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Business PHD (1423 Words)--Korean Applicant

The first academic research I engaged in was a project commissioned by the XXXX Bank. As a Senior at XXXX University, Professor XXXX asked me to assist him with his investigation of the reasons behind a recent surge of Korean patents in the US. My responsibility was to write a case study on the Korean semiconductor industry, which played a central role in increased patents. I wrote a qualitative case in English along with four other graduate students and learned invaluable teamwork skills. This study was published in 2003 as a research report µWhat is Behind the Surge in Korean Patenting?¶ by the XXXX Bank. I also assisted Professor XXXX with his study of XXXX¶s core competence from multiple perspectives. Through collaboration with the XXXX Economic Research Institute (XERI), I was responsible for conducting literature reviews on various topics including but not limited to core competence, synergy, corporate governance, diversification, and organizational learning and I presented my findings at weekly meetings. The result of this research XXXX Way: The Great Transformation of XXXX since the 1990s¶ was published as a research report in 2004. I am presently working as a research assistant at the Graduate School of Business Administration at XXXX University. I am assisting Professor XXXX with his research on the knowledge management strategy of multinational corporations, which is a collaborative work with Professor XXXX of XXXX. This research examines the internationalization process of R&D activities of US, European, and Asian companies from an evolutionary perspective. My main responsibility is to conduct research on each company¶s internationalization process according to functional areas and collect quantitative data ready for analysis. During this process, I am learning how to manage a joint research project and gaining familiarity with Japanese databases such as XXXX, XXXX, and XXXX. I feel strongly that my studies, coupled with my research experience, have provided me with a diverse set of knowledge and skills that make me an excellent candidate for doctoral study in this field. My enthusiasm and good cheer, coupled with sound fundamentals in management theory will provide me with the driving force that I will need to be a successful life-long researcher. I am fascinated by the management of innovation and technology. On the one hand, I am interested in how different technology acquisition strategies, such as alliances, acquisitions, and networks, lead to innovation and, in turn, to competitive advantage. And I am deeply intrigued by the characteristics and influence of network effects of internet-based industries, especially online game companies and the social network service (SNS) providers. I also wish to become more in tune with the knowledge management strategy of multinational companies. I have discovered that my academic interests fit especially well with the research interests of outstanding faculty members in the area of management and organization at the XXXX School of Business. I especially value XXXX's emphasis of the importance of and support for teaching excellence. As someone who very much wants to become a professor, I think that being an effective educator is as important as

and international business. program at the XXXX School of Business is the best match for my strong motivation. I have found that my academic interests fit well with the research areas of the outstanding faculty and resources of XXXX. I want to thank you for consideration of this application. My most relevant academic experience in research has been assisting Professor XXXX in writing a report on XXXX¶s . I hope to positively add to the reputation of XXXX by adding my name to its long list of prominent scholars. I am most pleased with the way that I have been able to help my clients organizations perform better. as well. I sincerely believe that the Ph. My business experience is a prominent factor in my qualifications since I have worked as a consultant at one of Korea¶s leading strategy-consulting firms. including the Center for Global Business and the Center for Human Capital. I struggled to refine my analytical skills and research capabilities concerning strategic management.D. I hope to teach at a school of business in the United States. I value XXXX¶s support for interdisciplinary learning. and in person. Several of my professors as well as colleagues have suggested that XXXX might be a great location for me to pursue my doctoral work. Technology. I will seek an academic career at a leading American business school. At XXXX. where I plan to struggle to add my name to the long list of distinguished scholars that have come from your program. I admire XXXX¶s dynamic support for research. I would like to use this opportunity to advance my understandings in a variety of specific areas in the field of management.D. And I have also been engaged in research for several years Throughout my Master¶s program at XXXX University. and Innovation. I am confident that I will develop invaluable research and teaching skills while having the privilege to interact with attentive professors and intellectually-gifted colleagues. I would like to see myself publishing at top journals and winning teaching awards for teaching excellence and. resting on a solid foundation of statistics and methodology. My professors have all encouraged me to continue my studies of management and I am confident that I will be successful in this quest. and of primary importance. I have no doubt that I have made the right choice to spend five years at XXXX as a Ph. and gain expertise knowledge in economics which I believe will be of foundational importance for my future study. Finally. I also admire XXXX's supportive environment for research. After graduation. I am confident that I will develop invaluable research and teaching skills while interacting with attentive professors and intellectually-gifted colleagues. I strongly believe that one of the most important elements in pursuing a successful academic career is to have a good mentor who can closely guide you academically. in the long run. student.being an important researcher. I wish to become an accomplished academic researcher in the field of strategic management and I am convinced that the XXXX School of Business is the best context for me to pursue studies at the doctoral level. organization. I am attracted by the fact that XXXX's undergraduate program provides an opportunity for many graduate students to gain invaluable teaching experience.

Industrial Management. Accounting. and founder-CEO¶s power. I look forward to learning a great deal more about corporate governance in the Ph. the collection of data. This study is now under second review at the Korean Management Review and I am presenting an updated English version at the 5th Asia Academy of Management (AAoM) this December. Finance. Example. Strategic . The thesis investigated factors influencing founder-CEO replacements in venture companies and in Korean entrepreneurial firms. and I am presenting an updated English version at the 5th Asia Academy of Management (AAoM) meeting this December. especially developing hypothesis. I am also fascinated by the knowledge management strategy of multinational corporations. the electronic disclosure system of the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS). I am very pleased that my academic research has been appreciated by renowned researchers in the field. My thesis resulted in a study now under second review at the Korean Management Review.D. lead to innovation and. Drawing on three different perspectives. the database of the Korea Press Foundation. namely the organizational life cycle. and running statistical analyses²as well as drawing conclusions. Help. Grad School. and KINDS. the Company Data XXXX. This was the first study of this kind to be conducted in Korea. This experience has helped me to better understand that research is what means most to me in my professional life. and how entrenched CEOs influence a firm¶s performance. MS. MBA. since it dealt with event-history analysis performed using STATA. in turn. Building on my previous research. I developed a conceptual framework and collected data from DART. I profoundly enjoyed all phases of the research process. indisputably the top management journal in Korea. the field of expertise of my thesis advisor Professor XXXX. Economics. Examples. program at the XXXX School of Business. Public Administration. founder-CEO characteristics. especially topics related to CEOs and top management teams. Sample Personal Statement of Purpose PHD Business. I am interested in the management of innovation and technology and would like to investigate how different technology acquisition strategies. Writing my master¶s thesis was also a most important learning experience preparing me for doctoral study.core competence. I am especially enamored with the discussion of critical issues in management with professors and colleagues. including networks. to competitive advantage in the high-tech industry. Graduate Samples. I want to continue to study the consequences of founder-CEO replacement.