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ti Schnell Family News ol eaten evwoersamergal STEVE, MARGARET, NATHANAPE, IADON, JOEL corte ese et long people MISSIONARIES afte mer may eof Ge and —— Serving on the staff of — Missionaries BAPTIST BIBLE TRANSLATORS INSTITUTE AMT Training Bowie, Texas. Advanced Missionary Missionaries Website: emul: Training July-Aug-Sept-Oct, 2019 needs of the school and the students occupy most of our Dear Churches, Family, and Friends; Hello once again from Baptist Bible Translators Institute in Bowie, Texas! I can’t believe how the time has flown! A lot is happening, and we are keeping busy. Sometimes it is difficult to know what to write in our Updates. Since we are serving on the staff of BBTI, I feel our updates can get to sound like repeats from year to year. Anyway, here it goes... This school year, our Advanced Missionary Training course started with 24 students all headed to various places around the globe. Only a few weeks into school though, one couple had to drop out due to serious medical problems. They returned home and are now doing well. The remaining 22 students are doing well and are eager to learn and do all they can to prepare for the mission field. It isa pleasure to teach such a fine group. AAs before, 1 taught Cultural Anthropology for Missionaries, Culture Leaming, and Cross-Cultural Communication for Missionaries. Apart from teaching and being a Trustee at BBTI, I also oversee maintenance and construction of any new projects. I was also able to get a two day start into Basic Field Medicine that will be completed later next semester during Jungle Camp. And I am currently finishing up Introduction to Ethnomusicology for Missionaries, Depending on our class, Ethnomusicology can see some strong discussions get started. As for the Work Detail program in the afternoon, we are keeping busy with many projects. We havea good group of men with willing hearts and are getting things done. So far we have built a wheelchair ramp and prepared for Pouring a 26ftx32ft conerete slab, On one of our larger homes we just finished a small deck and tearing off 3 layers of old shingles and replacing it with a new metal roof. A big thanks to Pastor Summers, Chad and James from BBC in Bowie for helping! We also replaced our 4® water heater, kept up with the mowing, weed cating, repairing mowers and the other maintenance issues. Margie and I were able to get into town and pass out brochures and invitations to the Reformers Unanimous addiction recovery class at Bible Baptist Church in Bowie We help with various things at the church and fill in anywhere there is a need, Other than that, BBTI and the time, Not only did Steve’s mom pass away this summer but two faithful servants of God, whom we knew, also went home to be with Christ during these past few months. One of the men was a close friend whose family was a great blessing to us during a trying time early in our ministry, It ‘was quite a shock and difficult to believe all that has happened. Kampot Cambodia Radio Pro; THANK YOU for helping keep this program on the air during 2019! However, we will need help for 2020. If any of you would be interested in helping, please contact me for more information. About the radio program: It is overseen by Pastor Soeung in Damnakchangaeu, Cambodia. We pay for time on a local radio station in Kampot Province where we served as missionaries for over 12 years. Pastor Soeung makes about $60-$80/mos as a rural rice farmer and the little church he pastors is unable to support the ministry. The cost is $250/mos. That is for a 30 min time slot - 6 daysiwk. - 7:30-8:00 pm - in the Klimer language. The program is titled HOLY LIFE, Work Teams still needed at BBTI! We have plenty of projects to do around BBTI. It would be a great opportunity for you as an individual or a church group to get, exposed to missions, sit through some classes and help the school move forward on some much needed projects, Please pray that God clear the way for you to visit us in Texas, As always, pray ye the Lord of the harvest will send forth laborers into the harvest! Perhaps YOU! Will you volunteer? ‘Thank You all once again. May God bless you and use you in the field where He has placed you! The Schnell Family, v-neSteve, Margaret, ‘Nathanael, Jadon, & Joel Contact info at BBTI in Texas: Ehone: 812-788-0409 (Steve); 940-531-1905 (Margie) ony Bows Bereso™ | JAN Q 7 2000 (040) $72-3013, Pastor Steve Summers) Baptist Bible Translators Institute ‘Webaleships:( Kamal info“ Phone; 940-872-S751 (office) And vst ws on Facebook Direct correspondence to: The Steve Scnell Family, P.O. Box 1450, Bowie, Tenis 76230 / email: schnelfunily-Shotmet sce Direct support to: Central Missionary Clearinghouse, P.O. Box 219228, Houston, Texas 77218 Tel.1- 27729