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Artista: Kj52 Album: Collaboration Año: 2010 Canción: He Did That Traducido por: William Rosales

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Dialogue "Good morning class." "Good morning teacher." "I am you teacher Mr. KJ-52." "Hi, Mr. 52. (nerd)" "Today we are going to be learning our ABC's." "Noooo!" "Can you say A?" "Nine." "Can you say B?" "Ten. Twenty-seven." "Just listen" (Billy Puddles) KJ-52 (A) Alphabetically attacking with actual actions (B) Bumping bass while I'm busting breaking back and blasting (C) I'm Catching cats crashing creating creations and clashing (D) Doing a double dose of damage and dashing (E) while effortlessly encouraging everyone just to endure (F) Facing feeble fools as I faithfully just flow forth (G) God's good and God's great, God's grace I gratefully got (H) Hope in Him has helped heal this hurting heart (I) Idiots instituting irrelevant type insolence (J) Joyfully jamming junk jacking up this Jesus journalist (K) Killing just to keep the King's kids just kicking (L) and Learning life's lessons of just laughing loving and living Chorus [2X] From the A to the B to the B to the Z. Now we gone take you back to the elementary. and bring you back to the essence of how we emcee. Cause we gone break it down to you alphabetically. (M) Make the most of moments most men mentaly miss (N) and Navigate nine new nouns nearly no one notices (O) Officially overturn obstacles that often operates (P) to put people in poor position in the proper place (Q) Quite quaint how the quotient just quickly quits (R) Reprimanding real rappers who in reality they really rip (S) Sorry saps sell ya sorry sylables to sell silly suckers (T) Tell your tall tales trying to touch us (U) i understand underestimating the underground (V) Voting to verily vindicate ya viscious type of vows (W) Well wishing wondering will we waste these wanted weapons (X) Xeroxing x-rated, x-con type x-men (Y) Yearning and yelling at you yes men for years (Z) while zig zagging to zap in and zoom zealously for zeal


"Did you catch that class?" "no" "Well Chorus [2X]

"Now class, we have a substitute teacher today." "Aaaawww." "His name is Mr. Billy Puddles." "Who'd that?" "Billy Puddles? (Who's Billy Puddles?)" "He's going to be teaching you your 1's and 2's." "Come on guys. um, um." "Mr. Billy Puddles the class is yours." (KJ52) Billy Puddles (1) One of these boys wonders is running his own thing (2) Today you better stop rocking those tutu's like tootsie (3) Three days from now we going to check you out with three way (4) Force you to fork it over like in the intrepid on a

freeway (5) Hawaii five-o tried to beat me like a price on e-Bay (6) They had the six shooter to my six pack (7) Seven of my nine lives just then took a trip back (8) Like that young kid who ate all them eight balls (9) You only got nine innings in this crazy game of paint ball (10) Ten out of twenty y'all is going AWOL("Now class, did you get that?" "No." "What do you mean you didn't get that? Nah no-no-no sit down. sit down. no put the boy down. Don't hit Mr. Billy Puddles! Don't throw that- Don't throw that-put the chalk back. Ok now how many times do i have to tell you guys? That's it you all got detention! You all got detention! No no nono go to the-go to the- That's it. That's it i can't take you anymore. I'm quiting. Why wouldn't you listen to me?! What do i have to do to tell you what to do. This isn't simple! ahh! ahh! aahhh! You're not funny I quit!") Chorus [2X]