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Where Small Feet Tread

12-1-2010, The Jotter

A gray ribbon of cracked road stretches off through the crowding trees, I suppose it was always there. A dark shape, a snare on the primitive brain Raising primitive hackles, Itself old, ancient, and no longer believed in, Forgotten. The recent rain resurrecting from the road a curtain of wavering steam It's always there, though, a warped shape leading Into the trees, hovering over the path. I sometimes took it, that Crook in time, at the end. Lit from above by a hidden oblivious sun. And the people walking beneath it, Nakedly wanting, Desiring its old adulation. Demanding Its old offerings...sigh. Walking on the old road, in the sweating heat, works the mind. 1

To passing fancies, passing trees and silent song-birds half-missed. Laying in the crooked arms of the old trees Embraced by hard scrabble bark Rough to the senses but cooing to the memory. Entranced by the cooling evening breeze raising the moon, A spirit tousling our hair, our minds, our... A sudden gust of wind, a breath from the clouds Old misty dreams threatening to reveal details, Rising arthritic tenseness, Buried and rotting fears creeping up In a crooked piece of grave time That my mind made in a panic As my step quickened To take me away from that spot. Whips into my head, lifting the fog from the street. Did it know I was aware of it? Just then? Did it sense me? I must move faster, with silence, damn it! Move now, act as if its only a made place to step quickly past. Pull my coat tighter And look for a big stick out of the side of my eye, Just in case. It is a companion, this spirit. We were lost in each other, arm in arm Head to head Sharing a secret moment And a secret laugh. Unaware. And I felt below me, in the deep earth, Things that tunnel and run In the dark and deep Moving again. After all these years. They should have stayed asleep. A gray ribbon of road stretches off through the trees. Have I always walked past here? Have I always looked down this road? I should have stayed asleep!