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700-bed Facility in Uniontown, Alabama
The GEO Group
Who we are

The GEO Group, Inc. (GEO) is the world’s

leading provider of diversified correctional,
detention, and community reentry services to
government agencies worldwide. GEO current-
ly operates facilities in the United States, Aus-
tralia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

As the first fully integrated equity real estate in-

vestment trust (REIT) in the correctional services
industry, GEO’s significant investment in real
assets provides optimal solutions for the gov-
ernmental outsourcing industry. GEO specializes
in the design, development and financing of
correctional, detention and reentry facilities
and offers multiple financing options, including
direct ownership and sale-leaseback solutions.

Perry County Correctional Center

The Perry County Correctional Center was
built in 2006 by LCS Corrections Services, Inc.
(LCS) and previously provided services to the
Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE),
United States Marshals Service (USMS), and the
Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC).

GEO acquired the facility from LCS in February

2015. Following GEO’s acquisition, the facility
was deactivated and is currently idle and
available for immediate use.
Perry County Correctional Center
Location and Points of Interest Map

Denver Reception and

Diagnostic Center,
1 Mile


Perry County Correctional Center

Uniontown City Fire Department
100 Front Street, Uniontown, AL 36786

Perry County Sheriff Department

202 Pickens Street, Marion, AL 36756

Uniontown Police Department

100 Front Street, Uniontown, AL 36786

Bryan Whitfield Memorial Hospital Address:
929 U.S. 80, Demopolis, AL 36732 Perry County Correctional Center
4805 U.S. 80,
Vaughan Regional Medical Center Uniontown, AL 36786
1015 Medical Center Parkway, Selma, AL 36701

Medical Exam Room

Dormitory Library

Perry County Correctional Center

The 85,000 square foot building is located on approxi- and educational programs are designed to reduce
mately 22 acres in Uniontown, Alabama. Perry County recidivism and include academic and vocational
Correctional Center currently has a capacity of 700 education, vocational planning, substance abuse
dormitory-style beds with sufficient space to expand education, general counseling, life skills, and transition
by 300 cell beds to 1,000 total beds, within the secure planning. Services provided by GEO include security,
perimeter, if needed. Perry County Correctional Center medical care, food services, laundry, visitation and
can accommodate minimum and medium custody adult transportation.


Perry County Correctional Center can provide a We have already begun to develop and establish a
full range of correctional services including dental, comprehensive network of community medical provid-
medical and psychological services, education, ers for off-site services such as emergency, inpatient,
vocational training, and work programs. GEO work specialty, and sub-specialty care.

Dining Room

Restricted Housing Recreation Area

Community leaders support the reactivation of the Year Built: 2006
facility and the important job opportunities that would Configuration: 700 dormitory-style beds; possibility
be brought to the community. In addition, the Mayor and to expand by 300 beds
County Commissioners have committed to establishing
Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with GEO to Square Footage: 85,000 sq. ft.
provide support from the various public safety entities;
Location: Perry County, Uniontown, Alabama
i.e. Fire Safety and Law Enforcement.
Prior Clients: Immigration & Customs Enforcement
(ICE), United States Marshals Service (USMS), and the
Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC).

Services Provided: Dental, medical and

psychological services, education, vocational training,
and work programs.

Perry County Correctional Center Floor Plan
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Senior Vice President
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