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Electronic Tendering Project Objective

1)Project Name ) e-Tendering ebXML Standards Project

2)Project Objective ) In various industries all over the world, there are all sorts of tendering action being performed including public works procurement project. With an explosive spread of the Internet and a rapid growth of information technology, we estimate that tendering activity would be actively performed electronically or through the Internet as well as other business activities. With the realization of electronic tendering through the Internet and spreading practice of international electronic tendering, the need for international standardization are thought to increase. According to such trends, this project aims to standardize business process and information entity of cross-industrial electronic tendering.

3)Project Period ) From September 2002 to December 2003

4)Project Procedure (Draft) ) We will proceed with our project based on the following principles: ! ! Because of short project period, we will promote the project efficiently by assigning work roles to each participating countries. UN/CEFACT Forum meeting is held twice every year (in March and September), however considering our project period, we will hold interim meetings (in January and March, 2003). ! Present discussion will focus on determining standardization scope and unifying terms related to electronic tendering.

BTV) 2-3 Decision of each task of Participating Countries 3-1 Discussion of standardized e-Tendering second scheme Expression of Participating Countries opinion about second scheme 3-2 Standardization work by Participating Countries 4-1 Discussion of standardized e-Tendering final scheme 4-2 Expression of Participating Countries opinion about final scheme 4-3 Adjustment work 4-4 Decision of standardized e-Tendering final scheme 4-5 End of Project UN/CEFACT conference (interim meeting) Achieved Document(Refer to next page) ★ ★ (1) ☆ (2) ★ (3) ☆ (4) ★ (5) (6) . BRV.e-Tendering Schedule Scheme (2002/9 – 2003/12) 2002 年 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 2003 年 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1-1 Project definition 1-2 Project Objective / Project procedure 1-3 e-Tendering Report of Participating Countries 1-4 Tendering process Research Report of Participating Countries 1-5 Discussion of Standardization Scope(business area/process) 1-6 BDV description Report of Participating Countries 1-7 Expression of Participating Countries opinion about first scheme ★ 1-8 Standardization of e-Tendering term 2-1 Decision of Standardization Scope 2-2 (BDV.

Achieved Document (1) ・Project definition ・Japanese Case Study ・Document of Electronic Tendering Standardization ・Business Domain Description 1st Draft Achieved Document (2) ・Business Domain Description 2nd Draft Achieved Document (3) ・Finalize Business Domain Description ・Business Requirement definition 1st Draft ・Business Transactions description 1st Draft Achieved Document (4) ・Business Requirement definition 2nd Draft ・Business Transactions description 2nd Draft Achieved Document (5) ・Finalize Business Requirement definition ・Business Transactions description ・Business Information Entity specification and Business Messages 1st Draft Achieved Document (6) ・Finalize Business Information Entity and Business Messages Specifications .