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Annual Report 2009-2010

108, Rajan Kunj, Roorkee Road, Meerut.-250 002. Phone 19-121-2611162 Fax-91-121-2610077

Message from Chairman…

. Through our sponsorship programmes we facilitates these poor children to realizes their dream and helps worthy donors to feel the satisfaction of being instrumental in building the future of India. it will ultimately lead to overall upliftment of the masses as well as development of the area. there is much change and promise of progress and development around us. Our mission is directed towards bringing about positive social change. we strive to add value to the work of partner organizations also. As I write this message. If quality education is available. having no hope and no future. Accordingly.) all set to develop quality technical and professional educational settings through Regional Model Competency Standards. My Life Foundation tends to help these children through various sponsorship and free education programme. There are fresh faces heading our government and we expect rapid growth in all areas. skills and learning by facilitating Higher education in India ‘s Education sector’ I realized that there is an acute need of quality technical & professional education in this part of the Country. skills and energies to enhance the work being carried out at the grass root level. as the development sector continues to do its best for bringing about social change in India My Life Foundation encourages people to contribute their time. The future of the country can only be saved if these children are promised a better and secure future. By consolidating activities and expanding our collaborations. Many orphaned and abandoned children in India have no one to look after them and must fend for themselves. and their lives directly impacts future of the country But today thousands of children lived on streets in India. knowledge. My Life foundation Society (Regd. Development towards upliftment of National skill standards. Children are the strength and asset of a nation. The mission of My Life Foundation is also ‘aiming to bridge the distance between people by providing opportunities to individuals to influence positive social change through an exchange of ideas.Dear Friends.

K. Jain and Prof. B. in particular Mr. supporters. P. partner NGOs. Sharma( Guru Ji ) With my best wishes to all………………….I would like to thank all our committed volunteers. Surendra Kumar Jain. P. Dinesh Chand Sharma My Life Foundation Introduction My Life Foundation is a Non-for-Profit society registered under Clouse XXI of society . trainers and the My Life Foundation team for all their hard work and dedication. Mr.

My Life Foundation is being established in the year of 1996 by the development professionals and educationists under the dynamic leadership of its founder chairman Mr. At My Life Foundation we aspire to serve the humanity as whole but focuses primarily on the weaker section of the society like children. Social service can transform the pace and nature of development and it benefits both society at large and the individual social worker. women. region. My Life Foundation is registered with registrar of society having registration no 1174/1996-97 and also registered under Indian Income Tax notification 1961 under clause12(A). The philosophy of My Life Foundation is ~Humanity ~Dignity ~Peace ~Social Justice toward social welfare and upliftment of those who are downtrodden and At My Life Foundation we understand social service as a tremendous of the resource for addressing many development challenges of our times and are in continuous process of service of humanity in several ways. MLF strives to bring lasting improvements in the quality of life of deprived children in our country through a process that unites people across cultures and adds meaning and value to their lives by. and person with physical or mental disabilities.Dinesh C. Sharma. My Life Foundation directed towards bringing about positive social change through various programmes of social welfare like child sponsorship. We aim to promote Child Rights and improve the quality of life of vulnerable children. since its inception. Ours is the organization that promotes social service to support peace and development worldwide. religion . We reach out to such groups to develop their capacities as rights-holders and/or to raise awareness among the community and authorities regarding their problems and their rights as a human being.registration Act 1860. •Enabling deprived children. their families and their communities to meet their basic needs and to increase their ability to participate in and benefit from their societies for all people regardless of their social class . education for life and . microfinance. My Life Foundation. race or gender. a young dynamic Educationist and social change agent. it has been body of highly skilled professionals contributing challenged.

•Building relationships to increase 6. NGOs. 7. Working in partnership and alliances with partner bodies and corporate. Being a recognised platform for children’s voice to be heard. Facilitate children. Protect children and families in India. 3. live in communities from the effects of natural disasters. environments that ensure children’s right to protection and participation is respected and realised. Board of Trustees S. 2. & Contact Name Academic Background Professional Background . government Give right to a healthy environment and free access from to quality integrated and water and sanitation services that are social exclusion gender discrimination. Enable all girls to realise their right to quality education that enables them to make informed choices. 10. 5. families and communities to exercise their right to participate actively in value-based community governance. N Address No. understanding and unity among people of different cultures and regions. So they can grow and develop in a world free from abuse. To reach out to as many children as possible 9. Making a long term commitment to children living in poverty 8. 11. 2. Our objectives: 1. Offer children and families economic and social security that let them participate in decision-making. Empower vulnerable groups with the right to attain and maintain optimal health status. discrimination and exclusion. Develop safe and enabling especially vulnerable groups. 4. •Promoting the rights and interests of the children. at home and in the wider community.

Ambala Cantt 2. Saharanpur (UP) M.A. Comm. M.) (Elec. Vinod Ph. Technical Damodar Sharma Ph. Education: 15 Industry: 10 years experience Education and Research 43 years experience.D. Sharma RoorkeeRoad.) Electronics and Comm.D. Sugar Mill. Sharma . Executive MAIT Association Information Technology.J.& Education and Research : 25 years 4. Old Mr. George P.A. PGDBA M.S. of Manufacturer’s Mehta 5. Mr. Meerut UP Kumar Sharma 6.Tech. MBA (FMS) 20 years experience in MIT-IIFT promotion of IT Industry. Kota 7. Vice. Director. Vinnie BE. Rajan Kunj.D. Education & Admin : 27 years Education: 36 years 9.. Director. Vidya Knowledge Mr. Education and Research : 32 years Experience University. B.D. Knowledge Meerut B. Dinesh PGDM Park. Chaudhary Vihar. Kurukshetra ( HR ) NIT Dr.Phil Education and Research : 20 years Experience Park.Tech. Former Chancellor. Ambala Dr. Ph. DG Vidya Knowledge Dr. Director. Agra Manzoor Ahmed Vidya Prof. 108. Anil Ph. Park.E. Vikesh Ph. Gangoh Kumar MCA Road. CEO. College of Engineering Joshi and Applied Research. Prof.Prof. (UP) Meerut MIT (IIFT). Education: 11 years 8. Ph. Ph. Advisor. M.D. University.P.A. Vice Rajasthan Chancellor. 1. (U.D.o. (CS) M.D.. Delhi 3.

Com Industrialist: 26 years Mandir Ltd. No. of Business. Roorke Road. Vidya School Dr.D. Jain B. Managing Directro Vidya Prakashan Mr.. Contact Details Regd. Ishwar LLB Saharanpur Goel Indsutrial: 30 years 11 . (UP) Chatta. · Income Tax Permanent Account No. Ph. Rajan Kunj. office "My Life Foundation" 108. Meerut (U. Meerut 12 . Meerut Gautam Education: 21 years Registration Details · My Life Foundation is registered under Clouse XXI of society registration Act 1860 having registration no 1174/1996-97. AAATJ8586G · All contributions to My Life Foundation are exempted under Section 80 (G) of the Income Tax Act. Mr. Aditya MBA.P) India Pin 250001 PHONE .10 . Pradeep Kr. · My Life Foundationis registered with Income Tax Department under section 12A. Mohalla Gangoh. Director.

You will be updated . As a sponsor you feel the satisfaction in helping children and in creating a new world for them.+91 121 24391868 Mo +91 9897008947 FAX +91 121 2439166 E-MAIL info@mylifefoundation. A monthly contribution of Rs. 500/ deal with the issues that promote overall development of the child. Many orphaned and abandoned children in India have no one to look after them and must find for themselves But small initiative of people can build a better tomorrow for them. As a sponsor you will receive a photograph of the child along with child story and background details. health benefits and Personal development facilities. having no hope and no future .com Website dsmylife@gmail. Child sponsorship changes a child’s life by changing the environment he/she belongs to. Varanasi and Lucknow satisfaction of being instrumental in building the future of India.mylifefoundation. MLF facilitates these poor children to realizes their dream and helps worthy donors to feel the and a needy child .in Our Area of Operations Delhi/ NCR – Uttar Pradesh – Meerut. About Child sponsorship "Child sponsorship is a long term commitment and meaningful relation between the sponsor My Life Foundation Initiatives Child Sponsorship Today thousands of children lived on streets in India. The sponsored children are provided education.

You can also keep in touch with your child through personal mails and personal visits. thus multiplying the number of poor people who can begin their journey out of poverty. My Life Foundation develops and spreads technology and open source software that can be used by professionals serving the poor to enhance efficiency and lower operating costs. Thus child sponsorship enables a one to one relationship between the child and the sponsor. In many of the poorest regions in the world. Our technology projects also provide business opportunities for poor entrepreneurs. So far My Life Foundation has sponsored more than 200 children of various social and regional blocks of the region in year 2010. micro business creation is the only way for families . We create economic opportunities for the poorest. Microfinance. As clients repay their micro-loans. My Life Foundation provides microlenders in poor communities access to the capital they need to make micro-loans to women who are working to develop or expand a small business. easy-to-replicate solutions to end the cycle of poverty in india. the funds are recycled into new loans. We build large scale.about your child progress through annual reports. Policy of the foundation is to increase this number on yearly basis and it is very much possible given the positive and overwhelming support of the people associated with MLF.

Designing. professional Regional My Life foundation settings Society through Standards. Planning for multi-skilling of a workforce. it will ultimately lead to overall upliftment of the masses as well as development of the area. the workers in the emerging Foundation recognizes that the economic success of any world economy must be more knowledgeable about their countries business will be through high value technical industry culture and enterprise needs and utilize this application. Conducting skills audits at the enterprise lavel as regional level for assessing the skills of migrant workers. Vocational Training or Testing material for all work. improve their lives and escape poverty rough access to microfinance and technology Education for Life My Life Foundation think that there is an acute need of QUALITY TECHNICAL & PROFESSIONAL education in this part of the Country. Restructuring an enterprise or industry sector for development of new services and manufactures. innovation customer escape poverty and build a better future for their children. including trades. • (Regd. Describing new jobs for any industry. If quality education is available.) all set to develop quality technical and educational Model Competency • • • • competency standards as a tool for. since its inception. That can be used in various ways to underpin efficient and effective skill development in the region. The Team of development professional at My Life acumen and enterprise. Development towards upliftment of National skill standards. My Life Foundation helps the My Life Foundation. Accordingly. especially women. and Introduction of team based approaches to work. In other words My Life Foundation could offer something useful for every one from poorest. business knowledge to contribute to innovation. it has been body of highly skilled professionals contributing towards development of competency standards: well designed model of competency standards therefore accommodate industry job requirements and cross industry or trade requirements. My Life .

They were also informed about various new horizons to explore their potential. 15th Nov 2009 Education FairAn education fair and counseling camp for technical and higher education aspirants was organized at Ghaziabad. 2009 Meerut Tree Plantation Ghaziabad A total. . Mainly the roadside of NH-58 and barren lands were used for the plantation. Science and Engineering students of various colleges participated • • Oct. An Overview of Work done in year2009.2010 • • Around 200 children of various social and regional background were sponsored for their better education in various standard schools of city • • July. • 28 Feb 2010 in the activity. knowledge (Technical and Vocational) innovation and business/self management. The survey targeted the primary level of education. Aspirants were informed about the existing opportunities in city and outside. number of 5000 saplings of various plants were planted in the city.Foundation shall be instrumental in developing corelationship between technical skill. Best papers were awarded. • Feb. Experts from both industry and academia participated in the seminar and presented their papers on the topic. 2010 Meerut Seminar A seminar on Rural Markets is organized at the premiss of Vidya Knowledge Park. Meerut Science Day A seminar on the topic “Role of Nanotechnology in Modern World” is organized on the occasion of Science Day. The endeavor was duly supported and appreciated by the locals. 2010 Meerut Base line survey on Primary education A survey was conducted by the foundation on the expectation of parents from a school.