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Incumbents (those individuals who are currently serving as representatives in government offices) are rarely challenged for nomination, which is the right to represent their party in the general election. on the other hand, those candidates from the other party, the challengers, must compete with candidates from their own party in primary elections so that they represent their party against the incumbent in the general election. The United States is one of the few nations that hold primary elections before the general election campaign. most democratic nations elect their political leaders in general elections. The primary election is like a qualifying election for the general election. It is in the general election that the voters select from the candidates who won their primary elections They decide which one will represent them in a particular government office. both the incumbents and challengers must campaign in the months before the general election. A campaign is an organized attempt by the candidate to gain support to be elected. Campaigns are expensive, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, and sometimes millions of dollars. Developing a campaign requires asking friends and acquaintances, as well as special interest groups and your political party for money. Once the candidate is confident that the necessary money can be raised, the next step is to bring people into the campaign and create a campaign organization. These are the people who work to get the candidate elected. The most important person in the candidates organization is the campaign manager. The campaign manager develops the strategy for the campaign. The campaign manager develops and applies this campaign strategy by, among other things: • • • conducting surveys to learn what the voters like and dislike buying television time and other advertising to help make the voters aware of the candidateʼs views and qualifications arranging for the candidate to meet with various interest groups and groups of voters.

The goal of the strategy is to get the candidate elected by making the voters aware of the candidateʼs views and characteristics that appeal to a large percentage of voters Steps in the Election Process Step 1: Nomination. Summary: ________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Step 2: Primary Elections. Summary: ___________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Step 3: General Elections. Summary: ___________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________

___ 1. Incumbent ___ 2. Nomination ___ 3. Challenger ___ 4. Primary Elections ___ 5. General Elections ___ 6. Campaign ___ 7. Campaign Organization ___ 8. Campaign Manager ___ 9. Special Interest Groups

A. The selection by a candidateʼs political party members to represent the party in the general election. B. A candidate who isnʼt an incumbent. C. An individual who is currently serving in a political office. D. The organized attempt by the candidate to gain support to be elected. E. A organization, that if it shares the same views as a candidate, may provide funds for a candidateʼs campaign. F. The person who develops the strategy for a candidateʼs campaign. G. The people who work together to get the candidate elected. H. An election where the voters choose between candidates from different parties. The winner will be their representative in the particular government office. I. An election where the voters from each political party select their candidate who will run in the general election.

Circle the correct answer and explain why it is correct.
Some groups are lobbying to permit citizens to register and vote on Election Day. Which of these is an argument against such a measure? a. citizens lack the time to register to vote b. present law allows voters to vote in any precinct c. officials cannot quickly verify a voter's identity d. transportation is available to polling places

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A city council is considering a measure to ban skateboarding on city streets.


Which of these would be the most effective way for citizens to express their opposition to the ban? a. share their views at the next city council meeting b. boycott businesses located in the city c. refuse to vote at the next city council election d. write a letter to the governor about the situation

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