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PART TWO What VIM AVANSD) is up to now? Gita rita DON Etre Tou MuSrmes SCTE out oCU res Ate sty ths WO YEARS AGO, Prof. Alfed C. Kinsey fi "Tred that ‘hit monumental sex-behtvior sty would be completed in about 20 years Since then, the Kinay group thas struck 50 ‘many new leads, so muny rien mines af une explored human materia that itis now tient the projet will bea lfework even forthe Indiana sclentst's much younger collenuues, ‘Warde, Pomeroy, Clyde f: Martin snd Pas TE Gebhardt in theit arly thirties, "guess {have tn or ifteen year of active sworlcaherd of me." Kinsey told me nol ong {yo. “The others (his present colleagues nd ew ones that may bedded) wil havetocarry ‘on fvom there. ‘When one getsclose tit, the Kinsey enter prise looks Tikes many-ringed sclentie etreus Mnwhich the Kinsey troupe jugales research p many lin ehabs Right nos, te investiga sme net, whieh Will ake ap sehen completed ttre. A study of the extent to which an artists prosuetion depends wpan his ertle backgroud Fhould provide some measu Since of the erotic element in our entine cul- tare ney has already taken the sex als and U.S Rr ur Oat ae tN veneer cea te Carn By ALBERT DE enor n several hundred setst-not only painters fd Sctpters, bot aan profesional Gane ‘mse compostrs and creative writers Goupe of Woe med province Then snd swomen'in the world of ine arts have ive Kinsey and his eolleaguer thelr sex histor Of each artist the scntst hw asked sean Gustons as to the motivations and source a Fisor her own erative output ‘Many‘outatanding rts are serving on s spociel Kinsey pane io judge tne erane eae front in tho works of olharertses ing a ‘sa, William H.Deluck the Kinsey prj Bhotographer, has taken ands OF repro’ Sietions in bide snd white and in cole ot Dalntingsseulpturer and ther worksby gone femand lassie ast Many museums nd sete ier, private and public: have co-opera cthsistealy with Kinsey. "This litle-known art prlect of Kinsey aay ye provide vital clues tthe sofution ot {vo questions that have puzzled the exe “i there something special inthe make-up ot whe “arts type that causes itm to ieee tenon potions of soxunl behavior ae, feat of the population’ Slow do the sexual behavior and attitudes ‘otartists express themselves in ther pang, Sealpttaes and other works! : ‘The Kinsey study my the tay may also clear up de- see ie many tein the nnd a The intorvi the eae ste viduals convicted ainly Trem prison nator state Tg? ee a ompanat The viune O Nee ofthe en fa of the 4 Sdicatt 0 will compare law of the 48 ‘with those of Biro Publishe "in the frst Kinsey pu the frst. Kinsey ¥ boen utilized ae standard (Continued) SCHICK INJECTOR WORLD'S ONLY RAZOR THAT MAKES SUCH af AMAZING RESULTS POSSIBLE Now in this Complete Kit are ground tot your injector cal seal! Sealpetsharp «for smoother, Glamor, fance shaver! 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SCHICK INJECTOR RAZOR: BLADES World's Only Razor with Automatic Blade Changer! 86 Fist Kinsey report is quoted in the courts ammunition for on P*2 nd com arg ‘8 German = bora peo seni ad letra soe erat ‘ ipl titi " ‘GTriga chem dente?! ny” salacious hooks The Decade Cour ee yak ovale wana posh aed asi wi nmamseh Me adopt he ast 30 yeas for Durvevinu bok of «question: sre eran Ut othe hat the book feller tried i order for 1m “by fruudtently savers Iai Urge ont Cn Aone erats Iino cour ner Seria a clergy before they tnt 0 suppealis nny bretetson 20 uliove that readin fem conduces to socially harm conduct. on the part of f= {he inte report and tal from xs ict the we (Continued on page 88) Sasa _ Wilisigesh Dohetdficaesey SRNIr man anit oe brates nha rh re Se ne eat a Wat alse aay Soc AA a Se torah “hose orion min Valero fade Bt eg QUATRE AS Sap Pre ae ha eis ae See eee ee es eo otogs's meet Freshness sured by Keleggs exclcive Pee press! 88 Fiture report will discuss sex factors in marriage “The projected ut sot las wt eo loveed by ane deat vibe in chit ea hs comp Son sever nana Taber wh ha children raise hie fttective techni, insy gets the pu tebe ne laying with tye hid tng fake hn tors wa 4 nett dewar an Kinsey Wins 0 He ask the ening ful ay with el ee et oe then vat oe n. Kinsey al ied children Pena na ver ki o 10 make It ook kek Me ust oman,‘ orth nor he eh do the dewwigy Me et Sly ste by steps he gegen slot what the ei eer 00 fexuat duteeeeeet fot i about ‘them Thera he now he with keen intereat_wly ging Sexual facto in gua ith marital agi ‘ments. This probably ma it ‘ost widely Toad ye vo ly Bie ste cl Se i nae Police Picked Up Kinsey Both he and hs colleagues a9 narrowly averted disastrou! apes, Kinsey himself has be picked up ara auspieious The Meat sere earth of ubyect tor ‘nue 8nd he was once caught ns ose Matt alee inves ro he ph “The interviewing Warr vest rete Ed gs nthe tering Reet London, Mrs Piela'wos a member 3f the Brotation stat of the Ne Shamaed nse het orgs (Continued on page 90) lean Beef isis 1 carrots, gravy...14 pounds in DINTY MOORE | me q Stuay . of sex offenders may improve treatment j a: eyes. | se a Sarg an Z * Y ae far€! - ad ee ; ‘ yr