLCPD has access to formidable financial resources (including the P2 billion budget this year), and is backed by a powerful conglomerate of NGO's (see A Manifesto of Filipino Families on July 25, 2008). "We would rather call them the 'reproductive death' bills. They are totally silent on the aforementioned ills which will bring DEATH not only to the body, but to the person, family and society as well: D-ivorce E-uthanasia Abortion T-yrannical population control H-omosexual unions" (A Manifesto of Filipino Families on July 25, 2008). "A Call to Defend the Filipino Family against the Reproductive 'Health' Bills We call on all Filipino Families to defend ourselves by defending life. We have so far succeeded in foiling many of the attempts of our lawmakers to enact reproductive health statutes. We believe they are being enticed by monetary and other compensations, but we hope that they will see the grim reality behind reproductive 'health'. But now could be our last chance. Many countries have fallen into the subtle and the blatant attacks against their families. It is time to organize ourselves better and pressure our leaders to come up with pro-family and pro-life legislation and programs. We call on all men and women of good will, of all creeds, social standing, and political affiliations, to further promote the family. Let us patronize family-safe establishments, and complain to our civil authorities against those offering drugs, gambling, pornography and prostitution, especially those surrounding our homes and our children's schools. Let us boycott products and services that degrade sex and women in their advertisements. Let us review the textbooks used by our children for promiscuous and anti-parental content. Let us make the TV stations know that we want wholesome family entertainment.

The Reproductive Health bill promotes health. Filipino families cannot do anything to stop the Reproductive Death bills.


Recovering the Family's True Nature. We hope that in the end, children may see their parents as role models of family warmth and citizenship, and that parents and grandparents may experience the appreciation and respect of their children whom they have truly loved and guided. Humanae Vitae prophetically warned that we could lose our values if we go against God's design on the responsible transmission of life within the family. May the Filipino Family, which is the sanctuary of life and love, rediscover and reclaim the peace and joy that rightly belong to us." (A Manifesto of Filipino Families on July 25, 2008).

Given our position on The Reproductive Health Bill authored by Representatives Edcel Lagman, Janette Garin, Narciso Santiago III and Ana Theresa Hontiveros-Baraquel, we, members of the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines Board of Directors, representing 1,256 Catholic schools nationwide, hereby affix our signatures to register strong opposition to its passage. y We stand by the Church as she respectfully signified her strong objection to the contraceptive program the Bill promotes, considering the practices which it shall engender. We call the attention of lawmakers to the nature and effects of contraceptives that violate the provisions in the Philippine Constitution on the protection of the life of the unborn from the first moment of fertilization/conception. Moreover, the Church also poses serious objections in that this contraceptive program, while supposedly championing the cause of women, ignores instances where women¶s rights are violated. We fault the Department of Health for paying mere ³lip service´to Natural Family Planning (NFP). Greater promotion of the more scientific and morally consistent option of the NFP must be done. Both Sacred Scripture and Reason propose that the best form of birth regulation is self-discipline. The six years of value-free sex education that the Bill proposes violates the rights of parents to keep watchful guard over the moral education of their children. The Church also strongly opposes the use of the term ³Reproductive Health´ as defined in the proposed Bill since it is made synonymous with abortion packaged as a method of family planning.




y y



Finally, the proposed Bill as well as the Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2009 is setting aside more than 2 billion pesos from tax payer¶s money for the purchase of contraceptives. This is money that could instead be used to provide education, livelihood and basic public services.

In view, we commit: 1. to pray for the lawmakers who champion life, as we pray even more for those whom we ask not to look upon the human person as a mere being; 2. to engage ourselves in intensive catechesis on family enshrined in Paul VI¶s ³Humanae Vitae´and John Paul II¶s ³Evangelium Vitae´; 3. to preserve the integrity of the Christian family and life by promoting programs such as ³Subtle Attacks against the Family Explained (SAFE)´the like; and 4. to appreciate ³the discipline of the desert´ that we may be strengthened to withstand the fleeting attraction offered by a materialistic-oriented lifestyle. We reiterate that we are against the passage of the Reproductive Health Bill MSGR. GERARDO O. SANTOS CEAP President & NCR Regional Director FR. GREGORIO BAÑAGA, JR., CM Vice-President, Director-At-Large MO. ASSUMPTA M. DAVID, RVM Treasurer, Director-At-Large ATTY. ULPIANO P. SARMIENTO, III, ESQ Director-At-Large BR. ARMIN LUISTRO, FSC Director-At-Large FR. AMBROSE L. PONCE, SVD Regional Director, Region 1 FR. ROMEO B. GONZALES, MS Regional Director, Region 2 SR. LOURDES M. DULAY, ICM Regional Director, CAR BISHOP SOCRATES B. VILLEGAS Honorary Board Member FR. RUFO RAMIL H. CRUZ Regional Director, Region 3 REV. FR. TEDOLUFO B. BARIA, JR. Regional Director, Region 4 FR. JOEL TABORA, SJ Regional Director, Region 5 FR. ANTONIO LIMCHAYPO, OAR Regional Director, Region 6


ph/article/view/1136/1/103 source:: http://opinion. MONTAÑA.FR. ANTONIO F.The Honorable Edcel Lagman. PALAMI Regional Director. CARAGA FR. OMI Regional Director. With a seeming inclination to do away with lengthy processes simply to rush its approval. SONIA C. RODERICK C. Region 9 FR. Region 8 FR. It is an established fact that the connection between contraception and abortion is not only inseparable.. PAQUITO GALLEGO Chair. 53 .inquirer. quietly passed the House Health Committee in an unprecedented two minutes without any decent discussion or appearance of meeting the requirements of the legislative process. DANNY C. want us to see By Antonio J. EDITO N. The unnumbered house bill of these honorable representatives that goes under the lengthy title of "An Act Providing for a National Policy on Reproductive Health. Regional Director. SJ Regional MANILA. RCJ Regional Director. MORENO. and for other purposes. ARMM FR. Superintendents Commission Signed September 29. SALAZAR. Mark Llandro Mendoza. Responsible Parenthood and Population Development. NESTOR J. the bill is expected to proceed to plenary without dragging along public controversy. Janette Garin. Eleandro Jesus Madrona and Ana Theresa Hontiveros Baraquel would have us believe that their bill respects religious convictions and is not pro-abortion. Narciso Santiago III. LEMANA. EDUARDO TANUDTANUD. JR. Montalvan II http://www. SR. If only they knew whereof they speak. SVD Regional Region 10 FR. 2008 The façade that Lagman et al. PATI-AN Regional Director.prolife. Philippines ." and referred to in brevity as the Consolidated Reproductive Health Bill. Region 12 MR. AUREO A. Region 11 FR. ALCALA. Region 7 MRS. there is a close identity between them. DCS Regional Director.

Either out of naiveté or sleight of hand, the bill declares a stance against abortion. But is it unequivocal? In a bill that avows the promotion of the "full range" of family planning methods, both natural and modern, that anti-abortion stance remains much of a lame proposition. Call it even a myth. We can hardly believe that the bill's authors are ignorant of the inarguable fact that many contraceptives within that full range are abortifacients. And nowhere in the bill does it renounce abortifacients, at the very least. Not a few contraceptives work by causing early term abortions. The intra-uterine device prevents a fertilized egg from being implanted in the uterine wall. The pill does not always stop ovulation but sometimes prevents implantation of the growing embryo. The new RU 486 pill works altogether by aborting a new fetus, a new baby. There is a grave contradiction there. Not only is it a contradiction, it is a grievous mistake. By its failure to address abortion as an odious reality in our society, how can our elected representatives claim that they labor for the progress of that society where even new life cannot have the privilege of safety, much less of life? I am convinced that they did this not out of sleight of hand. Respect for life has become an ideological choice, not a natural moral condition for humanity. Without that moral imperative to respect life, the bill cannot even stand behind a façade of "responsible parenthood." For that is what it is, a façade that only cloaks its pro-death capabilities. I like the manner that Janet Smith, a professor of philosophy at the University of Dallas, argues: We need to realize that a society in which contraceptives are widely used is going to have a very difficult time keeping free of abortions since the lifestyles and attitudes that contraception fosters create an alleged "need" for abortion. Each year, a million and a half American women seek abortion, in the land where the full range of contraceptives has been available since long ago. As the American societal experience has taught us, abortion is a necessity in the contraceptive lifestyle. Smith tells us: The "intimate relationships" facilitated by contraceptives are what make abortions "necessary." "Intimate" here is a euphemism and a misleading one at that. Here the word "intimate" means "sexual"; it does not mean "loving and close." Abortion is most often the result of sexual relationships in which there is little true intimacy and love, in which there is no room for a baby, the natural consequence of sexual intercourse. Contraception enables those who are not prepared to care for babies to engage in sexual intercourse; when they become pregnant, they resent the unborn child for intruding upon their lives, and they turn to the solution of abortion. The argument against the concept, often misused by many of our legislators, that contraception is the antidote to abortions and unwanted pregnancies, is a simple one. Contraceptions have been permeating this world for the past 30 years. Within that time, unwanted pregnancies and abortions have not gone down. The argument is clearly fallacious. Lagman et al. define full range as "Hormonal contraceptives, intrauterine devices,


injectables and other allied reproductive health products and supplies [that] shall be considered under the category of essential medicines and supplies which shall form part of the National Drug Formulary and the same shall be included in the regular purchase of essential medicines and supplies of all national and local hospitals and other government health units." Notice the term "essential medicines." There is at once a pharmacological but social meaning. It is so very classic American contraceptivism. It is part of the pro-death lingo, so careful, polite and tame in its approach so as not to hurt religious sensibilities, yet unmasked by the realities of demographic truth. If there is a victory that Lagman et al. would have us believe, it is that they have finally abandoned the other myth²that there is a population explosion that can only be arrested by our acceptance of contraceptives, saying that "reproductive health and population development goes beyond a demographic target because it is principally about health and rights," but there is still another fallacy there nonetheless. Babies are no accident of pregnancy. It is only this that we have to think of when we register our opposition to the bill of Lagman et al. Babies, not contraceptives, are the fuel to our understanding of a healthy society.

Just Asking
By Bishop Oscar V. Cruz The issue on Reproductive Health has already drawn many people to say so many things. In fact, various sectors of the society have taken various positions on proposing or opposing a supposed national mandate that, proponents claim, will alleviate poverty as it manages the population²as if this is possible. Just like the untimely resurrection of moves to amend the Constitution, the premature stir of the Congress to push for the reproductive health bills brings to mind some practical questions that proponents of this unnecessary legislation should answer. First: Should the issue on reproductive health be more objectively and properly called instead "unreproductive health"? This is but calling a spade nothing else than what it is, i.e., a spade. Don't you agree that the essence of thesis and the consequent phrase adopted in terms of "Reproductive Health" is to promote health by making this physical attribute precisely unproductive? For this reason, reproduction is thereby seen as inimical to health. In other words, reproduction should be avoided for reasons of health whereas it militates against such a physical well-being² particularly on the part of women.


Second: Is health good if this is deliberately rendered unfruitful, intentionally made unproductive or unreproductive? Stagnancy, inertness and non-life giving when apparently considered expressions of health is beyond rhyme or reason. While recourse to euphemism is every now and then understandable, to claim that women's health equals their non-generative state is unreasonable and wherefore unacceptable. Third: Why is it those already produced or reproduced, are the ones against the reproduction of others just like them? Do they feel so depressed and oppressed that they do not want others to be born, to see the light, to feel the world? Would they neither not have been reproduced at all? Do they find life so futile in having so inutile in living that they simply do not like others like them to be born at all? Would they rather have themselves instead "unreproduced" at all? Fourth: Are those advocating for zero reproduction certain that they themselves have not in any way reproduced someone ± like a bubbling son or a cute daughter? In the event that they have in fact did, would they rather have their offspring returned to nothingness? To dislike if not to hate others who love to reproduce themselves is neither right nor fair. Fifth: Those who are batting for a "two-children policy," how would they count those born as twins, as triplets if not even more? How would they count the children of a man from his other women? What about the widows and widowers with already two if not more children from their previous spouses and who then remarried? What children fall into the "policy?" What should be declared uncovered by it? If the above questions sound funny or appear ridiculous, well, I was just asking.

Statement on Reproductive Health Bill 5043
By Bienvenido Nebres, President of Ateneo , 23 October 2008 Yesterday, the Manila Standard had a headline story entitled "Ateneo profs defy bishops, back family planning bill." The article is based on an October 15, 2008 position paper issued by individual faculty members of the Ateneo de Manila, "Catholics Can Support the RH Bill in Good Conscience." A shorter version of this position paper is attached. In reply to a request for clarification from His Excellency Most Rev. Angel N. Lagdameo, D.D., President of the CBCP, I wrote him yesterday, October 22, as follows:


that I was asked to respond to this concern a few weeks ago by Archbishop Paciano Aniceto and Bishop Gabriel Reyes and I wrote them on October 2. although there are points wherein the aforesaid bill and the Catholic moral tradition are in agreement. although there are points wherein the aforesaid bill and the Catholic moral tradition are in agreement. I also said that several Jesuits would be meeting with the Ateneo faculty members yesterday in a dialogue on this important matter. We acknowledge their right to express their views as individual Catholics and appreciate their clear statement that their views are their own and not that of the University. the Ateneo de Manila. In my letter to Archbishop Lagdameo yesterday. stands with the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) and the Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus. 2008 regarding our position on the Reproductive Health Bill 5043: As in all matters that are connected with faith and morals. there are certain positions and provisions in the bill which are incompatible with principles and specific positions of moral teaching which the Catholic Church has held and continues to hold. that "the faculty members clearly state that they are not speaking for the Ateneo de Manila and that this is their personal position. The dialogue yesterday was forthright and mutually respectful and we pointed out that.First. As I said in my letter of October 2 to Archbishop Aniceto and Bishop Reyes. I trust that this will help clarify our position. to state clearly our position on RH Bill 5043. At the same time. it is "the considered opinion of our moral theologians that. there are certain positions and provisions in the bill which are incompatible with principles and specific positions of moral teaching which the Catholic Church has held and continues to hold. The position of the Ateneo de Manila is as follows: 1) We appreciate the efforts of these members of the Ateneo faculty to grapple with serious social issues and to draw from Catholic moral teaching in their study of the bill. while we respect their deep concern for the poor and appreciate our mutual dialogue with them. it is necessary for the Ateneo de Manila as a Jesuit and Catholic university. I am familiar with the considered opinion of our moral theologians that. as a Jesuit and Catholic university. we favor and encourage honest." 2) 3) 57 . However. together with the CBCP and the Philippine Province. sincere and mutuallyrespectful dialogue on the important issues taken up in the bill. the Ateneo de Manila University does not agree with their position of supporting the present bill." Second.

Lagman seems to put too much weight on what UP economists say. and I¶ll show you a pig that can fly. 5) 6) Falsehoods in the Lagman Bill By Emil Jurado http://www. there¶s no empirical data that shows that overpopulation causes poverty. At the risk of repeating myself. 58 . Edcel Lagman. He forgets that economists make conclusions on assumptions and other factors. who perorated on his bill espousing contraception to control population growth and the need for the people to be aware of their choices in planning their families. we support continuing efforts on the critical study and discussion of the bill among Church groups including the University and in civil society. but to the pockets of grafters and corrupt public officials) and unmitigated migration from the provinces to urban areas. in our classes and other fora. He anchored his contraception bill on the findings of some 29 UP economists. Poverty is the result of confluence of factors. Ergo.We thus have serious objections to the present bill in the light of our Catholic faith. The existence of squatter colonies in Metro Manila attests to this. when Speaker Prospero Nograles was asked what he thought of the Reproductive Health bill of Bicol Rep. 4) Ateneo de Manila thus stands with our Church leaders in raising questions about and objections to RH Bill 5043. which are not validated. like bad governance. The premise of the highly debated proposed Reproductive Health and Population Development Act of 2008. contraception is the answer. is that the booming population has worsened poverty. much less proven. who claimed that population growth over the years would worsen poverty unless population is contained. graft and corruption (benefits don¶t go to the bulk of the At the Congress Night of the Manila Overseas Press Club. Show me an economist that has become a billionaire because of assumptions and conclusions. It is also the responsibility of the Ateneo de Manila as a Jesuit and Catholic university to ensure that. the Speaker gave the floor to Lagman. At the same time.manilastandardtoday. we teach Catholic faith and morals in their integrity. as I also wrote on October 2. according to Lagman.

The Singapore government is in fact encouraging couples to marry and even providing incentives. and that they don¶t know whether or not they will be of opposite sexes. the others will not succeed. According to a study made by former Senator Kit Tatad. Our population density is 277 per square km. Kit asked: Are the few then always richer. it is as high as 45.04 percent. 1.00 percent. Besides praying daily. but against empirical data! It¶s fraught with lies and fallacies! WHAT YOU CAN DO TO STOP THE REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH ACT By Alliance for the Family There are several things you can do to insure that the Reproductive Health Act does not become law: 1. Ask the person who answers the phone in your 59 . Call the House of Representatives trunk line at 02-931-5001. Empirical data also show our median age is 23 years. yet their per capita is much lower.400.02 percent. there will only be two Finns left.5 years (Monaco). Lagman¶s bill is not only jurassic and archaic. Pray daily for the defeat of the Reproductive Health Act.728 percent. Thirty six countries. In 139 other countries. This is the most necessary step ± without it. There¶s a joke in the welfare state of Finland that¶s controlling its population growth that by 2050. The CIA World Fact Book has lower figures of growth rate. are more densely populated. do one or more of the following ± prayer alone will not be enough to defeat the bill: 2. 50 other countries have a much lower density. Tatad stated. Ask to be connected to your representative¶s office. 3.*** The flawed premise of Lagman¶s bill is in empirical data like figures from the National Statistics Office. gross domestic product per capita is $3. which show that our population growth rate is 2. Santa Banana. yet their GDP per capita is also much higher. and total fertility rate is 3. This means a Filipino has more productive years ahead of him than his counterpart in the rich countries where the graying and dying population is no longer being replaced because of negative birth rates. TFR. the many always poorer? Not at all. Lagman and his anti-life lobbyists must be told that the city-state of Singapore is now in full reverse after undertaking a policy of population control.

Also give the other information sheets to your parish 12. If you can. Tell your parish priest that you want to volunteer for the ministry to defeat the Reproductive Health bill. make copies. as one of his flock. and give them to your friends. and offer it to our Lord for the defeat of the Reproductive Health bill. at http://www. Make your letter fairly short and fairly simple ± otherwise it is not likely to be printed. You can ask to speak to your Representative directly if you would like to. so that readers will understand what will happen if this bill becomes law. On the other hand. If just that you oppose the Reproductive Health Act. 9.Representative¶s office to tell the Representative that you oppose the Reproductive Health Act. 8. 4. Collect signatures after Masses for the anti-Reproductive Health bill petition of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines¶ ECFL (Episcopal Commission For Family and Life). Sign the online petition against the Reproductive Health bill. but this is not necessary. speak to him from your heart about this. Your letter can be very simple. 7. 11. fast from something ± food. 10. and any other priests you know.petition online. it is better to include some of the reasons why you oppose it. Print out this information sheet. 6. you can call the paper to ask what it xxhb5043/ petition. or something else that you value ± as another form of prayer. html 5. Your diocese Family Life Ministry can provide copies of the petition. Your parish should have a Family Life Ministry. You can write to your Representative at: The Honorable [Representative¶s Name] House of Representatives Batasan Hills Quezon City. or the editorial page. The address should be on the paper¶s letters page. Write a letter to The Editor of your newspaper. Distribute this information sheet and the others available from ALFI to friends via email.alfi. If you know your bishop. Refer your friends and others to the Alliance For the Family website: www. 60 . 3. so your Representative will know that you live in his or her district. Include some of the information about what it will do to our society in your letter. NCR 1126 Be sure to include your return address. and the others available from ALFI.

there is a close identity between them. quietly passed the House Health Committee in an unprecedented two minutes without any decent discussion or appearance of meeting the requirements of the legislative´ and referred to in brevity as the Consolidated Reproductive Health Bill. The pill does not always stop ovulation but sometimes prevents implantation of the growing embryo.The Honorable Edcel Lagman. Either out of naiveté or sleight of hand. There is a grave contradiction there.´ For that is what it is. Responsible Parenthood and Population Development. the bill cannot even stand behind a façade of ³responsible parenthood. Pray. and for other purposes. how can our elected representatives claim that they labor for the progress of that society where even new life cannot have the privilege of safety.inquirer. Not only is it a contradiction. The façade that Lagman et al. The new RU 486 pill works altogether by aborting a new fetus. By its failure to address abortion as an odious reality in our society.13. not a natural moral condition for humanity. But is it unequivocal? In a bill that avows the promotion of the ³full range´ of family planning methods. The intra-uterine device prevents a fertilized egg from being implanted in the uterine wall. Without that moral imperative to respect life. Philippines . Not a few contraceptives work by causing early term abortions. Respect for life has become an ideological choice. Janette Garin. a façade that only cloaks its pro-death capabilities. at the very least. Call it even a myth. The unnumbered house bill of these honorable representatives that goes under the lengthy title of ³An Act Providing for a National Policy on Reproductive Health. Narciso Santiago III. 61 . every day until this bill is defeated. Eleandro Jesus Madrona and Ana Theresa Hontiveros Baraquel would have us believe that their bill respects religious convictions and is not pro-abortion. Mark Llandro Mendoza. If only they knew whereof they speak. a new baby. And nowhere in the bill does it renounce abortifacients. pray. We can hardly believe that the bill¶s authors are ignorant of the inarguable fact that many contraceptives within that full range are abortifacients. With a seeming inclination to do away with lengthy processes simply to rush its approval. both natural and modern._want_us_to_see MANILA. It is an established fact that the connection between contraception and abortion is not only inseparable. the bill is expected to proceed to plenary without dragging along public controversy. that anti-abortion stance remains much of a lame proposition. pray. Montalvan II Philippine Daily Inquirer First Posted 01:06:00 06/23/2008 http://opinion. it is a grievous mistake. want us to see By Antonio J. much less of life? I am convinced that they did this not out of sleight of hand. the bill declares a stance against abortion.

It is so very classic American contraceptivism. Solon slams µforeign funding¶ for birth control bill By Christian V. abortion is a necessity in the contraceptive lifestyle. would have us believe. a million and a half American women seek abortion. that contraception is the antidote to abortions and unwanted pregnancies. the natural consequence of sexual intercourse. It is only this that we have to think of when we register our opposition to the bill of Lagman et al. it is that they have finally abandoned the other myth²that there is a population explosion that can only be arrested by our acceptance of contraceptives. they resent the unborn child for intruding upon their lives. Babies. is a simple one. Here the word ³intimate´ means ³sexual´. Within that time. Contraception enables those who are not prepared to care for babies to engage in sexual intercourse. saying that ³reproductive health and population development goes beyond a demographic target because it is principally about health and rights. polite and tame in its approach so as not to hurt religious sensibilities. are the fuel to our understanding of a healthy society. Esguerra Philippine Daily Inquirer 62 . unwanted pregnancies and abortions have not gone down. so careful. argues: We need to realize that a society in which contraceptives are widely used is going to have a very difficult time keeping free of abortions since the lifestyles and attitudes that contraception fosters create an alleged ³need´ for abortion. The argument is clearly fallacious. in the land where the full range of contraceptives has been available since long ago. Each year.I like the manner that Janet Smith. it does not mean ³loving and close. Lagman et al.´ Abortion is most often the result of sexual relationships in which there is little true intimacy and love. in which there is no room for a baby. a professor of philosophy at the University of Dallas.´ but there is still another fallacy there nonetheless.´ ³Intimate´ here is a euphemism and a misleading one at that. Contraceptions have been permeating this world for the past 30 years. when they become pregnant. define full range as ³Hormonal contraceptives.´ Notice the term ³essential medicines. injectables and other allied reproductive health products and supplies [that] shall be considered under the category of essential medicines and supplies which shall form part of the National Drug Formulary and the same shall be included in the regular purchase of essential medicines and supplies of all national and local hospitals and other government health units.´ There is at once a pharmacological but social meaning. As the American societal experience has taught us. and they turn to the solution of abortion. If there is a victory that Lagman et al. The argument against the concept. often misused by many of our legislators. intrauterine devices. Babies are no accident of pregnancy. It is part of the pro-death lingo. yet unmasked by the realities of demographic truth. Smith tells us: The ³intimate relationships´ facilitated by contraceptives are what make abortions ³necessary. not contraceptives.

´ San Pascual admitted that the PLCPD has been getting millions in financial support from foreign agencies promoting contraceptives. He said the PLCPD appeared so ³privileged´ that it even had an office at Room 611 at the Batasan complex. During interpellation. during which he raised possible violations committed by the group in lobbying for the measure. 5043 or the reproductive health bill.´ Ramon San MANILA -. He said another P3 million annually was sourced from the United Nations Population Fund. 63 . ³Why is it actively participating in the crafting of the bill? What is the nature of the organization?´ The matter was also the main subject of Del Mar¶s interpellation of Lagman last Wednesday. ³In terms of principles and philosophy. admitted on Sunday that HB 5043¶s ³backbone´ was the old population control bill his group earlier drafted with other NGOs in 2001.Deputy Speaker Raul del Mar has challenged Albay Rep. ³What is this PLCPD?´ he asked in an interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer on Sunday. saying its role has been limited to ³assisting in the formulation of government policies.First Posted 18:31:00 09/28/2008 http://newsinfo. only 30 percent of the original bill is reflected in the substitute measure.´ Del Mar wanted to know if the Philippine Legislators¶ Committee on Population and Development (PLCPD) influenced lawmakers in preparing the substitute bill now being considered for approval on second reading. Edcel Lagman. it¶s still the same.inquirer. Del Mar¶s queries reflected the persistent argument by ³pro-life´ groups that Lagman¶s population bill was a template measure similar to those also being pushed in other poor countries by foreign-funded agencies promoting contraceptives. He said the group usually got P7 million to P8 million yearly each from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and the Europe-based Interchurch Conference Organization. chief promoter of House Bill No. ³But in terms of content. Lagman defended the PLCPD. Saying the bill came ³out of nowhere. where he serves as board secretary. PLCPD executive director.´ he said. to explain the role of a foreign-funded ³non-governmental organization´ in drafting the measure aimed at controlling the country¶s population growth.

The Varsitarian speaks to UP. But where have we been all these times? Hiding in our caves? The truth of the matter is no single study ever has established a direct correlation between high birth rates and low economic growth. Catholic teachings on freedom of conscience and the centrality of the human person can be distorted to serve the needs of women in modern times. the official student publication of the University of Santo Tomas. not from scholars and doctors of philosophy. ³Its participation renders the bill defective.Since it was getting money from foreign donors. Artificial contraception is able to arrest the incidence of abortions. Call it audacity that the repartee has come. according to Del Mar.inquirer. nor did it eliminate family planning. unlike that of the UP and Ateneo statements. Abortions reached OVERPOPULATION and poverty are correlated. Citing UN statistics. in the House. The editorial statements of the student journalists of the Varsitarian. "What it advocates is no to abortion. have not been reported by national media. These are the core principles of the UP economists and the 14 Ateneo faculty who now support the Reproductive Health Bill 5403 of Edcel Lagman et al. The bill will give correct information on natural and artificial methods. but from students writing for a student publication. the PLCPD would need to register with the Department of Justice before it could lobby for the population control measure. Meanwhile. former social welfare secretary Dinky Soliman urged Church leaders on Sunday to better understand the reproductive health bill. Soliman said three babies were being born every minute in the Philippines while 11 mothers were dying every day from reproductive health problems. The doomsday message of the so-called ³pro-choice´ advocates that rapid population growth has a negative effect on economic development is almost a mantra that is now accepted by ³contraceptive hook or by abortifacient crook´ in most media. Ateneo By Antonio J. ³Reproductive health´ is synonymous with maternal health care.´ he added." she said at the Tinapayan forum in Manila. stressing that it did not advocate abortion. 64 . and teach women and couples how to plan their families.000 to 600. Montalvan II Philippine Daily Inquirer First Posted 03:23:00 12/08/2008 http://opinion. she added.000 in 2007.

It is truly. Imagine.´ said Karl Marx). laureate of the Nobel Memorial Award for Economic Sciences. Asiaweek. but their Catholic viewpoint is something that the Ateneo must heed. 1 paradigm. Ateneo has put up the Health Unit of the Ateneo Graduate School of Business in Leadership Innovations in Population Management. Together with the Packard Foundation. which is the more embracing. Of course. the more medically correct concept to represent the holistic care of 65 . For us to say that these UP and Ateneo professors should go back to their books and their empirical data is the least we can say. as they claim to be practicing in disagreeing with bishops. It is hard to believe that both the UP and Ateneo statements should miss out on the more recent pronouncements against artificial contraception. who also disagrees with the Malthusian scenario. the intellectual dishonesty now being fed to our young and to society as a whole. How can the poor have freedom of choice and conscience when the state.In fact. One wonders how Ateneo¶s partnership with an abortion foundation dovetails with its setting up a medical school where students are supposed to make the Hippocratic Oath and uphold Catholic bioethics. They have been left behind by pronouncements of prominent international media such as the New York Times. The Varsitarian points out how in the world the UP statement could negate the position of the Nobel prize-winning economist Simon Kuznets who denied any correlation between population and economic growth. Call the Varsitarian statement as coming from the mouth of babes. the Malthusian scenario.´ The statement goes on to cite a monograph published by the Ateneo Institute of Church and Social Studies funded by a prochoice organization. 205 years ago) has not ever proven that population growth results in food scarcity. is the United States where abortions have been on the rise. backed by hundreds of millions of pesos. as the Varsitarian calls it. however. a Neanderthal and archaic position (³a libel inflicted on the human race. if it must from its historical rival the Dominicans. certainly. The No. Far Eastern Economic Review and the Economist which have all since proclaimed population control as one of the greatest myths of the 20th century. nor that of the Harvard economist Amartya Sen. since its inception in 1803 (yes. ³The [Ateneo] 14 should either have the readiness to defend the Catholic position or at least have the sensitivity to refrain from doing something that would divide the Church. RH bill 5043 looks at the poor not as persons but as rabbits whose propagation must be checked. Does it appear now that even the most sophisticated of our academicians can be selective about data if only to serve academic biases? The Varsitarian finally emphasizes that ³reproductive health is not maternal health. compels them to take contraceptives and limit their children to two per couple?´ The students continue: ³The 14 themselves belong to an institution that has no apprehensions in getting funding from organizations that promote abortion. which promotes µsafe and legal abortion¶ in other countries. there is the other empirical truth that they have ignored. despite the wide latitude of contraceptive availability there. it will be what the catechism calls as erroneous conscience. namely that the contraceptive culture has failed to curb abortion. If these teachers indeed have conscience.

But even if we all go back to our Biology in high school. And this is what makes it abortifacient. IRENE B. we hope. the pill²whether oral. it looks at pregnancy as the cause and a compounding of poverty. life truly begins at fertilization. IUDs are abortifacient Philippine Daily Inquirer First Posted 01:25:00 08/26/2008 http://opinion. all pro-lifers. ovulation and fertilization can still occur and we have seen this in our practice. Oral contraceptives (more commonly known as pills). ROSE We are a group of friends. In the case of the pill. P. However. M. should we not all protect life from the beginning to its very end? VIRGINIA G.. which leads to the conceptus) is not absolutely prevented. ALVIA. indeed. NINA REYES. regarding this hot topic. it tries to check the fertility of women not because of any consideration for women¶s health but for purposes of social engineering!´ Are we still convinced that babies are diseases? Why pills. injectables. A review of the various literatures on these contraceptives will show that each of them has an efficacy rate that is less than 100 percent because fertilization (the meeting of egg cell and sperm cell. For instance. patch or injectable²renders the uterus hostile to implantation. DOMINGUEZ. MANZO.D. Catholic or not. Some people pushing for this reproductive health bill may even want to define that life begins at implantation.inquirer. most people are not aware that they are. OCAMPO and 4 other signatories 66 . from a theoretical standpoint. We would like to express our support to the CBCP not by starting another debate but by enlightening readers and. the IUD does not prevent ovulation and so fertilization may occur several times in the span of time the device is in the womb of the woman. abortifacient. Unfortunately. This is why the IUD is abortifacient. Some of us are private medical practitioners²all faceless supporters of the stand of the Catholic Bishops¶ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) against artificial contraception. hormonal injectables and Intra-Uterine Devices (IUDs) are all artificial contraceptives. most of the fetuses will not be able to implant themselves because there is an ³appliance´ in the womb that prevents them from doing so. Unfortunately. which proves that fertilization had indeed occurred. our legislators as well.women. RH bill 5043 is not a maternal health measure but a contraceptive measure: it looks at every pregnancy as µunwanted¶. CAROL SANCHEZ. We have seen patients with abnormal bleeding and positive pregnancy tests despite their taking the pill.

100 percent.inquirer. I am against the Reproductive Health Bill of Rep. Only abstinence and chastity can give us that 100-percent protection from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). the spread of AIDS from one person to another. Edcel Lagman. from AIDS. Let us not deceive them by telling them that sex is safe when they use contraceptives. abstinence and the value of keeping sex within marriage. AREOLA (via email) Population bill a big waste--think tank By Michelle Remo Philippine Daily Inquirer First Posted 04:07:00 10/03/2008 http://newsinfo. Statistics show an increase in the incidence of teenage pregnancies and STDs in the United States where American youth receive extensive sex education in school. which means they will be taught how to have ³safe sex´ by using contraceptives. The youth need education in chastity and true love. pregnancies Philippine Daily Inquirer First Posted 02:41:00 09/05/2008 Filed Under: Health. We have to learn from the experience of countries which have institutionalized sex education and are promoting the use of condoms. In other words. there is a growing number of people with AIDS in those 67 . the virus that causes AIDS. Family planning http://opinion. If we really want to avoid teenage pregnancies and prevent the spread of STDs.inquirer.Best way to avoid AIDS. Let us not give people false hopes about condoms protecting them. On the contrary. Health Undersecretary Mario Villaverde himself said that condoms have a 95 percent protection rate. Also. The microscopic holes in condoms are large enough for the AIDS virus to pass through. Diseases. It will mandate sex education for young people. Contraceptives do not give them 100-percent protection from pregnancies and STDs. IMELDA LL. 100 percent. That¶s why there has been no decline in the number of people contracting AIDS in countries promoting the use of condoms. the best and safest way is to teach them self-control. the use of condoms does not guarantee that it will The use of condoms will not stop the spread of HIV. STDs.

teach it at schools and to couples intending to marry.´ and would put the blame for widespread poverty in the country with ³people who are not yet even born.´ Villegas told a press briefing Thursday. Albay Rep. The school¶s chief economist Bernardo Villegas said controlling the population would be ³demographic suicide. a devout Roman Catholic who could theoretically veto it even if passed by the House and the Senate. Population growth can actually be a tool for eradicating poverty. a Catholic school in Pasig City founded by Opus Dei members. Potential veto The bill is about 12 votes shy of passing in the House of Representatives.´ The Philippines has one of the highest birth rates in Asia. Edcel Lagman. an operation that blocks the fallopian tubes. Singapore as example It would require the state to ³encourage two children as the ideal family size. 5043. Philippines²A bill seeking to impose population control in the country would lead to a waste of valuable resources that would be better ploughed into education and infrastructure. it lacks the support of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. a conservative think-tank said Thursday.MANILA. The proposed law. The dominant Catholic Church has threatened to excommunicate legislators who vote for the bill. 68 . according to its principal author. Lagman said a dozen previous population bills over the past generation had been defeated. the poorer it was.´ ³I agree that mass poverty is the biggest scandal in the Philippines. vasectomies and tubal ligations.´ Villegas said. Under the proposed law. However. that shows population growth is responsible for mass poverty. [But] there is no strong empirical evidence in my field. said economists at the University of Asia and the Pacific. comes at a time when countries that adopted similar policies in the 1970s were reversing them as they started to worry about supporting their ageing populations. with the population growing at around two percent annually and expected to top 100 million in five years. the Reproductive Health bill. the state would have to fund a population program. or House bill No. and have government hospitals offer contraceptives. ³The ultimate resource of the planet is the human being. Villegas said that one of the biggest fallacies ever told was that the bigger the family. which is economic science.

617 people for every square kilometer. Sison (The Philippine Star) Updated May 18. only had 173 people per square kilometer. Philippines .708. Garcia said the funds that would be allotted for the Reproductive Health Bill is better off allocated for other health-related concerns such as the budgets of the health centers in various local government units. group to push for proposed law (The Freeman) Updated November 04. saying they will continue to lobby against the bill in the succeeding sessions of the lower house. Comparing data on regions within the country. 2009 12:00 AM 69 .philstar. With a report from Agence France-Presse 2 congressmen to fight Reproductive Health Bill.´ Garcia said. But despite that. Per capita in Eastern Visayas was recorded only at P6. Villegas said the National Capital Region had 15. it¶s per capita gross national income was way better at $21. Reproductive health is abortion A LAW EACH DAY (Keeps Trouble Away) By Jose C.219. the NCR was still identified as the richest region in the Philippines.Villegas noted that government data showed that population density did not have a direct relation to poverty. He said that Singapore had 7. The Eastern Visayas Region. with a real per capita income of P32. while the Philippines had only 255. said the problem of unemployment in the country is a far bigger problem that needs to be given attention. ³We should not be on the prevention of birth but more on the prevention of diseases. for instance.Two Cebu congressmen have been very vocal about their opposition to the proposed Reproductive Health and Population Development Act of 2008. much higher than that of any other region in the Although population density in Singapore was much higher. 2009 12:00 AM http://www.230 compared with the Philippines¶ $1. for his part. Gullas.223 persons for every square kilometer. Third District Representative Pablo John Garcia and First District Representative Eduardo Gullas believe there are more pressing issues that the country should give its attention to than the Reproductive Health Bill.081.aspx?articleId=520291&publicationSubCategoryId=107 CEBU.

For indeed the bill is nothing but stinking garbage. This is a crime in our jurisdiction and contrary to the very provision of our Constitution mandating the State to ³protect the life of the unborn from conception´. They are pushing for this RH bill to make investments on the contraceptive industry more profitable which is possible only if abortion is legalized as it is in their jurisdictions. The foreign funded NGOs and the UNFPA which actually crafted the bill and its sponsors in both houses of Congress should stop insisting that reproductive health services and programs ³provide access to safe.philstar. innocent and unborn child. Otherwise they will appear to have been deceived or pressured on a grand scale by foreign countries and international organizations. 70 .com/Article.http://www. or ³illegal´ which is the other term for ³unsafe´. MacDonald and company who are pushing for the passage of the RH bill are therefore not only intruding into our sovereignty but even telling our legislators to violate our own constitution when they advocate that the State should provide for ³effective and accessible reproductive health services´. The deception and meddling into the internal affairs of our nation for the passage of this bill have not ceased. This is a big lie. The hidden agenda of US and other European countries are now exposed. Lately. the head of the delegation of the European Commission (EC) to the Philippines. But whether abortion is ³legal´ which also means ³safe´.aspx?articleid=468724 Our legislators should be convinced by now to push aside and junk the pending RH Bill. calling the ³provision of effective and accessible reproductive health services a responsibility of the State towards the people of the Philippines´. Recently Clinton told US Congress that the Obama administration regards the term ³reproductive health to include women¶s rights to safe abortion´. If only to show these people and the rest of the world that they have to respect our sovereignty as a nation. effective. it is still undeniably taking the life or killing a helpless. this RH bill should be thrown to the wastebasket right away. affordable and acceptable methods of family planning and prevent abortion´. MacDonald of the EC tried to fudge the issue with his statement that the ³lack of an effective framework for reproductive health is the cause of illegal abortion´²thereby indirectly admitting that the adoption of a framework for reproductive health will result in the legalization of abortion. a certain Alistair MacDonald even had the gall to link the increased foreign aid of the European nations to the bill¶s passage and to chide our legislators for failing to pass it. UN Committees and NGOs as well as US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have openly admitted and included abortion within the term reproductive health. or blinded by the piercing glitter of gold.

I was confused and full of conflicting emotions. I ran to the Grotto. I know how they feel. ³When it¶s really you in the situation. That March I had gone alone to a local woman¶s clinic to take a test. it¶s different.In the US the grimmer news is that Obama. No amount of shame or embarrassment would ever lead me to get rid of my baby. The news reminded me of this e-mail sent by a certain Ms. he tried to pressure me into having an abortion. You see. and I was so numb I almost didn¶t grasp what the nurse was getting at when she assured me I had ³other options´. she said. abortion is the status quo. I was three months pregnant. I will drive you to Chicago and pay for a good doctor´. the uproar surrounding the University¶s decision to honor Barack Obama with this year¶s commencement address and to bestow on him a doctorate of laws has provoked strong feelings about what the ensuing conflict will mean for their graduation. Ten years ago. Our Lady could surely feel pity for an unplanned pregnancy. after consulting his astrologer and seeing that the ³stars are aligned´ like the Nazi leaders Himmler. And she did not disappoint. This is her story and it depicts Obama¶s America today. He was also a Notre Dame senior. ³All that talk about abortion is just dining room talk´ he said. But I knew this. a member of Notre Dame Class of 1999 in America. I asked Mary for courage and strength. My boyfriend was a different story. When I told him he was to be a father. I responded by informing him that my choice was life. I found out the kind of man the father of my child was at precisely the moment I needed him most. my heart was filled with similar conflicts as we came closer to the day of my own Notre Dame commencement. I tried telling him this was not an option. but it is not immune to the realities of modern life. recently announced that he would like to push his administration¶s Nazi style overhaul of the US health care services. as so many pregnant women have before and since. Like so many women in similar circumstances. What did ³other options´ mean? And what kind of world is it that defines compassion as telling a young woman who has just learned she is carrying life inside her that she has the option to destroy it? When I returned to the campus. that life is the one choice that pro-choicers won¶t support«. Hess and Hitler. on my knees. I recalled her surrendered love to God¶s invitation to become the home of the Incarnate Word. He said he was pro-choice. In my hour of need. 71 . and most tragically²women who think their only option is abortion« On campuses all across this country. And I learned. ³For many members of the Notre Dame class of 2009. Of all women. µLet it be done to me according to thy word´. There are students who face unplanned pregnancies. Notre Dame is a special place. The results were positive. Lacy Dodd.

The Manila mayor said that reproductive health and family planning must be founded on the perspective of values.philstar. and third. The bill also mandates reproductive health education for the youth. Lim said he disapproves of the bill because. the city government would not follow its provision. empower women and counseling on sexuality. first.aspx?articleid=420686 Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim yesterday said he is against the passage of House Bill No. second. Lim: No to RH bill (The Philippine Star) Updated December 03. and for Other Purposes. prevent HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases. it destroys health. manage reproductive tract infections.´ he said. or the Notre Dame man who believes that the Catholic teaching on the intrinsic evil of abortion is just dining room talk?´ Our legislators should therefore finally realize that reproductive health is the guise used by Obama for promoting abortion here and in other countries. 5043. Responsible Parenthood and Population Development. Lim said among the aims of the bill are to prevent abortion. he said. it can destroy families . 72 . I¶d like to ask this of Fr. ³An Act Providing for a National Policy on Reproductive Health.´ stressing that even if it is passed. the City of Manila will not follow its provision wherein the local government units will buy contraceptives using taxpayers¶ money. 2008 12:00 AM http://www. protect and promote equal gender rights. ³If in case the bill is passed and approved to become a law. John Jenkins.´ said Lim in his speech before parishioners at the Manila Cathedral School during the ³Ulat Sa Lungsod ng Mga Nahalal na Pamunuan ng Maynila´ sponsored by the Parish Pastoral Council. the Notre Dame president: Who draws support from your decision to honor President Obama²the young. pregnant Notre Dame woman sitting in that graduating class who wants desperately to keep her baby. ³We do not want to develop a nation with µcontraceptive mentality¶ that we believe the supporters of the reproductive health bill are promoting.There have been many things written about the honors to be extended to President Obama. it kills

± Sandy Araneta Why the RH bill is controversial A LAW EACH DAY (Keeps Trouble Away) By Jose C. Now the average number is only three (3) per family. Population definitely grows in countries inhabited by men and women of reproductive age like the Philippines.aspx?articleId=498748&publicationSubCategoryId=64 A law is necessary and desirable if its purpose is to promote public welfare and advance the common good. The bill¶s proponents fully realize this so they even changed ³population control´ to the more agreeable phrase ³population management´ in the bill¶s title obviously to increase the chances of its passage.´ stressed Lim. 2009 12:00 AM http://www. It is based on grounds that are not true or accurate. The growth may still be comparatively high at this time. 73 . It is true that our population is growing. ³reproductive health´ and ³reproductive rights´ are terms used by international agencies and NGOs to give ³universal access to abortion. if our economy is really managed properly there will be no unequal distribution of the country¶s economic wealth even if there is a growing ³Indeed.´ he also said. ³Abortion is illegal in the Philippines. Hence there is no more need for population control being actually prescribed by the bill.´ Lim also said. but statistics show that the growth rate is already on the decline. in a more responsible way ± the natural family planning method.´ he said. This time no less than the Finance Secretary is quoted as having admitted that economic benefits are not trickling down to the poor because ³there are just too many people being added to the lower sector of society´ so that they ³will just have to make do with a smaller size of the economic pie´.philstar. Blaming population growth is just a convenient excuse for failure to properly and effectively manage our economy. Besides. the Filipinos are ready to embrace responsible parenthood and family planning.Even if the bill does not explicitly advocate legalizing abortion. Lim said that he is a Catholic and he believes in the church¶s position on the bill. In the 60¶s and the 70¶s the average number of children per family was six (6). ³The City of Manila is Pro-Life because life is sacred. Once again they are citing high population growth as the reason for enacting the bill into law. but. And we can be sure that this is its purpose if it is based on the truth. This is misleading. Sison (The Philippine Star) Updated August 24. This is the problem with the RH bill. Its proponents keep on advancing arguments that are misleading and deceptive.

without planning for it. these artificial contraceptives do not actually promote women¶s reproductive health or reduce maternal and infant mortality. On the contrary some of them cause cancer and other illnesses to mothers and their children. as medically proven. The drive to promote µinformed choice¶. Actually our legislators need not get experts to realize these flaws in the bill. Maria Lovella P. The bill indeed faces an uphill battle because it is contrary to law. If our economy still remains in the same state as it is now after these problems are eliminated or at least minimized. but that quality is really bad. 74 . which I came across in the internet. But even granting that the Finance Secretary is correct in claiming that our growing population is the main cause of these economic problems. It is true that the bill ³repeatedly underscores that abortion is illegal and criminal´. in order to avoid unplanned parenthood seems to have making a baby something scary. The bill may be ³pro quality of life´ as its author claims. Because the country is over populated. The proponents of the bill say that contraception (which is actually contra conception) is the solution to our economic problems. the proposed RH bill should nevertheless be junked. Naces. Furthermore. Yet in almost the same breath and under the guise of promoting ³reproductive health´ it has made available to women. These twin problems must be addressed first. they say. proper birth spacing. good customs and public policy. morals. a wide range of artificial contraceptive pills and devices including those that have been medically proven as causing abortion or creating ³abortion mentality´ because of unwanted pregnancies despite taking these contraceptives. Maybe they will be awakened by this piece written by a 22-year old student in Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan. This is what she wrote about the RH bill: ³This is the trouble with the Reproductive Health Bill. I am concerned over how the bill considers conception as a whole. These are reasons enough not only for the ³influential Catholic Church´ but for people in other sectors of society to block its passage.The RH bill is controversial precisely because its proponents and supporters single out our growing population as the main reason why there is unequal distribution of wealth in this country and why we are behind our Asian neighbors in terms of economic growth. They overlook or belittle the effects of the twin problems of rampant graft and corruption in government and the gargantuan amount allocated for our legislators¶ pork barrel. then blaming our growing population for our economic woes may not be as controversial. I have read it for my school report and it disturbs me to think that society would be so reluctant to welcome human being who is about to be born. but it does not require any warning at all that some of the contraceptives made available to them are harmful and/or causes abortion. She was talking about the baby girl of her sister who got pregnant unexpectedly at an early age. It thus gives couples the option to end the life of an innocent and defenseless unborn human being in the mothers¶ womb. And what about the deformed babies born of mothers known to have used these contraceptives we see all around?. The bill allegedly give couples ³informed choice´ in planning the size of their family. therefore we should have fewer children. Much as I try to understand. etc.

In the first place. Safe from what? From conceiving a child? Why? But why give more importance to the pleasure of sex than the pleasure of becoming a parent? We are becoming more like the Westerners. Jose Rizal says. Every child is beautiful. ³the youth is the hope of our motherland´. Why would anybody prevent anyone as beautiful as a child to come into this world? Regardless of who the parents are or how the conception happened.philstar. a big family is a better family´. They certainly would go on denial mode. Given the country¶s still Christian culture. Bluntly I feel hurt for my niece. all this business of promoting Reproductive Health is a global effort organized by some ideologues who want to impose their ideas on the whole world. They say we need this bill because it prevents people like her from being born. they naturally would not openly say so. We have forgotten that to Filipinos. As someone who loves her. 2009 12:00 AM http://www.aspx?articleId=461690&publicationSubCategoryId=109 We have to be wary when the proponents say that their Reproductive Health Bill does not include abortion. Roy Cimagala (The Freeman) Updated April 27. I feel offended. much like a squid tactic. But pieces of evidence to the contrary are aplenty. what is waged is a war between Christian faith and secularized ideology. Let us listen to them and not to the foreign funded NGOs and multi-national pharmaceutical companies aggressively pushing for the passage of the bill to promote their own selfish interest and their own sinister hidden agenda of controlling the population growth of the ³inferior race´. Why should people adjust to the economy? Let the economy adjust to the people.I don¶t agree with their solution. RH includes abortion HINTS AND TRACES By Fr. The bill also wants to promote sex education to teach adolescents. This has always been the pattern of their campaign. Let¶s not be deceived by their strategy. As our National Hero. that it¶s just a question of practicality. She is what they consider an µunplanned one¶. mothers and fathers about µsafe sex¶. a child is separate from the parents. 75 . They want us to believe that the issue involved is only a socio-economic matter. The people promoting the bill look at my niece or all those born or about to be born like her as a burden to the country and a liability. and employ ambiguous words.

we can say: Read my lips. legal and rare.´ If the thinking of the current US administration is to include access to abortion under reproductive health. based on their own surveys. In fact. These are tricks to sidetrack us from the real issue. to allow people an informed choice on family planning methods. In a recent hearing of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee. and everyone who agrees with you should be free to do so. 76 . It is my strongly held view that you are entitled to advocate. the RH bill proponents can count on a certain degree of popularity. not a spontaneous one.The RH bill is touted to respect freedom. It will use the government to reshape people¶s minds and ways according to their tenets. In spite of its apparent popularity. Congressman Chris Smith asked Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: ³Does the United States¶ definition of the term 1) µreproductive health¶ or 2) µreproductive services¶ or 3) µreproductive rights¶. stupid! Making the RH bill into a law will enable the ideologues to use government resources and structure for their social engineering. We can be sure that the RH bill is a part of a worldwide lobby network that the liberal ideologues are trying to establish. Clinton answered: ³We have a very fundamental disagreement. anywhere in the world. But when the bone of contention is on morality. It has to go all the way. the possibility of abortion. implicitly. With such context. these aspects should only play secondary. not leading roles. at least. Hillary Clinton says so. to improve their quality of life. It just cannot stop at contraception. at least in substance. we have no business saying our own version will not include it. Paraphrasing former US President Clinton. It¶s a handed down copy. the RH bill can include. Obviously. etc. not economics. it does not spring from the objective needs of our people. in resolving it. include abortion?´ Mrs. It¶s an imported and contrived move. it is morality. And so are we. They also can bank on tremendous financial support. What we have in Congress is not an original brilliant idea of some of our lawmakers. How can we resist legalizing abortion when the fine print of the term ³reproductive health´ already includes abortion? In many documents of NGOs and even of the UN.´ ³We happen to think that family planning is an important part of women¶s health and reproductive health includes access to abortion that I believe should be safe. of the Reproductive Health laws now blighting many countries all over the world. no less than Mrs. all of them including abortion. the concern over maternal mortality and unsafe abortion is actually a code for legalizing abortion.

aspx?articleid=436681 The following is a letter I received from a group calling themselves as Alliance of Rizaleños for Integrity and Social Enlightenment (ARISE). 2009 12:00 AM http://www. You demolished the presentation of Rep. hence for him. they are emptied of their real and original value. come out with more favorable surveys. but rather from implantation. Indeed.In countries where abortion is now legalized. the PLCPD. Lagman refused to consider an embryo a human being. Sec. HB 5043 is not only an absurd ³Condom. Lagman with his ³loaded surveys´ and cold ³empirical data´ from the United Nations as against yours which are actual warm-blooded human beings (both pobres and successful and distinguished people). then the natural ugliness of abortion will disappear in the minds of our people. This is precisely the pattern in their campaign. In the previous debate with Rep. Rep. Ligation Measure´. It contains important information on the Lower House deliberations concerning HB 5043 or the RH Bill and its principal backer. Give it a few more years. use of contraceptives and abortifacients are not acts of abortion. now waiting for approval in our Congress. IUD.philstar. but being vulnerable to abuses. with vast appeal to freedom and people¶s rights. We have to expose the wolf in sheep¶s clothing that is the Reproductive Health Bill. and abortion will sooner or later be made part of the family planning methods that everyone should be given an informed choice of. The real and the big picture A LAW EACH DAY (Keeps Trouble Away) By Jose C. Sison (The Philippine Star) Updated February 02. Del Mar. It can skillfully use the democratic system. 12).com/Article. ³We are closely watching the deliberations on the matter of ³Reproductive Health Bill´ (HB 5043). you are right that humans have dignity and are assets to our society. (Art II. He insisted that ´conception of life begins not in fertilization. Abortionists in the US and other countries resorted to the same legal gobbledygook and 77 . You have proven that HB 5043 is logically apt for consignment to ³reductio ad absurdum´. Vasectomy. their strategy to do some social engineering according to their principles. It is actually addressed to Congressman Roilo Golez but I am reproducing it in shortened and edited version for the public to get a clearer and true picture of this RH Bill. The HB 5043 author¶s thesis of population growth as the cause of poverty which he proposes to resolve by birth control is absurd. its author virtually distorted the true intention of the framers of our fundamental law when he insisted on a ³redefinition´ of conception in a desperate attempt to parry the Constitutional provision of the sanctity of life from conception. the road to it started with these altruisticsounding affairs. which is 1-2 weeks after fertilization´ ± a clear degradation of the factual Science of Embryology.

national and international levels to assist in the formulation. he remained silent about his being a Board Member of PLCPD while he is also Vice-Chair of the powerful House Appropriations Committee. Del Mar called the House¶s attention about the whole-page ad for by PLCPD clamoring for HB 5043 approval. HB 5043 aims at exterminating the Filipino race. Rep. Northwing Bldg. Lagman consistently referred to the United Nations (UN) as the source of ³his thesis´ as regard HB 5043. At one point. Lagman retorted that CBCP also has an office in Congress. mobilizing ³women¶s groups´ and NGOs allied with the likes of Akbayan which is a coauthor of HB 5043. HB 5043 actually seeks to legislate population control. The 1974 UN-ICPD (Bucharest Conference) was heavily influenced by the U.S. In defending PLCPD¶s operations. This is undeniable admission that UN-ICPD is the origin of global population control campaign. Rep.´ Throughout his representation. and what they have got to do with HB 5043.1) which states ³«broad and effective partnership is essential between Governments and non-governmental organizations comprising of not-for-profit groups and organizations at the local. In rationalizing PLCPD¶s activities and presence in the corridors of Congress. he irately denied being a foreign agent when he felt alluded to. PLCPD is but a conduit for funding population control campaign in accord with the pro-HB 5043 legislators and their allied beneficiary NGOs and feminist groups. Same agenda has been carried through with the succeeding UNICPDs in Mexico (1984) and Cairo (1994). Rep. monitoring and evaluation of population and development objectives and activities. primarily the poor and marginalized masses. Lagman quoted in part the United Nations International Conference on Population and Development (UN-ICPD) Programme of Action (15. Population control was linked with the (1974) National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for US Security and Overseas Interests 78 . with the so-called ³modern methods´ of contraception and abortion on demand. Rep. However. Founded on such ´philosophy. delegation that prepared the draft for its Program of Action.absurd gymnastics of terminologies to rationalize and legalize the evil that is contraception and abortion. Del Mar asked about (David and Lucile) Packard Foundation and PLCPD. And take note that for the first time. P150 million was allocated solely for the procurement of contraceptive commodities which has been inserted in the 2007 General Appropriations Act (GAA) and another P2 billion in the 2008 GAA. that PLCPD is occupying a ³very good office´ (at Suite 611. a huge amount is up for grabs for LGU¶s and NGO pushers of ³contraceptive-abortion-reproductive health agenda´ in and out of the legislative arena. implementation. Rep.) in the Congress. Please allow us to answer: these are the very same people and entities funding the ³reproductive health´ and ³population development´ agenda.´ HB 5043 is thus unmasked as a super killing machine to surpass much way beyond the genocide committed by the Nazi gas chambers in World War II.

#16)«Population control secures strategic interests of the US in the developing countries«the Philippines as among the 13 countries of special US political and strategic interest. women¶s rights´ or what-have-you´. Imagine being fined and jailed for staying true to your pro-life convictions. e. PLCPD is operating in the country. are primary targets of population control (Summary. 2008 http://mamador. thus creating political or even national security problems for the US (Summary.´ The aggressiveness of foreign funded groups is really alarming. #16 & 31). in continuum. the US World Population Plan of Action will have to be added in further UN documents« (Chapter VI)´ Since then. Could that ever happen in the Philippines? Well it just might if the latest ³reproductive health´ bill is passed in the Philippine Congress! The bill. by the funding agencies with Packard among others.g. its NGO-beneficiaries and allies in the guise of ³population development. in behalf of the interventionist U. Kissinger. Here are just a few of them: 79 .wordpress.(NSS 200) written by State Secretary Henry A. #30 [a]« and that. has a number of highly objectionable Imagine a doctor or health worker being sentenced to a prison term simply because he or she refused to prescribe ² or refer someone who would prescribe ² an abortifacient ³contraceptive´. security interest through legislation of population control. NSSM 200 launched the global population control with the view that ³the world¶s population growth is damaging to the internal stability and international relations of countries in whose advancement the US is interested. the US and UN global population control programs became ³twin brothers´ (NSSM 200 Summary. sustainable development.S. Railroading a Deadly Agenda By Manny Amador in the PHNix Network Advocate May 26. known as the ³Reproductive Health and Population Development Act of 2007 . Having PLCPD operate its command post right at the heart of Congress is a blatant act of infringement on our national sovereignty. HB 5043 and the ³reproductive health´ bills in the past Congresses including other local legislations like the recent Health Care Code of Antipolo City. primarily in the Legislative Halls. This very same agenda is vigorously pursued by PLPCD. Obviously they know that with more than enough ³funds´ they can freely operate and ³convince´ our local and national policy making bodies to attain their sinister objectives.

tragic farce: a bill that is coercive. The Philippine Constitution specifically protects human life from the moment of conception. however.000. It is also an ABORTIFACIENT.000-50. is NOT just a contraceptive. This is detailed in a report (shown below this post) from the Bishops-Legislators Caucus on the status of this and other similar bills in the Philippine legislature. with its deadly and coercive agenda.y y y Section 9 (Hospital-Based Family Planning) (Note: this section of this post has been updated) specifically subsidizes the use of IUDs (insertion of the device is performed in a hospital). still makes the conscientious objector an accomplice in the objectionable act. This so-called ³ideal´ number of children is also below replacement level. it also works by affecting the uterine wall so that it prevents a fertilized ovum ² which is already a human being ² from implanting. Something smells rotten in Congress! This situation has all the elements of a deadly. Those who refuse to make such a referral are threatened with 1-6 months imprisonment and a fine of P10. which is in violation of a Constitutional requirement. which has been discredited around the world. Talk about being shafted! What are we going to do about it? 80 . Section 16 (Ideal Family Size) defines the ³ideal family size´ as having two children. Take note that the consolidated reproductive health bill passed the Health Committee of the Lower House in just two minutes. is currently being RAILROADED through the Philippine Congress in a highly irregular manner. but by massive government corruption and economic mismanagement. number 5 mandates that any health care provider who refuses to dispense certain services or information based on religious grounds (for example. Rather. and violates the Constitution is being rammed down our throats without the people in general even knowing aboiut it. Should this be be widely practiced. has no scientific basis. which is 2. This idea has no scientific basis whatsoever and further perpetuates the myth of ³overpopulation´. however. without any debate or discussion! There was no technical working group formed to make the substitute bill. There are no economic structures or even agreed-upon solutions to counteract the grave negative economic effects of such a situation in the Philippines. The IUD does not only prevent ovulation. This provision is therefore highly coercive and tramples upon religious freedom. a Catholic health worker who will not dispense IUDs or other abortifacients like the birth control pill). Section 21 (Prohibited Acts). Ramming Through Congress The bill. Poverty in the Philippines is NOT caused by overpopulation. The IUD clearly violates that principle. the Philippines will soon be faced with the prospect of population stagnation and population ageing.1. The IUD. is still forced to recommend a ³patient´ to someone who will perform the objectionable deed! To make such a referral.

[2] Any contraceptive that prevents the fertilized egg from HB 5043 has provisions that will have morally questionable consequences. such as lowering the incidence of ³unwanted´ pregnancies.Position Paper: Catholic Alumni United for Life http://www. HB 5043 uses wrong means to achieve questionable ends Not all means to an end are justified. maternal death.conceived human being. or otherwise causing it to be eventually destroyed. now also known as HB (House Bill) 5043. good ends. dismisses this possibility.[1] We also note that other contraceptives. To the first argument we would reply that even if there really were any doubt that a 81 . assuming that health authorities have declared modern contraceptives as nonabortifacient. HB 5043¶s supporters may think it has admirable. and poverty. for example.[3] It may be argued that the abortifacient mechanism of some oral contraceptives has not been conclusively proven to occur in human beings. abortion-promoting Reproductive Health Bill authored by Edcel Lagman et al. is an abortifacient. HB 5043 promotes abortion through abortifacients The proponents of HB 5043 have ignored the fact that it promotes abortifacient contraceptives. however. have united to express our stand against the anti-life. and that these contraceptives can prevent the implantation of a newly.pdf We. explicitly promotes and funds such abortifacients. and even if it could. but they are mistaken. there are more acceptable ² and more effective ² means of achieving these ends. like the IUD. abortion. We have therefore chosen to release this position paper in response to the confusion and scandal caused by the actions of those who have made the false claim that one can support HB 5043 and still be consistent with the teachings of our Faith. The Position Paper of the 14 Ateneo faculty members. HB 5043. especially when used as ³emergency´ contraceptives. we are also deeply dismayed that certain faculty members in some of our own respective alma maters have aired support for the said Bill despite the clear guidelines of our Catholic Faith.phnix. Some of these are as follows. Their abortifacient mechanism of action is well-known and documented. are even more abortifacient than oral contraceptives. Yet many studies show that such a dismissal is unjustified. concerned alumni of Catholic Universities. or that if it does occur then this occurrence is very rare. HB 5043 will not achieve these. As graduates of Catholic universities well-known for their spiritual and moral values and academic excellence.

HB 5043 is anti-women and anti-poor While HB 5043 claims to prevent maternal death. HB 5043 violates the Philippine Constitution The Philippine Constitution. in 1930. It therefore violates the Philippine Constitution. modern. that the Bill is pro-life and is consistent with Catholic doctrine is totally false. they must prove that these contraceptives are in fact non-abortifacient. The Catholic Church has also taught that artificial contraception is a grave evil for as far back as can be historically traced. promotes and funds such abortifacients. its supporters fail to grasp that the great majority of such deaths are caused by the lack of proper medical facilities and care. In the 20th century. HB 5043. Augustine of Hippo. through the document Vademecum for Confessors Concerning Some Aspects of the Morality of Conjugal Life.contraceptive is abortifacient. Jerome. however.´ An abortifacient. The Pontifical Council for the Family reiterated this teaching in 1997. Instead 82 . The claim. No Catholic can support HB 5043 without violating the moral teaching of the Catholic Church. and provides funding for their procurement and distribution. therefore. The Catechism of the Catholic Church prohibits it. The early Church Fathers such as John Chrysostom. HB 5043 mandates that contraceptives shall be classified as ³essential medicine´. Section 12.[4] HB 5043. The natural and primary right and duty of parents in the rearing of the youth for civic efficiency and the development of moral character shall receive the support of the Government. in Article II. causes the eventual destruction of the fertilized egg ² of newlyconceived life. In other words. and effective alternative: Natural Family Planning. and many others all condemned contraception. the grave stakes involved (the death of a human being) means that the burden of proof is on those who would deny that these are abortifacients. It states: ³The State recognizes the sanctity of family life and shall protect and strengthen the family as a basic autonomous social institution. as stated earlier. recognizes that human life must be protected from the moment of conception. HB 5043 violates explicit Catholic teaching Catholic doctrine has always held human life begins at conception. Hippolytus. It shall equally protect the life of the mother and the life of the unborn from conception. Until such a conclusive determination is achieved we must err on the side of caution and not place the lives of the unborn at risk. however explicitly promotes the use of artificial and abortifacient contraceptive methods and devices. We also note that this imperative to avoid the questionable methods promoted by HB 5043 becomes especially more compelling since there is a safe. Pope Paul VI¶s Humanae Vitae in 1968 affirmed this teaching. as did Pope Pius XI in Casti Connubii decades before. In fact.

if not outright falsehood. Conscientious objectors are thereby required to cooperate in such acts. If they refuse to do so on religious grounds. they are slapped penalties ranging from one to six months imprisonment and a fine of P10. on the other hand. such as what we are presently doing. therefore. more particularly women workers. mandates employers must provide such abortifacients and other contraceptives to employees.[5] It has no place in any of the laws of a democratic nation. ³All Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs) shall provide for the free delivery by the employer of reasonable quantity of reproductive health care services.of using resources on controversial contraceptive methods and services. we vigorously oppose HB 5043 and call on our respective alma mater ² respected Catholic institutions ² to unambiguously.´ This provision is overly broad and ³disinformation´ could (and most probably will) be construed as prohibiting the expression of objections to the Bill. number 5. The Bill. and to take steps to correct any contradictions being taught in the name of the Church. given to the Apostles and handed down through the centuries by the Church. eliminating the real cause of maternal deaths. are not given any choice despite the fact that distribution of these abortifacients and contraceptives may be against their conscience. does not address this lack of basic health care services. and if they refuse. This provision is is obviously going to be used to suppress dissent. For these reasons. and will allow the problem to persist while it wastes funds on abortifacients and other ineffective reproductive health measures. and is an undue restriction of freedom of speech. A call for Catholic unity and fidelity to Christ No Catholic can support HB 5043 and remain faithful to the teachings of Christ.000! HB 5043 eliminates any choice for conscientious objectors and makes no room for their legitimate concerns. It states that. HB 5043 is coercive and violates freedom of speech Section 21 (e) of the proposed bill lists the following as a prohibited act: ³Any person who maliciously engages in disinformation about the intent or provisions of this Act. We also call on all Catholic educational institutions to rigorously examine their own different situations to determine whether the education they impart to Catholic students in their charge is faithful to the Magisterium. To claim otherwise is deceptive and involves distortions of authentic Catholic teaching and flawed reasoning. 83 .000-P50. however. they must still refer those who want to use such abortifacients to another person who will dispense them. unequivocally and publicly take a stand against HB 5043. supplies and devices to all workers. Section 21.´ Employers. requires doctors and health workers to dispense such abortifacients and other artificial contraceptive devices and methods. Section 17. more good will be done by using such funds for basic health care.

Aguado Xavier University (1958) Maryknoll College (1960) De La Salle University (2006) Bernard Bagaman Ateneo de Manila University AB Communication Arts (1984) Philip V. Boncan Ateneo de Manila University Grade School (1979) High School (1983) Tomas Borromeo De La Salle University (Taft) High School (1968) Anna Filomena V. The Signatories Emmanuel R. Beley Ateneo de Manila University High School (1976) Ricardo B.) High School (1986) Jose Miguel R. Generoso School of the Holy Spirit (Q.C.December 2008 In Christ. Gomez Ateneo de Manila University AB Interdisciplinary Studies (1983) Antonio Carlos Palad Angelicum School (GS) Holy Trinity Academy High School (1998) 84 . Amador Ateneo de Manila University AB Communication Arts (1984) AB Philosophy (1985) Marietta M.

An IUD also may keep a fertilized egg from attaching to the womb and growing into a baby. although prefertilization effects are more prominent for the copper IUD. postfertilization mechanisms would be likely to have a small but not negligible role. A short listing of some of these early Church Fathers.´ 2. intrauterine CPA University of San Carlos High School (1995) BS-Accountancy (2000) Bachelor of Laws Batch (2005) Endnotes 1.´ (http://archfami. copper. published by Catholic Answers. CVS/Pharmacy ( came to the following conclusion: ³It seems likely that for perfect use of COCs. and imperfect use of any OCs. ³Postfertilization Effects of Oral Contraceptives and Their Relationship to Informed Consent. On the basis of available data for fertilization rates and clinical pregnancy rates. COCs with lower doses of estrogen. along with quotations from their writings. or kept from reaching and fertilizing an egg. the medical literature does not support the hypothesis that postfertilization effects of OCs do not exist.´ which appeared in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. or hormonal). In any case.cvs. Perez. One such study. can be found in the January 1996 issue of This Rock magazine.HTM The relevant sections of The Catechism of the Catholic Church are Part Three: Life in Christ. Sperm is either killed. For POPs. Section Two: 85 . These estimates indicate that. Mikolajczyk RT.´ 3. the relative contribution of mechanisms acting before or after fertilization were quantitatively estimated. postfertilization effects are likely to have an increased role. Section 10 classifies hormonal contraceptives. 4. and injectables as ³essential medicines´ and subsidizes their procurement. Section 9 of the Bill subsidizes IUD insertion.ewtn. which vary by type of IUD (inert. described the functions of IUDs in this manner: ³IUDs are thought to prevent pregnancy by making the womb µunfriendly¶ to sperm and eggs. ³Mechanisms of action of intrauterine devices: update and estimation of postfertilization effects. notes: ³There are many potential mechanisms of action for the intrauterine device (IUD). This paper reviews the evidence for each potential mechanism of action.Atty. among other things. both prefertilization and postfertilization mechanisms of action contribute significantly to the effectiveness of all types of intrauterine devices. This article may also be found online at: http://www. Jan Ralph Y.´ Another study by Stanford

The Ten Commandments. Ohio Theology. 2352. 2366. RH bill proponents complain of the µreligious pressure¶ brought to bear. Peter the Apostle School (2004) Ateneo de Manila University AB Economics Honors (2008) Gino Antonio Trinidad Ateneo de Manila University AB Political Science (2008) John Carlos ³JC´´ Update: new signatories Paul Christopher Y. As Cong. Pablo John Garcia said: ³Section 21 (e) is plainly stupid.vatican. placed there. #2351.html 5. Chapter Two: ³You shall love your neighbor as yourself´. 2363.htm An English version of Pope Pius XI¶s encyclical Casti Connubii may be found online at the Holy See¶s website: http://www. Article six: The Sixth Commandment. 2370.html An English version of Pope Paul VI¶s encyclical Humanae Vitae may be found online at the Holy See¶s website: http://www. de los Reyes Ateneo Grade School La Salle High School (1989) Franciscan University (1985) 86 . These sections are online at: http://www. 2369. 1993 Maria Ruby Ann Kagaoan ± Calo Holy Family School (HS 1981) Ateneo de Manila University Business ly_doc_12021997_vademecum_en. Section 21 (e) seeks to elevate the RH bill into a state-mandated religion.vatican.html An English version of the Vademecum may be found online at the Holy See¶s website: http://www. by a µpikon¶ Cheng St. I believe.

2008 l . Health professionals and educators should be free to conscientiously object without fear of penalty and sanction. 3.Eduardo Olaguer Ateneo de Naga High School University of the Philippines Engineering UP Student Catholic Action (UPSCA) Consensus statement on Reproductive Bill 5043 November 14. Their role should be stressed. (Refusing to refer patients to family planning services based on conscientious objection cannot be penalized) Human freedom is a universal right. should be taught. It should also involve the school with teachers who should be educated. 4. 6. however does not address/answer these problems in a holistic manner. There is a need to address the present problems in reproductive health. We are all of the same intention in protecting the mother during her reproductive years. 2. 87 . We commend efforts to involve different sectors of society. This bill. We commend efforts to improve the quality of life of the Filipino people. It must consider the rights of others involved specifically the unborn and those tasked with their care. The family planning agenda should USE natural rather than artificial methods. The bill should be re-shaped into a fully comprehensive reproductive health bill after all the voices are heard. 5. Sex education is an important part in the integral development of the child. The absence of content regarding values in the way sex education is taught gives an impression that there is no universal value. It focuses mainly on pregnancy prevention. The program should provide information and definitions which are accurate and free of contradictions: the antiabortion stance of the bill is contradicted by the promotion of contraceptive agents (IUD and hormonal contraceptives) which actually act after fertilization and are potentially abortifacient agents. not sex education. Clinical decision-making cannot be mandated but must be left to the informed conscience of the health practitioner. human sexuality. 7. 2. The responsibility lies first with the parents.

44 births a day.024 million per There are around 1610 municipalities in the country.blogspot.html Based on the current population levels.3 per 1000 population. With a population of 80 million. This does not take into account future growth. let us appreciate the obligation to ensure that no other aims or goals. The birth rate is around 25. (page 4) says "Section 6 of the bill enjoins every city and municipality to endeavor to employ adequate number of midwives or other skilled attendants to achieve a minimum ratio of one (1) for every hundred fifty (150) deliveries per year. at 5 hospitals per 500. This is exactly what the professors decry in their paper ."instructs each province and city to seek to establish. In the pursuit of the authentic common good. Approved by Members of the Southeast Asian Center for Bioethics UST FMS Department of Bioethics Bioethics Society of the Philippines Catholic Physicians¶ Guild of the Philippines Philippine Nurses Association The COST of implementing HB 5043 http://randomthoughtsmusings. implementing the bill would mean at least the following. As we already calculated. Because of the differences in how much municipalities can afford..257 births per year per municipality or 3. no matter how pressing.see page 3. this averages around 2.000 (or 10 hospitals per million people).. The cities and municipalities can opt not to do this at its own discretion. Are we slowly moving towards a police state? 2. The wording of the bill here. again also implies this is not mandatory . while implementation seems clearly discretionary. This averages to around 1. How effective do the lawmakers really want this to be? BTW." This averages to 10 midwives or skilled attendants for every municipality." In other words the bill is telling the provinces to try to come up with the needed hospitals and 88 . obscure or overshadow our value of and respect for life and the dignities of person and family. The professors' paper. 1. the curtailment of freedoms are clearly mandatory. I admit this would help employment levels but can each municipality afford it? Note that the bill delegates implementation to the municipalities. This is just to hit par for the course.8. implementation is sure to be uneven. Moreover the wording of the bill using the words "enjoin" and "endeavor" (see quote above) clearly implies that this is not mandatory. we would need to have a total of 800 hospitals or around 10 hospitals per province.

According to FDC: "The proposed (2009) P1.66 billion. In WITH the introduction of the Reproductive Health Bill 5043.the municipalities to try to hire the personnel. If we add a 50% corruption factor it would require an expenditure of 36 billion or roughly 2. Reproductive Health Bill.cbcpnews. I wonder how many millions the senators and congressmen will make out of this. the government is already planning to spend 130% of expected revenues next year! If this bill passes. the complexity the authors of the bill built into it makes it easy for corruption to be practiced. And how should that work? The hospitals will be run by the provinces and the midwives will be employed by the municipalities. but each one of these could take 30 million to build and equip and another 12 million a year to run. the hospitals would have to operate at least 2 shifts a day plus on-call duties. 1610 municipalities. At 3. However. truth and morality. Without this bill.53 billion pesos instead of P 21. does the country really have the money to implement it? Shouldn't the lawmakers be concentrating on creating wealth instead? Reiterating CBCP Position on Family http://www. P302. Equipment would be probably be another 5 million.650 billion will go for interest payments of outstanding debts. the budget does not count the principal amortization for outstanding debt. At 10 midwives per municipality. that averages to 20 midwives per hospital.k.415-trillion total budget obligations would be funded by P1. Some of them would be operating 24x7. To build 800 hospitals would need around 24 billion pesos and another 9. I'm estimating an operating budget of at least 12 million a year. a. 3. I'd estimate around say 25 million to build. this makes the real deficit to be at P400.44 births a day. nurses and administrative staff. How do you get the health care services to be consistent? What if the provincial government builds the hospitals but the municipalities will not hire the staff? But by constructing it this way. according to FDC. Playing some more with averages.66 billion. These might be low. that comes to 200 midwives per province. 81 provinces averages to 20 municipalities per province. in Congress.6 billion a year to operate. My guess would be around a 20-bed hospital. Willy.866 billion.5% of GDP just to build the hospitals. it looks like the smallest such hospital could theoretically be a 40-staff hospital.a. To build a hospital this size. the value and dignity of life. At 10 hospitals per province. family and marriage are 89 . Add doctors. which is pegged at P378.393 trillion worth of revenues thus creating a deficit of P21.

that the Congressmen who have signified to interpellate on the R. We hope that the normal process of discussion and interpellation be observed. CBCP September 16.H.sadly made to depend on human laws.000 to P50. 4. The natural right of couples to have as many or as few children as possible.D. The Bill recommends having two children only per family as the supposedly ideal family size. pro-marriage and pro-family advocacy. Art. which recognizes the ³sanctity of family life´ and protects the life of the mother and of the unborn. As Catholics and Christians we are against the passage of the RH Bill 5043 of Congress for reasons we have already enunciated and I now summarize: 1.´ 2. Only totalitarian states have such policies. 3. We raise in prayer all their efforts for continued guidance and strength from the Lord and Giver of Life. This includes those who will teach contrary to the bill (after it is passed) and speak about its immoral provisions. pursuant to their understanding of responsible parenthood. procreate and raise families according to the provisions of the Constitution and their religious convictions. 2 of the Constitution. Archbishop of Jaro President. Bill be honored and given the opportunity to interpellate. LAGDAMEO. The Bill states that those who ³maliciously engage in disinformation about the intent of provisions of the bill´ shall be punished with imprisonment and/or fine of P10. There is no moral or scientific basis for this recommendation. Such provision is a clear violation of the freedom of speech and of the right to religious conviction. We recognize and likewise thank the individuals and groups who support our pro-life. We thus reiterate our categorical and unequivocal opposition to any attempt at controlling the exercise of the God-given rights of human persons to enter into married life. D. not judiciously and sufficiently discussed.H. To shorten the period of interpellation would give the impression that the passage of RH Bill is ³lutong makaw´. That is what is implied in the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill presently under discussion in Congress. It puts the State above the family. It appears that Congress even plans to shorten the discussion in order to have the R. The Bill dilutes and negates Section III (1) Article XV of the Constitution which provides ³The State shall defend the right of spouses to found a family in accordance with their religious conviction and the demands of responsible parenthood. The moral law and the Constitution recognize the right of parents to be the primary educators of their children. The Bill seeks to legalize surgical procedures that the Catholic Church has denounced as immoral. is in our view already protected by Section 12. except for serious health reasons: tubal ligation. pro-women. 5. The Bill requires mandatory reproductive health education from Grade V to Fourth Year High School without consideration of their sensitivity and moral innocence. vasectomy and abortion. For the Catholic Bishops¶ Conference of the Philippines: +ANGEL N.000. Bill passed before the end of October. We appreciate and are grateful to the members of the Legislature who seek to understand the will of the Supreme Lawgiver whose laws are beyond our limited human competence to repeal or amend. 2009 90 .

If the RH/abortion Bill is passed.. If Filipino families are too poor to afford artificial birth control is only an ELECTIVE procedure and is NOT medically necessary to cure disease or infirmity (pregnancy is not a disease). http://johndborra.Manny said.html 91 . they are also too poor to afford the medicines that can cure real killer diseases. Why then should the government WASTE billions on contraceptives that do NOT cure any disease? After all.blogspot. The priorities of the RH/abortion Bill seem quite skewed -.. thousands will die of untreated killer diseases while the government floods the country with useless contraceptives that don't cure any disease.extremely so.

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